Auster Acts Stupid

Lawrence Auster is a pro-White Jew who may or may not be a White nationalist. He’s a member of the Alt Right. His pro-White views stem almost overwhelmingly from his dislike of Blacks. This dislike is common among many East Coast urban Jews. They grew up in older Jewish districts that turned heavily Black. Many grew up with Blacks. Others left but had older Jewish relatives or friends, often parents or grandparents, who stayed. Some of the worst and most up-front racists I ever met in the 1970’s were Jews from back East. One was from Jew York. The others were from Detroit. Once I was going over to the Detroit guy’s place in Newport Beach to buy some pot. He was a drug dealer, first pot and then cocaine. I had a Black guy with me, friend of mine from university, who wanted to buy some pot. The Jewish guy, JE, heard that a Black guy was coming and started laughing his ass off. He said no Blacks were allowed in his apartment. I told the Black guy, and he looked crushed, then sighed and said, “It’s ok,” and sent me in to buy the pot anyway. I got in there and tried to talk to JE, but he would not stop laughing. He was alternately laughing and talking about niggers. I got back to the car and tried to explain JE’s position to the Black guy, and he tried to understand. JE was from Detroit, a great city that more or less got ruined when Whites (and Jews) moved out and Blacks moved in en masse. Back in the 1970’s, such unapologetic racism was rare among the Whites I hung out with around LA and Orange Counties. I assume that this is the same thing that is going on with Auster. Auster is  a Christian convert from Judaism, and he is on board with the Christian Right against the Degeneration of America. He’s also a Libertarian, of course. Nevertheless, he’s still very much an ethnocentric Jew, and of course he’s a Zionist. He’s quite the Islamophobe. Like the Catholics, the Jews tend to take a bite out of you, almost from birth. I used to date this lady lawyer down in Orange County. She was active in the left wing of the Democratic Party, and so was I. We were both members of the Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED), Tom Hayden’s left Democratic Party thing he set up with Jane Fonda. I met a lot of nice, cute chicks in that group. Left politics is a great place to meet women. One time we were over at this guy’s house at a meeting. The guy said he was Catholic, but he wasn’t praciticing. The lady lawyer started laughing. “You can never leave the church. She said. They take a piece of you. You’re always a Catholic. It gets in your blood.” Judaism is much the same, as my Irish Catholic doctor suggested. “They take a piece of you then,” he chortled. “Just like the Catholics!” That’s about it. You can take the Jew out of the Jewish community, but you can’t take the Jewishness out of the Jew. Even converts out of Judaism or atheist Jews often retain a very strong Jewish identity and resulting ethnocentrism. You often wonder why they even bothered to convert as they haven’t really left the Jews at all! Here he is acting dumb about Islam, talking about Pat Buchanan:

Buchanan cannot acknowledge the true nature of either Nazism or Islam, because Nazism and Islam both require the destruction of the Jews, and therefore for Buchanan to oppose either Nazism or Islam would put him on the same side as the Jews, which would make Buchanan cease being Buchanan.

Islam requires the destruction of the Jews? The Jews lived under Islam for 1,300 years and they managed to survive. Some Jews live under Islam to the present day. Don’t see much destruction going on. On and off violence, yes. Destruction? No.

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35 thoughts on “Auster Acts Stupid”

  1. Even though Auster has his bad moments every now and then, I really have no problem with him.
    Sure, he may be a Zionist, but he also supports white nationalism. Ditto for Paul Gottfried.
    All I ask from Jews is consistency. If you’re going to be a multiculturalist, you’d better apply multiculturalist standards to Israel. If you’re going to be a Zionist, then you must accept nationalism for white people.

    1. In order to be consistent with white nationalism, you must support a form of jewish nationalism (not Zionism in its current blood sucking form) because they don’t want Israelis to move to their country.

    2. @ GSG
      I do support Jewish nationalism.
      However, you’re right, not in its current parasitical Zionist form.
      The only way Jewish nationalism would work out is if, as you said, a Jewish state could be located in a sparsely populated part of say, Western Australia.
      Otherwise, in order to retain its legitimacy as a state in the face of its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, it needs the support of a major power. And this is where the parasitical version of Zionism comes in.

        1. I’m guessing that you’re referring to Kevin MacDonald in particular. Yes, I too don’t really care for how he spends such a disproportionate amount of time criticizing the ultra-Orthodox and their internal practices.
          I understand that he does it just to bash Jews, as well as to highlight the what he sees as the hypocrisy of the Jews media when it comes to drawing attention to child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church (I presume that MacDonald is a Catholic), while simultaneously ignoring sexual abuse among the Orthodox.
          Still, I think that it’s pointless, and ultimately irrelevant to white nationalism.

        2. It would have been possible if the Palestinians didn’t have the entire muslim world willing to eat their shit, or if Israel had been established during the mid summer of the colonial age. If the Palestinians weren’t receiving weapons from the outside and were forced to resort to more primitive homemade weapons it would be easier for Israel to dominate them without killing so many. Or if Israel had something to offer the world besides for holy land tourism, but it’s hopeless. I can’t live in good concience knowing that Israel is draining the US.

