Why Do I Write About White People on Here?

A commenter asks:

Why the obsession with whiteness, Robert?

A few reasons. The first is that I love my people! I love them wherever they are on Earth. I support Pan-Aryanism, the unity of all the Whites or even Caucasians. I even or especially love my Caucasian brothers and sisters outside of Europe because they are so neglected and abused by some of my fellow Whites. I love being White. I wake up every morning, look up at the ceiling, and think, “Thank God for making me White!” I think everyone else should be free to feel just as good about their ethnicity as I do. But I want nothing to do with most pro-White people because almost all of them are racist jerks. I’m not interested in any kind of racist BS – I just love my people! I would support an anti-racist or non-racist pro-White movement, but it would probably never happen. To me pro-White just means feeling good about being White. It doesn’t mean up with the Whites and down with everyone else. As an internationalist, all workers are my brothers. The only enemies of the workers are our class enemies, the rich and the upper middle class. I am also very interested in the definition of Whiteness and how it is defined and whatnot. Caucasian is a real race for sure, not a social construct. The way Whiteness is defined, except by some Pan-Aryanists, is pretty much of a social construct, let’s face it. They define in everyone they like and they define out everyone they don’t like. Anyone who thinks Jews are not White needs to have their head examined. Just look at them.

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18 thoughts on “Why Do I Write About White People on Here?”

  1. for me it’s all about behavior. I believe God made everyone and he gave all free will… free will to be a douche bag if you want. So if you’re chinese, black, white whatever and you want to act out then you’re a douche bag. If you’re chinese, black, white whatever and you want to behave and do right then you’re okay in my book. Skin color didn’t make you rape, rob banks, do bad in general… you did because you’re a douche bag with free will.

  2. A new day is dawning for White pride as we ‘pale people’move in to becoming a minority in our own country that we founded.

  3. Robert, do you love your fellow mixed-race whites, like the Eurasians of glorious nation Kazakhstan, the mulattos of big booty Brazil, the mestizos of every American’s wet dream nation, Mexico, and the Australoid-Caucasoids of your most beloved and favorite nation, India?

    1. Well, I love all people you know. But not everyone is family. Some are family and some are not. The Caucasoids are part of my family! I mean, I might love a non-White with all my heart and soul, but they’re not part of my family, hear?
      There is a part of me that can respect a mixed person for having White in them, but it’s often hard to see with all the blending. I do like Hispanics that have a lot of White in them though. I like to see the White in them. It makes them feel like family. I feel pretty close to most Indians racially for some reason. I’m not sure why that is. I think it’s because on some level, they just look more or less Caucasian. And I do have a special spot in me for mulattos, especially the guys. They almost feel part of the family, maybe distant cousins. Plus they often act a lot better. Light skinned Blacks are often not so caught up in the worst Black culture and are more often to “act White.” About Kazakh types, not sure. The Whiter looking ones I could relate to quite well.
      I love women of all races. In particular, I’m a Rice King.

        1. They’re not my family. They don’t look like they are part of my family. Sorry about that! I mean, they are part of my human family, sure. But there’s another family that is more closely related to me than that, and that’s my racial family. I just feel closer to people who look like me is all.

  4. I have no attachement to white skin or white features (except maybe when it comes to lust for caucasian woman). If there is a deeper reason for preserving whiteness (genetic IQ?), then I’ll consider it, but otherwise, I don’t give a shit. I don’t see why anyone would want to preserve white skin for its own sake. There are far more important things in life. That is just superficial and shallow and dumb. What we are is far deeper than that.
    As for people who say they just want to preserve the beauty of different races, well that would be nice but its not worth the trouble of segregating mankind for. I don’t believe that is the way of love.

    1. I could give a shit about racial purity, but the multiculturalists just want to eliminate real diversity and have us all be a sea of bronze and tan under one global culture. You will find people advocating the immediate closure of all institutions with an ethnic or religious affliliation. These are *some* of the most intolerant people in the world.

      1. They don’t sound like mutli-culturalists. They sound like they don’t want multiple cultures coexisting. If racial or cultural integration or homogenization happens, it will happen in its own time. You can’t force it.
        Personally, I’m not particularly a multiculturalist and I’m not in favour of mass immigration. I just think it is pointless to care too much about preserving a skin colour, above and beyond just thinking it is a shame if it disappears. Its not really important, unless perhaps it is a marker for deeper genetic traits or something. If it is only about phenotype, it is truly superficial…
        I was a bit harsh last night, but it was directed at people who see preserving the ‘white race’ as their major concern, particularly the ones who overvalue a lack of melanin for its own sake.

  5. Could part of your very generous flavor of pan-Aryanism be motivated by a desire to prop up the number of whites on the planet? Since white Europeans are declining, counting people like Arabs and Indians will certainly inflate the numbers. I posted a photo of those 19 hijackers and astonishingly, you said most of them look white. I don’t think you will find pretty much any white people who would say that. That’s what makes me wonder if your real motivation here is make whites look more numerous than they actually are.

  6. I think there is definitely something in the smallness and softness of Asian woman making white men feel more masculine….and I think maybe more confident too. Its not only a physical thing though- they seem more shy and gentle too. When I was young, inexperienced and sexually insecure, I didn’t feel intimidated by Asian woman at all.
    I think having a masculine man and feminine woman suits the sexual dynamic between men and woman. Don’t worry though, caucasian woman are still my favourites.

    1. and of course, it is not only that they make us feel more masculine. We are turned on by femininity for its own sake, not just for how it makes us feel in comparison. Plus they are beautiful and they have good bodies.

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