Obama Up By 8-9 Points in Pew Poll

A new Pew poll out today has Obama up by 8-9 points among likely and registered voters, 8 points for likely voters (51-43) and 9 points for registered voters (51-42). It covered the period of September 12-16, beginning right after the Democratic Convention. This covers Mitt’s terrible gaffe on the attack on Libya and the anti-Mohammad movie released by anti-Islam activists in California. I’m not sure if it covers the period of Mitt’s latest mess-up in which he told a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats that Obama voters, 47 Anyway, it looks like Obama is starting to open up a wide lead. Mitt Romney looks like a terrible candidate. I am trying to be completely fair here and not be partisan at all. Even if I were a Republican, I would be embarrassed by this guy. I mean, do Romney voters really think it’s acceptable that Romney: Is worth $275 million yet never paid taxes for 10 years in a row? This out of touch plutocrat refuses to even release his tax returns to clear matters up, apparently because the accusations are true. Stores most of his cash in tax-free offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Thinks your “average middle class American” makes $250,000/year. Thinks half the population are welfare-leeching socialist bums, and he told this to a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats. Changes his position on issues so much that he’s a virtual human weather vane? We have no idea whatsoever what Willard will do once he gets in office, other than enrich his plutocrat pals. Romney voters say this is a selling point. A selling point? This guy is such a loose cannon, he’s taken every position possible on every issues, and we have no idea what he’s going to when he gets in office, and you think that’s good? I think it’s terrifying! Went to the UK and insulted the whole country. Went to Israel/Palestine and insulted the Palestinians by saying they had a lousy culture. Went to Israel and made Jews feel uncomfortable by telling them that they were great at making money. Says he won’t even try to get Israel and Palestine to make peace since the Palestinians don’t want peace. They just want to destroy Israel. Has taken every position possible on abortion, and then some, but seems to have settled on a Constitutional amendment banning all abortions. Says that Russia is our number one enemy? Our number one enemy? What’s he going to do? Start a war? Praised sweat shops, then said that they don’t exist anyway. Says once you are born in the US, 95 Claimed he was poor and near starving in college, a period during which his father gave him $500,000. Loves nothing on Earth more than firing people. It’s gives him a great thrill. Really? This is his favorite thing to do on Earth. Practiced sociopathic capitalism in which many good US firms were bought out in LBO’s, loaded up with a ton of debt, had all of their assets sold off, and then stuck with the bill. The companies were then forced to mass fire their workforce and get rid of benefits to pay off the raiders who wrecked the company. They also had to pay Mitt’s Mafia millions in consultant fees. Eventually, Mitt sells the firm for a hefty profit and ships the jobs out of the country. In some cases, the firm goes bankrupt. Mitt’s gangsters strew the nation with a post-WW 2 landscape of wrecked towns, cities and factories as firm after firm was hollowed out and destroyed, its workforce fired and the jobs shipped to China. That isn’t even capitalism. It’s Organized Crime. That’s what Mafioso do. Mitt Romney is no better than a Mafioso don. Told Detroit to go to Hell and urged the government to refuse to bail out our autoworkers, which would have ruined the US auto industry. Spends most of his time partying with millionaires and billionaires on his Cayman Islands chartered yacht. According to people who have met him, “Everyone’s a peon to Mitt.” He’s every spoiled rich brat you hated in high school and college, cubed. Claims he will get rid of the deficit with massive tax cuts on the rich and corporations. How does huge tax cuts fix a deficit problem? It only makes it worse. Unveils a tax plan in which he will pay only .84 Claims to be “unemployed” trying to gain sympathy by painting himself as poor, while he is worth $275 million. Called Obama a traitor for having the Egyptian embassy release a statement that Mitt said gave aid and comfort to the attackers at the Libyan embassy. Actually the statement was released the day before, was released by the embassy itself and was more along the lines of  “Please don’t kill us, Muslims,” in response to the video provocation and as such was perfectly reasonable. Supports wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth. The elderly will be forced to buy their own insurance on the open market. Why would anyone support this? What’s in it for them. By wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth, Mitt says he is “saving it.” Supports wiping Social Security off the face of the Earth. Supports cutting Medicaid by 50 Supports massive cuts in all social programs, cuts so large that eventually all such programs would be phased out entirely. You Romney supporters, you think that’s ok? I can’t see how you think the above is ok. This guy reminds me of Gordon Gecko and Leona Helmsley. He’s the snooty rich guy looking down his nose at 99 “Aren’t these servants so annoying?” Romney asks, referring to almost all of us. “Could you please pass me some more caviar?”

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0 thoughts on “Obama Up By 8-9 Points in Pew Poll”

    1. Really? You think Obama is a great President? You want him President for life? And what exactly is your political ideology again?

      1. Tulio is a Democrat, but I don’t think he is on the left wing of our party. Whether he is a Centrist or rightwing Democrat, I am not 100% sure. He’s a young Black guy who runs a business and likes money lol. He’s also patriotic. Why that is I have no idea. I think he had family members who served maybe.

