21st Century Socialism Brings Great Changes to Ecuador

The Ecuadorian regime is part of the Bolivarian group associated with the Bolivarian Group in Venezuela and as such they are committed to 21st Century Socialism, whatever that means for each country. Rafael Correa is the popular Leftist leading Ecuador, and he has done many great things for the people of Ecuador. A comment from a recent visitor:

In my last visit to Ecuador I was really impressed by the remarkable changes and progress attained by this country. Superb highways, public hospitals with up to date technology, modern airports, new bridges, 911 Community Security Centers, eight hydroelectric dams under construction, free education from grammar school to university and last but not least half a million children who worked before in the mountains of city trash, today receive free education in modern public schools, including the famous Escuelas del Milenio. Ecuador has a program which offers scholarships to talented students. A humble worker in a textile factory, whose daughter passed with the highest score, the test required by the best universities of Europe and USA, in her case Oxford, said “I never thought that my daughter would have such a wonderful opportunity.” A young woman told me in a supermarket: “I am happy to live here because now we have dignity.”

The previous governments, all radical neoliberals dominated by the rich, did nothing to develop the productive forces of the nation. The Ecuadorian rich make lots of the money the way things are, so they don’t need the state for anything. So there has always been basically a Libertarian state in Ecuador. The previous governments never spent any money on education. Education was only for the rich. The class structure was rigid. If you were born poor, you stayed poor. If you were born rich, you stayed rich. This is the traditional way it has always been all over Latin America. The previous governments did not develop hydroelectric power either, nor did they develop any national infrastructure such as highways, hospitals, bridges, airports, etc. They didn’t even spend money on public security since the rich don’t want to be taxed to pay for that. By building national infrastructure, airports, dams, bridges, highways, etc, the regime shows the fallacy of neoliberalism which says the state must do nothing at all. They have retained the state’s role in providing security fo the people. They have built many new hospitals for the people with modern technology. Before, health care was only for the rich. Now it is for everyone. And they now offer free education for all through the university level. Wow! We don’t even have that in the USA! 500,000 children no longer live in trash dumps scavenging waste to survive as they did under the previous neoliberal regimes. Now they are all in school thanks to Bolivarian socialism. As you can see, Correa’s regime has brought dramatic improvements to Ecuador and to the lives of most Ecuadorians.

Communist Shame

Repost from the old site. As the White comedian Gallagher says, “Sometimes White People embarrass me!” I agree. Also, as a Commie, I must say, sometimes Communists embarrass me! Communists are supposedly pro-working class. This is a video of a rally in Los Angeles that was due to be held by Ted Hayes of Choose Black America. Hayes is a radical Black man in many ways, maybe even a pan-Africanist (see the ANC style knit cap). Unfortunately, like so many anti-illegal immigrant activists, he is also a Republican. Voting Republican will never do a damn thing for the vast majority of Black Americans. There is a rational reason why Blacks vote Democratic – the party is more responsive to their needs than the Republicans. Hayes was a lifelong Leftist who just turned Republican the other day. He is a tireless advocate for the homeless and for US Blacks. He supports Malcolm X (but then in some ways so do I) and he also supports reparations for US Blacks (but then I might too, depending on the proposal). Yet he is dead set against illegal immigration, as are many Blacks. There was a counter-rally there against the Choose Black America rally of Communists and Anarchists and Raza types. Notice the disgusting Communists in this video screaming at anti-illegal alien activists (50 Apparently these Communist morons think that 95 The poor sods being abused by these Leftist idiots are simply asking that the US act like almost every other normal country on Earth – that we penalize those who sneak onto our lands and boot them back where they came from. For this simple and strikingly rational request, they are being called RACIST by a bunch of fools. Someone ask these Communist boneheads exactly how the US working class benefits from this illegal alien invasion. The invasion of America by illegal aliens has positively nuked the working class of America, especially in the West and Southwest. Look, I am not so stupid as to think that illegals have been the sole decline of the US working class. A number of factors have been involved, many of them deliberate conspiracies on the part of the US elite and business sector. But to leave illegals out of the equation, as almost all liberal and Left analyses of the decline of the American worker do, is just crazy, like just about everything about this insane issue. It’s not solely a problem of illegal immigration either. Unlimited legal immigration via H-1B visas has devastated the high-paying professional workers in the high tech industry. Why hire an American when you can hire an Indian for 1/2 as much? A US company now imports Indians on H-1B visas to drive big-rigs for 50 Every year, all of the the Democrats and liberals in the US Congress march off and vote for the wage- and job-wrecking H-1B visa program, amidst Bill Gates lunatic screeds that computer programming is a job that Americans just won’t do. WTF! Illegal aliens have driven up the cost of housing via overcrowding and excessive demand on the housing market at the same time they have sent working class wages into the gutter, a deadly combo. Since the poverty and especially the illegal status of illegal aliens means they use far more in social services than they pay in taxes, they have overcrowded and degraded many public services such as hospitals, schools, etc. Go into any school or hospital overrun by illegal immigrants and notice the falling-apart look everything has. There’s no money, no money, everyone says. A flood of users and a dearth of income equals a collapsing infrastructure. Hence, illegal aliens have not only created a low-wage, high cost (housing) economy, but they have devastated social services such as schools and hospitals for working class and poor American citizens of all colors. I’m not saying illegals should be denied medical care or their kids should be thrown out of the K-12 schools. I’m just saying that importing 12 million largely impoverished, uneducated and unskilled 3rd World peasants, is not a particularly rational move for many reasons, economic, cultural, and others. It’s not even a progressive move either. The Communist USSR, China and Cuba worked in overdrive to bring their nations out of underdevelopment and Third-Worldization and towards at least the health and development figures of the First World. Tell me how turning a First World country into a Third World country should be part of any progressive, not to mention Communist, project anywhere on Earth? In particular, the immigrants from Mexico are not a particularly selective class of immigrants. Racial stuff aside, bear me out. 40 Does this mean that Africans and Indians are smarter or even better educated than Mexicans? Surely they are not smarter. As far as education goes, I can’t answer that, but as a group, Indians and Africans are very poorly educated. Let the Leftist mush-brains rant and call me racist. But hear me out. It has nothing to do with race or IQ or even culture. We are simply being very selective about the Indians and Africans we are bringing in, and extremely unselective about the Mexicans we are bringing in. What are the Mexicans with advanced degrees doing? Staying put in Mexico and making lots of money. I usually do not deal with IQ differences between nations, not to mention races on here, but let’s go to that forbidden land for a moment. Looking at IQ, Mexico probably has a higher IQ nationwide than India (about 92 to 81). Although I have a hard time believing such figures, the quoted figures for Africa are around 70 IQ. So IQ-wise, Mexico is superior to both India and Africa. Yet the quality of Mexico’s immigrants, as we see above, is far lower, simply because we are not being selective at all about them. Even culturally, Mexico may have it up on India, where there are almost 3 million excess deaths per year due only to infant mortality and another million excess deaths compared to China (considering that China and India were in the same place in 1949, Indian capitalism causes 4 million excess deaths per year as compared to “communist” China). This was India’s penalty for not following a Chinese economic model. 14 million children starve to death (or die of malnutrition) every year on Earth – most of them in South Asia – in capitalist Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Africa is a slow-motion train wreck, with some of the lowest life expectancies on Earth. We can make the case that Mexico has a higher collective IQ and is more developed culturally than India or Africa. Yet the quality of Indian and African immigrants to the US has been much higher, and neither race nor culture has anything to do with their higher quality. If the vast majority of Mexican immigrants were legal, if 40 The difference is in large part due to selective legal immigration, which is somewhat rational, and utterly unselective illegal immigration, which lacks any rational basis at all.

