Check Out the Stars of Iranian Cinema

For God’s sake, where does anyone get off saying that Iranians are not White? Look at these beautiful women. They’re White people. They look like European or like any Euro-American actresses. And I must say that the longer I look at them, the more I think that Iranians look a lot Whiter than most Arabs do.
A most interesting people. I once told an Iranian dental surgeon that I thought that Iranians were, “Europeans outside of Europe.” He was Persian, and he had previously agreed with me Iranians were White people (almost all Persians will enthusiastically agree with this statement if you ask them).
He then smiled and said, “You never know. We don’t know where the first European man came from.” He seemed to be referring to the Indo-Europeans, of which he was a member of the Indo-Aryan branch.
Why do people have such a hard time agreeing that Iranians are White anyway?  Is it because they don’t live in Europe? Or is it some Nordicist prejudice on the part of Europeans?

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82 thoughts on “Check Out the Stars of Iranian Cinema”

  1. Are the majority of Iranians European looking like this or are they the elites or something?
    Why do people have a hard time accepting they are white? I would imagine a big part of it is out of simple ignorance. Most people would probably just assume they are like other middle easterners. Who would expect a country between Iraq and Afghanistan to have European white people in it?
    Secondly, all (other) whites have a common Christian, European cultural heritage. Iranians are culturally other so its easy to think of them as other. They get grouped with the middle east geographical and cultural zone. They’re not thought of as one of us.
    Iran has become closed and fundamentalist so that doesn’t help. If they were open, more exposed, and still producing movies like this, maybe more people would think differently.

    1. “Are the majority of Iranians European looking like this or are they the elites or something?”
      I want to know why the pale faces are always the elites and does that mean gingers should rule the world?

      1. In South American countries, it might be because the light skinned ones are descendants of the European ruling class going back to colonialism. Robert probably knows.

    2. “Secondly, all (other) whites have a common Christian, European cultural heritage.”
      That’s it. Steve does it again.

      1. And that wraps that up.
        Lets do this again:
        All Whites are Caucasians
        Not all Caucasians are white.
        White is a subset of Caucasian. Some North Indians, Iranians, Afghans, and Arabs are the Caucasians of Asia. There is a strong cultural component to whiteness and I see nothing wrong with those of European descent trying to defend it.

        1. “All Whites are Caucasians
          Not all Caucasians are white.”
          “Some North Indians, Iranians, Afghans, and Arabs are the Caucasians of Asia.”
          Aren’t the majority of Iranians and Arabs Caucasoid though?

        2. I think what he meant to say was that some of them are white.
          Almost all Iranians and Afghans (to a lesser extent) are Caucasoid.

        3. I phrased that sentence awkwardly. I was saying that most of the people in those groups were Caucasians and ‘some’ applied to North Indians.

  2. People don’t think of them as white because of an entrenched belief that everyone over in that part of the world are “arabs” and therefore our enemies. The ruling elite push that idea so that western countries will be more receptive to bombing them into the stone age, whereas they wouldn’t be as receptive to that if they knew they were white people. As long as they are arabs, it’s OK to kill them (in the average redneck’s eyes).
    It all boils down to ignorance and racism.

    1. Europeans even before modern media, back in the days of colonialism , saw themselves as different from MidEasterners. It isn’t a contemporary phenomena by media elites to craft some sort of Europe vs. MidEast narrative.
      On the whole Euros do look distinct from Iranians, especially Northern Euros like Baltics ,Nordics and Celts.

    2. Maybe because Iran stole a joint British/American oil project?
      And of course, that Iran funds at least 3 major terrorist groups, being very OPEN about two of them?
      Stealing something worth BILLIONS and trying to kill you makes someone your enemy no matter what color they are. Self-preservation trumps racial unity in all but the most ignorant or racist!
      Why haven’t our diplomats thought of this? “Hey, you’re white, we’re white, give back what you stole and stop sending terrorists to kill us!”
      It’s not that easy in real life!

