Communist Shame

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As the White comedian Gallagher says, “Sometimes White People embarrass me!” I agree. Also, as a Commie, I must say, sometimes Communists embarrass me!
Communists are supposedly pro-working class.
This is a video of a rally in Los Angeles that was due to be held by Ted Hayes of Choose Black America. Hayes is a radical Black man in many ways, maybe even a pan-Africanist (see the ANC style knit cap).
Unfortunately, like so many anti-illegal immigrant activists, he is also a Republican. Voting Republican will never do a damn thing for the vast majority of Black Americans. There is a rational reason why Blacks vote Democratic – the party is more responsive to their needs than the Republicans. Hayes was a lifelong Leftist who just turned Republican the other day.
He is a tireless advocate for the homeless and for US Blacks. He supports Malcolm X (but then in some ways so do I) and he also supports reparations for US Blacks (but then I might too, depending on the proposal).
Yet he is dead set against illegal immigration, as are many Blacks. There was a counter-rally there against the Choose Black America rally of Communists and Anarchists and Raza types.
Notice the disgusting Communists in this video screaming at anti-illegal alien activists (50% of whom were African-Americans), “Racist! Racist! Racist! Nazi!” Jesus Christ! It’s only the goddamned norm in almost every nation on Earth to disallow illegal entry to the land. Nearly any country that catches you sneaking onto its land without permission will boot your ass right out, no questions asked.
Apparently these Communist morons think that 95% of the nations on Earth are racists for making it illegal to enter the country without permission? That’s nuts!
The poor sods being abused by these Leftist idiots are simply asking that the US act like almost every other normal country on Earth – that we penalize those who sneak onto our lands and boot them back where they came from. For this simple and strikingly rational request, they are being called RACIST by a bunch of fools.
Someone ask these Communist boneheads exactly how the US working class benefits from this illegal alien invasion. The invasion of America by illegal aliens has positively nuked the working class of America, especially in the West and Southwest. Look, I am not so stupid as to think that illegals have been the sole decline of the US working class.
A number of factors have been involved, many of them deliberate conspiracies on the part of the US elite and business sector. But to leave illegals out of the equation, as almost all liberal and Left analyses of the decline of the American worker do, is just crazy, like just about everything about this insane issue.
It’s not solely a problem of illegal immigration either. Unlimited legal immigration via H-1B visas has devastated the high-paying professional workers in the high tech industry. Why hire an American when you can hire an Indian for 1/2 as much? A US company now imports Indians on H-1B visas to drive big-rigs for 50% of what Americans do.
Every year, all of the the Democrats and liberals in the US Congress march off and vote for the wage- and job-wrecking H-1B visa program, amidst Bill Gates lunatic screeds that computer programming is a job that Americans just won’t do. WTF!
Illegal aliens have driven up the cost of housing via overcrowding and excessive demand on the housing market at the same time they have sent working class wages into the gutter, a deadly combo. Since the poverty and especially the illegal status of illegal aliens means they use far more in social services than they pay in taxes, they have overcrowded and degraded many public services such as hospitals, schools, etc.
Go into any school or hospital overrun by illegal immigrants and notice the falling-apart look everything has. There’s no money, no money, everyone says. A flood of users and a dearth of income equals a collapsing infrastructure.
Hence, illegal aliens have not only created a low-wage, high cost (housing) economy, but they have devastated social services such as schools and hospitals for working class and poor American citizens of all colors.
I’m not saying illegals should be denied medical care or their kids should be thrown out of the K-12 schools. I’m just saying that importing 12 million largely impoverished, uneducated and unskilled 3rd World peasants, is not a particularly rational move for many reasons, economic, cultural, and others.
It’s not even a progressive move either. The Communist USSR, China and Cuba worked in overdrive to bring their nations out of underdevelopment and Third-Worldization and towards at least the health and development figures of the First World. Tell me how turning a First World country into a Third World country should be part of any progressive, not to mention Communist, project anywhere on Earth?
In particular, the immigrants from Mexico are not a particularly selective class of immigrants.
Racial stuff aside, bear me out.
40% of Indian immigrants to the US have advanced degrees. 1% (!!!) of Mexican immigrants have advanced degrees. 20% of immigrants to the US from Africa, of all places (surely the most messed-up place on Earth) are working in high-paying jobs in medicine, engineering and science. 1% (!!!) of Mexican immigrants are working in these types of jobs.
Does this mean that Africans and Indians are smarter or even better educated than Mexicans? Surely they are not smarter. As far as education goes, I can’t answer that, but as a group, Indians and Africans are very poorly educated.
Let the Leftist mush-brains rant and call me racist. But hear me out.
It has nothing to do with race or IQ or even culture. We are simply being very selective about the Indians and Africans we are bringing in, and extremely unselective about the Mexicans we are bringing in. What are the Mexicans with advanced degrees doing? Staying put in Mexico and making lots of money.
I usually do not deal with IQ differences between nations, not to mention races on here, but let’s go to that forbidden land for a moment. Looking at IQ, Mexico probably has a higher IQ nationwide than India (about 92 to 81).
Although I have a hard time believing such figures, the quoted figures for Africa are around 70 IQ. So IQ-wise, Mexico is superior to both India and Africa. Yet the quality of Mexico’s immigrants, as we see above, is far lower, simply because we are not being selective at all about them.
Even culturally, Mexico may have it up on India, where there are almost 3 million excess deaths per year due only to infant mortality and another million excess deaths compared to China (considering that China and India were in the same place in 1949, Indian capitalism causes 4 million excess deaths per year as compared to “communist” China). This was India’s penalty for not following a Chinese economic model.

