What's Wrong with Loving Your Family?

Inaki writes, sarcastically:

Robert, do you love your fellow mixed-race whites, like the Eurasians of glorious nation Kazakhstan, the mulattos of big booty Brazil, the mestizos of every American’s wet dream nation, Mexico, and the Australoid-Caucasoids of your most beloved and favorite nation, India?

Well, I love all people you know. But not everyone is family. Some are family and some are not. The Caucasoids are part of my family! I mean, I might love a non-White with all my heart and soul, but they’re not part of my family, hear? There is a part of me that can respect a mixed person for having White in them, but it’s often hard to see with all the blending. I do like Hispanics that have a lot of White in them though. I like to see the White in them. It makes them feel like family. I feel pretty close to most Indians racially for some reason. I’m not sure why that is. I think it’s because on some level, they just look more or less Caucasian. And I do have a special spot in me for mulattos, especially the guys. They almost feel part of the family, maybe distant cousins. Plus they often act a lot better. Light skinned Blacks are often not so caught up in the worst Black culture and are more liekly to “act White.” About Kazakh types, not sure. The Whiter looking ones I could relate to quite well. I love women of all races. In particular, I’m a Rice King.

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  1. I belong to many families, as is the case with everyone on Earth. As a Filipino, I belong to a family I am genetically closest to — Southeast Asians, in particular, and East Asians in general. However, I also belong to a group of people I’m culturally closest to, Latin Americans, people colonized by Spain and heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. Even though I’m irreligious, based on my personal experience, I feel closer to Latin Americans, even though they may genetically be less similar to me, than Malaysians, Indonesians, or Vietnamese. Heck, I feel more at ease with white Americans than I do with Japanese, even if the latter speak English perfectly. Bottom line is I consider a white class conscious working class person to belong to the same family I belong to; I don’t consider an ultra-rich right-wing Filipino, no matter how closely he resembles me genetically, to be part of my family.

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