The Invasion of Oakhurst

Repost from the old site. I lived in Oakhurst, California, off and on for 16 1/2 years. I moved there in December 1990, then moved down to Fresno, California for a few months, then back up to Oakhurst for the next 16 years. About 2-3 years ago, illegal aliens invaded Oakhurst. Why it took them so long to come there, I have no idea. You tell me. During my time in Oakhurst, a friend, who is frankly a racist (he openly admits it) was telling me about the catastrophe called Southern California. My former town, Huntington Beach, is unrecognizable. There were “non-Whites” everywhere. I’m not sure that is a catastrophe. One of the things he pointed out is that illegal aliens, almost all Mexicans, have exploded across Southern California. I believe it. Growing up in Orange County, California, there were always a few Mexicans around. I started learning Spanish at age six, dated Hispanic girls at age 17, and had assimilated Mexican-American and Hispanic friends. In my youth, I worked as a janitor, in factories, in warehouses, as a forklift driver, in housekeeping, as a dishwasher, in landscaping, in construction, driving an ice cream truck, you name it. Almost 100 Landscaping (Yes! We worked in the yards of the White middle class!) was all Whites, except for one illegal alien I met in 1979. Housekeeping was all middle-aged White women. Ice cream truck drivers were Americans and legal immigrants (mostly Iranians) of all ages. In factories, it was mostly White Americans, except in 1979 when I discovered a factory full of illegal aliens. I went to the INS to turn them in and the idiot flat out told me that would not investigate the factory, and gave me some sob story about “trying to feed their families”. There was no labor shortage in Orange County in the 1970’s. All of the jobs that “Americans won’t do” were being done by Americans, often White Americans, and not for much pay either. Hell, I did these damn jobs myself, with pride. This crap about “jobs Americans won’t do” still mystifies me. There were few illegal aliens in Orange County in those days. The INS regularly conducted raids and was continuously deporting illegals. This policy was supported by super liberal Jerry Brown and by Californians across the spectrum. Strange, isn’t it? Enter Ronald Reagan. With Reagan came the devaluation of the American workingman, especially the White worker, and apparently a total devastation of enforcement, raids and deportations of illegals. The illegal population seemed to grow and grow all through the 1980’s, with Reagan’s apparently tacit encouragement. During this time it also became fashionable to try to get rich and to devalue the working class. The notion that American working class workers (especially White workers) were lazy, undependable, “losers” and just plain crappy workers was hoisted as a meme, while the White working class continued to march off and vote for their destroyer, Reagan, due to racial, religious and cultural conservative themes. At the same time, Reagan was promoting a total invasion of Mexican cheap labor into the US, and with it the ruination of the US working class. In the 1990’s, the invasion completely exploded, as first Bush Sr, for cheap labor reasons, and then Clinton, for idiot liberal reasons (Or maybe for elite class reasons?), refused to enforce the labor laws. Whenever the Right and Left agree that something is a great idea, you know it is probably one of the worst ideas on Earth. The Amnesty of 1986, which has utterly failed, comes to mind. The deinstitutionalization of mental hospitals does too. Under Bush in the 2000’s, enforcement and raids plummeted to almost zero, way down from even Clinton’s low level. And the invasion completely exploded and moved all across America. With it has come the rage of Middle America as they experienced the invaders for the first time. Ensconced in Oakhurst, I scarcely saw this invasion. But I went to Orange County in 2004 and was stunned at what I saw. Parts of it were simply a Third World country (Garden Grove) with Hispanics – apparently almost all illegals – as far as the eye could see. In other parts of Garden Grove, it seemed to be all Asians, often Koreans, Vietnamese or Chinese, with a few Filipinos. Many or most of these immigrants seemed to barely speak English. It was a site to see. I hate to say that it simply did not look like America. Not the America I was used to. Not the one I was brought up in. Everywhere in Orange County a radical caste-like class system seemed to have taken hold. There seemed to be two classes, like in any Banana Republic – the rich and upper middle class (staying in my hotel and running it) and this vast, teeming, unwashed, underclass of proletarianized laborers. It could have been San Salvador, Lima, Bogota, Manila, Calcutta or Jakarta in that sense at least. The middle class was either nonexistent or very small. Later, I went to a wedding in Irvine, California. On the way, I drove through Mexico. They told me it was America, but I knew better. I’ve been to Mexico. This was not America. At the wedding, the underclass was nowhere to be seen. The people in the bar and at the restaurant, and to some extent at the wedding, were the nouveau riche, mostly Whites with a few Vietnamese. This elite plus servants with teeming slums on the hillside scene is not the America I grew up in. It looks like 3rd World semi-feudalism…Latin America, the Philippines. Back to Oakhurst. 2 or the 3 years ago, it got invaded. Why? Who knows? I guess California is so flooded with illegals that they are finally worming their way into the mountains. Before, Oakhurst was mostly White with some Indians. The few others assimilated to the White mountain rural culture. Jobs Americans won’t do!? For 14 years I lived in Oakhurst. In that time, there was never any labor shortage. Americans worked in fast food, as janitors, in construction, in landscaping, as handymen, waiters and dishwashers, housekeepers and maids, and roofers and painters, usually for low wages. There was no problem finding Americans to do this work. Got it? No problem! Now, something has changed. My friends in construction tell me that Fresno is mostly illegal aliens in construction. Some illegals are now working construction in the mountains. My former landlord brazenly hired illegals to do construction and roofing work on my apartment. Everyone knew they were illegals, but no one could do a thing. It was audacious and in your face. Who could we call? We seethed. My friend, working construction, clued me in. On more and more jobs, they saw illegals. The capitalist scum boss forced them to do all sorts of illegal work, violated every labor law on the book, forced unsafe work on his workers so some of them got seriously injured, and the whole time, threatened to fire them all and replace them with “Mexicans”. That means illegals. If anyone complained, went to the labor board or was anything but submissive, he would bring in the illegals. My friend also clued me in on more stuff. Illegals in construction