    1. Degenerate Indians have taken up Iranian culture and named themselves as Aryan
      Indian dalit Degenerate apes are Dravidian Cockroaches
      Have you ever seen how Good iranians look and behave and how degenerate indians look, Indian eyes tell the whole story of degenerate indian parasite humans
      Why on earth india is not nuked , i cant still understand why degenerate dalit parasites are allowed to feed and breed .
      Seems their degenerate Jewish god fathers are helping indian morons to succeed so that their parasitic race will one day rule the planet.

      1. It’s the other way around. Aryan barbarians stole Dravidian and Munda culture and called it their own. Even Sanskrit and Indic languages were greatly developed by Dravidians and Munda, which is why Sanskrit / Indic has retroflexion while other Indo-Iranian languages don’t.
        It is brainwashing and cultural imperialism by Brahmin rapists that corrupted the SubCon and led to adoption of the Aryan moniker.
        Pre Aryan SubCon had the IVC, one of the earliest civilizations and very advanced for its time and compares favourably to even turn of the century West for its widespread use of plumbing for the masses and street planning. What did Aryans have back then, absolutely shite; just a bunch of maruding bands of males raiding , pillaging, raping.No cities, irrigation, town planning, script, sea faring, system of measures or permanent structures to speak of.

        1. -you seem to be one of those degenerate Dalit child, If you had a great culture you wouldn’t be shitting on street-If you have ability to built great monuments and Palaces you wouldn’t be begging on streets today.
          If Aryan brahmins looted everything , you still can build things as you are majority cockroach race on earth today. with over billion cockroaches eating and breeding.
          A tiger will not become a pet cat just because it was hunted by poachers.
          A Tiger will always be a tiger even if its in Zoo, Thats how species evolved
          You can’T fool me , you are saying that these degenerates once had something and lost everything in a scope of 100 years–We never mixed with them, how come those creative gene pool is not passed to next DALIT offspring?–
          You are using same argument that most Dalit and Black Sympathizers use
          If Blacks are so great in ancient Times until Evil White man came
          Who is stopping Blacks now?
          You can Cry on shoulders of your Nigga brothers or Dalit sisters ,You cant fool Us with your political Correctness.

      2. How you can call Indians morons is beyond me, when the sum total of your posts amounts to ‘nuke the Indians’, have you anything else to say?
        It’s also a bit rich for a cousin fucker to call anyone a degenerate.

        1. There is no such thing as indians-All indians are mostly different Tribes -Since 1947 they started following hinduism but still most of them have Different castes
          There is no such thing as Indian, Only True Hindus are Brahmins ,Rest of them are Subordinates
          I dont fuck my cousin,But i only have an affair with non dalit women, As i consider any sexual affair with any dalit as virtual suicide of all my education and effort ,Creative ability .
          Trust even Dalit women in India are seeking for Brahmin Sperm,One drop to purify their degeneracy

  3. Many of them are white, but a lot of them are not. I don’t think anyone would consider Mahmoud Amadenejad to be white:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg
    He looks like a brown-skinned man to me. I’ve seen many Iranians who are more brown in color. Many are white-skinned too. It’s sort of like Latin America in that sense that I think people have to take them on a case-by-case basis. Their culture of Islamic radicalism probably doesn’t help either.

    1. ahmedenijad is a jew, from Saroubjan tribe-He looks like an indian dalit, infact his ancestors may be traced from dalit tribe in india.
      Jews almost all of them are Dalit tribes burst out of india
      Most Jews raped and sodomized millions of European and Slavic women
      There is a saying In Europe that Jews looked different when they came to Europe and When they left they were completely different
      This is true,Infact morrocan,Sudanese and other north african jews are non mixed Jews.
      Jews got Fair skin after they Sodomized and murdered millions of White children in Europe.
      But Jewish tribe is from India,They are Dalit Thugs who lived on sodomy and Thieving.
      Same is the case with Brown skin Gulf Region people-Most of them are Dalit tribes men.
      I believe that muhammad is Dalit tribal lunatic who raped and sodomized millions of Persian women.
      Dalits weren’t even brown in beginning they were black, they attained Brown skin after Abducting and raping millions of Aryan women

      1. oooh man, just when I thought this guy was brilliant and was here because he said things Robert couldn’t say himself….

