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Dota is an Indian Muslim from the mercantile Bohra community. He was raised in India and Dubai but migrated to Canada in his early twenties where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He writes mostly about India and Islam by critiquing their value systems from a historical perspective. His economic views lean towards socialism whereas he leans right on social issues. He passionately believes that Christianity is essential for maintaining a moral equilibrium in North American society whereas a strong white identity is required to maintain North America’s European character. He opposes multiculturalism and is a fierce critic of Israel and organized Jewry. He is a Canadian citizen and speaks English, Hindi/Urdu, and Gujarati.

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46 thoughts on “Dota Added to Guest Posters Page”

      1. Robert left wing ideology will never succeed,
        People like Dota are curse to india-They only live to corrupt and escape to other land.
        He is not a Brahmin , so he is a pakistani sympathizer , probably his ancestors are low caste dalits.
        Dalits are the reason why India is dysfunctional

        1. India is screwed up primarily (by a light year) because of Brahmins and their corrupting, divisive, poisining machinations.

  1. He’s definitely one of the best commenters imo, in terms of having interesting views and writing about them intelligently. He also compliments Robert quite well with his views on India and feminism.

    1. Anti Porn for sure. It destabilizes the family and from what I’ve heard is the leading cause of ED amoung young men. Legalizing Pot? Not sure about this yet but I don’t think it’s that bad an idea. Alchohol is poison in comparison to weed so why not legalize it and do away form organized crime and smuggling? But I haven’t really thought over the pot issue much and I’ve neither researched the source or logistics of the operation with regards to Canada. It’s also kind of annoying how pot legalization has become the textbook political barometer here in Canada when there are far more pressing issues to be addressed.

      1. Its not *that* big of an issue here. Did you see this research that came out recently:
        “For more than 20 years researchers have followed the lives of a group of people from Dunedin in New Zealand.
        They assessed them as children – before any of them had started using cannabis – and then re-interviewed them repeatedly, up to the age of 38.
        Having taken into account other factors such as alcohol or tobacco dependency or other drug use, as well the number of years spent in education, they found that those who persistently used cannabis – smoking it at least four times a week year after year through their teens, 20s and, in some cases, their 30s – suffered a decline in their IQ.
        The more that people smoked, the greater the loss in IQ.
        The effect was only noticed in those who started smoking cannabis as adolescents.
        Researchers found that individuals who started using cannabis in adolescence and then carried on using it for years showed an average eight-point IQ decline.
        Stopping or reducing cannabis use failed to fully restore the lost IQ.”
        Regarding alcohol, my cousin is a recovering alcoholic. It ruined his life for 20 years he says. I find it hard to believe this is accurate but he says that 1 in 8 adults are alcoholics. Even if its 1 in 30 or 1 in 50, in a population of 60 million people, that’s far too many lives ruined. It has made me wonder whether Islam has it right about alcohol, especially if its 1 in 8!

      2. “Anti Porn for sure. It destabilizes the family and from what I’ve heard is the leading cause of ED amoung young men.”
        What you gonna do about it? Drive it undersgound and turn it into a forbidden fruit?

        1. Drive it undersgound and turn it into a forbidden fruit?
          Isn’t that what your people did? Turn it into a forbidden fruit by monopolizing its distribution channels and then gradually bringing it into the mainstream when they realized that consumption was soaring? No GSG, I don’t believe in forcing anything. In a conservative society people would choose to avoid crap like this except a few which is fine.

        2. My People is my immediate family only. It’s not like we’re all joint at the hip.
          Sex overload will eventually turn people to the right, even if the high birth rates of the religious right are not big enough to succeed in surpassing the left.
          I’ve heard the same about banning or shunning violent video games.
          You’ve advocated collective punishment as well.

        3. “In a conservative society people would choose to avoid crap like this except a few which is fine.”
          I agree that moral self-regulation (and social pressure for that matter) is better than heavy policing. It is a better guarentee of moral behaviour and order, a better foundation for a civilized society, and generally a more desirable situation.
          However, I’m not so optimistic that only a few in a conservative society would use porn. Look at the very conservative Muslim countries, which consume quite a lot of porn. Pakistan (I think) is the world leader on google in searching for animal porn. I don’t know if they feel that is a loophole and it doesn’t count or its some kind of outcome of sexual repression but there’s that.

        4. I agree Steve. People aren’t about to give up their vices. The only way to make it less appealing is to force it on them. Make it a school assignment.

        5. GSG,
          maybe but if you made it illegal and shut down the big porn sites, maybe a lot less people would make it and watch it. It depends on the punishment too.
          Not that I’m against porn. I’m on the fence at the moment.

        6. Steve, if you ban its production, you inevitably turn it into forbidden fruit. It’s a bit presumptuous to speak about making Christianity the majority, because it involves free will.

