Check Out the People of Lorestan

Here is a video of a people from Iran called Loris. They live in a place in Iran called Lorestan. They speak a language or languages closely related to Persian and one of the Kurdish languages. Apparently they are genetically related to both the Persians and Kurds.
There are some very interesting phenotypes in these men, though the hairdos seem like they are out of the 1970’s. The guys are dancing with each other, but that’s apparently their culture. As long as the guys don’t queer around with each other, I have nothing against men of other cultures showing physical affection, holding hands, dancing, whatever.
Some of these men look very standard European. Others look like Greeks. Still others have very interesting phenotypes that may be from the Caucasus. Others look like Gypsies. I was sent this video by a Lori friend of mine who refuses the “White” designation for some reason. He aid that his people, the Loris, are pure Aryan Iranids, with “no mountain nigger” in them. LOL, what’s “mountain nigger” in an Iranian context? What a funny term.
The music is interesting. I have heard some Pakistani music that sounds like this, and a lot of Punjabi music sounds like this.

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0 thoughts on “Check Out the People of Lorestan”

  1. Kind of weird. Male intimacy is confusing to me given how homophobic the region is. Then again this is the same region that has dancing boys bacha bazi tradition in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Seems a little suspicious that the guy is taking money from the older men while weird 80s arab porno music(if there ever was such a thing), plays in the background, all while the younger guys dance in the middle in a sensual fashion.
    I’ll just say it, I think this is straight sex trafficking right here!

    1. Well, when women are so severely segregated from men, such an outcome is inevitable. It’s no wonder that Afghanistan is the gay pedophile capital of the world.
      Just look at what happens in male prisons in this country.

      1. Pretty much.Repress women to such an extreme, they become unattractive to you? Forbidden fruit tasting sweeter? Arab women hate their husbands and don’t like to put out?
        I mean on paper all these countries are supposed to kill you for homosexuality.

        1. I lived in the UAE, and Homosexuality is huge over there. Effin Arab and Pashtoon men always trying to pick up underage boys. Me, my friends; we have all been approached.

        2. “Arab women hate their husbands and don’t like to put out?”
          Nah, it’s White(especially Nordic) women who are like that.

  2. ‘ LOL, what’s “mountain nigger” in an Iranian context? ‘
    My guess is Mountain Kurds .
    Now if Lorestan was near Afghanistan/Pakistan, I woulda said Pashtoons, as I get the impression that Persians think Pashtoons are backward tribal savages. Come to think of it, a Punjabi I knew in college was telling me the same thing on Pashtoons. Arabs in the UAE felt the same .
    Incidentally most people in the UAE refer to Pashtoons as Pathans. Apparently Pathan is an Indian word that means kidnapper of women, a term that alludes to the notorious history of Pashtoons raiding what is today Pakistan/India and kidnapping Hindu women.

  3. I have a distant relative who was marrried to an ultra orthodox rabbi, who got ousted for having sex with one of his male congregants.

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