      2. Well he did get something right though, because the Jews and the first Indian-ish group originated within the Middle East and the Levant and were closely related to each other back then. The original Indus Valley civilization had people who had origins in the Iraqi/Middle East region.

        1. No Jewish origin is traced back to proto-Dravidian Tribal groups in India
          I have strong scientific proof that Parasitic Humans emerged from Modern day India and all of them are Dalit tribes
          Even gypsies trace back their degenerate birth from India,Yes subcontinent Dalits are the ones we must focus upon, they are root cause of all human problems
          They are spreading their seed fast , as their whole goal in life is to destroy every creative aspect of Aryan menschen and Frau.
          Unless the Godly aryan men and women open their eyes and realize this truth–Nothing will ever change
          If you look closely the facial features of Lenin,Trostky and many Russian Jews they closely resemble Indian dalits.
          The origin of human Degeneracy can be traced back to dalits

      3. So Indian man brahmin, what do you think of East Asians such as Chinese, Koreans and Japanese? Are they not part of your world view and play no role in it or what? Did you know that the Japanese had programs where they wanted massive numbers of Jews of coming in so they could “harness the power of the Jews”? There was a famous Japanese diplomat during WWII who handed passports to Jews so they could take residence in Japan to harness the power of Jews. What do you think of that Indian man Brahmin? Do you have your own little theory of this?

        1. A Jew is behind every human Degeneracy -Richard wagner.
          This holds true with every society which gave hospitality to Jews.
          They did that for money and Power, Japanese did the same thing.
          If you trace back indian history, Arjuna has married a South korean Princess .
          There has been some intermarriage between korean and indian Aryan people, may be during that period some degenerate dalit would have raped some thousand Japanese or Korean women to spread his seed,perhaps thats how parasitism spread to japan.

      4. On a more serious note: I recently heard claimed that Ashkenazi is derived from Ashkanian, the ruling elite of Parthia, and that Ashkenazim could trace their root back to Eastern Iran. This should be a game changer…

        1. Yes Greeko partian Empire even ruled major part of india, during that period Degenerate Jewish tribes and Dalit tribes have become elite group which is root cause in spread of corruption and filth across Greek Empire in East asia
          Later these vermin have spread their seed into persia and made Persians as parasites.
          World parasitism is the goal of these degenerate group of dalits and Jews.
          Thats why they preach Female sexual liberation in Aryan nations, so that they can easily spread their Evil seed across the Nations and pollute their Gene pool

        1. No there is significant group of Aryan people left, They must wake and purify this earth from parasitic invasion of dalits and their masters Jews

      5. “Jews got Fair skin after they Sodomized and murdered millions of White children in Europe.”
        So, you believe in the ‘virgin birth’. Praise Jesus!

      1. I knew a white guy who looked just like Ahmadinejad. He was an evangelical nut, but he tried to emulate the dress of orthodox jews, with a yalmulke and tzittzit and was attempting to learn Hebrew. He boasted that he was going to Harvard Divinity School (not true) and then to Israel to spread the gospel. To tell you the truth, I don’t know which would be cause for greater concern to Israeli Customs Enforcement: The fact that he bore the exact resemblance of Ahmadinejad or the fact that he was there to preach the gospel…..

  4. Also, I think it’s foolhardy to use cinema as a way of gauging the phenotype of a nation. If that were true then everyone in Mexico must have blonde hair and white skin.

  5. The problem with considering actresses like that is they are CHOSEN for those features selectively or they get makeup/surgery for those. I know tons of Egyptian women that look like the women in the video, does that mean all Egyptian women resemble that? No, this is a fallacious way of painting a brush and suddenly considering all Iranians are white. I am pretty sure the average person here won’t consider the average Egyptian guy as “white” even though as I mentioned above, we have women who look like the ones in the video.

