In Praise of Asian Women

Em writes:

Lol@rice king! I never knew there was a name for this type of man! Many White men are attracted to Asian women actually. Its quite common. My step mother is Korean, two cousins, and two uncles are with Asian women too. This has completely baffled the blonde, blue eyed women of my family. The white women sit and stare at each other on Christmas not understanding what exactly has happened. I put it down to three things. Asian women are smaller, so the height and weight difference makes men feel more masculine, they age better than White women and still look extremely young at 40, and have the tastiest yet healthiest cooking of all races and actually enjoy the role of cooking for their husbands and children. Asians are huge on fish, include every kind of vegetable in their dishes and aren’t into sweets much. Most Asian women are thin too. Most of my Asian female friends wholeheartedly refuse to date Asian men. These single Asian friends only want to date white males! My Chinese girlfriend from Singapore who is 64 and recently divorced says Chinese men are “ugly” and “not as handsome as White men.” I was shocked to hear of her speak about her own race like that.

This is pretty much the standard paean to Asian women. The last paragraph was disturbing though. We are seeing this so much in the West. Asian women refusing to date Asian men. I have even heard of it in the East. I have run into a number of Thai women who told me that they don’t like Thai men. I feel sorry for the guys. Poor guys. What the heck is going on here anyway?

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70 thoughts on “In Praise of Asian Women”

      1. Robert Do you know why Indians women age bad and often look like Cows -here is another degeneracy from Indian airlines which is bankrupt and living on Tax payers money.
        Air hostess eats passengers food and some times they even have group sex, This just shows how degenerate these indian race is, if not nuked entire human race will become extinct because of these degenerate indians

  1. What about in terms of looks. I personally find Northeasternsers more attractive but all the white guys who go to Asia seem to go the Souteast.

    1. Southeast Asian women are poorer and thus more likely to look to a foreigner as a means of escape from poverty. Being a foreigner carries more value in Thailand or the Philippines than it does in Korea.

      1. Too bad the post is meaningless. Unfortunately for whites mixed coupling regardless of which sex means continued disappearance of Good Ole’ Whitey. Me, the nigs, and Cherokee will miss you all, a little. Not.

        1. “mixed coupling regardless of which sex means continued disappearance of Good Ole’ Whitey. Me, the nigs, and Cherokee will miss you all, a little. Not.”
          Careface. Our children and their children and their children will live on, even if they aren’t white. Why be attached to a hair colour or skin colour?
          And if rebirth/ reincarnation is true, as some of your philosophies say, I’ll just be reborn as a non-white person, if reborn in this world at all.
          Maybe you will be an Egyptian who will be called a sand nigger by NE Asian nationalists. Now that would be justice.

        2. Steve,
          Reincarnation is random. There is no personal duty to the dead or to the unborn. No need to spin your head about this.
          The continued existence of races is another thing altogether. Karma seems to actually work on countries and civilizations in a broad way. Maybe whites don’t care about white preservation because whites killed so many already. Tipping point and all that. Niggers win. God favors the nigger.

        3. Hacienda
          Do you condone collective punishment? (even if it is meted out by a supernatural force). I know you believe that whitey’s time under the sun is over, but do you think that this outcome is just?

        4. @ Dota
          I think we all already know the answer to that question.
          It’s times like this when I wish the U.S. had just let South Korea rot.

        5. “Karma seems to actually work on countries and civilizations in a broad way.” (Hacienda)
          “Do you condone collective punishment? (even if it is meted out by a supernatural force). I know you believe that whitey’s time under the sun is over, but do you think that this outcome is just?” (Dota)
          He has a point in that there are natural consequences to what we do, even collectively. Not that it is meted out by a personal agent. The British colonised South Asia and as a result there has been an influx of South Asians to Britain. Similar story with other parts of the commonwealth. Karma is action and the results of action. The results of our past actions is that half of Bradford is Pakistan.
          I’m not even saying that is a negative. Seen differently, it could just be part of a process of global integration to some positive end. I can’t see the bigger picture.
          Maybe he even has a point about our wish to preserve ourselves. Could be karma for all I know. The native north Americas were practically genocided.
          But then again, I don’t think these racial things are as important as he seems to. And I don’t think reincarnation is ‘random’ by any means. Karma applies just as much to the individual imho.