generally do not work as hard as Americans, especially White Americans (my brother was not disparaging non-White Americans – he just had not worked with many of them). Furthermore, they do not do better work, in fact, they usually do lousy work. He said it is well known in the construction industry that illegals do lousy work, but the crooked contractors could care less. Landscaping work, formerly all American workers, was now beginning to be replaced by illegals. Fast food restaurants went pretty quickly mostly illegal. Janitorial went just like that, bam. They really flooded the restaurants. Most dishwashing now is all illegals. The housekeeping jobs were quickly gone, all illegals. My friend told me that Class 2 trucking (non big rigs) in Southern California had long since gone all illegals. My American friends worked these jobs when I was younger. Now the bottom has fallen out of the wages, and the illegals are lousy drivers. They are not paid enough to fix their trucks or maintain them. Accidents and broken-down trucks are a major problem. Homeland Security just decided that truck drivers out of the port of LA need to be US citizens, so the industry is going to fire 23,000 illegal aliens. The illegals in Oakhurst kept their heads down for a couple of years, as they often do when they invade a new town. When I left Oakhurst, they were starting to get brazen, as they always do. Car thefts were being reported. Car thefts, in Oakhurst?! Almost unheard of. Now they are quite common. Could it have been the illegals? I asked. Nope, it was the “speed freaks” – the Mexicans had nothing to do with it. Oh really? We’d had speed freaks in Oakhurst since I moved there, with little to no car thefts. The illegals show up, and now there’s car thefts. Hmmm. Gang graffiti appeared for the first time. Where there are illegal Mexican invaders, there is gang graffiti. Despite all the nonsense you hear about “White gangs”, there were never any White gangs, nor any White gang graffiti, or any gang graffiti, in Oakhurst before the illegals invaded. Spanish was now heard everywhere. The new illegals could barely speak a single word of English. Good thing I can speak the invader language – Spanish! Excuse me? You don’t speak a word of English? How do you suppose you are going to support yourself in our society? How many countries let you invade them at will, take any job you want (Steal it from a citizen!), refuse to learn the language, and then defiantly demand citizenship? Almost none! You can’t invade at all – few countries allow it. Very few countries allow most foreigners to work, certainly not those who invaded. If you refuse to learn the language, fine, but most countries won’t bend over backwards to help you, you may have a hard time getting along there unless you learn the language, and you certainly cannot become a citizen until you show some proficiency. Except America, excuse me. So many of the jobs in Oakhurst that were being done by Americans were now being done by the invaders. Gee, what happened to all the Americans who were doing those jobs? Who knows? But I started seeing an awful lot of unemployed and underemployed Whites around, especially young Whites. And I started seeing an awful lot of homeless young Americans, mostly White but a couple of Blacks. They never existed before. Gee, do you think the young homeless and under- and unemployed Americans had anything to do with the invaders? Hmmmm. A friend, who has a house painting business, told me his sad story. The competition is hiring illegals for junk wages and underbidding him. He knows many construction contractors who have been hiring illegal aliens. They openly brag about it at the gym. Most of them are living in fancy houses on huge lots and driving Mercedes Benz’s and BMW’s. That’s the result of illegals in construction – wildly increased profits for corrupt contractors and a Latin American-like society. How much of the much-heralded recent wealth gap is due to invaders driving down wages? My friend recently went out on a construction job in a development just outside Yosemite National Park. The guy who was going to hire him flat out told him that he was not going to hire my friend – that he was going to hire “Mexicans” instead. In California, that means illegals. Forget Republicans and Democrats. This new immigration amnesty is a war of elites and their servants against American workers. The goal – cheap labor. You know, it really ticks off that $300 an hour attorney – Republican or Democrat – that he has to hire that American plumber for $50 an hour. You know he’d love to have an illegal invader do it for $10 an hour. How many people on Ted Kennedy‘s street have lost jobs to illegal aliens? How many in his neighborhood? Zero. The elites want to replace the entire US working class with immigrant, preferably illegal alien invader, labor. After that they are going to go to work on professionals and skilled labor. Already illegals work in Class 1 trucking (big rigs), where they buy licenses from crooked licensors for $1,500 (don’t worry about passing the tests). The accident rate is starting to go up with big rigs and all these corrupt immigrant scammer-drivers. A US company just announced that they are bringing in huge numbers of truckers from India to drive big rigs. Why? It’s a job Americans won’t do, that’s why, right? I must admit a secretive glee when I found out that the jobs of schoolteachers are being replaced by immigrants from Mexico (!?) while others are being outsourced to “tutors” from India who “teach” classes to rooms full of students over the Internet. Schoolteacher had always been one of those middle class home-owning occupations that was pretty much pro-illegal. Why? As long as your job is not being replaced by illegals, you tend to support them. Now the immigrants are replacing them. Haha! And all over America, perfectly qualified Americans say they can’t find a teaching job. White collar workers better quit grinning. They’re being replaced by immigrants too. The California Republican Party recently hired two high ranking officials. Obviously, no one in the US was capable of doing these jobs, so they had to hire immigrants from Australia and Canada. Who were willing to work for less money, no doubt. It is beyond me why the Left and the unions are supporting the invaders, seeing as how they have devastated the wage structure for working class Americans while taking their jobs. Now the elites and their immigrant buddies are going to work on professional Americans. Where will it end? I thought the Left and the Democratic Party was pro-worker, pro-average guy? Most of the Democratic bigwigs in the party are wealthy elitists, let’s face it. I guess they want servants too? Or do they cynically want to legalize 11 million illegals just to grow the party? Can someone clue me in? It’s pretty sad when the only voices supporting the working class against the invaders are on the Right. Where is the Left? Why is it siding with the invaders and against US workers? What’s going on? Anyone?