      1. Your average guy in the U.S doesn’t even think like that and I don’t think you can change their minds either. The other day I watching MSNBC and they had a segment on scams and criminals that had escaped to the United States in a documentary format. One involved a Latino family which were attempting to financially scam homeowners in the Los Angelas area through a clever Ponzi scheme. The father of the family had his face imprinted on a picture of Scarface because he idolized the character and Al Pacino. When the commentator mentioned Scarface, they said he was Latino, even though its well known Al Pacino is Italian. I couldn’t believe a documentary on a respected channel got that wrong.
        With an attitude like that, and the perceptions of Meds as being “other”, I doubt the average Iranian or Egyptian would be considered “white” despite media pressure. Speaking about Meds, Fidel Castro looks Iranian/Medddish/Middle Eastern, yet many Americans considered him to be “other”. The guy practically could fit in pretty much any Middle Eastern country.

        1. Quite a few WN/conspiracy sites claim that his grandparent(s) were Turkish Sephardim (dubious.) He himself claims marrano ancestry. And he was mucho sensitivo when Chavez made some off color comment about the Holycause.

    1. Yeah, movie stars in some parts of the world aren’t necessarily representative of the masses, especially in South Asia . In places like the Philipines the Hapas seem to be preferred. In Asia/MidEast The Europid or Caucasoid looking ones are picked precisely for their phenotype.
      Also, it is hard to judge how ‘White’ or not an Eastern movie star is based on films and professional photos. Plastic sugery , photoshop, creative lighting, post production tweaking etc.. all can drastically change the way a movie star looks. Iranians, Indians/Paksitanis,Lebanese are well kown for their obession with nose jobs/plastic surgery, trying to attain a Europid type nose. Arab women are famous for applying an inch of makeup.
      Thats not to say there aren’t Europid looking people in Iran, but I suspect it’s the ones living closer to the Caucasus. The vast majority of Iranians I have seen in UAE and London don’t look Europid, I mean I could easily tell the difference between an Anglo Saxon and an Iranian. Exceptions do exsist though.

    2. The genetic distance between Greeks and Iranians is less than half the distance between Greeks and English. Iranians are significantly closer to Greeks and Italians than other near easterners are. (See Cavalli-Sforza’s 1994 study. See Robert’s ‘major and minor races of mankind’.) I’m sure they must be closer to southern Europeans than Egyptians are. There are some swarthy Iranians but there are also a lot that look almost white. I don’t see that as much in Egypt.
      Robert, are you calling all Caucasians white now? White people are the very light skinned Europeans

      1. Actually I don’t know what the proportions are because I’m just going by random photos but I think I’ve seen more white looking Iranians and the genetic data seems to support this.

      2. ” Robert, are you calling all Caucasians white now? White people are the very light skinned Europeans”
        wrong, White people are all native Europeans and others of similar stock. Europids, basically. How light is “very light” anyway? Average French person or lighter? Southern German or lighter? Northern Italian or lighter? Totally meaningless.

        1. what does ‘others of similar stock’ mean? That’s totally vague. The average french person and southern Germans are the same colour, and they are the same or almost the same as northern Italians, as are many of the Spanish and most Europeans. White is an observable, objective (not meaningless) range of skin tones at the lightest end of the spectrum. ‘Very light’ is something that could be defined objectively- again, not meaningless. I don’t know where the cut off point is but when you see somebody like Ahmadinejad, it looks like his skin is naturally light brown (and his hair and eyes are dark, adding to the effect), not light skinned enough for me to consider him white.
          Consider the everyday common sense way that people think when they aren’t analyzing it… if you asked most people if he was white, they’d probably say no. In this country (UK), I think they would. Socially, I don’t think he’d be classified as white.
          That’s my take on it. He’s not white by the way I’ve always understood white. He’s caucasian though and I don’t think white is better. I like the swarthy caucasian look.

        2. I don’t think white is a race. Caucasian is the major group that might be called a race. White is a sub-group of the major caucasian race.