        6. “Maybe he even has a point about our wish to preserve ourselves. Could be karma for all I know. The native north Americas were practically genocided.”
          Another (perhaps less mystical or mysterious) way of looking at this: how has our collective consciousness been affected by colonialism?

        7. “Do you condone collective punishment? (even if it is meted out by a supernatural force). I know you believe that whitey’s time under the sun is over, but do you think that this outcome is just?”
          I don’t know if it’s just. I’m just happy to see certain things play out that just seem fair to me. And I’ll tend to help push those things along.
          One thing which seems fair is mass non-white immigration into the United States given 1. the military history and build up of the US 2. the historical racism of the US 3. slavery and Indian elimination.
          I sure as hell don’t believe there’s a unitary and everlasting punishment I need to hand out to whitey, though. I’m not God. Goddamn.

  2. Just met a SE Asian girl born and raised in France. Her boyfriend is white and she told me she doesn’t like Asian men and has never dated one and has no intentions of ever doing so. All her boyfriends have been white. She said she has a black friend from Cape Verde who refuses to date black men. Only wants white men.
    Honestly I’m getting sick of this fucking shit. Non-white women who only want white men. Like there are tons of fat, ugly and balding white guys. They aren’t all a bunch of George Clooneys.
    This isn’t a problem so much with black women(at least not black American women anyway), it seems to be more an issue with Asian(and I mean all of Asia including E, SE, India and ME) and Latin American women. And of course white guys naturally are going to get first pick of the best looking white women.
    I have to say if there is any reason I’m angry/jealous at white men it’s their advantage in access to a wide variety of pussy.

    1. Hmm, I think this is only really an issue with Asians.
      If anything, when it comes to interracial black/white romance, black men are much more likely to hook up with white women than white men with black women.
      I don’t know the stats with Hispanics, but it seems that Hispanic guys do a decent job with white women, at least based on my own observations. I’ve only seen a few WM/Hispanic female couples in my lifetime.
      With regards to white men getting the best selection of white women, that’s how it should be, LOL.

      1. @ Tulio
        If anything for black Americans, it tends to be the women, and not the men, who end up the losers in the whole interracial romance scene.
        They’re perhaps the one exception to the whole pussy on the pedestal/women have all the power in dating rule.

        1. Also, one more thing.
          Being white and showing up doesn’t mean you’ll have girls all over you. Not even Asian ones.
          You still have to have game and other certain alpha male qualities.
          Well, let’s just say that it sucks to be a beta male period, regardless of race. Especially in this country.

        2. @ Hacienda
          “Jacking off on your keyboards.” Really classy, Hacienda.
          I guess it’s random mouth diarrhea like that little display that has earned you the nickname Halucienda.

        3. Geeks? Haha. I find that highly amusing coming from an East Asian, to say the least. ESPECIALLY a Korean.
          Don’t you have some Starcraft tournament to go compete in?

        4. I’m surprised thats coming from the mouth of an EAST ASIAN. The least attractive white wannabe race in the world and the last consideration of any upper tier women of any other race LOL!!

    2. All these Asian women are trying to marry / procreate up the racial ladder.They are calculating in choosing a mate, they want their offspring to look closer to White and subsequently be seen as better than full Asian kids.
      You can put it down to pure evolutionary motivation.

      1. The evolutionary motivation smacks of being a hasty conclusion, to be honest. I don’t think everything under the sun can be explained by psych-evo. There may be other things however, such as Asian men being the shortest, the lack of “game” and high social skills amongst many Asian men and their general perception as being nerdy and the antithesis of sexy as women define it.
        To accept your argument, I would have to believe that Asian women are predisposed toward low racial self-esteem. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Asian women in general hate being Asian. Also, I realize that many Asian women, even some living Western countries do date Asian men. I see AM/AF couples all the time. But it seems as though amongst the younger generation, it’s just “cool” to be with a white guy.

        1. “Asian men being the shortest” is an evolutionary reason for Asian women to pine for taller and larger White men.
          I don’t know what you mean by “predisposed towards low racial self esteem” , but if you mean biologically, then I would disagree. I do think they have an inferiority complex and find White men more attractive than Asian men. Plastic surgery (to look Caucasoid) and skin whitening creams / procedures are popular in Asia.

