Uncle Saddam (2000)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt9CStVF20k] Pretty poorly done movie that is probably nevertheless one of the best movies ever done about Saddam Hussein and his sick, screwed up family. The same sort of epic corruption and horrific abuse of power was seen with Ben Ali in Tunisia, Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt, though Saddam was more murderous than all of them. I do think that Saddam tried to take care of his people pretty well at the end of the day, but that’s down to his philosophy of Baath socialism more than anything else. The hospitals were ruined and the people impoverished mostly due to the UN sanctions. The sanctions killed at least 1.5 million Iraqis, mostly via untreated water. The parts to fix the water treatment system were deliberately denied by the US and UK crackers on the UN committee. The only possible reason apparently was to slaughter as many Iraqis as possible. In addition, imports of most medical treatment was denied under “dual use” rules which were horribly abused by the US and UK. Turns out he already got rid of all of his WMD’s anyway. The sanctions were to make him get rid of his WMD’s, and he already got rid of them long ago. Then followed the fake inspections, the fake lies about the WMD’s cooked up by the imperialist worms in the US and UK and Zionist dogs in Israel. After that, the fake war, the criminal, Nazi like war of aggression against the Iraqi people launched by the imperialist dog Bush. Saddam was the scum of the Earth, but things are way worse with him gone. The war was nothing but a colonialist war of aggression. In true colonialist fashion, the Anglo imperialists and their mostly White lackeys attempted to take over the Iraqi economy and siphon most of the wealth out of the country under the flag or “free market capitalism.” Up to $9 Billion was simply flat out stolen from the Iraqi people’s oil revenues. The theft was accomplished in plain site, and the imperialist US media simply refused to report on it. In addition, much of the Iraqi people’s property was stolen at the beginning of the invasion right under the approving eyes of the Anglo imperialist dogs. A lot of it was shipped straight to Kuwait as revenge war booty. Anglos aren’t the only thieving colonialist criminals in the area, and the Arab mind is primitive and brutal, unwashed with modernist and civilizing pretensions. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse for outdated colonial wars of aggression and thievery. It’s shameful that most Americans are not sickened by the criminal conduct of their state in that war. The only conclusion is that apparently most Americans are simply down with US imperialism and neocolonialism. Thank God for the Iraqi resistance, horrific though they were, for driving the imperialist conquering army out of the land. Regarding Western colonial/imperial invasions and conquests, along similar lines, after the Western imperialist conquest of Libya, the Western criminals, who had frozen most of the Libyan people’s money in their banks, apparently just flat out stole hundreds of billions of the Libyan people’s money. War under capitalism is always about the booty, the loot. Just forget everything else. All the rest is jingoistic bull and political lies, but the yahoos fall for it every time.

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6 thoughts on “Uncle Saddam (2000)”

  1. Robert, this is so slanted. He could’ve had those sanctions lifted if he had fully complied with UN resolutions which he clearly did not. Blaming the deaths of Iraqis on the US/UK is like blaming the malnutrition in N. Korea on the UN rather than the psychopaths that run that country.

    1. @ Tulio
      I’m no fan of U.S. interventionism/imperialism either.
      However, I feel that a lot of people on the left shoot themselves in the foot whenever they act as apologists for despotic 3rd world dictators, simply because they happen to oppose Western imperialism.

  2. Saddam Hussein was a secularist and he ruled Iraq with an iron first because that’s how it’s gotta be with those people. Now there’s sectarian violence and the Christians are being slaughtered.
    The neocons/Zionists always have regime change as their hidden agenda. We went into Afghanistan hunting down terrorists that supposedly did 911 and we had no other choice but to do a regime change. We were only supposed to disarm Iraq. No weapons to be found but while we’re here let’s do a regime change!
    Anyway, I think Saddam Hussein was a good leader for the country known as Iraq.

  3. “The only conclusion is that apparently most Americans are simply down with US imperialism and neocolonialism.”
    The only conclusion is they bought the propaganda. WMD, the war on terror, liberating the Iraqi people. The background sense that America is Good and virtuous.

  4. Dear Robert
    You forgot to mention the bombing campaign ordered by Bush senior. That destroyed much of Iraq’s infrastructure, although it didn’t kill many people. It was totally unnecessary. Bush senior actually had a chance to wage a clean war by limiting all the violence to the Iraqi military in Kuwait. He chose not to do it. I cheered when he was voted out of the White House.
    Economic sanctions may have some justification against a democracy like Israel because in a democracy people can change the behavior of their government or change the government itself. Economic sanctions against dictatorships are ethically indefensible, except in special cases. They are comparable to punishing the children of a gangster in order to make him do something. Suppose that a ganster is in hiding. The police want him to turn himself in, so they cut off the water, heat and electricity to his family and put them on a starvation diet. Is that right? Well, that is the logic of economic sanctions against dictatorships.
    As a long as a significant portion of the American population believes in American exceptionalism, there will be support for every war that the US government chooses to fight. An exceptional country can’t wage an unjust war, can it? The silliness of it all lies in the assumption that countries fight wars. No, they don’t. Governments do. The phrase “to fight for one’s country” is like saying “to pay taxes to one’s country”. The same Tea Partiers who so strongly believe that governments can’t do anything right at home will uncritically support any war that the government chooses to fight abroad. Just incredible!
    Regards. James

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