George Bush, Idiot

This Presidunce was simply embarrassing. I don’t know if he’s stupid or what. I have heard that he has a reasonable high IQ (possibly 120?). At any rate, he’s simply not an intellectual. As an intellectual, I don’t mind non-intellectuals, but I don’t want them leading my country. Obama is, whatever else you think of him, an intellectual. Which is what the President ought to be.
Reagan was the same. Great candidate – he kicked out ass repeatedly, but a terrible President. Furthermore, he came across as an idiot. Sort of like Bush.
Obama may be a lot of things, but at least he’s not embarrassing.
George Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

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53 thoughts on “George Bush, Idiot”

  1. I don’t think he was an idiot. I think he just makes the verbal equivalent of typos, all too often.
    His aww shucks I’m one of you persona was all an act. So maybee his idiot persona was all an act too, to appeal to the masses and to get away with crap by feigning idiocy??

  2. What you say about Bush is pretty much true. I think you’re selling Reagan a bit short. He was more of a thinker, whether you like his conclusions or not. And I think of Obama as a pseudo-intellectual, which is much worse than a non-intellectual, when you think about it. Pseudo-intellectuals memorize slogans and think that’s equivalent to thinking.

    1. The issue is not “is W. an idiot?” More like, was he the dumbest Pres ever, with the least amount of foreign policy knowledge, intellectual curiosity, etc. Apparently so. Quite unlike his father, or brother, or even his mother, who is no dummy, either. The “aw, shucks” like is not an act, if you read accounts from his inner circle.
      Reagan a thinker? Have you read his book? Not a genius at all. I know someone who knew someone who dated “dutch”. Her quote: “not the brightest bulb in the box” (her reason for dumping him).
      Obama is not a “pseudo-intellectual”. You don’t get to be a constitutional law professor by being one. It takes a real intellectual to recognize a pseudo one- you’ve just proven that you’re not one, Babaloo.

      1. Funny, this argument sorta parallels the IQ battles. What is “smart” and what is “intellectual?”
        Depending on your definitions, the last intellectual POTUS was anyone from Barack to George W. (#1). Personally, I think it was James Garfield.

        1. George H.W. was / is an intellectual, Carter is an intellectual, Ford= smart guy, despite football head injuries… Nixon- same + smart as hell (evil stuff aside).
          LBJ- smart as hell, school teacher, too. Eisenhower= genius general. Also, intellectual + smart as hell, Truman= same, despite humble background.
          F.D.R.= actually not an “intellectual’s intellectual”, but smart as hell. Hoover= very intelligent, Coolidge=same.
          Taft was a dumb Prez, but went on to be Chief Justice of SCOTUS= not dumb! Teddy R.= intellectual and smart as hell. I’ll stop now!
          George W. is the standout here. Even Prezzez like Harding and U.S. Grant are acknowledged is being very sharp guys. W. = not so much.

        2. Maybe but he could write in different languages SIMULTANEOUSLY with both hands. Ambidextrously bilingual, so to speak.
          And he got shot, how ’bout that?

        3. Left out Clinton. Intellectual and smart. Plus peole smarts, like Reagan, and to a lesser extent, W. Bush.
          “Yet his library is filled with porn dvds.”
          This, as we all know, is the absolute HALLMARK of a (true) intellectual!
          (I JUST KNEW I WAS ONE, TOO!)

        4. He was just so damned self-conscious. Like the nerdy PUA who thought he could Neg every girl at Homecoming Dance. And of course, failed miserably.

        5. Also take a look at social intelligence. It was those presidents who were better with people (almost to a sociopathic extent) that did the best job. Clinton is light years ahead of Obama in this respect.
          Legends include FDR who was an extremely crafty politician and made sure nobody could find his tracks. LBJ knew what every congressman and senator smoke and drank, and he would blackmail some under the ‘Johnson Treatment’ which involved him leaning an inch from your face cajoling you to pass a bill. And of course Nixon, who was probably the biggest political genius of the 20th century.
          I don’t think Bush was stupid, but he relied a little too much on more seasoned puppeteers like Rumsfeld and Cheney. Bush’s cabinet all had extremely high IQs, but twisted in a way that benefited themselves. I don’t think anyone is going to argue that Cheney and Condi are stupid.

      2. I honestly think that Bush’s idiocy was an act. The man was a mass murderer but nobody took that accusation seriously because people were too busy laughing at him. As a rule of thumb I seldom take whats on the media at face value.

        1. I don’t know if you can believe her but Condoleeza Rice, who appears to be very smart, swears that Bush was smart. She seems to have a genuine fondness for him.

        2. W. Bush WAS much smarter than he acted, smarter than he appeared to be- which ain’t sayin’ very much.
          We have never, ever, elected men (sorry, gurlz) who are just “smart” (or just rich) to the office of POTUS. They are supposed to be in elite of men, top 2-5% of us.
          History has shown that, up until W. Bush, at least, even men who many felt were not qualified for POTUS have risen (mysteriously) to the occasion and proved themselves worthy of the office.