        2. Even without being short or being nerdy, Asians as a race are just too doomed and alien looking. The last option for the top tier girl of another race, is an Asian guy. I’ll be honest, i’ve never seen an Egyptian or Middle Eastern girl ever express interest in an Asian guy, and I am not talking about the conservative ones either. Upper class liberal Egyptian/Middle Eastern girls are some of the finest specimens in the world, but I have never seen them EVER express interest in an Asian guy before. Here is a sample of what they can look like:


        3. those asian women are delusional; nature designed asian men enough taller than them, white men are even taller; but is not like asian men and women have the same size, the sexual diphormism also exists in them, they are whitewashed, thats it, also asians aren’t small dicks, they are right and proportional dick according to their total height, impossible to compare standards, sigh

  3. I heard many good things about Asian woman, especially that they’re very traditional and reserved. I really don’t know why they wouldn’t date Asian men, though. It is weird. Maybe it’s just the fact that Whites are the dominant group in the U.S. and dating them is a way to gain status in their mind. But I also read a blog where some Asian women were complaining about Asian men being too controlling. Is that possible? There is definitely a male-centered culture in places like China and they’re not really shy about their preference for male children etc. I wonder if that makes Asian men more sexist and/or less accommodating than Whites.

  4. I’m asexual, i see no point in any type of sexual relationship. To me it’s all pointless and disgusting to such an extent that i’m planning on getting an operation to remove the nerves in my private area, so to stop getting aroused over particualar types of females.

      1. I’d prefer to have no sexual orientation. In my opinion sex and close intimate relationships are just pathetic pointless endeavours. Why would you enjoy putting your penus into some random female vagina, pull and push with it inside her for a few minutes and then have her interior produced juices all over your private area once the climax is reached. Come on, sexual intercourse is just a primitive urge, i get more aroused thinking about earning lotsa money then squidging about the insides of some women.

  5. Why would you go with an Asian if you could get a good looking white girl? She’d have to be a fucking movie star to have any chance. Same with black women, some are alright but they’re just not in the same league. The exception is the hispanics, who are possibly better looking than white women.
    I do think it’s funny, the triumphalism around the WM/AF when I’ve seen the same people whinge about the BM/WF partnership. That’s surely beta male behavior.

  6. I don’t think it does hit the nail on the head, at least not fully. It does’nt explain why white females would go to black males when they can probably choose higher status white males. I think this is where the differences in masculinity, character etc. come into it.
    We don’t really get a chance to see if Asian women would choose lower status white males.

  7. @Beatrix
    ” Everything from the ’round eye’ look(reduction of the epicanthic fold), ‘alarplasty’ (narrowing the nostrils to a ‘pinched’ nose Caucasoid look), reducing cheekbones/neck liposuction to a more slender look and reducing prominent jaws are the most popular facial surgeries among these groups.”
    Also surgery to raise and or narrow the nose bridge. Lots of Asians like some Black people have low and broad nose bridge.
    Heres an Asian American plastic surgeon offering to rectify the unflattering low and wide nose bridge….his words not mine.
    ” Asian patients are predisposed to a number of unique nasal features, including a nose that sits deeper in the face to conceal the underside of the nose, a wider, flatter nasal bridge, and wider nostrils. At his practice located in San Francisco, Dr. Albert Chow performs Asian rhinoplasty to resolve these common problems, giving Asian patients attractive noses that flatter their surrounding facial features.”
    ” Dr. Chow can build up a clearly defined bridge and alter the shape of the nasal tip. ”
    Asians want to look like Whites, thats why Asian women go after White men. Obviously I am not saying this is across the board sentiment but it is significant.

    1. @pepperoncini,
      I seen a show about fashion models in Japan, recently. White models are coveted there, especially blondes. And it seems they prefer mixed race white/Asian models to full Asian models too.
      I don’t blame them, I’ve always thought that in terms of proportions and variety, the white face has no competition. From an architectural point of view, it’s superior.

      1. I’m curious, do Asian women / Asian society deny their inferiority complex and White wannabe mentality?
        I’ll also say that this applies to all Asians (South, South-East and North East) and Near Eastern/Middle Eastern people.
        Euro wannabe look is quite popular in the MiddleEast. Plastic surgery to look Northern Europid is popular in Iran and Lebanon. Tehran is often called the nose-job capital of the world.