  2. “He passionately believes that Christianity is essential for maintaining a moral equilibrium in North American society whereas a strong white identity is required to maintain North America’s European character.”
    So allow gender feminism and faggotry to run their courses and in a few generations the religious right willl be the majority again.

      1. I believe you secretly want me as one of your concubines. A. I’m weak and virginal. B. I have skills and aspirations, but am essentially paralyzed OP. C. Having me around would always enforce your superiority, and maybe that of your other wives and concubines as well.

  3. Dota
    Congrats. It is a well earned spot.
    This should be interesting about Christianity I just read in the beebeecee: Its the nature of the beast my boy.
    Now as a rule of thumb if they admitted to fucking 600 children, I’d take any odds on it being closer to 60000.
    Lets all play fantasy odds LOL. Which team is yours? The Melbourne Molesters? Sydney Sexmaniacs? Or how ’bout the US? Pittsburgh Paedophiles? Houston Homos? Detroit Dice Danglers? Atlanta Assfuckers? Indiana Infant Inserters? Kansas City Kiddo Killers?

    1. Now now play nice 🙂 Firstly, Catholicism isn’t representative of all of Christianity. And speaking of Catholicism, despite its occasional fuck ups, it still exerted a powerful stabilizing effect over the centuries in terms of morality and social structure (enforcing monogamy on king and peasant alike). This is possibly why Christianity eventually became more successful than Islam, because it stressed reform through individual action whereas Islam was more focused on the the polity. This is why when western creativity was fired up it kept going whereas Muslim creativity was short lived.

      1. Dota
        Catholicism was what kept Europe pretty much in the dark ages. Witch burning, heresy, etc were way too common and there was little scope for progressive thoughts that conflicted established dogma. It suited the overlords pretty well. Also, fucking little children in the ass is not what you call “occasional fuck ups”. It is a sustained fuck up over a couple of thousand years. Imagine how the middle ages would have been without TV, Radio or Printing and with well hung priests prowling around.
        If anything, the US in particular is successful because of protestants. They were the ones not only preaching individual responsibility but also practicing it. Their work ethic is incomparable. However, Protestantism also spawned its fair share of supremacists, bible thumping morons and lately, imperialists.
        Christianity and Islam are nothing but political systems with a basic concept of god. Do they work? They do if you can shut your brain down and become sheep while ignoring the obvious contradictions in both their theology and practice.

        1. Aakash
          The myth of the dark ages has been repeatedly regurgitated by the Jew media to the point of it being accepted at face value by well meaning people. We’re told that after the roman empire collapsed Europe suddenly sank under the sea only to emerge during the Renaissance. This is nonsense. There was plenty of learning going on in Europe and while the Church stifled some of it, it sustained scholarship in other areas. When Cambridge was established by Henry III the pope blessed the institution with a Papal bull. Bishop Hugh Balsham founded Cambridge’s first college ( The University as we know it was shaped by the Catholic church even though the concept itself went back to Plato. Scholars believe that the modern graduate gown and cap have its roots in the middle ages. Where the Church went, literacy went. Christians were able to survive roman persecution precisely because they were the most literate sect in the empire. They were able to defeat other Christian sects (gnostics, Jewish Christians, Marconians ect) because they were highly literate and their literacy enabled them to challenge other doctrines while maintaining the integrity of their own. This love of literacy would eventually diffuse its way down to the general public.
          In France, Charlemagne appealed to the Church for help in setting up free public education. Cathedrals had schools attached to them which taught students latin, rhetoric and logic. The University of Paris had a papal charter I believe as did a large number of medieval universities. So much for the church suppressing education. You will probably point out that there were no sciences being taught, but guess what? Even Abbasid schools dated to the same era taught grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Same curriculum as in Christendom. The Church also functioned as a well fare institution dispensing wealth to certain groups such as widows. This instilled a sense of common good in the European mind unlike India where caste made fraternity not only impossible, but also sinful.
          In Eastern Europe, like the Russian city of Novgorod, literacy was quite high as commenter Wade pointed out last year. Scandinavia I believe standardized its alphabet so that the Bible could be translated and printed. The very concept of the masters degree was formulated by the Catholic church where one had the authority to teach anywhere in the world (ius ubique docendi). Clearly while the Church suppressed learning in some fields it also created the cultural infrastructure which buttressed higher forms of scholarship in the centuries to come. The Renaissance did not just come out of nowhere, it was the climax of centuries of intellectual and scholarly undercurrents that were alive in the middle ages. It is senseless to compartmentalize history by ignoring the thread of continuity.
          Catholicism also played a part in the ideals of the enlightenment, with its propensity towards human autonomy and reason. The Church had always understood freewill as key doctrine and freewill is the precursor to autonomy and individualism. Contrast this to Hinduism where the interlocking forces of Caste/Dharma/Karma severely limit the agent’s autonomy or Islam which cannot make up its mind on the issue: that human freewill is at odds with God’s omnipotence. This is the reason why Islam’s Renaissance was so short lived, freewill gave way to senseless predestination. Proof of this is in the fact that the enlightenment completely bypassed India despite the British raj being at the height of its power; why? Because unlike Europe, India’s culture was simply not receptive to it.
          “Christianity and Islam are nothing but political systems with a basic concept of god. “
          The common Hindu man’s perception of God is no less basic and can be characterized as a two dimensional transactional relationship: I give the temple money, and the deity gives me his bounty in exchange. I’m not slamming Hinduism here since this was essentially the same system in the ancient Greek religion and the mystery cults of Rome. While I’m aware of the highly sophisticated metaphysics of the Upanishads, you on the other hand, are unaware of the sophisticated metaphysics of Christian and Muslim scholars. Take Tertolian’s treatise against praxues for example where he articulates the doctrine of trinity by reasoning through analogy (which I grant isn’t a very valid form of reasoning today). Or Ibn Sina’s (I believe) adoption of Aristotle’s prime mover. Or any of the works of Origen. These were not stupid people by any means.
          Before I conclude this post I want to point out that in one of his interviews, Kevin Macdonald said that Whites and Jews had different perceptions of history. When whites picture the middle ages, they saw beautiful Cathedrals, perhaps even jousting matches, knights and chivalry and castles ect… When the Jew pictures the middle ages, he sees persecution and antisemitism. Most whites today see what the Jew sees since the Jew controls Hollywood and the media. This is what happens when 2% of the population thrust their worldviews on the other 98%.