Mexicans Belong in Mexico

The illegal ones, anyway. The legal resident alien green card holders can stay. The Mexican-Americans obviously can stay. Is that radical, arrogant or racist? Fine, call me names. Scream and yell. Let’s look at some other arguments: Argentinians belong in Argentina. Haitians belong in Haiti. Russians belong in Russia. Chinese belong in China. Indians belong in India. The illegal ones, anyway. If they want to jump through the hoops and become resident aliens and from there citizens, all the power to them. It may take 15 years. Presidente Jorge Boosh wants to give illegals one day to automagically turn into some kind of Z-card legal citizens. What a slap in the face to all the green card holders, legal immigrants and others who spent so much money, filled out so many forms, and waited so long to secure their dream. Why would anyone do it the legal way ever again when they can just go illegal and do it on the easy and cheap? Suppose we had 12 million Argentines, or Chileans, or Indonesians, or Costa Ricans, or Uruguayans, or Dominicans, or Albanians, or Egyptians, or Angolans, or Bangladeshis, or Nepalis, or Laotians, or New Guineans, all illegals, invading our shores? Would it make any difference? Regardless of their plights, they belong in their own countries. If their reactionary, nightmare, third world rat holes suck, well, then, they need to make revolution there, hopefully peaceful revolution. In some cases, maybe with the gun. That’s the Leftist in me talking. Name one Communist country that insanely opened its borders to anyone who wanted to invade in order to crush the working class of their own land. There never was one. Marxist rulers were not stupid. They defended their borders and their workers. Why do their lunatic acolytes believe in the insanity of “open borders”, with its massive security risks and attendant ruination of the American working class? “But people are so desperate in Mexico”…Wa wa wa. Yes! People are desperate, starving and living in horrible conditions the world over. Why single out Mexicans? If desperate Mexicans get a free get out of jail pass to invade America, why not open up our borders to the miserable of the entire Third World, many of whom are far worse off than the average Mexican? “But the Mexicans have children!” Hell, everyone has children. All over the world, people have kids. No kidding! So everyone who has kids, and I guess is desperate too, gets to invade America and drive our wages into the gutter forever. Surveys show that about 1/2 to 1/3 of the population would come to the US if they had the chance. That is 2-3 billion human beings. This is what the lunatic Left and cheap labor Right in the open borders Lobby wants. Can you imagine? After that 2 billion man march on America occurs, America will be Calcutta writ large. And we can sign the death warrant on our republic, too. The vast majority of nations in the world do not allow visiting or residing Americans, or anyone else I guess, to work, as long as you are living in or visiting the country. Why? They are leaving those positions open for their own people. The Open Borders loons would say that virtually every country on Earth, then, is racist, for not letting foreigners work in the land. Even if that is racist (let is play games for a moment) is that really such a bad thing? And if the vast majority of nations are viciously racist, does the word mean anything anymore? Many nations make it quite hard to become a citizen. The Arab World is notorious for this. The Koreans and Japanese have decided that the future residents of their land should be overwhelmingly Koreans and Japanese. And they are not the only ones. This is very common the world over. Where is the Open Borders crowd? Why are they not screaming at the Arabs, Koreans and Japanese for being horrible racists? How dare these nations exercise sovereignty over the question of citizenship in their lands! After all, the only way to be nonracist is to open your borders to any army of invaders that wants to invade, to grant the invaders citizenship on demand when they arrogantly demand it, and to let them steal every job they can from your citizens. Now that we know hat it takes to be a “racist” and a “nonracist”, “racism” is starting to look like sanity, eh? (Being sarcastic here).