  8. The census shows Asians pair with Asians iif there are other Asians around. Sorry y’all but whites are 2nd choice. Blacks? Pure porno.

  9. Talking about Asian woman going with white guys abroad, I have it on good authority that guys who can’t get laid in America, can get laid fairly easily in Japan. The west is fashionable and lots of Japanese just base their ideas of westerners on movies. There are guys who stay in Japan just because they can get sex there.

    1. I’ve actually been to Japan. There are a lot of white guys on the margins there chasing tail. Their like monkeys that take whatever’s leftover and handed them. Pathetic.Whites serously need to reexamine what the fuck is happening to them on planet Earth.

      1. Outstanding! I like walking around Tokyo and Seoul. Visual feast. Always find something interesting. And there’s a surprising number of attractive white women there. AM/WF. It’s the future, we’re going to restore the old order. The Ancient Regime.

      2. Photos.
        while I do believe you about that, don’t try to paint it like the only white guys there are getting left overs. If you are young and decent looking, you have hot young girls after you. Fact.

      3. Steve,
        You’re the Church attending Christian. You have a vast ability to make believe. So make believe I’m telling the truth. Photos, my ass.

      4. “Whites serously need to reexamine what the fuck is happening to them on planet Earth.”
        White people have passed their peak as a % of world population. That’s because we did excessively well in the past (from an evolutionary type point of view.) We spread to and took over two new continents (if you exclude S. America). Every dog has its day. Now the tide is turning in North America. However, Australia and Europe is still high majority white population. The UK still around 90% white, as is the city I live in. If white skin disappears in the future, it will be self-inflicted. We could still just stop immigration. We have two continents. America is a lost cause from preserving ‘the white race’ point of view.
        Or if keeping Europe white fails, we would have to become endogamous like the Jews were. I guess this is what some white nationalists advocate? Being more like Jews lol.
        Not that preserving the ‘white race’ is something I generally care about or concern myself with. I’d be happy to see more and more integration on a global scale. The tribalism isn’t something I like.
        If you look at it in terms of caucasian, the actual race, what percentage of world population are we?

        1. “Or if keeping Europe white fails, we would have to become endogamous like the Jews were. I guess this is what some white nationalists advocate? Being more like Jews lol.”
          It’s registering!

  10. East Asian women are oozing of femininity and treat their boyfriends/husbands like babies, this is what attracts a large number of men considering women all across the world are losing their femininity.
    The biggest gripe Thai girls have against dating Thai men is the perceived disloyalty of the Thai man and that they are not as good as providers compared to non Thais.

    1. There are several factors at work. Feminity is obviously big but there is also this perception that white = affluence. For Asian women that is. Better providers, higher status ect
      For Arabs it seems that a white girl is prestige symbol. White concubines were especially valuable since their supply was traditionally limited. Guess the sentiment has carried over the centuries.

      1. Ah yes, the Arabs (and other Muslims) “acquired” hundreds of thousands (if not more) of white slaves.
        A fact that various anti-Western, post colonial academics, who insist that Islam was one of the greatest things to ever happen to the West, would rather not mention.

        1. Not hundred’s of thousands by no means, but I would still say that the benefits of Muslim science outweighed the negitive consequences of slavery, for Europe that is. Once Europe managed to secure its own borders white slavery eventually faded away. Don’t forget that many of these white slaves were also owned by Jews and Christians (whites) living within Muslim lands as Bernard Lewish points out. Slavery wasn’t just practiced by Muslims (although they were the main drivers).

        2. but I would still say that the benefits of Muslim science outweighed the negitive consequences of slavery
          Well, forgive me Dota, but doesn’t that sound similar to the arguments employed by apologists for Western imperialism?
          (and imperialism in general)
          You could just as easily say that the benefits of Western technology and ideas outweighed the exploitative nature of colonialism.
          And with regards to the Muslims, it wasn’t just slavery/slave raiding, but also the frequent invasions of Europe. I don’t think the people of the Balkans would say that they benefitted from Ottoman imperialism.

        3. @ Dota
          Just to clarify, are you disagreeing about the numbers?
          Also, good point about securing the borders. A lesson certain European liberal morons would be wise to heed.

