Iranians and Mediterraneans – A Close Relationship?

Here. A man, apparently a Southern European, had his DNA tested at an online site. He noticed that several Iranians matched his DNA profile. He then noted that three of his Iranian friends had DNA that tested closest to Southern Europeans (Mediterraneans, or Meds), closer to them than even South Asians or Middle Easterners. This is what I have always thought about Iranians. In addition, when I meet Iranians, I often say, “You folks are White, right?” They always very enthusiastically nod their heads. “Yes! We are White!” One even told me that Iranians were “a European people.” It’s true that all of these folks were ethnic Persians and not members of other ethnic groups in Iran. But there is something so White about Persians and Iranians. To me they have always seemed like “Europeans outside of Europe.” Looking at their Indo-European language, there is something to that. The same wave that brought Persian to Iran also brought the IE languages and genes to Europe. So in this view, Iranians will be closer to Greeks, Turks, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese than to anyone else. If you look at Persians closely, you can’t help but see the resemblance. It is time we welcome the Iranians and Persians into our great White family. They will be right at home with us.

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35 thoughts on “Iranians and Mediterraneans – A Close Relationship?”

  1. It depends on the Iranian region. The ones closer to Mesopotamia will cluster with Near Easterners . The ones in Baluchistan will cluster with Afghans and Pakistanis.
    Persians are a mixed race ethnic group. Made up of Indo-Iranians and the pre Indo-European people of what is now Iran, Elamites being one such group.

  2. Pepperoncini is right, the reason why Persians don’t look like Germans or (ethnic) Russians is because most ethnic Persians descend from a mixture of Indo-European (IE) peoples and pre-IE peoples (who may have had a connection with the Dravidians) like the Elamites, In fact, I think the ancient non-IE peoples of Iran were not very dark (the original Dravidians were probably not very dark either, today in India they are just mixed with Australoid) because according to genetic studies, many typical IE genetic markers are found in small proportions (or even absence of) in Persians, suggesting that the IE invasion of Persia was more a language-replacement (like the Turkic invasions in Anatolia) than actual large scale settlement. I have seen studies that show that north Indians carry more typical IE markers (35%) than do Persians. Of course, there are other minorities of Iranians who are of other ethnic groups that look whiter than Persians, such as Kurds and Azeris.

    1. “Pepperoncini is right, the reason why Persians don’t look like Germans or (ethnic) Russians is because most ethnic Persians descend from a mixture of Indo-European (IE) peoples and pre-IE peoples”
      Wrong. They don’t look like Germans or Russians because Germans and Russians are mixed with pre-IE Europeans and Uralics. Persians are much closer to the original IE type (essentially a Caucasic or Anatolian looking person but with a longer head) than the average German or Russian.

      1. Iran was not vacant, there were large civilizations prior to the Avestan speaking Indo-Iranians colonizing the area. The pre IE people were assimilated into the Indo-Iranian culture . So the swarthy Elamite types and others just adopted Indo-Iranian tongues gradually.
        Slavs are probably the closest to the original IE peoples since they live in the PIE homeland.

        1. None of the regions the PIE’s settled were vacant. PIE’s mixed with native people wherever they settled. Then those mixed IE people expanded west/east and mixed with other people.
          The PIE homeland is in dispute. Some say Southern Russia, some sat East-Central Europe, some say Anantolia etc.
          IMO the IE’s were most likely Caucasic looking like modern day Chechens or Georgians – realtively light skin, dark nair, mostly dark but sometimes light eyes, hairy, prominent convex noses. There is a hint of this type in all IE speaking peoples of Europe, West Asia and South Asia. Slavic types – Baltics, Eastern Nordics etc. – are not universal throughout the IE peoples. The Baltic type in particular is very rare outside of NE Europe. There’s no logical reason to believe the PIE’s were Slavic looking.

  3. Iranians are closest to Southern Europeans on 23andMe’s Global Similarity because 23andMe lacks West Asian samples.
    Actually, the blog entry you linked to explains it:
    “What does it mean to say that Iranians are “Southern European”?… Well, it should not be taken literally. They’re obviously not from Southern Europe. What 23andMe’s ‘Global Similarity’ tool is saying is that, of their reference populations, from a genetic point-of-view Iranians are closest to their “Southern European” reference population.
    (Also, of their reference populations, from a genetic point-of-view Iranians 2nd closest to their “Northern European” reference population. And, of their reference populations, from a genetic point-of-view Iranians 3nd closest to their “Near Easterner” reference population. And, of their reference populations, from a genetic point-of-view Iranians 4th closest to their “Central Asian” reference population. Etc.)”