Blacks and Hispanics Against Invasion

Repost from the old site. Racists, are we? Bigots? Let’s listen to some Blacks and Hispanics talk about illegal immigration. Certainly they are not bigots, are they? Or should we borrow the language of tribalistic Jews and call the Hispanics “self-haters”? If you or me, as American citizens, goes to any country, anywhere on this planet, we need a visa. We need permission of the US government to leave and go visit or live in that country. We need the permission of that country to visit or live there. In the overwhelming majority of cases (with some exceptions) you and me would not be allowed to work if we lived in a foreign country. Why? Because the vast majority of countries on Earth feel that jobs are for natives, not for immigrants just visiting or staying a while. This is not some sick “racist” aberration. It’s the norm all over the world, for Chrissake. If I want to learn the language and do quite a few other things and spend some money, maybe I can become a citizen of my new land and then I would be able to work there. Many countries (especially Arab and Muslim countries) will not let me, as a non-Muslim or as someone not born in the land, ever become a citizen, no matter how long I live there. Guess what? That is their right ! Each and every country has a right to decide its own immigration and citizenship laws. That’s what national sovereignty is all about. If Saudi Arabia wants to grant citizenship only to Muslims, so be it. If Jordan wants to ban Jews from becoming citizens, that is not very nice, but that is their right. The Palestinians wished to put a stop to Jewish immigration to their land in the early part of the last century. Shouldn’t we, as supporters of the Palestinians, have respected their right to decide the fate of their land? Look what unrestricted immigration against the will of the natives did to Palestine. What a mess! If you or me, as Americans, decides to sneak into any country on Earth without going through the legal processes, and we get caught in some foreign land with no legal right to be there, most foreign countries will boot us out pronto. That’s normal. It’s not sick, it’s not racist or bigoted, it’s just normal. Want to visit or immigrate? Get in line and do it legally. Against the norms of the vast majority of the world stands an aberration called America. Just about anyone who wants to gets to cruise right into America, legally or not. If you don’t have the legal right to be here, Hell, just invade. America actually encourages those here illegally to work, against the norms of most of the planet. In the competition between natives and foreigners for jobs, America bizarrely sides with the foreigners against its own workers. How perverse! Even worse, so does the mad, supposedly pro-working class US Left! In most of the world, if you sneak in, you get booted out unceremoniously on your ass. That’s not bigotry; it’s normal. Here again, the aberration called America stands alone. Most who sneak in here just get to stay. Only very meager efforts are made to deport those who sneak in. In many cases, law enforcement will not even respond to complaints. This video clip shows Blacks and Hispanics, including Hispanic legal immigrants who waited in line for years, spent money, filled out countless forms and learned English to become US citizens, railing against illegal immigration to the US. Where do the illegal immigrants of the US belong? In their home countries, of course. And what if their home countries are Third World disaster zones? Well, that is what revolutions are for. If your country can’t guarantee your right to survive and feed your family, as a Leftist, I say you need to make revolution. I prefer the peaceful route, but in some cases where that’s not possible, there is always the last resort of the gun. In those Third World countries where the voters continue to march off and vote for governments that don’t let people survive or feed their families, those people have essentially created their own mess and need to live in it until they can figure out how to vote their own interests. That’s what national revolutionary movements are for, peaceful and otherwise, to convince people of their interests and get the masses to vote for them. Revolution starts at home. What a cop-out to throw up your hands, blow off your national revolutionary or progressive project, and just tell the masses to go invade America! Is that what Marx had in mind?

Invasion of America

Repost from the old site. Are we being invaded? Sure we are. Let’s look at some photos of the invasion. The sheer outrage of this situation is enough to make you throw up your hands.

