Nixon and Mae West: A Mid-Seventies Tale

Back in the 1975’s, a friend of mine, DAH (who was bisexual BTW, keeping with the 1970’s bisexual theme in the other thread) said, “Nixon always looks like he hasn’t shit in a month.” I so LOL’d at that. DAH was also an acidhead too. He loved LSD. I liked him a lot. Even though he was bi, he always respected me and left me alone. He was usually accompanied by his gf. One time in the 1976, for Halloween I dressed up like a woman! I was Mae West! LOL. DAH and this good female friend of mine, BB, spent ~2 hours making me up at her place. BB kept asking why I was dressing up like a chick, and I kept saying I didn’t know. DAH kept saying, “He’s not gay, he’s just doing a Tim Curry,” whatever that means. He waved his arms and head around like wild, like an over-dramatic faggot, when he said, “He’s just doing a Tim Curry!” That was a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I still don’t know what it means to “do a Tim Curry.” I ended up at this party in Sunset Beach, California, and I was totally wasted, stoned and drunk, mostly stoned out of my skull. The joints kept going around and around. I was standing in kitchen at this party with these two hot looking chicks. No one was saying anything. Mostly I was just watching the room spin. All three of us, me and the two chicks, kept looking at each other like there was something wrong. Finally after 15 minutes it suddenly dawned on all three of us that we were all guys in drag! LOL! I believe all of us were straight. That was what was so cool about the 1970’s. You could dress up as a woman on Halloween and no one would necessarily say you were a fag. I remember the whole football team would often dress up in drag maybe once a year (I think on Halloween). No one ever thought they were fags. It was just funny. Now after 30 years of gay rights bullshit, I would be terrified to dress up in drag, although it is pretty damned funny, you have to admit. I assume most people would automatically think I was a faggot. Gay rights has been such a disaster in a lot of ways. Straight guys have a lot less freedom. We had so much more freedom before the Lavender Brigade got on their crusade.

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        1. It’s never been proven that he’s gay or bi or whatever. He said in an interview that he’s not, and he’s dated some famous women, but there are some rumors. We just don’t know about this guy.

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