High Rates of Racism Among Young Swedish Females

Here. The article is in Finnish, but if you can read Finnish, it says that recent surveys show very high numbers of Swedish girls and young women (2 Well, sometimes it pays to generalize. A very high percentage of rapes of Swedish young females are committed by Arab males. Comparatively speaking, Swedish males commit relatively few rapes against these same females. So consequently, young Swedish females have negative views of young Arab males, whom they see as a bunch of rapists. Sweden is an officially antiracist country, and the Left, which has been in power for a long time now, has had an official policy of importing as many non-Europeans as possible into Sweden. The result has been a catastrophe as Arabs and other Middle Easterners formed ghettos that erupt regularly and have become more or less no-go zones for public safety personnel.

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0 thoughts on “High Rates of Racism Among Young Swedish Females”

  1. Arab bastards and Muslims in general are such people that hate is the only thing they’re gonna get for their behaviour. In the UK the Paki bastards have distorted the traditional social fabric and are also likely to commit gang rapes of White English girls. The condition of Sweden isnt something to be surprised of, since bringing those scums into their land is the retarded official policy

    1. To get at blondes poosies? J/k.
      Just curious, why is immigration an official goal of the government? Do they have a stated reason behind this? Is there a labor shortage in Sweden?

      1. Well, since non-whites minority groups in Western countries tend to generally lean more towards the left (even if they are socially conservative on certain issues), leftist elites in Sweden want to enlarge the percentage of the electorate that will vote for them.

        1. Whilst it may be true that minority groups favour the left, that’s understandable because they are more welcoming than the right. But, to say that it’s an election tactic is wrong as it’s been seen to weaken the left’s white working class base. So, they’ve probably made no gains.
          The truth about immigration is, no one can stop it, left or right.Those people are determined to come to Northern Europe and in general they work hard and get on with their lives. A lot of this stuff is scaremongering by the right wing press, ‘Muslims are religious fanatics, Muslims are rapists’. I was on a bus home yesterday and I was sat near two Muslim school girls, they were foul mouthed and gossipy and covered in make-up, and I thought, they’re the exact same as white school girls. The lads are just the same, too.
          Sometimes it’s tempting to buy into all the hate in the media but in my personal experience, it’s not true. So, I’m no bleeding heart but I do live in an ethnic area, it’s full of Muslims of all sorts, Yemeni, Somali, Pakistani, etc. and everyone seems to rub along just fine.

        2. The truth about immigration is, no one can stop it, left or right.
          The Japanese have managed.
          I was on a bus home yesterday and I was sat near two Muslim school girls, they were foul mouthed and gossipy and covered in make-up, and I thought, they’re the exact same as white school girls. The lads are just the same, too.
          I’m glad you have managed to make a good situation of it.
          And look, just to clarify, I distinguish between diversity/multiculturalism on an individual level and diversity/multiculturalism on a macro level.
          I happen to live in the S.F. Bay Area, and have known many people of various different races. In fact, I’d say that right about now, the majority of my friends and acquaintances are non-white.
          So diversity can lead to positive one-on-one interactions.
          However, on a macro level, I just don’t see any evidence for diversity being a strength. It leads to an erosion of trust, a reduced willingness to sacrifice and contribute for the greater good, identity politics, race riots, “ethnic enclaves” (which is a euphemism for ghetto), etc.
          Just consider the fact that the U.S. had a reasonably strong welfare state up until the late 60s, and ever since then, it has only gotten weaker and weaker. And if you read between the lines, race had everything to do with the weakening of the welfare state.
          Going back to Japan. Sure, you might argue that they’ll soon suffer from labor shortages, or that they’re a bit “stagnant” and lacking in “enrichment” compared to other industrialized countries.
          But last time I checked, they haven’t had race riots, identity politics, a Muslim rape epidemic, etc.

      2. I don’t agree with BAG’s notion that the Left invites non-Whites into White countries to win the vote. I simply have not seen any evidence whatsoever that this is happening anywhere on Earth.
        Understand that among the White Left, mass immigration of non-Whites into White lands is simply part of the ideological package. It’s seen as anti-racism or whatever. Sort of like radical/gender feminism is now de rigeour among the White Left. Same thing. It’s just an ideological prison, that’s all it is.

        1. Kind of like how it’s trendy on the left to irrationally adopt an Ethiopian baby to prove how un-racist and ‘evolved’ they are. It’s like liberal status symbol.
          The yellow utopia needs us to mate other races for the cause.

        2. Robert, I get what you’re saying. It’s just that I have a less charitable interpretation.
          Take, for example, the UK Labour government’s policy of deliberately bringing in more non-whites, for the sole purpose of diversifying it.
          Now, you might say that it’s just liberal tolerance at work, but I think that gives politicians too much credit.
          Sure, some of it is liberal folly, but if you read between the lines, it’s also a clear political strategy on their part.
          Either way, they are traitors.

  2. There’s high levels of antipathy to Muslims and Arabs all across Europe. I heard in south France Arabs(and blacks too probably) can’t even get into some nightclubs. I think it’s like that in Germany too. Turks seems to be quite disliked by Germans. Then you of course have this in England:
    For some reason America has dodged the bullet as far as Arabs and Muslims go. They don’t seem to cause any problems here.

    1. For some reason America has dodged the bullet as far as Arabs and Muslims go. They don’t seem to cause any problems here.
      The beauty of restrictive legal immigration policy!

  3. Dear Robert
    I pressed the link, but something in Finnish came up. At least, it looked like Finnish to me.
    Anti-Arab sentiment is NOT racism, for the obvious reason that Arabs aren’t a race. Swedish females may be guilty of excessive generalization, but they aren’t being racist for disliking Arabs for their real or suspected behavior. Anti-Arabism is no more racist than anti-Americanism or Islamophobia.
    Swedish women are indeed practicing overgeneralization because, although a majority of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslims, the vast majority of Muslim men are not rapists. What is unusual in Scandinavia is not the high rate of rape by Muslims but the very low rate of rape by the native Scandinavians.
    Swedish immigration policy is race-neutral. A lot of the foreign-born in Sweden are East-Europeans or other Scandinavians, mainly Finns. The biggest Arab group are the Iraqis. They came as refugees. Another big group of Muslims in Sweden are Somalians. There are also many Muslim Bosniacs.
    A lot of Swedes believe that immigration is necessary for economic growth. So do a majority of Canadians and Americans. This belief is wrong of course, but it is honestly held by most people.
    Sweden is probably like the Netherlands, where the most disliked immigrant group are the Maroccans, who racially are much closer to the Dutch than the Caribbeans, who are much more popular. Race has nothing to do with it.
    Regards. James

  4. It’s not just europe, my country Australia has simillar issues, paticularly in sydney. Funny thing is it tends to only be Arab and African Muslims, not indian, iranian or turkish.

    1. I was talking to Gay Area Guy, who still reads and comments occasionally. Shouldn’t the ministry of Culture if nothing else, be represented by an indigenous Norwegian?

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