Here is a photo of members of an American group that gives water to water stations in the desert for illegal aliens to use. I support this. Although invading America is a crime, it’s not one severe enough to put a person in jail, much less give them the death penalty. Here is a group on the Mexican side doing the same thing – distributing water to water stations for illegal aliens to drink before they cross the border. That’s ok. They are going to cross anyway, and they don’t deserve to die for the crime of crossing the border, for Chrissake. Charming illegal aliens displaying some of their vaunted social skills. “Day labor” sites are utterly outrageous! These are sites where illegal alien criminals gather in public to get hired illegally (a felony!) by anyone who wants to pick them up. To do what? To do anything. To do jobs that Americans should be doing and are perfectly capable of doing. More charming day laborers at an illegal site set up by a New York town in order to facilitate the felonious hiring of illegal aliens. Day labor sites are arguably illegal and the cities who set them up are arguably guilty of breaking the law. More wonderful folks at a day labor site. Illegal alien Mexicans at illegal (IMO) day labor sites cause many problems. They urinate in the bushes and in public, sleep in the area, and just cause a general nuisance and a lowering of property values. As a Black resident noted, “Would the cops let a group of Black men hang out on the corner in such numbers. Of course not. But illegal aliens as a source of exploited cheap labor are supported by business and the elite of both the Right and Left. Illegal alien invaders outrageously rushing across our border in plain daylight. What’s stopping radical Islamic terrorists from sprinting across the border themselves. These guys just made it through a fence dubbed as “Israeli-strength”. Guess not. More insanity. ICE agents actually raid a construction site in Sierra Vista, Arizona earlier this year. It is probably full of illegal aliens. In 1976, my friends were making $15 an hour hanging drywall (that is $40/hour plus in 2007 dollars). That profession is now 1/3 illegal alien (!) and the bottom has fallen out of the wages. Union construction jobs pay about $22-33 an hour. Illegal aliens in construction make about $10 an hour. Illegals have nuked American construction workers in the West. The Left supports this insanity! More charming “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande” folks engaging in illegal activities and soliciting for employers to commit crimes by hiring them. The US border with Mexico. That idiotic fence there is actually broken, so it would not stop anyone who wanted to drive through. I’m laughing as I write this. How pitiful! Another comical picture of the US “border” with Mexico with yet another ineffectual fence on the border. Those footprints in the sand are from the countless invaders invading our country illegally. In most any other land, they would be booted out right away. Here they are welcomed with open arms since they are being used as a brown-skilled nuclear weapon by capitalists to nuke the American working class. This van was driven by a criminal alien smuggler who sneaked across the border and then led Border Patrol heroes on a chase across Southern Arizona. This maniac passed three school buses filled with kids. While he was doing that, he was apparently missing both front tires! Go figure. Patriotic Americans from Arizona report that this kind of insanity happens all the time down there and they are regular car crashes and police chases involving aliens and their smugglers. IOW, a situation that is so out of control it is almost Kafkaesque. The fence ends here. What a joke. You call that a fence at the border? This is how we “secure” our border. I’m still laughing.

Anti-Immigrant Movement Faces Serious Obstacles

Repost from the old site. The movement for immigration sanity (IS) in the US faces serious obstacles, one of which is many of the people in the movement are a bunch of idiots, as far as I can tell. I just spent some time on anti-immigrant blog, and I was flat out told that I was not welcome in their movement! I suggested that they needed to extend their movement beyond its narrow rightwing base to include Centrists, liberals and even Leftists, and I was told in no uncertain terms to get lost. Incredible or what? Who is welcome? Hard rightwingers only, I guess. As it stands, the IS movement looks like a terrifyingly rightwing movement to most politically reasonable people. Hatred for Centrists, liberals, Democrats, civil liberties types, secularists, not to mention the Left, is rife. Your average IS blog reads like a combination of the militia/patriot movement, the Christian Right the White Nationalist movement and the John Birch Society. A few minutes on one of their sites is enough to send most any Centrist, liberal, Democrat or Leftist running away screaming. There is not enough effort at all being made to expand the movement beyond its narrow, ultra rightwing, hillbilly, ignoramus, Yahoo and racist base. Extremist Christian kookiness abounds. The few Democrats who are involved are very rightwing Democrats, more or less like the Southern Democrats of old. You’ve read the polls. 70 The movement also seems to be populated heavily by very ignorant White Americans, the sort of stereotypical American Yahoo who hasn’t read a book since high school, can’t spell, can’t use proper syntax, and can’t write a coherent sentence. Great! A movement full of bigoted, fundamentalist idiots! Wonderful! There are many possibilities for this movement. Any sane progressive who advocates for the workers ought to get behind this IS movement. I went to a California liberal Democrat website the other day and saw a forum on illegal immigration. I was astonished that about 80 There are some logistical problems in growing this movement. How do we tone down the racist boneheads so they don’t scare off the non-rightwingers? How do we get sane non-rightwingers and non-racists into a movement that is shot through with anti-Hispanic racism and White Supremacism from top to bottom? How do we talk about the racist Yahoos and still manage to get sane people to join a movement that is swimming with them like fish at a trout farm? How to deal with touchy questions of race, IQ, crime rates and the like? Say we get an IS forum going. Quickly the rightwing crazies will pile on there and start belting away at liberalism and everything it stands for. If there are any liberals on the forum, they are either going to run bug-eyed for the hills, or they will stay and fight the rightwingers. Pretty soon a forum which should be focusing on the common enemy degenerates into idiotic infighting. Just what La Raza wants! So what do we do? Institute some rules about no liberal-bashing and no conservative-bashing? Set up different fora for liberals and conservatives? The last may be the best plan. What about class? Though most IS folks are working class, some are upper middle class. How do we deal with the inevitable blue versus white collar tensions that arise when each group pursues its self-interests? As it stands, this is a movement that in some respects deserves to be defeated. What’s the solution? Grow the movement. Liberals, Centrists and even Leftists need to be made to feel that they can be part of this movement too.

Is the Anti-Illegal Immigrant Movement Racist?