      3. “You don’t get to be a constitutional law professor by being one. ”
        I used to believe people who got Nobel Peace prizes actually did something. I used to believe scientists were smart, not just bullheaded.
        I used to believe children love their parents. LOL.
        I used to believe the sun would rise in the East, until I found out the Earth would flip axis in 2012.

        1. Your damn right it’s going to flip it’s axis!! And guess who arrived at the conclusion? My peeps the Egyptians got it there first before anyone else!!

        2. Ha- Are you saying Obama is not an intellectual? You went to college, right?
          At my university, there wasn’t a single liberal arts professor that wasn’t an intellectual- even if I disagreed with them and thought their ideas were stupid. An intellectual is someone who loves knowledge, loves learning new facts, trivia, esoterica, etc., and loves to debate/discuss big and small ideas, philosophies, etc. It probably takes one to know who is one, I guess.
          An intellectual is not just someone who is smart or highly intelligent, high IQ, etc. I know nerds /geeks who are very smart, educated, yet they are not intellectuals!
          I need to add that I don’t think Obama is the smartest guy ever to hold the office, not at all. He’s not very good at speaking/connecting, either. Clinton is smarter, so is Carter, etc.
          You, Ha, strike me as somewhat of an intellectual (with maybe a bit of pseudo-intellectual, too!)

        3. That would disqualify anyone productive.
          None of the (2nd generation) Kennedys were very smart either. Old Man was a genius, but it ended there.

        4. “Ha- Are you saying Obama is not an intellectual? ”
          He’s better than that. He’s POTUS. That means he just gets to KNOW things. But before POTUS, he was. Editor of HLR, that’s not AA position.
          Good writer and smooth speaker. If he was a white man, the neo-Nazis would claim him as a model Aryan. He’s kind of a nazi killer, just by the way he presents himself. That takes evolved smarts and is high black/white mulatto art.
          He’s even an constiitutional scholar. He kicks racist ass. Wise like a serpent. Complex as he needs to be, simple as he needs to be. Like this guy

          Bad ass mulatto.

        5. HA- You mean Shaft wasn’t black? My universe has been shattered! Next thing, you’ll be tell me Pam Greer and Angela Davis aren’t black!

        6. “You mean Shaft wasn’t black?”
          Black like a mutherfucker. Black like me. Black like Serena Willliams, no. Shaft was actually written for ukelel by Tiny Tim and was supposed to played by Ron Howard, but he opted for Happy Days.
          Check this out

          Snort. If you all could only see yourselves.

  3. “George Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” LOL!!!!! That’s pure brilliance. That about sums up GB. His given Indian name; Chokes on pretzels.

  4. No point in trying to disagree with the posters in this room…since people with differing view points are promptly banned so ok..all liberals are smart and conservatives are stupid..there happy?…now more Bigfoot news please:)

    1. Not really. There are some very smart conservatives out there with very high IQ’s. Especially in the HBD/Libertarian crowd, there are many brilliant conservatives. I haven’t seen any IQ scores, but no doubt many have very high scores.

    2. Skylar- You can read, right? I said that there have been a lot of smart consrevatives: Nixon, H.W. Bush, etc. Cheney is extremely intelligent (and evil, I’ll add!) Condi is very intelligent, too (for a white chick), but she was a lousy Sec. of State.

      1. was speaking in general terms of how the liberal posters in THIS room view anyone that doesnt agree with their ideas and view of the world

        1. Skittler- This is a left-leaning blog, politically. It’s not a “liberal” blog- it’s a non-PC “progressive” blog. I’m a non-PC leftist, but I side with conservatives on immigration and race/gender relations. So, I’m not a “liberal”.
          And, I don’t think all conservatives are “stupid”. Some are- some aren’t. I do, however, think that many of their conservative views and theories are stupid.
          However if I want to be called “STUPID”, I can just go to ANY right-wing blog or room.
          If you’re a right-winger, post at your own risk- but at least here the lefties will listen to what you say- heck, maybe even agree- it depends.
          If you thing George W. was a great Prez, well, you’re not alone, many Americans think he was (because of 9/11, restoring morality, etc.). (I am not among them. I think he was not worthy, mentally, of the office, and I thinjk he was a terrible Prez.)
          However, the question posed here is:
          Was G.W. Bush not real bright, not an intellectual, not the brightest Prez, etc. Some Prezzez have been very intelligent/intellectual, yet they were not effective Prezzez, or, made dumb mistakes.

  5. The estimates I’ve seen put Bush’s IQ at 125 or 128. If I remember right, these estimates came from an Air Force test which probably played to some visual strength. I suspect Obama is about the same, or maybe a little smarter, but is very verbal, which makes him seems a lot smarter to others who are verbal thinkers.

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