STD Overview for the Straight, Single Male in the US

If you’re a White guy in the US banging non-prostitutes, you won’t get much in the way of STD’s anyway. White non-prostitutes do sometimes have chlamydia, Trichomonas, Herpes 2 and genital warts, but they are not that common.
I know a guy who used to pick up prostitutes off the streets and he caught gonorrhea twice, both times from a Black woman.
Syphilis is rare in the White non-prostitutes community. In the straight community in the US, it is usually found among Hispanic prostitutes who service illegal aliens.
I’ve never met a man who got HIV from a woman in the US.
With chlamydia and gonorrhea, you get symptoms. You get burning with chlamydia, and with gonorrhea, you get very strong burning and a yellowish discharge. Gonorrhea goes away with about three days of antibiotics.
Syphilis is very rare, and you get strong symptoms, mainly a chancre. You won’t mistake a chancre for anything else.
There are often symptoms with genital warts, but in many cases, you have the wart virus with no symptoms. You can go to the doctor and get them burned or frozen off, and you should. I recommend that all young men get the HPV vaccine as it can cause cancer in males. They are only offering it to females, which seems wrong to me. Past a certain age, 80% of the population has HPV anyway, so you’re not alone.
You will get symptoms with Herpes 2. You get blisters in the genital area, and in the early stages you also get flu-like symptoms. Then it sort of goes into remission, and only comes out once in a while. You take pills as soon as it shows, and it goes away again. It’s incurable, but it’s practically nothing to be honest. I know a guy who screwed more women that most armies, and he kept on getting Herpes over and over from different women. You would get a new infection in a new place. But really you only have one infection. It’s just coming out in different spots. Anyway, 1 out of 6 adults has it, so you’re not alone.
Trichomonas is nothing. Males get no symptoms. However, you can give it to a woman, and she gets a nasty infection which goes away in few days with an anti-parasite medication.
HIV is really nothing to worry about, but be careful with streetwalkers, as they might have it. If you have regular sex with an HIV positive woman, you might get it, maybe. A great big huge maybe.
The rest of the venereal diseases are pretty much confined to the gay male community and for all intents and purposes, you don’t have to worry about them if you are straight.

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