Repost from the old site. It’s actually a trick question. Some of members of the anti-immigration movement are racists. Racists always join any movement critical of immigration. So what? This entire argument rests on a fallacious assumption. That the presence of one group in a movement means that all of the other members of the movement share the feelings of that one group. It’s a well-known logical fallacy called guilt by association. It’s very important to become aware of all of the logical fallacies out there, because people are always using these BS arguments to try to convince you of this or that. Fact is, if you change your mind due to a logical fallacy, you are being fooled. If you do so knowingly, you are a fool. If you use logical fallacies in your arguments, you are either ignorant or a knowing liar. “Guilt by association” is widely used and manages to convince hundreds of millions of fools of this or that every year the world over. Yet, just because I associate with someone, or anyone, does not mean that I share any, all or some of their views. Some of the kids in my apartment complex I associate with claim to be Hispanic gang members. A Black guy I know here wears a stocking over his head, gangster-style. One of the Chicano guys I was drinking with at the bar the other night looked like he just got out of prison and had a shirt on with an apparent gang logo. I’m also friends with a guy who is a White Supremacist racist, with the usual Nazi sympathies. He pretty much refuses to speak with anyone who is not White, especially Blacks and Browns. I don’t agree with him, but I’m not going to dissociate with him. I have friends who are rightwing Republicans and others who are leftwing Democrats and a few who are Communists. To say that I agree with all of these people would be impossible, as they all hold contradictory views. Militant Jews are some of the world’s leading experts in devious argumentation, including logical fallacy, lawyerese, sophistry, prevarication and basically the art of verbal BS. I guess that is why there are so many Jewish lawyers? I learned this while doing combat with them in the Mideast groups on Usenet. One of the Jews’ favorite tactics was guilt by association. If one voiced any sympathy for any Palestinian or Arab group, some obscure terroristic or anti-Semitic incident done by that group was dredged up and you were immediately associated with it and accused of homicidal anti-Semitism. There were also fascist White Supremacists in those groups, and a lot of us were cordial with them. Why not? The Jews were smashing us right and left, so why make more enemies? The Jews deviously used our cordiality with these bad guys as prima facie evidence that we agreed with Nazism, and therefore were Nazis. As usual, no amount of our protestations of innocence were accepted. I wonder whether these Jews believed their fallacies or if they were deliberately lying about us. The tactics that these Jews used were, of course, not particular to Jews, but Jews do seem to do this better than anyone else. That’s not necessarily a slam. There is an art to verbal sparring, even the blatantly dishonest kind. After all, sleazy politics makes the world go round, the sleaziest pol wins the cake, and “attorney” is the name of a well-paid profession. I have seen other groups use these same tactics. Logical fallacies are favorites of other nationalists, not just Jewish nationalists. Turkish nationalists are getting pretty good at aping their Jewish cohorts. Arab nationalists, who mostly hate Jews, act a lot like them in these regards. After a while, you realize that all nationalists and ultranationalists are speaking the same language, even though most of them hate each others’ guts. Logical fallacies are also commonly used by conservatives, especially the more hardline types, and I have seen them used by some Marxists. If we call ultranationalism and the Far Left and Right species of fanaticism, we can start to see sleazy argumentation and reliance on logical fallacy as simply markers of general fanaticism and emotional argumentation, and, frankly, the argument of the man who lacks one. Which leads us to the anti-illegal immigration movement. The fact is, a large majority of Americans are opposed to illegal immigration, often ferociously so. Surveys show that 75-80 In other words, opposing illegal immigration is normal, reasonable American politics. It’s not fanatical or racist or anything like that, unless one wants to make the crazy claim that 80 This gives the lie to the open borders crazies’ notion that the anti-illegal immigration movement represents only a small “anti-immigrant” minority. According to them, the rest of us are supposedly open borders nuts like them. The issue is complicated by polling questions and the actual views of Americans. Polls show that up to 65 On the other hand, Americans in these same polls think it is important to lock down the border. The open borders loons want a completely open border, not just in the South but apparently everywhere. In their insane plan, every single “immigrant”, or now, “migrant” (the words keep changing as they become stigmatized) who strolls across the border gets automatic US citizenship, apparently without any background checks or anything unpleasant like that. Surely only a small minority of Americans favor such an insane program. The open borders liars conflate Americans’ cynicism about the possibility of deporting 20 million illegals (hence some sort of “legalize them” solution) with implied support for illegal immigrants and open borders, ignoring the nation’s fervent desire to lock down the Southern border as much as possible. Sure the movement has racists in it, but any rational person knows that the vast majority of those opposing illegal immigration are not profoundly racist people, and if one is opposed to illegal immigration, one is keeping company with 75-80

A Good Host Assaults His Guests

Repost from the old site. A few years ago, I used to be really nice, and for a long time, no one much came over. I’d socialize with the guy downstairs and with my roommate, but that was about it other than trips to the coffee shop. No one was coming over all that much. There was me, my roommate, and my computer. Long nights writing. It’s true I didn’t have much of a social life, but I rationalized it all away. I had friends, but they usually didn’t come over, and I did not go over there. I was living a pretty normal introverted life that a lot of writer-types probably lead, but it was dissatisfying. There is nothing wrong per se with people keeping to themselves, being introverts, having a few friends, or maybe even having no close friends outside of family. Thing is, I’m a bit of an extrovert in a way. Introvert though I am, I do like to be around people. Visitors coming over every day is a great thing. And it’s a good day if I went and knocked on a friend’s door. It’s nice to hear the cell phone racket ringing with my friends at all hours of the day and night, and it’s nice to call a friend on the phone. All of these things are values, that when lacking, make life seem to me somewhat impoverished and ridiculous. If you go out somewhere, it’s better to have at least a somewhat warm interaction even with a clerk or someone in a waiting room than a cold or unfriendly reaction. I even go out every day to a coffee shop just to get my human fix, and hopefully it’s not totally unpleasant and rejecting. So here you have in me a peculiar mixture of introvert and extrovert, which is probably what most folks are. Loners are fine, but it’s unsatisfying to me. And extreme extroversion is exhausting to me. I like people around a good part of the time, and then I like to be alone. I’m reading and writing, but others are in my home. It’s paradise. What is odd is that recently I have taken to assaulting my house guests, and now I have more folks coming over than ever. Plus I went and banned a bunch of people who used to come over, often on relatively minor grounds. Now you have to be 18 to walk in the door, and there is a good-sized ban list. You would think I would be a pariah, but everyone wants in the door, even the underage and the banned. Go figure. I also made a really hardass, Nazi rule list that everyone knows about. Violations can get a harsh warning or even a temporary eviction. The rule list is not hard – it just asks people to act like humans and not wild animals – but a lot of folks can’t seem to manage that these days. In addition to bans, age limits and rule lists, I have also started to assault guests when they violate the rules. It would be better if I would just assault them at random for no reason whatsoever, but I am not so good at being totally crazy at the moment. So when guests violate the rules, I assault them with a squirt bottle. Unfortunately there are a couple of squirt bottles around, so the guests arm themselves and fight back. Throw in some intoxicants, and it’s good immature fun for kids of all ages. You have grown adults hiding behind chairs and leaping out to ambush other grownups. Sometimes nothing beats regression. Lately I have decided to up the ante. I have a small writing table. In response to some rule bans by my slob house guests, I picked up the writing table, charged across the room and threatened to assault the violators with it. I didn’t actually hit them of course, but the threat alone was a barrel of monkeys. I was hoping they would call the cops but unfortunately they never did. Funny thing is since I have been attacking my guests, I have more company than ever. One wonders if folks just need to get attacked every once in a while, either due to a psychological need or to just to keep them in line. I do recommend that you assault or threaten to assault your guests on occasion. Even the best guests get out of line, and a good host runs a tight ship. Anyway, folks can’t seem to get enough of it. Check out the article. It’s now a therapy, Mean Therapy. I love it; how do I become a counselor? Let’s hope it sweeps the nation. Uncover your inner jerk today!

