0 thoughts on “Nazis Were a Bunch of Queers?”

    1. When Israel is the only nation in the Middle East to have protections for homosexuals in the law books? Yeah. Sure. Just kind of go to the Jew bashing without thinking, dear. That makes you so smart.

  1. Lively is a certified anti-gay nutcase. Look it up. Is Abrams a J? Probably. Look at who raves about the book…a lot of J’s and anti-gay whackos. Historians seem to agree: this book/website is B.S. The same old effort to discredit Hitler and the Nazis, by calling them all queers.

      1. Actually it’s an attempt to discredit homosexuals by linking them to mass murderers. It’s a very selective Holocaust revisionism. Basically saying that the Holocaust happened and the homosexuals are to blame.

  2. I have to say one thing about this ages-old “gay Nazi accusation” …so what?
    It just means millions of Jews were not just killed by a tyrant; it means millions were exterminated by a bunch of faggots.

      1. There is no gay bashing. It’s a sick joke, my Jewish friend. You have to understand the nature of the site.
        I do refer to gay men a lot as fags on here, but that’s ok. We don’t really have a good word for them.
        I don’t like them too much anyway, but I do support their political causes. I am active in a lot of pro-gay political causes and regularly participate in their campaigns. On the other hand, I don’t really like gay men too much tbh.

  3. Is the point of this website to discredit the Nazis or to demonise gays? It looks like mainly an anti-gay motivation to me.

  4. The part about Roehm and the SA is true. Roehm was totally gay (one of those manly-man queers), there’s no disagreement about that. So were a fair number of other Nazis at the highest level of the SA. Roehm was probably the leading Nazi next to Hitler, and the SA was a strong Nazi faction that was in some ways opposed to Hitler’s politics. That’s why Hitler had Roehm and others murdered in 1934.
    The rest is bull, though. Hitler had a normal sexual relationship with Eva Braun, nothing perverted or weird. I don’t think the Nazis were controlled by queers outside of the SA.

  5. Yes, the Ernst Roem, brownshirt gay culture was real. Hitler and his close associates weren’t gay. The SA were useful to Adolf, when the party gained momentum, the gay cavorting of Ernst and company became a PR liability. That’s why Ernst was arrested, jailed, and murdered.
    I don’t agree that Hitler was a normalm hetero…there are credible accounts of him having prostitutes walk on his back in high heels, berate him, and piss on him. Some of his normal bitches, including a relation-concubine who rejected him eventually and who he probably had killed, were leaking stuff about his “weird proclivities”. Even Eva mentioned it obliquely once, if I remember correctly.
    Hitler was probably a candidate for the nickname “scatman”.

  6. Never really thought about it. I assumed Maryla screwed up her son'(s’) sexualities on her own, but maybe she was extra harsh on her subjects and was able to snag 20 minutes with a high ranking official who was touring the plant.

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