1970's Joke

“Nixon saw Deep Throat 5 times, and he still couldn’t get it down pat.”

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27 thoughts on “1970's Joke”

      1. Ornithology- branch of zoology concerned with the study of birds.
        cockatoo- sounds like ‘cock or two’, at least where I come from. I don’t even know if Americans use the phrase ‘…or two’ e.g. I’ll have a whiskey or two.

        1. GSG- It’s not the year I was born. And- it’s not my fave position- a little too distracting!
          If you can figure out what “Mott” means, you’ll figure out the ’69.

  1. From the same era:
    “What’s Black, White, and Jewish and has two eyes..?”
    Moshe Dyan and Sammy Davis Jr.

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