David Bowie, "Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)"

From the same album in 1980, Scary Monsters. Great stuff. The original punk psychedelic music!
Check out these lyrics:

She asked me to stay and I stole her room
She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind
Now she’s stupid in the street and she can’t socialize
Well I love the little girl and I’ll love her till the day she dies

Oh yeah! Moar!
I get tired of the whole “David Bowie is gay” argument.
Though he was into that for a while. In 1974, I met a guy who said he knew a groupie who had had sex with Bowie. The groupie was female, and she said there was a another male there with them (it was a threesome). She said Bowie seemed more interested in the guy than in her!
In recent years, Bowie blows off the question. He says he was just into bisexuality because it was some sort of a fad at the time. However, it is true that Angela Bowie caught David and Mick Jagger in bed together at one point. The Rolling Stones song Angie is said to be about her.
Iggy Pop lived with Bowie for a while in Berlin, I believe in the late 1970’s when Bowie was way out there on cocaine binging for a while. He nearly got psychotic from heavy use of the drug.
Pop also blew off questions about Bowie being gay or bi by saying it really wasn’t important.
The following is a paraphrase of his words:
“That man got more pussy than any man I have ever known. From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him. They wouldn’t leave him alone. The phone was always ringing, and it was always a woman on the other end wanting David.”
If living like that makes you a “fag,” I might just have to be a “fag” myself! Sounds like a lot of fun. You go David!

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  1. I used to know a woman who LOVED this guy, always telling others how much she found him attractive. Apparently, she had been a Bowie fan from her early teen years onward. She had lived in a psychiatric ward for over 15 years because she suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Even though she always claimed to hear voices giving her commands, I never really considered her to be a demented schizo. Her room was decorated with images of Bowie. She only had clothes and David Bowie stuff, nothing else. She never read or write anything, and had discarded everything related to her past. She was institutionalized at the age of 20 after struggling with cocaine addiction. A few years ago, she gave birth to a baby (with a black father) in the hospital but the child was immediatly taken away from her and send for adoption. She was a rude bitch though, and only a big black man could put up with her to the point of having a sexual relationship. Sometimes she would get aggressive towards nurses or psychiatrists and would have to be forcibly injected large doses of sedatives. Back in August she took her own life by hanging herself, in spite of security precautions against suicide. She came from a conservative, White protestant family, and her old mother was completely devastated afterwards. I’m not sure how she did it, but it was a nasty scene according to the nurses who found her.
    Actually, her love for Bowie was what first made me think about just how different female sexuality is from male sexuality. Men are visually oriented. Women, on the other hand, will go for stars like David Bowie, or Bieber for that matter, if they are successful and famous.

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