We're Number One

Via Stormfront:

A fascinating thread. Lots of good information. One problem I’ve come across when searching the web for more research on this subject is that there more liberal leftist centered sites than not. A Google search for racial differences almost always brings up stuff from this site: Robert Lindsay | If I’m Not Making You Mad, I’m Not Doing My Job It is apparently quite popular as it comes up near the top of all searches on this subject. Has anyone here looked over his writings? The guy seems to be a first class flake.

Amazing, I had no idea that when you did a Google search on racial differences, my site typically comes up near the top no matter what sort of differences you are looking for. I suppose that’s nice though, as I am trying to look at this from a nonracist perspective while at the same time not going over into the racial nihilism of nonproductive race denier theory that simply says that the question itself does not even make sense. I think most sane people realize that the question does make sense. Even if they get brainwashed into race denial, they still wonder if it’s true. I myself got brainwashed into race denial of a sort myself for a long time, but it never quite sat right with me. If you’re a race denier, all you have to do is go outside in any multiracial area and look around a bit or partake of world news with any kind of an open mind and after a while you start wondering about the truth of race denial. Race denial theory seems to almost refute itself upon simple examination of the evidence. The races just seem to be so different. It’s all down to culture? Get real. I am glad I am near the top though. Better me than a bunch of Nazis feeding people poison, or less bad but just well-intentioned silliness, race deniers feeding people’s heads full of vacuum-sealed nothingness that only puts off the question for a later day. This is what I always hoped to do with Liberal Race Realism. Just advance the debate a bit towards sanity, while trying to avoid overt racist toxin as much as possible. I would also like to thank Stormfronters from the bottom of my heart for calling me a flake. There are no finer enemies than Stormfronters, thank you very much guys.

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  1. I think you have the right attitude. Being insulted by Stormfront is like a badge of honor.
    The Google search that first led me here was related to race (I had discovered my own tri-racial ancestry while researching my family tree). Lots of Stormfront threads came up in that search as well. Yeccch.
    Someone once told me that because I had visited the Soviet Union (in 1986; a high school trip for the Russian language class) the Feds had a file on me and all my classmates. For some reason I’ve always been absurdly proud of that.
    I’d be even prouder if I was, say, banned from visiting China, though I expect you wouldn’t feel the same way! 😉

  2. I would also like to thank Stormfronters from the bottom of my heart for calling me a flake. There are no finer enemies than Stormfronters, thank you very much guys.
    I dunno.
    Anyone who came to read serious discussion about racial differences and encountered the latest news about Bigfoot, might come away with the wrong impression.

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