14 million children starve to death (or die of malnutrition) every year
on Earth – most of them in South Asia – in capitalist Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Africa is a slow-motion train wreck, with some of the lowest life expectancies on Earth.
We can make the case that Mexico has a higher collective IQ and is more developed culturally than India or Africa. Yet the quality of Indian and African immigrants to the US has been much higher, and neither race nor culture has anything to do with their higher quality.
If the vast majority of Mexican immigrants were legal, if 40% of them had advanced degrees and 20% of them were working in high-paying positions, does anyone think we would be having the nearly problems with them that we are?
The difference is in large part due to selective legal immigration, which is somewhat rational, and utterly unselective illegal immigration, which lacks any rational basis at all.

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9 thoughts on “Communist Shame”

  1. Dear Robert
    What would you rather have, 1 million illegal immigrants or 20 million legal ones? I would prefer 1 million illegal ones. When it comes to immigration, you have to look at both quantity and quality. The illegal immigrants have lower quality than the legal ones, but there is usually a point at which quantity overwhelms quality.
    No Western country has an interest in mass immigration, legal or illegal. Let’s define mass immigration as a situation in which over 10% of the population is foreign-born or has foreign-born parents. If a person has one foreign-born parent, he would count as 1/2.
    If we look at it from the point of view of foreigners, then illegal immigration is usually better. Through illegal emigration to the US, the average human capital in Mexico goes up. Through legal emigration, the average human capital of India goes down. This demonstrates again how in international migration it is very difficult to have a win-win situation. To me, that is a good enough reason to oppose all international migration. The default position should be zero international migration.
    International migration is always an attempt to use foreigners to solve problems. What is so wonderful about that? International migration creates an open demographic system. In an open system it is possible to import solutions, but also possible to export problems. For instance, countries that don’t stabilize their population can export their excess population. Countries that fail to develop will export people and thereby make others pay for their failure.
    Emigration is also a safety valve for dictators and can partially offset economic incompetence. For instance, Zimbabwe, probably the least competently governed country on earth, has exported 4 million people to South Africa. This has alleviated the economic problems of Zimbabwe but aggravated South Africa’s economic problems. Without emigration, Mugabe would have been overthrown long ago.
    The fact that opponents of illegal immigration and advocates of immigration restriction can be called racists by the left clearly indicates how political correctness has denatured the left. Immigration is a class issue, and the class that benefits from mass immigration is the capitalist class. Capitalists like immigration because it means more workers, more customers and lower wages. The left would understand this if it weren’t blinded by political correctness.
    Regards. James

  2. You are right at least on one point : no communist country ever experienced immigration problems. Not because they did not want immigration, but because nobody, on his own mind, would have wanted to immigrate to a communist country.
    Beside this, if the US keep on letting mexicans colonizing its territory, the US will become a second Mexico, since a country is worth what the majority of its residents are worth. An other option for the US would be to become a communist country, which would prevent anyone for immigrating to the the US.

  3. “40% of Indian immigrants to the US have advanced degrees. 1% (!!!) of Mexican immigrants have advanced degrees. 20% of immigrants to the US from Africa, of all places (surely the most messed-up place on Earth) are working in high-paying jobs in medicine, engineering and science. 1% (!!!) of Mexican immigrants are working in these types of jobs.”
    But this is WHY they are so much needed/wanted in this country. To do menial unskilled labor in harsh conditions for pennies on the dollar. The big US corporations are sick of outsourcing as its getting to complicated and too expensive. They keep having to jump from country to country to keep the cost of labor down. They want free labor right here in the US and by god they will get it!
    Plus, all the rich families want dirt cheap maids, nannies and gardeners.

  4. 14 million children starve to death (or die of malnutrition) every year on Earth – most of them in South Asia – in capitalist Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    That’s millions of white children dying every year, and no one gives a damn. But if a tragedy occurs in Africa or Haiti it’s seen as a crisis and there is shedding of tears and donations of money. The starving white children in India, Bangladesh, Nepal are seen as less than human, like white monkeys or something, it seems.
    Did I get that right?
    P.S.: Good post. It does seem that Hispanic-Americans are the biggest under-achievers in America. And you give the correct reason why.

    1. Thank you very much for this post. It is true. The Caucasoids of South Asia are some of the most fucked, failed human beings on Earth. Even Sub Saharan Africans have better statistics in many areas. Worse, I actually think that SSA Blacks are better human beings that South Asian Caucasoids. There is a selfishness, a callousness, a cruelty about South Asians that is lacking even in the Dark Continent. I think your average SSA person cares deeply about most of their SSA brethren on the continent and they want everyone to have a better life. And the leaders to some extent to try to help the people. Sure there is tribalism, but SSA tribalism seems less vicious and horrid than South Asian callous cruelty. I have a certain amount of hope for Africa, much less so for South Asia. At least SSA people seem like more progressive in spirit. South Asians remind me of 1.2 billion Republicans.

  5. “14 million children starve to death (or die of malnutrition) every year on Earth – most of them in South Asia – in capitalist Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    That’s millions of white children dying every year, and no one gives a damn.”
    South Asians tend to be medium to dark brown.

  6. Actually, there is a racial component to illegal immigration…
    If you watch the Spanish language telenovelas on Univision or Telemundo you’ll see a European-looking middle and upper class and poor servants who look like Indians. If you look at those (largely illegal) day laborers hanging out on the corner they all look Indian. The distinction is visible on the streets of most Mexican cities as well… Those well-dressed bankers look White, the poor street vendors look Indian. Generally, the poorest of the poor, victims of racism in Mexico, are the ones who cross the border illegally. Add in the fact that some of the most vociferous opponents of illegal immigration in the US are all too willing to offer poisonously ethnocentric arguments against accepting the illegals and the confusion between rationality and racism becomes easy to explain.

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