        1. I’m registered as Independent. I voted for Obama and plan to do so again. I like him as a person quite a bit. He’s a lot like me, and not just racially. His temperament is almost identical to mine. I like his cool headed rationality. I like that he is not a rigid ideologue, for example even though he supports the Dream Act, he has still deported illegals in record number. I find this a nuanced and rational position. I like that he seeks consensus. I like that he thinks positions through rather than going “with his gut” as GWB did. He is measured and calculating, never impulsive. He is an intellectual, not just a folksy guy people want to have a beer with.
          I may join the Democratic party at some point, but I don’t feel compelled to as I can still vote for a Democratic president anyway. I’m slightly center left according to the Political Compass site. I’m more left on economic matters than the test would indicate, but my status on the left-right continuum is counter-weighted by my often conservative sentiments on cultural matters such as same-sex marriage, feminism and illegal immigration. I also don’t support multi-culturalism as a doctrine and believe in assimilation to Western values for immigrants. I don’t believe in political correctness.
          I don’t have any close family members that served in the military. I’m not hyper-patriotic either. I do get extremely annoyed at anti-Americanism from the left and think America is no worse a place than anywhere else. This is home, it was home to my parents, grand-parents, great-grand-parents and so forth. Unlike many of my Hispanic friends I don’t have another country I could flee too and fit in if shit ever hit the fan here. They have family in Mexico, they speak the language, they can blend in. Some dream of making a bunch of money in America and eventually returning to Mexico. If America is ever toast, where am I going to go? Nowhere. This is home, and I respect my home. I don’t want it trampled upon.

        2. I agree with Tulio in some ways. I am not wild about gender feminism, illegal immigration or even gay rights. I do support gay rights politically, but it’s kind of like equity feminism versus gender feminism. I support the equity feminist equivalent of gay rights. There is a gender feminist equivalent of gay rights which just aggressively promotes homosexuality, and I am against that. It’s a lot more common than you might think.

        3. Here is why I all but hate Obama, in spite of the 8 trillion, microscopic size things of good he’s done. He doesn’t believe in human rights, from Guantanamo to thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan (who you may hear about as insurgents killed). Under his Presidency our treatment of whistleblowers has never been worse, of which Bradley Manning is just one of many examples. He doesn’t believe in the rule of law or the Constitution or civil liberties as the defensive acts have shown http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2011/12/05/the-national-defense-authorization-act-is-the-greatest-threat-to-civil-liberties-americans-face/. From Bush tax cut expiration to public health care option he’s been a gutless coward on fighting for every, positive promise he ever campaigned on. I could go on all day. 30 years ago this creep would’ve been considered a moderate Republican. In fact the ONLY President Obama has sang the praises of is Reagan. Not JFK, not FDR, not Abra-fucking-ham Lincoln. Reagan. one of the worst Presidents ever, and yet this is who Obama has said he models himself after.
          My politics? I’m a registered ass kicker. I want the top .01 % to be taxed at the same rate FDR wanted: 100%. I want Wall St. to be behind bars – literally, I want Wall St. itself sealed off as a crime zone and closed down. I want glass-steagl reinstated. I want single payer health. I want the EPA to be the most powerful agency in the fed. govt. I want Bush and Cheney on trial. I want us to join the ICC and to gut the defense dept of its funding. The only conservative thing I want is for education to be privatized. I want more than abortion – I want euthanasia for everyone who doesn’t have a chance and for impoverished people globally to be spayed and neutered.

        4. Ha, who said anything about electability, T? I am so over this “lesser of two evils” bullshit. If the choice was Mitt Romney vs Rick Santorum in a general election would you then vote for Romney? If it were Santorum vs. Michelle Bachmann, would you cast your ballot for Rick?
          At what point do you draw the line? You couldn’t pay me to vote Democratic right now. I vote 3rd party because I reject belief in the two party system.

        5. Sorry if that was awkward. I don’t know if Know My Name was serious or not. Definately would encourage voluntary sterilization for super low IQs in return for benefits.

        6. “Encourage voluntary” anything is rife with mischief.
          I say we enforce forcible sterilization and forgot the niceties.

        7. Gay State Girl …. I was thinking about why I’m passionate about abortion in the first place … about all the people I want prevented from being born. Who are they? They are unwanted/unplanned/unintended children. Who do they usually turn out to be? People who are destined to live a miserable life from day one because of the conditions they are born into. That can be in America or India or in Asia. There’s got to be a more humane way to kill people for the sake of our species and planet. Euthanasia should be harnessed as our moral contribution to Earth.

      1. The problem with American politics in general is the cult of personality. Whether it was the Republicans with Reagan, Democrats with Obama, or for a time the PSM with cult figures like Norman Finkelstein, or the left in general with Chomsky.
        This country needs to move beyond the worship of personalities.

        1. Well, they’re not running for office, but at least among many people on the far left, Chomsky is something of a cult figure for them.
          And until he fell from grace and alienated the PSM, Finkelstein was similar.

        1. Obama is a piece of shit. Not in and of himself, mind you. He’s a piece of shit because he is not all he can be. This is how I feel about Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Men who can make a difference and capsize the cultural boat but who instead turn into opportunistic, egotistical tools, just like their White masters.

  1. A good start….I guess you must have run out of breath because you left out dog abuse, bullying, complaining about his draftdodging mission in Paris, and other inspirational history, not to mention repeal of the health care reform act.
    Once you catch your breath, start on the cold eyed liar that he would like to be a heart beat away from the presidency.

  2. Mitt is the quintessential ultra wealthy person’s candidate. It’s like if you were to make a mold for a candidate that hates the middle & working class, sucks on Ayn Rand’s tit and eschews sociopathic behavior as good; you would end up with Mitt. The guy makes Bush Jnr look like a friend of the average guy.
    Americans who vote this guy in, deserve to be screwed because it is crystal clear that he doesn’t give a toss about the Middle and Working class, and it is these 2 classes that make up the vast majority of American voters.

  3. We shall see…..but i have a feeling that things are not exactly what they seem…i have a feeling the Obama Bots are in for a rude awakening on Nov 6th 🙂

  4. Media types love Obama because he’s the kind of President they’d be — making a speech compensates for lack of administrative background. He might have been decent if he had spent a couple of full terms in the Senate, instead of 2/3 of one. But he just doesn’t have the skill set to work out the kind of budget deal that will be necessary in the next generation.
    Romney would be the perfect Republican to do such a thing. Unfortunately his party requires him to run as if his budget priorities would be unacceptable to a majority of Americans.

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