Blacks and Hispanics Against Invasion

Repost from the old site. Racists, are we? Bigots? Let’s listen to some Blacks and Hispanics talk about illegal immigration. Certainly they are not bigots, are they? Or should we borrow the language of tribalistic Jews and call the Hispanics “self-haters”? If you or me, as American citizens, goes to any country, anywhere on this planet, we need a visa. We need permission of the US government to leave and go visit or live in that country. We need the permission of that country to visit or live there. In the overwhelming majority of cases (with some exceptions) you and me would not be allowed to work if we lived in a foreign country. Why? Because the vast majority of countries on Earth feel that jobs are for natives, not for immigrants just visiting or staying a while. This is not some sick “racist” aberration. It’s the norm all over the world, for Chrissake. If I want to learn the language and do quite a few other things and spend some money, maybe I can become a citizen of my new land and then I would be able to work there. Many countries (especially Arab and Muslim countries) will not let me, as a non-Muslim or as someone not born in the land, ever become a citizen, no matter how long I live there. Guess what? That is their right ! Each and every country has a right to decide its own immigration and citizenship laws. That’s what national sovereignty is all about. If Saudi Arabia wants to grant citizenship only to Muslims, so be it. If Jordan wants to ban Jews from becoming citizens, that is not very nice, but that is their right. The Palestinians wished to put a stop to Jewish immigration to their land in the early part of the last century. Shouldn’t we, as supporters of the Palestinians, have respected their right to decide the fate of their land? Look what unrestricted immigration against the will of the natives did to Palestine. What a mess! If you or me, as Americans, decides to sneak into any country on Earth without going through the legal processes, and we get caught in some foreign land with no legal right to be there, most foreign countries will boot us out pronto. That’s normal. It’s not sick, it’s not racist or bigoted, it’s just normal. Want to visit or immigrate? Get in line and do it legally. Against the norms of the vast majority of the world stands an aberration called America. Just about anyone who wants to gets to cruise right into America, legally or not. If you don’t have the legal right to be here, Hell, just invade. America actually encourages those here illegally to work, against the norms of most of the planet. In the competition between natives and foreigners for jobs, America bizarrely sides with the foreigners against its own workers. How perverse! Even worse, so does the mad, supposedly pro-working class US Left! In most of the world, if you sneak in, you get booted out unceremoniously on your ass. That’s not bigotry; it’s normal. Here again, the aberration called America stands alone. Most who sneak in here just get to stay. Only very meager efforts are made to deport those who sneak in. In many cases, law enforcement will not even respond to complaints. This video clip shows Blacks and Hispanics, including Hispanic legal immigrants who waited in line for years, spent money, filled out countless forms and learned English to become US citizens, railing against illegal immigration to the US. Where do the illegal immigrants of the US belong? In their home countries, of course. And what if their home countries are Third World disaster zones? Well, that is what revolutions are for. If your country can’t guarantee your right to survive and feed your family, as a Leftist, I say you need to make revolution. I prefer the peaceful route, but in some cases where that’s not possible, there is always the last resort of the gun. In those Third World countries where the voters continue to march off and vote for governments that don’t let people survive or feed their families, those people have essentially created their own mess and need to live in it until they can figure out how to vote their own interests. That’s what national revolutionary movements are for, peaceful and otherwise, to convince people of their interests and get the masses to vote for them. Revolution starts at home. What a cop-out to throw up your hands, blow off your national revolutionary or progressive project, and just tell the masses to go invade America! Is that what Marx had in mind?

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0 thoughts on “Blacks and Hispanics Against Invasion”

  1. Rob, saudi doesn’t allow non arabs to live in Saudi arabia. As a non-arab muslim, i cannot become citizen of saudi arabia. We need to clean our country by ourselves instead of migrating another country and creating problems for indigenous people of that country. I would be happy if rightwing political parties take power in europe.
    If rightwing parties take power then.
    1. Our corrupt politicians will not be granted asylum in eruope because they are non-whites.
    2. Rightwing government will kick-out all muslims out of their countries. we as muslims are not allowed to live in non muslim lands unless we are calling them to islam, most of muslims are there to live comfortable life instead of building their own nations.
    3. They will stop supporting israel. 🙂

    1. Saudi-Arabia is very racist to non-Arab Muslims. Yet, Saudi men can marry e.g. Pakistani women. Pakistani women seem to like the Saudi system, so you are fighting your own women, just like men in the West.

  2. Extreme radicals meet extreme people. You are a racist scum and people like you die alone or get shot along with your Muslim terrorist friends( because there’s no difference between you and a radical Taliban psycho). You’re a lowlife time wasting worthless weight on earth, you retarded janitor! You’ll never have people who care for you. Your life is consumed in pointless hatred.

        1. Look Vishnu, I am going to ban you if you don’t knock off the trolling. You are not even a Hindutva. You are a White South African living in the Gulf. So I need you to retire Vishnu or at least stop the fake Hindutva trolling. If you continue, I will delete all of Vishnu’s troll posts, and after a bit, I will ban you.
          Thank you for your cooperation.

        2. Vishnu you are making too many people mad with these fake Hindutvadi posts. People have stopped commenting due to all the trolling. I don’t mind Hindutvas as long as they are real. So you need to kill off Vishnu the Hindutvadi. He needs to die anyway as a Hindutva.

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Good point about migration being a pressure valve for the ruling class of the home countries of the immigrants. Of course, the same pressure valve effect was the reason the European ruling class promoted colonialism.

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