        3. I’m not against Jewish nationalism either, although I find the term to be a tad bit strange since jewishness is by default extereme ethnonationalism. The Jews can have their state, just not at the expense of anybody else.

  2. I’m not visiting his site. Sounds just like another Jew Among You. I went to JAY’s site last night for some odd reason, don’t know why I torment myself like that. I guess it’s the same reason that BAG would sometimes browse Abagond. Maybe just the morbid fascination of seeing what your opponents have to say.
    I’m not visiting anymore Alt Right, racist sites. When I don’t visit these sites for a long time, I actually feel healthy. When I start reading them I start developing feelings of hatred for white people. Then every time I have even a slightly questionable experience with a white person in the real world or if one of them even looks at me slightly funny I start assuming they are racist and hate black people because those blogs have primed me to start thinking of everything in terms of racial strife. Then I have to remind myself that these alt right libertarians are just a niche element of the blogosphere. I feel much better and more optimistic when I stay away from those sites. A few years back I got obsessed with this stuff and even went so far as to spend a good month debating racist assholes on stormfront’s opposing views forum. I had to make a conscious decision to just stop because seeing so much hatred on a daily basis was really starting to have a impact on my very soul. I would wake up thinking about that shit, and go to bed thinking about it. It was becoming an obsession. It’s very dark world these people live in. I want no part of it. I’m an anti-racist to the bone. I loathe racism and racist people.

    1. Clown-among-you’s blog annoys me too. He seems to harbour a genuine malice towards Black people for reasons best known to him. I recal he directed certain comments towards commenter Louie Jacuzzi with the specific intention of hurting him.

      1. He embraced the work of Holocaust deniers and called AIPAC’s “despicable.” What more could you want in him? Many of the pundits on the Alt Right blogs that you like are also overtly hostile towards blacks but that doesn’t seem to deter you.

        1. I guess he’s like the Catholic altar boy that gets fondled by the priest and then grows up to be a fire-breathing atheist.

        2. I think I saw his photo once. From what I recall, he was rather non-white in appearance himself. His “whiteness” would at least be suspect at the very least from mainstream Nordic whites. And isn’t he married to an E. Indian woman on top of that? And in bed with Holocaust deniers even though he’s a Jew?? What a clusterfuck of cognitive dissonance this guy is.

        3. He’s since divorced, but is still in touch with his biracial children. I saw photos of them as well.
          He justified his embrace of holocaust reivisionism, saying he would find it “comforting” if jews didn’t suffer so much.
          Here he is with one of his children.

        4. When I saw the picture of him with just a mustache, I thought he looked like a Mexican. I think he said that the blacks at the high school he went to also mistook him for one lol.

    2. I don’t like to read those sites either because they start making me racist against non-Whites, especially Blacks. I don’t enjoy hating Black people or feeling racist against them. That’s one reason I try to limit my exposure to the more bad-acting Black people or bad-acting folks of any race. I don’t want to start hating Blacks or other races. When I taught Blacks in LA for years, it was starting to turn me into a KKK member! LOL, that’s one reason I don’t do that anymore. I don’t like that kind of poison in my heart. It doesn’t feel good.

      1. Btw, I know a white teacher that teaches mostly black kids and his reaction is nothing like yours. He actually loves his job. Experiences vary widely.

    3. I guess it’s the same reason that BAG would sometimes browse Abagond. Maybe just the morbid fascination of seeing what your opponents have to say.
      Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
      Ever since I’ve started focusing more on game, dating imbalances, and other gender related topics, as opposed to race, I’ve been reading more and more feminist blogs as of late.

      1. I try to stay away from my haters, but I do frequent the idiotic antinationalist blogs. I could argue with them all day.

  3. In 1940, I guess there were legitimate concerns that a zionist state might expand the Soviet sphere of influence. I think that was the reason John Curtain put the kibosh on it. But such concerns are no longer relevant.

    1. GSG
      The funny thing is, various supporters of Israel, and even certain left wing critics of Israel such as Noam Chomsky, have long insisted that Israel was a “strategic asset” on account of the fact that it helped contain Soviet influence by squashing pan-Arab nationalist aspirations. They specifically cite Israel taking out Nasser during the 1967 War as evidence for that claim.
      Israel was never a strategic asset. However, its supporters could at least make that argument. What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union was that Israelis and their supporters needed to come up with a new boogeyman to justify continued U.S. support for Israel. And, of course, Islam became that new boogeyman.

      1. I was referring to Australia (Kimberley and Tasmania) and Saramacca in Dutch Surname.
        But US support for Israel after 1967 only enabled the USSR to make inroads in the middle east.
        Right now the zionists are dragging us into the eye of the storm.

      2. Arab Nationalism (and specifically “Palestinian” identity) have not only flourished, but spread elsewhere thereafter.

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