The Ugliest Woman in the World

[youtube=] Interesting story about about Lizzie Velasquez, a woman who has a terrible and rare genetic disorder that effects her adipose tissue. Only two people in the US have this condition, which she was born with. At one point, the illness caused her to go blind in one eye. It was also disfigured her to a large degree and it makes her look pretty homely. A short 9 second video of her called The Ugliest Woman on Earth was made a while back and became a hit on Youtube. The comments were filled with all sorts of nasty remarks, many advising her to kill herself. She read through all the comments, though it was quite a painful exercise. Then she decided to fight fire with fire, made her own video channel and decided to go public. She also authored a book and wants to become a motivational speaker. In this video, she talks about bullying, which she has had to experience a lot of. Now it is mostly stares when she goes out, but when she was growing up, she was treated very cruelly by other kids in school. Even now there are whole websites devoted to bashing her and ridiculing her. There are a lot of folks involved in hating on her. They are mostly kids, but there are a number of adults in on it too. I hope that if I knew her, I could be her friend and be a good friend to her. She seems like a pretty cool person, and I bet she would be a good friend. It really all boils down to what kind of a society you have. This is one reason I am a socialist. I remember a Bruce Cummings article about North Korea. He spoke about a man who was badly burned over much of his body by US bombs in the Korean War. The wounds gave him an ugly, monstrous and horrific appearance. There are many North Koreans with war wounds derived from the Americans like this man. Cummings once accompanied this man around town. He said once they were in an elevator and a South Korean man completely freaked out upon being stuck in the elevator with the wounded man, treating like he was some kind of a circus freak who might contaminate him. He could hardly wait to get away from the burned man. But Cummings said that everywhere they went, all North Koreans were very kind to him and treated him like he was a normal person, even doting on him. The burned man told Cummings that South Koreans always freaked out when they saw him, and his fellow North Koreans were always very good to him. Cummings chalked this up to the different set of values fostered in Communist North Korea as opposed to the super capitalist South.

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31 thoughts on “The Ugliest Woman in the World”

    1. animals aren’t usually cruel, are they?
      Humans are probably more kind AND cruel than animals, depending on the human and the circumstances.

      1. Chimpanzees are definitely cruel. They are like humans in intent and meaning as oppose to instinct like most animals. Chimps are one of the few animals I don’t like.

    2. I’d say we can be worse and we can be better than animals. No animal locks other animals up in small cages- that comes from intelligence. Likewise, no animal dedicates itself to the welfare of others (as some humans do) or searches for wisdom.

      1. True, but I also don’t like Komodo Dragons because they’ll eat their prey such as deer without bothering to kill it first. I understand that they’re stupid, but that they feel casual enough about their distressed, struggling prey to eat it alive, qualifies as evil regardless.

        1. Granted Robert, I’m just going by my experience being a nature lover all my life. The neck suffocation thing is the norm, and there are exceptions of which you’ve seen more than I.

  1. The innate recoil and even panic around extreme ugliness is adaptive; historically–and even today–ugly people are more likely to have diseases like leprosy, etc.

  2. Interesting if that is the explanation! Could it not be that like you said the Americans inflicted a lot of such wounds so the N.Koreans were used to it?

    1. Huh, wouldn’t have guessed your mother was jewish by your sobriquet and icon.
      Never ceases to disgust me when racists and anti-semites piss on Tolkien by hijacking his imagery and symbols, especially to mock a disfigured woman like some snotty, 14 year-old junior high-school cunt, yet you appear to claim to be a man. It’s not subtle at all, dude, you might as well call yourself Mengele or something. Howbout “Einherjar”, or has the whole Norse mythology thing become too obvious? Sorry, I’m a little behind on current white supremacist trends.

  3. I think your analysis holds weight. A philosophy through which true equality and appreciation for human dignity is expressed and taught as something other than self-interest is far more likely to create a society in which compassion and tolerance are the norm for its members.

  4. So N. Koreans have compassion for disfigured man, yet they cry over the death of a egomaniac dictator that lives in luxury as a sort of living God, while his subjects are malnourished. I’ll pass on N. Korean values.

    1. You can have compassion and be brainwashed. Also, in professional propaganda style, the cameras were fixed on the criers who were coordinated to be at certain public places simultaneously. Of course many N. Koreans celebrated their values behind closed doors with shades drawn, watching the dictator’s funeral procession as if it were a parade.

      1. That’s the word I was looking for “compassion.” This woman is still lucky to be living in the west for if she were in India she would have just shot herself by now. As an Indian I’ve come to understand indifference to suffering like no nobody else. What still troubles me is the way Indians will laugh at someone should they falls down the stairs or just trip. A white person would on the other hand rush to that person’s assistance and inquire if the person is alright. I’ve never been able to decode the thought process of deriving joy from someone else s suffering. Perhaps it’s a very zero sum form of thinking in that if somebody else is afflicted, you are spared. I don’t know.

        1. What does that have to do with race? Whites don’t take pleasure in other’s suffering? Last I checked, the word schadenfreude is of German origin.

        2. You never miss an opportunity. You’ll try to find a connection wherever you can. But Lizzie Velasquez is hispanic so NA vs SA might be a better comaprison.
          “A white person would on the other hand rush to that person’s assistance and inquire if the person is alright.”
          A fanciful delusion if their ever was one.
          On the bright side, if she lived in you beloved China, she could earn her living by joining a

        3. Perhaps the statement “A member of a society based upon more humanistic ideologies might likely be inclined to rush to her aid” could be a clearer way of phrasing it. I think it’s incidental that many of these societies happen to be predominantly White. To reiterate GSG’s previous point, Nazis = 100% White, though I’m sure a Nazi would rush to another Nazis aid.

        4. Sometimes if someone falls, it is just funny. Especially if they slip on ice and nearly stay up. That has extra comedy value. As long as they aren’t really hurt or anything.

  5. What a mean spirited and sick society we live in, it makes me sick that people openly make fun of, and verbally attack this poor girl.

  6. Have you see the utter cruelty focused at Adalia Rose over cyberspace? In all fairness, Adalia has received the short end of the genetic and maternal stick. Her mom is an attention whoring cunt. This chick sorta reminds me of Adalia, actually.

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