        3. If you look like someone from Europe or you look like you could have come from Europe, you’re White, that’s all there is to it. Caucasians who don’t look like they could have come from Europe I guess are non White Caucasians. So are mixed Caucasians.

        4. Some Pakistanis are definitely White. Those are the ones who look Iranian or Greek. The others are non-White Caucasians. Some Indians, such as some Punjabis, pretty much just look like White people. Most Indians aren’t really White though. They are either non-White Caucasians, Australoids, or Australoid-Caucasian mixes.

        5. @ Robert
          Sorry Robert, but I just can’t see Ahmadinejad as a white guy. Ralph Macchio is a white guy with a tan. Paulie from the Sopranos is a white guy with a tan.
          But I’m just not seeing it with Ahmadinejad.
          I think like Tulio said, you determine the whiteness of Iranians on a case-by-case basis. There are many Iranians who are white.
          However, there are also many who aren’t.

        6. If you were to Photoshop Ahmadinejad to make him pale, he still wouldn’t look European.
          “There are dark skinned southern Europeans that I wouldn’t consider white. But I guess that is from north African or middle eastern admixture, right?”
          Not necessarily. I’ve seen autosomal DNA of several Southern Europeans whose pictures I’ve seen and I can’t tell you that having Middle East/North African admixture does not correlate with swarthiness. Besides most of the time it’s less than 10% of their ancestry which isn’t enough to influence one’s phenotype or pigmentation.
          Plus, there are some swarthy Northern Europeans and no one suggests they’re admixed.
          Sean Connery:

          Colin Farrell:

        7. @Dunadain
          I would consider those examples white. I was thinking even darker than that when I said swarthy. I guess most Europeans even southern Europeans, are white.

  6. There is the “popular” White and the scientific White.
    That’s a discussion for hobbyists.
    What is important is a Europe from Vladivostok to Dublin!
    With the majority ethnics holding the core of Power, the
    Deutsch-Russ axis.

  7. to Indian Barbarian
    Nope, not a dalit but wouldn’t matter if I was either.
    You are just the typical Brahmin or Paki who identifies with Aryan barbarians, prone to distort history and create myths of how great Brahmins/Aryans were, when in reality you were/are a band of thieves,con-men and rapists. You can lie all you want but IVC was pre Aryan, almost surely of Dravidian and or of Munda origin.
    Brahmins are like every crippling disease rolled into one, they infected the host/native population . India is not progressing because scum like you is still infecting, still brainwashing and alltogether exploiting the masses.
    Thousands of years of sociopathic behaviour by Brahmins has taken a devastating toll on the civilized inhabitants of Pre Aryan SubCon. Any society will be crippled when it has to deal with such wickedness and evil from without and within.
    There is no such thing as a true Hindu .Most what is called Hindu culture is Pre Aryan in origin. Aryan gods like Mithra, Varuna, Indra, Nastaya etc.. are minor in comparison to Lingam, Siva/Shiva, Mother goddess. Veda Vysa the author of the Mahabharata was not a Brahmin but rather the son of a fisherwoman, who by the way is described as dark skinned. Siva/Shiva goes back to the IVC and is the main deity in the South. Meditative/Yogic posture also goes back to the IVC. Vegetarianism is a Southern Tradition, whereas Aryans were meat / cow eaters. I could go on…but the point is most of what is identified with Hindusim is non Aryan and thus non Brahmin in origin.

    1. @Pepperoncini
      “Thousands of years of sociopathic behaviour by Brahmins has taken a devastating toll on the civilized inhabitants of Pre Aryan SubCon. Any society will be crippled when it has to deal with such wickedness and evil from without and within.”
      Do you think that because of this, Indians (Dalits included, given that they strive to be like their higher cast “brethren”) have a higher incidence of sociopathy?
      I would also appreciate your opinion, Dota, in case you come across this comment.

