David Bowie, "Teenage Wildlife"

Interesting song. I’m not really familiar with it, although I believe I had the album, Scary Monsters, at one point.
Hey, how many people can be cool for 5 decades anyway?
David Bowie is God!

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0 thoughts on “David Bowie, "Teenage Wildlife"”

      1. Bowie got TONS of pussy even back when he was a jazz band leader in the early 60s.
        Bowie’s “gay phase” was only when he lived with the theatrical mime guru Lindsay Kemp. This is Bowie’s only documented male relationship.
        Bowie later stated that he said he was bi-sexual in a famous 70s interview mostly for the publicity it would create.

        1. Actually, everyone between the ages of 15 and 30 was bisexual in 1975.
          Actually there was not that much of it back in those days. You could wear cotton or silk scarves, velvet pants and four inch high purple platform shoes without being a faggot. It’s was just called “sylin’.” You had a lot more freedom to be fairly androgynous back then without everyone assuming you were gay because there was just not that much homosexuality around.
          I know because I wore all that stuff and I was never gay or bi. I thought there was a lot more bisexuality in the 1980’s personally. In the mid-70’s, gays were not that out yet, and most people were just assumed to be straight, which is the way it ought to be.
          I think homosexuality has done nothing but gain in prominence and hipness since the 1970’s, which is all down to the gay rights movement. Also now that it’s so popular and apparently more widespread, guys have to act so much more macho so as not to be seen as gay. It’s bullshit if you ask me. Bring back the 1970’s!

        2. Good points!
          Prince, circa mid-80s, kinda harked back to that 1970s style dandy boy persona.
          You’re seeing that a lot now, in 2012, with skinny hipsters and pretty facial hair.

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