Mitt Romney, Class Warrior

Mitt is the quintessential ultra wealthy person’s candidate. It’s like if you were to make a mold for a candidate that hates the middle & working class, sucks on Ayn Rand’s tit and sees sociopathic behavior as good; you would end up with Mitt. The guy makes Bush Jnr look like a friend of the average guy. Americans who vote this guy in, deserve to be screwed because it is crystal clear that he doesn’t give a toss about the Middle and Working class, and it is these 2 classes that make up the vast majority of American voters.

Yeah, he’s an agent of the ruling class all right. Read Marx and you will learn all about guys like this. You can’t understand this guy without understanding the basics of class under capitalism, and Marx is no better place to start. Reading capitalist theorists like Ricardo and Smith won’t tell you a lot about class. Mitt is the quintessential class warrior for the ruling class. He’s a member of the ruling class, a Blue blood, white bread white guy. The way I see it is that Mitt is simply one of my class enemies. Too bad so many working and middle class Whites see their class enemies as their friends. They are not your friends, you fools.

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  1. I’m glad you spoke your true feelings about this issue because this person running for office doesn’t care one iota for the likes of everyday people. And anyone for votes for him must take precedence towards cultural ideology over long term progress. ( In other words fuck immigrants and the middle class; even though I might be one but not for much longer.) My issue being with people not being able to see beyond the immediate. It is not the fault of one party or another but the consorted effort of people with ALOT of wealth that want to dictate terms. These are the people that run the show and do not want to be known. Let me ask anyone who reads this rant has anyone of you every been inside a mansion? This will let you know how much money is centralized within this country. It is out there for the taking. I happen to be inside one this week and man are they big.

      1. Your good people Lindsay (as the good doctor would say referring to Hunter S.) and don’t let the bedbugs bite refuting all the swine sitting in their own filth. Fuck em. They are not our friends but the uncouth in need of an education they did not get in school. Keep up the good work. I’m a subscriber.

  2. Without even knowing the guy, one gets the feeling of a control freak. He gives off a very disconcerting, probably evil, vibe. His poor wife…
    Unfortunately, there are people who would vote for him just because they don’t want to see a black president in office.

      1. Romney is a nationalist with imperial tendencies and has a concrete outlook on race realism. He blames the Palestinians,Mexicans,etc. for their lack of culture compared to neighbors.

      2. +1
        The guy just screams hidden agenda. There’s some weird fuckery going on behind those curtains. Like I’m wondering if’n he slathers Anne in Lubriderm thrice daily and is fattening her up in hopes of wearing her one day type fuckery.

  3. A malignant narcissist nearing sociopathy, probably. Like you stated, the guy doesn’t seem to care about anyone else except for people like himself. That’s the impression one gets, even though he’s trying very hard to hide that fact.
    The smiles, cheers, flip-flop arguments, everything…they all come across as insincere.
    Most politicians are a bit narcissistic, Obama included, but this guy’s infliction is through the roof.

    1. Actually, I don’t know if Romney is a malignant narcissist or a sociopath. The two personality disorders overlap to a large extent (for instance, they both have no conscience). He’s cold like a sociopath, but still manages to come across as desperate. Aren’t sociopath’s generally suppose to be charming and alluring? He’s not. He’s so transparent.
      Regardless of which ever one he may be, he seems disturbing, at least to me.

  4. I could not have said it better myself. I am a true moderate and will sit out this race, but I know I could never pull the lever for this automaton.

  5. Previously I had not taken much notice of the Presidential race until I stumbled onto the televised debate. I had heard a lot of negative comments and concerns regarding Romney and I mean everywhere I went in this country and from everybody who made a comment. The general feeling among people from other countries such as England, Ireland, Italy,New Zealand & Australia whom I had spoken to had been one of deep concern for possibly a very dangerous world if Romney wins the job. After watching the debate I have to concur as he seems to be arrogant, deceitful and very much the sociopathic as a few here have aluded to.
    My opinion doesn’t account for much I know but I thought you Americans might be interested to know what the consensus is from people in other countries.

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