Invasion of America

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Are we being invaded? Sure we are. Let’s look at some photos of the invasion. The sheer outrage of this situation is enough to make you throw up your hands.

Here is a photo of members of an American group that gives water to water stations in the desert for illegal aliens to use. I support this. Although invading America is a crime, it’s not one severe enough to put a person in jail, much less give them the death penalty.
Here is a group on the Mexican side doing the same thing – distributing water to water stations for illegal aliens to drink before they cross the border. That’s ok. They are going to cross anyway, and they don’t deserve to die for the crime of crossing the border, for Chrissake.
Charming illegal aliens displaying some of their vaunted social skills. “Day labor” sites are utterly outrageous! These are sites where illegal alien criminals gather in public to get hired illegally (a felony!) by anyone who wants to pick them up. To do what? To do anything. To do jobs that Americans should be doing and are perfectly capable of doing.
More charming day laborers at an illegal site set up by a New York town in order to facilitate the felonious hiring of illegal aliens. Day labor sites are arguably illegal and the cities who set them up are arguably guilty of breaking the law.
More wonderful folks at a day labor site. Illegal alien Mexicans at illegal (IMO) day labor sites cause many problems. They urinate in the bushes and in public, sleep in the area, and just cause a general nuisance and a lowering of property values. As a Black resident noted, “Would the cops let a group of Black men hang out on the corner in such numbers. Of course not. But illegal aliens as a source of exploited cheap labor are supported by business and the elite of both the Right and Left.
Illegal alien invaders outrageously rushing across our border in plain daylight. What’s stopping radical Islamic terrorists from sprinting across the border themselves. These guys just made it through a fence dubbed as “Israeli-strength”. Guess not.
More insanity. ICE agents actually raid a construction site in Sierra Vista, Arizona earlier this year. It is probably full of illegal aliens. In 1976, my friends were making $15 an hour hanging drywall (that is $40/hour plus in 2007 dollars). That profession is now 1/3 illegal alien (!) and the bottom has fallen out of the wages. Union construction jobs pay about $22-33 an hour. Illegal aliens in construction make about $10 an hour. Illegals have nuked American construction workers in the West. The Left supports this insanity!
More charming “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande” folks engaging in illegal activities and soliciting for employers to commit crimes by hiring them.
The US border with Mexico. That idiotic fence there is actually broken, so it would not stop anyone who wanted to drive through. I’m laughing as I write this. How pitiful!
Another comical picture of the US “border” with Mexico with yet another ineffectual fence on the border. Those footprints in the sand are from the countless invaders invading our country illegally. In most any other land, they would be booted out right away. Here they are welcomed with open arms since they are being used as a brown-skilled nuclear weapon by capitalists to nuke the American working class.
This van was driven by a criminal alien smuggler who sneaked across the border and then led Border Patrol heroes on a chase across Southern Arizona. This maniac passed three school buses filled with kids. While he was doing that, he was apparently missing both front tires! Go figure. Patriotic Americans from Arizona report that this kind of insanity happens all the time down there and they are regular car crashes and police chases involving aliens and their smugglers. IOW, a situation that is so out of control it is almost Kafkaesque.
The fence ends here. What a joke. You call that a fence at the border? This is how we “secure” our border. I’m still laughing.
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0 thoughts on “Invasion of America”

