What Do Faggots Taste Like?

I was just wondering if any of you have ever eaten a faggot? Have you ever tasted a faggot? If you have, what do they taste like? Are they good? Are they delicious? Delectable? Delightful? Mouth-watering? Savory? Finger-lickin good? error3


0 thoughts on “What Do Faggots Taste Like?”

  1. ive been told i taste like french fries. to me faggots taste like cigarettes and alcohol but im usually really drunk so maybe its just my breath or whatever.

  2. Faggots should be eaten with mash (mashed potatoes), peas (frozen or processed, not mushy) and of course gravy. One is often enough, three always too many. A faggot is essentially a meatball. I realise why you Americans think they’re funny — just as we Brits can’t believe you would name your child Randy… and if your surname is already Baumgartner, well, you’ve got a barrowload of problems anyway.

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