  4. 23andMe gives weird results for some people. For instance, Somalis get something like 80% European.
    Anyway, these are 50 populations closest to Iranians using the DodecadOraclek12b:
    [1,] “Iranian_D” “0”
    [2,] “Kurd_D” “3.2496”
    [3,] “Kurds_Y” “4.329”
    [4,] “Iranians” “5.2288”
    [5,] “Uzbekistan_Jews” “12.2915”
    [6,] “Turkmens_Y” “16.1991”
    [7,] “Turks” “16.2877”
    [8,] “Azerbaijan_Jews” “17.9588”
    [9,] “Iranian_Jews” “18.4347”
    [10,] “Georgia_Jews” “18.6807”
    [11,] “Assyrian_D” “18.7989”
    [12,] “Turkish_D” “19.0756”
    [13,] “Armenians_15_Y” “19.6916”
    [14,] “Kumyks_Y” “19.7504”
    [15,] “Iraq_Jews” “20.449”
    [16,] “Armenian_D” “20.878”
    [17,] “Lezgins” “22.8543”
    [18,] “Lebanese” “23.1763”
    [19,] “Armenians” “24.3306”
    [20,] “Syrians” “24.8119”
    [21,] “Chechens_Y” “25.639”
    [22,] “Druze” “26.2913”
    [23,] “Jordanians” “27.229”
    [24,] “Adygei” “27.9594”
    [25,] “North_Ossetians_Y” “28.3722”
    [26,] “Balkars_Y” “28.5419”
    [27,] “Tajiks_Y” “29.2341”
    [28,] “Nogais_Y” “29.3993”
    [29,] “Cypriots” “29.7447”
    [30,] “Palestinian” “30.7583”
    [31,] “Sephardic_Jews” “32.295”
    [32,] “Ashkenazy_Jews” “33.6982”
    [33,] “Morocco_Jews” “34.4777”
    [34,] “Samaritians” “34.4829”
    [35,] “S_Italian_Sicilian_D” “34.6742”
    [36,] “Ashkenazi_D” “34.8215”
    [37,] “Abhkasians_Y” “35.246”
    [38,] “Sicilian_D” “35.6347”
    [39,] “Greek_D” “37.1997”
    [40,] “Egyptans” “37.8686”
    [41,] “Yemenese” “38.4046”
    [42,] “Georgians” “38.5003”
    [43,] “Bnei_Menashe_Jews” “39.5393”
    [44,] “Pathan” “39.915”
    [45,] “C_Italian_D” “40.686”
    [46,] “Uzbeks” “41.3832”
    [47,] “O_Italian_D” “41.4614”
    [48,] “Bedouin” “41.5098”
    [49,] “Tuscan” “43.7955”
    [50,] “Burusho” “43.9982”
    As you can see, they’re closest to their neighbors.

  5. I’ve always considered Persians Whites. It’s always pissed me off that the average American idiot thinks Iranians are Arabs. If Iran could somehow find its way out from under the mullahs, it could become an incredible western, contre-Arab alternative to Israel. Socially, the place is rockin, they love Americans, they have actual culture, enormous wealth and have always seemed very western to me.

    1. Lol you are idiot if the Iranians are Arabs are also
      Iranians are darker than Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians etc

    Persians have Aryans lineage, they are white, they have some people who seem a little darker but most of them are white even, Iran has 16 lineage just one of them are Persians, and 50 % of Persians have light eyes and 80% of Persians have very white skin I mean Persians not all Iranians, it means I Iran has 75’000’000 people and 50 % of Persians have light eyes like green,blue,gray,amber,hazel , this 50% of Persians will be about 25’000’000 of 75000000 and most of them have white skin, look at this video about this 50 % .

        1. It’s called sarcasm.
          While you’re at it…You mind telling your amigos and amigas to stop trying to speak Spanish to “our kind” all the time? It gets tiring…

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  7. The reason Iranians come out closest to Southern Europeans is because the reference populations for “Middle Eastern” are Bedouins. So anyone from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, parts of Iraq and Iran (Northern Middle Easterners) will come out closest to Southern Europeans than to Middle Easterners. Iranians aren’t special and they aren’t closer to Europeans than, say, Turks or Syrians.

  8. Is it me or do others see some Mongol elements in Iranians, particularly the women, it seems more than the men for some reason? I think a lot of Iranians have Central Asian Turkic blood in them.

    1. You are a classic Indian racial type. Neither particularly Caucasoid nor Australoid, though your skull would plot Caucasoid and on a lot of charts your genes would too.

  9. I’ll just add that King Darius calls himself an “Aryan” on his tomb.
    …and Iranian is a Celtic-family language close to German.

      1. There is no such language as “Iranian.” And almost no language in Iran belong to the Indo-Aryan family. Kholosi is but it’s spoken in only two villages.

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  11. Iranians, the ones that have distanced themselves from Islam, can indeed integrate very well with Europeans particularly the Meds.
    However, deep down, it’s an HONOR-driven culture, an aspect that would make it slightly incompatible with Western ideals. Male members of the Iranian family automatically think they are better than women. Domestic abuse is widespread in Iranian households. In Iran, they mete out barbaric, medieval punishments to adulterers, homosexuals and thieves like chopping off hands, flogging, stoning to death.

  12. I know Iraqis and even Pakis that look Iranian.

    I prefer to phenotype women.

    Flipping through Quora, I’ve heard it said Iranians look more Hispanic and Lebanese more Italian. I know some Latinas that match Iranian images. I’ve seen many Iranian models look Slavic. Many Iranians could be plopped in Northwest Europe and wouldn’t stand out. They are very diverse, with resemblances ranging from Northern European White (raw Scythian, Circassian beauty maternal line, etc.) to Dravidian (possibly some Elamite, though many insist all traces of the Elamites completely disappeared) to everything in between.

    In one DNA graph, Jews clustered with Italians and Greeks. Lebanese clustered close to Jews. Lebanese have beach or pool parties which they say Iranians would like.

    I believe there’s sort of a “liberal core” to these northern groups in the Middle East. The covering up of women is backwards Gulf Arab BS. I’m very progressive, secular, etc. as far as the Middle East goes. Sort of like the way many Jews feel about Western Whites who are already woke.

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