        2. Good post Dota but what do most whites see when they picture the middle ages? I think of mud and monasteries.
          Its amazing to think all that stuff was going on right here, where I am sitting. This was probably some medieval field where real people farmed and lived and saw the world in colour. Unless it was a forest. I should find out.

        3. “When the Jew pictures the middle ages, he sees persecution and antisemitism.”
          To the contrary. There is great nostalgia for the middle ages as jews enjoyed positions in the mercantile and financial classes, while they still were allowed complete cultural autonomy. Even Jewish Virtual History admits that there were no ghettos until the 16th century.
          Do you seriously think we are incapable of mobilizing and pooling our skills and resources together and creating our own institutions and societal infrastructure?

      2. “If anything, the US in particular is successful because of protestants. ”
        Quakers (Franklin) and deists (many of the founders, including Jefferson), too. Neither of which are strictly Protestantism.
        When Christians (fiction) intersect with reality (non-fiction), that’s when success occurs.

        1. Huaxienda
          What the fuck is it with all these chingooks trying to trick themselves into thinking they are are White, and then taking up Catholicism/Christianity ROFL? A Korean catholic, ROFL that’s a good one!! A wannabe chinkgook who has finally managed to deceive themselves and covert to a religion made by sand niggers (like me) for srrrrroccccrrrrial strrrrrrrrrraatrrrrrusss!!! That’s like a toad trying to force itself into a big lake instead of the pond and the swamp, because it wants to fit in with the “big fish”. LOL Is this what is happening to the great East Asian race? Slow and subservient domination of by Sand niggers and Whitey without EVER having to set foot within your dry ugly peninsula or your great Chinkaaana? How Ironic that the Asian race has to suffer such a fate.

    1. If his marriages don’t work out and your mail order brides decide to enjoy their newfound freedom, or if they were just an extension of your imagination, at least you’ll still be able to post at this blog.

      1. Thank you Robert and Dúnedain
        This blog has surely done much to furthuer my own education. It’s good to be able to give back in some way.

        1. Well Dota, your long comment refuting the notion of the “Dark Ages” in Europe would certainly count as giving back.

  4. Europe did face a lot of scientific and cultural setbacks during the centuries known as the ‘Dark Ages’ by (some) historians, but contrary to popular history, Christianity wasn’t solely or even majorly responsible for it. Epidemics like plague which wiped out the population and some devastating fires that destroyed large cities had more of a role to play in it than Christianity (which like any religion, got overtaken by zealots in moral panic, who blamed epidemics on ‘heretics’).
    If anything, the so called ‘Dark Ages’ was actually a good period in European history. It was the springboard which created the present day western world, while the so called ancient ‘civilisations’ of China, Egypt, Mesopotamia(Iraq) and Hind (India) went on a decay.
    Like any religion that relies on a personified concept of holy diety and has a pretty much static value system, Christianity has it flaws. But it is also one of the more flexible and pro-civilisation religions, as far as religions are concerned. If only Islam and Hinduism had something to learn from that!
    And by the way, congratulations Dota! An honour that is well deserved.

  5. For a long time, due to the ignorance of physiological 
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    palpitations, and so on,, psychological illusion in 
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    The sense of urgent urination would give rise to the dreamof looking for the toilet. In a cold night, thin quilt 
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