      1. Car Guy
        That’s a hard question to answer. Using North American society as a benchmark, India comes out as very uncivilized and sociopathic. There are various reasons for this but I think the major reason is that the British thrust modernity on a society that was not fully prepared for it. India’s cast ridden society works in a vacuum where there is an efficient division of labour and where no one questions the status quo. By restructuring the Indian economy, the British Raj saw the rise of the Indian city. But Indian culture is the very anti-thesis of Urbanization which emphasizes the common good. Caste has undermined fraternity making common good an impossibility. You can see this in the chaos of Indian cities where even traffic signals are ignored if not policed; and the cops can be greased. There is also the transactional nature of popular Hinduism where Hindus donate their offerings to the gods at various temples in exchange for divine bounty. Aakar Patel once pointed out that Hindus don’t worship Brahma the creator because there nothing to be gained from petitioning him, his job was to create the universe and he’s already done that. This tends to breed the opportunism that many Indians take for granted and which many westerners find sociopathic. There is much more to this and you’ve asked a very broad and difficult question.

    2. Lots of truth in the above. India was much better off under buddhism than brahminism. Maybe a massive purge of these superstitious con men and parasites is overdue?

      1. “Maybe a massive purge of these superstitious con men and parasites is overdue?”
        If you have things to sell, you don’t need to genocide!
        1st Axiom of Economic-Political Synthesis

  8. STEVE: If you think all caucasians are white, then are Indians and Pakistanis?
    No. They are admixed with early South Asians (ancestral South Indians). I believe the darkest “unmixed” Caucasian people are the Persians, who aren’t very dark by world standards. Many aren’t dark by ANY standards. The skin color range within Sub Saharan African peoples is greater than that between Northern Euros and Persians (much greater), yet they’re all considered “black” people. I don’t see the problem with grouping ME caucasians as “white” particularly in ethnically diverse countries like the US or Brazil where “white” isn’t really an ethnicity, just a broad meta-ethnicity.

    1. This is my position. In particular, many Lebanese look White. A number of Egyptians and Moroccans look White. Some Palestinians look White. A LOT of Turks look pretty damn White. Kurds are a very White people, as White as Iranians. I have even met quite a few Yemenis who look quite White. A few of them, you might think they were say Italians. Some Yemenis are very Europoid.
      The more Europoid you look, the more you look White and the more likely you will be classified as such.
      Caucasians who don’t look all that Europoid are not exactly White.

  9. Europa Aryans came from Persia.Indo Aryans girls are so beautiful than their counterpart Dravidians..So are they to the Mongoloid and negroid girls.

  10. Almost every Iranian person I met did not look white to me I can easily tell who’s is Iranian from where I’m from. That actress does not represent an entire population of people I seen many Iranian women who didn’t look like that. Iran is diverse also I know Iranian people that used to go to High School with me and they did not consider themselves white. I notice you made a couple of these articles saying the same thing. And what is really consider Europid looking lol×250.jpg&w=195&h=250&ei=kJBnUMbrH8Si2wWbl4CoDw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1033&vpy=275&dur=795&hovh=200&hovw=156&tx=98&ty=128&sig=118160849923523352907&page=2&tbnh=150&tbnw=117&start=22&ndsp=26&ved=1t:429,r:12,s:22,i:186
    I’m pretty sure a lot of Iranians don’t look like that

  11. This is Bullshit. I am North Indian who has many Iranian friends because they mistake me for Iranian all the time. Guess what? I am lighter and more progressive than most of them. Also taller and smarter. My sister is the same way. So is my mother. Yet, my brown skinned Persian friend puts white on the census and other apps, and I put asian. How does that make sense? Well, it doesnt. And Iranians, especially Persians, as a whole, are NOT WHITE. Nor do they want to be. Having pale skin (which some of them do have) does NOT MAKE YOU WHITE- Japanese, Chinese people and Vietnamese people have pale white skin. Does that make them white? WTF? NO it doesnt. Iranians have very different facial features from a white person. The big, dark eyes, dark hair, facial structure, body hair, etc, are all VERY different from a white person. It is most similar to North Indians than anything. I am living proof of this.

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