  1. I guess communists don’t care about this because they consider themselves “internationalists” so in their minds, an indigent from Mexico has basically as much right to a job in the U.S. as a person from the U.S. Not sure I agree with that but I figure that’s what being an internationalist means.
    The problem with the so-called anti-immigration movement is they use emotional language and fear mongering to get people to support it, when they could just say that mass immigration is bad for the economy. I’m sure it would be better if these immigrants stayed home, everyone would be happier that way, but I’ve heard anti-immigrant folks bring up rape and murder (even pedophilia!) as a reason why mass immigration is bad. Come on, lol. I’m sure some Mexicans are rapist/murderers but that can’t be a good description of everyone crossing over. Every time I hear about a rape/murder, it’s seldom committed by an illegal alien and when it is, God have mercy because the media goes berserk.
    I agree with you though, this is basically a class issue. There are no high socioeconomic status Mexicans crossing over. Although, I have heard of professionals from other countries living here illegally. Two of them were physicians. I know you’ve written this article from the American standpoint, but I don’t understand why someone who isn’t basically starving would choose to live here illegally with all the trouble it entails. If you’re a physician (hell, even if you’re an accountant or some other lower middle class occupation), no matter how much your country sucked, would you really want to go to a place where you’re treated like a pariah, have no legal rights, let alone condemn your children to be treated like criminals by every random (possibly more criminally inclined) loser in America because YOU brought them into a country that turned you down for permanent residency. I never understood those folks.
    But I guess you could say they brought it on themselves, the parents of course, not the kids. You could make an argument that the kids should leave as well but if you’ve been here since childhood and already have a career and/or a spouse, how much sense does it make for you to “leave”? Maybe their spouse isn’t even Hispanic and wants nothing to do with living in the country in question.
    I think another reason the left is against the anti-immigration movement in addition to the emotionality and fear mongering is that the “should have come here legally” argument is at best naive, at worst misleading. Here’s why, immigration laws in this country have changed a lot since the days of our “great grandparents.” You no longer get approved for permanent residency just by being a hard working and overall decent individual.
    I know of a woman from Uruguay who had an immigration employee laugh out loud — yes, laugh out loud — at her for attempting to apply to come to the U.S. legally after telling them she was a divorced mom of 6 (mostly grown) who owned a little 3 bedroom home and wanted to come to Connecticut to live near her sister and work as a tailor or something equally harmless. Now that lady was not a threat to any of us, but they laughed. Why? because the only way to get approved to reside in the U.S. “legally” is to be, well, well off. You should have a higher degree in a field that is sought after (not just any higher degree) or you should have money, plain and simple. If you can prove to them that you’re wealthy there’s no problem, come on over.
    That sweet old lady from Uruguay wasn’t likely to defecate on the sidewalk or give you the finger like the men so conveniently pictured (I assume by some right-wing activist), but she still was laughed at for applying for legal entry. That would never have happened to those bozos’ “great grandparents.” So I’m not surprised this is pissing off the communists.
    But I get part of the outrage, though, because the sheer number of illegal immigrants is pretty shocking. I doubt the average American would care about illegal immigration if there were just 200 people living here illegally. They would probably be like “oh that’s interesting, tell me more.” There’s also the fact that about 90% are Mexican, so that further creates animosity.
    I understand your sentiments to some degree Robert, sometimes the left can go too far in what they allow. I dislike the lack of law enforcement in my own country (although not necessarily related to immigration status). I get the issue about wages being driven down, but I kind of wish that were the only problem in Argentina. The problem is large masses of mainly immigrants who build shantytowns and they do it wherever they feel like. And the worst thing is no one reacts to it, they’re actually perceived as victims by the authorities, and I hate that. If I attempted to build a cardboard home here in Central Park I would be arrested on the spot, and justifiably. I’ve seen some Argentine people saying “bring back the military government” and as sad as that is I kind of get why they feel that way.

    1. Too bad that Uruguayan lady was turned down. I think she would have made a fine American citizen.
      Why should we take only the rich of the rest of the world? I don’t really like that. Plus they are liable to be rightwing.
      Immigrants should have an average IQ of 98. That way they won’t drive down the US average. I think Hispanic towns in the US with average IQ’s of 98 would probably be pretty decent places to live. It’s not that there is something wrong with “Hispanics” per se, I just want a higher quality of them here. It makes no sense to import the peasants and proletarians of Latin America with 90 IQ’s. They will be a drain on the system and when they become the majority of a town or city, you can see how it goes downhill. Basically turns into Little Latin America. Latin America is so screwed up; I certainly do not want to turn the US into a mini Latin America. That would be ugly. Latin America is an ugly place. Let’s avoid that.

      1. Robert,
        I wonder why you do not go the full way into your demonstration.
        Latin america is ugly because it is the result of mixing mediterranean catholicism with indigenous pre-columbian cultures. The american way of life, on the other hand, notwithstanding all critics made upon it, is the result of northern european protestantism and its derived capitalist values. An open door was held for north european and mediterraneans catholics, as well as ashkenazi jews, as long as they respected the former’s moral and cultural supremacy. This is what made the US the country it is today. To stay like this and not becoming some greater mexico, the US must go back to its cultural roots.

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