Me Versus the Pigs

I think I committed a crime tonight, or was a conspirator to one. Oh, no, that brings on the Cops Project. Last time I was in Cop Land, I got thrown against a wall and got my head banged into the car roof and got the cuffs twisted on my wrists in a failed attempt to cause wrist damage for a lifetime. The cop stood over me, and threatened to grind my brains into the pavement. It was a pleasant moment, to be threatened with murder by a cop with your hands cuffed. If only he would try it, then I might have died and you would not be reading this. Oh God, cops love to fight. I’ve been arrested two whole times in my life and both times I was a Goddamn psycho. Once I screamed as I was being bailed out, “FUCK YOU!” with acrobatics, while the people who bailed me screamed at me to shut up. And I didn’t even get re-arrested. That shows we have an incredible amount of civil rights in this country. In the one jail, it was entertaining. There were these guys, White guys, wasted out of their minds and in jail, of all possible places. It was at the beach, where I always lived and hung, of course. “Whaooooooooo! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you!” It was a song, you had it admit. They sung it to a tune. The jailers would come by once in a while and order them to shut up, and then the band would start again. No one sympathized with me. I told everyone I knew that I got arrested two times for starting fights with cops who bugged me, and everyone agreed that I deserved to get popped and that I was an insane and stupid scum of the Earth moron. Actually, I thought it was a glorious act of defiance. The cop knocked on the door of the car. I looked out the window and the cop was there. I knocked the cherry off the joint, made sure it was dead, and swallowed away, no problems. Most everyone to this day insists I was insane for doing that. It was smart, I swallowed the jay, and the evidence was gone, haha piggers good one huh? There is another crime called destruction of evidence. I had never learned that, but it was pure theater anyway. I spit at the shoes of the cops that towered above as I sat. I spat right between their shoes and missed and missed. I was informed that if the spit hit the shoes, I was going to die. That made it even more fun. The Get Arrested Project worked, twice in a row, and now my whole world hated me. It was supposed to be a joke, but now I had a criminal record.

The War Project Versus the Nice Project

Repost from the old site. The War Project is interfering with the Nice Project. Here I am, sitting and practicing being nice while no one is around in the middle of the night, and memories of war shake in my bones. Upstairs, it’s the War Channel. It’s on most nights. Screaming and yelling bloody murder. Hate and rage, crashing and smashing, mad screams of insane people. This is normal. The War is normal. There’s an Hispanic couple upstairs who are at war. There may be others at war too. I think people are on drugs. I hope no one is armed. I hear them screaming and yelling bloody murder at each other, crashing and burning across the room, like a herd of antelope on an African plain. The cops got called. A couple of times. Inquiries are met with smiles. There are no blows exchanged, the woman is a fighter, everything is fine. Don’t believe it. When people scream like that, fists and objects fly. They are trying to kill each other. Nothing will happen until some day, someone may end up dead. This is how these things tend to end. Next to them, upstairs, are Black people. A young Black woman and her huge Black boyfriend are trying to kill each other, or at least trying to beat each other up. It was on earlier tonite, the Fights. You can turn on the Fights here just about any nite. Just open your ears. The war went on on the sidewalk before, earlier in the night, but I looked outside and could not see. Only voices, I heard, disembodied voices. Fighting, fighting, yelling and fighting. The war went on outside, earlier in the evening. The police pulled up outside my window, three cars, stayed there half and hour, talking to some young Hispanic men. I opened the window and watched the friendly people in blue. The news just came in, two local kids locked up, the War goes on, two soldiers off the streets. You cheer for the blue men who take away 16 year old POW’s. Where? Anywhere but here. Anywhere. The gangster rap pounds away a good part of the day, from computers and radios. It’s not exactly a message of peace and love. It’s a message of hate, rage and crime, sociopathy packaged as art. It gets into your bones if you’re not careful, your inner psychopath emerging in your tensing veins. You shut all the windows and tell everyone not to look outside. The world out there and the world in here, and never the twain shall meet, or at least not tonight. Dammit, I’m trying to be nice. How can anyone be nice in a place like this? Video killed the radio star, and the War Project is killing the Nice Project. What’s a guy to do? Pour another glass.


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