Hitler's Nero Order

Fascinating stuff.
Neo-Nazis claim that this document doesn’t exist. Yet you can read it right here. On April 19, 1945, Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht to destroy all of German’s infrastructure so that there would be nothing left for the enemy to take. It’s known as his Nero Order, and it’s a very sore point with neo-Nazis who refuse to believe that their hero would destroy his own country. Speer submitted another memorandum opposing the order. Hitler’s order superseded Speer’s, but apparently Speer tried to his best to keep the destruction of Germany’s infrastructure to a minimum.

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0 thoughts on “Hitler's Nero Order”

  1. An eye-opener for me was when I was reading about hitler’s last days in zee boonker, He actually told his entourage that the Germans lost and therefor deserved to lose,…they were not worthy of winning or being at the top, and he regardfed them as inferior and therefor deserving of all the destruction and post war misery.. essentially, old Adolf said “fuck ’em’. A true conservative.
    From the books I’ve read about Hitler and the 3rd reich, i suspect Hitler was not really in charge most of the time. After first meeting him, Mussolini, who’s fascist movement inspired Hitler, assessed his impression to his personal staff, calling him a prancing little clown .
    I think Hitler’s senior staff took shifting hierarchy turns running things.
    Adolf was allowed to think he was in sole charge, but manipulating him may have been easy since he was both emotionally and mentally unstable and a drug addict. I don’t think Hitler intended to ‘wipe out the Jews” for several reasons. for one thing, he had differernt orders for the handling of Jews from different countries, with varying degrees of harshness. If he truly wanted to genocide them, he would’ve had consistently draconian policies. Moreover, at that time the Jews were already spread out all over the world, so with that diaspora any attempt to reduce Jewry to unrecoverable numbers would’ve been impossible. Hitler and his staff knew that. Adolf was crazy, not stupid.
    I think he was just trying to eliminate their ability to exert out-of-proportion influence and power in the areas where Hitler wanted more Liebensraum.
    Just my theory.
    In the end, it seems to me that Hitler never really considered the German people to be inherently superior to the rest, since he abandoned them so diffidently at the end and showed little concern for their lot when the fortunes of war turned against them.
    That cavalier attitude towards their welfare may have played a part in his losing a field marshall at stalingrad.

    1. I believe it took more than 1 crazy person to run Germany and the third riech. leaving hitler to blame for military and social failure. But lets not forget at the ground level the people who lined up jews ( men women and children) into holes and shot them to death. It took a large group of violent people to run Germany. And many got away with it.

      1. I meant: where did you get May 15?
        It does show that Hitler was in the final analysis a selfish, heartless narcissist. He felt in the end that the Germans, who he had mistakenly (in retrospect) anointed the master race, had proved to be a disappointment and therefore deserved to be destroyed.

  2. Was that not what the American, “Elite,” intended when they supported a Mitt Romney, (Pioneer of taking down companies with bankruptcy) presidency?
    They were seeking the dissolution of the United States and a person with experience managing the ending of a large entity. The idea is to export America-style liberalism to China and India and move their money over to those nations along with all the military might and power of the United States leaving the people here with a failed state and anarchy because these, “globalists,” don’t care what happens to any one nation only what they can get for themselves.
    Vote for Romney! Vote Nero! Help make China the New America!

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