Pig Rescues Goat

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7WjrvG1GMk&feature=related] Amazing video. A baby goat gets its foot stuck underwater, and a potbellied pig dives into the water, swims to the goat and rescues it by pushing it to shore! Pretty amazing assuming it’s not set up or staged somehow.

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18 thoughts on “Pig Rescues Goat”

  1. Hey man ,
    sittin here with a cheap glass of cab. ( better than no cab at all…)
    and noticing there’s a trend for these cross species relationships posts.
    Now also knowing you are somewhat of an accomplished swordsman and the enticing commentary you use to describe “Matilda”….
    Are you trying to justify something ?

  2. Kidding of course. I do wonder how hot a female sasquatch in her prime is though ? Seriously. not kidding. I would look.

  3. Why did I have to see this?? I’m going to feel so bad about eating my morning bacon now. If only they could come up with fake bacon and pepperoni that tastes like the real thing I’d be glad to release all the pigs tomorrow.

    1. They are very smart, their flesh is close to humans in flesh, and have human-like eyes. I work with a guy that looks damn close to a pig. Sometimes I think eating them is closer to cannibalism than the other animals on the menu. I’ve heard humans taste very similar, long pork as the Polynesians say. A nice slice of pork or a crispy strip of bacon is damn tasty though. Sry Babe.

      1. They’re really smart. Smarter than dogs supposedly. Lots of humans look like pigs. Especially fat ones. Literally, their faces do.

        Human flesh is very sweet. Sounds gross if you ask me. I’ll eat pussy for sure, but that’s as far as I’ll go on the cannibalism scale, sorry.

    1. “Take a good look America, take a good look world! If they can do it, what’s our excuse”
      But are dogs statistically more likely to commit crimes than elephants and what’s their average IQ scores!

  4. I see some ham crossing the stream and some mutton is in the way. The ham bumps into the mutton a couple times. The end.
    Oh, then some goofy cracker with some confused shit about a hero and all that nonsense.

    1. It’s interesting how if a pink pig is let into the wild it get darker and grow tusks. Very adaptive.

        1. I’m told once loose they go feral and get hairy. An Italian girl I work with says she’ll do the same when she gets older.

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