        4. BAG
          I barely read a couple of chapters of Edward Said’s second book but it seemed to me that he was exploring the possibility of imperialism and innovation going hand in hand. So while the Brits wrecked India we also got modernity, industrialization, infrastructure, and English (their greatest gift). But it’s key to draw a distinction between old and new imperialisms. Medieval and antiquity imperialisms were more centralized and hence as the center prospered, that prosperity would eventually trickle down onto the periphery. Scotland was colonized by the English but Scotland was never India. Ditto with the Romans and Arabs. These empires in some cases brought prosperity by opening new trade routes which exported surplus (very important). Something changed with modern imperialism. The Brits understood from the Spanish (who had plundered Incan gold) that simply plundering physical wealth was a bad idea since it would destroy the economy through inflation. Their strategy was to bleed their colonies of Capital. Modern Western imperialism has had far uglier long term effects than the empires of old. With regards to slavery, the arabs fished a pond for an extended time thereby preserving its population. Whites overfished the pond for a much shorter duration than the Arabs but endangered the population. Part of it had to do with Capitalism, and part of it was the technological gap. Pity there was no prime directive back then, but such advanced morality could only come out of western civilization nonetheless.
          And yes, I am sceptical about those numbers because not even Lewis provides any estimates in his book race and slavery in the middle east which deals exclusively with Arab slavery (unless I missed something).

        5. Re: slavery
          I’m not just talking about the Arab slave trade, but also the slave raiding by various North African pirates that extended as far as Iceland at times.

  11. Hi Em, yeah I think status seeking and internalized racism (as in the belief that Caucasian or Caucasian mixed people are more attractive or otherwise better than full Asians) could be mostly to blame.
    Asian men also get a very bad rap in North America. I grew up in Argentina where they’re mostly either ignored or depicted as martial artists (which isn’t that negative) but here in the U.S. they’re stereotyped as extremely undesirable for some reason… we all know about the penis stereotype. So I’m sure that turns some women off from dating them as well.
    I’m actually seeing an Asian guy and he is pretty controlling. He’s one of these people who will go over whatever task you’ve performed and will get mad if he says “we’re leaving” and you take a couple of minutes to get going. But this could just be his personality, I can’t really guarantee it was his upbringing/culture. It’s just something I’ve wondered.

  12. @ Dota
    If you want to know my angle on this specific issue, it’s just that I get tired of the way leftist/anti-Western academics treat Western empires as the greatest evils of all time, while simultaneously romanticizing Eastern civilizations.

    1. BAG
      I know what you mean and it is annoying. I took post colonial studies electives. I’m not saying that the European empires were uniquely evil , just uniquely destructive. Different times, including new technology that was never before seen and more importantly awakening nationalisms in Europe. Awakening nationalisms have always resulted in wars, right from antiquity. Cyrus & the Persian empire = war; Arabs + Islam = war; Genghis Khan + Mongol tribal unity = war. You get the idea. Throw in capitalism and you’ve got yourself a deadly brew.
      As far as romanticizing goes, my theory is that this is an extention of white guilt as whitey tries to compensate for the ‘inferiority’ of the conquered. Example: Are they technoloically backward? Let’s just emphasize their rich spiritual heritage instead. See? It’s vae victus turned on its head; shall we call it vae victor? (If I may coin my own latin expression).

      1. That’s fair enough, Dota.
        Also, just to clarify, I’m not just talking about the romanticization of “primitive” groups (ie. emphasizing the spirituality of the indigenous peoples of North America, etc).
        I’m also talking about the tendency of these post colonial types to romanticize non-Western empires. The Abbasid Dynasty seems to be among their favorites. Islamic Spain another. Never mind that non-Muslims were second class citizens, and to the extent that there was “tolerance,” it only existed so long as non-Muslims knew their place.
        For example, in Islamic Spain, the leaders of the Christian and Jewish communities would have to annually submit themselves to a humiliation. Basically, letting their Muslim overlords know that they were subservient.
        Not to mention that there was slavery and torture during the Abbasid empire, and if you study Iranian history, there were also several bloody revolts.
        I’m all for introducing a version of history that refutes Eurocentric myths. However, what I’m NOT for is an alternative history that sanitizes and romanticizes non-whites.
        Let’s actually teach objective history for once.

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