White Nationalism is Based on a Social Construct

Mindy Minsky writes:

This is why White nationalism isn’t based on science. What Jared Taylor considers White is a social construct.

Yeah it’s bullshit. Stormfront has decided that Jews are not White. I think they ruled that Albanians are not either, and Turks, Georgians, Armenians, the Caucasus, Arabs or Iranians. There was a huge fight over Armenians a while back, and 300 Armenian Nazis were thrown off Stormfront. However, due to a policy change, they were allowed to come back on. It’s mostly Serbs and other Slavs that insist that Albanians are non-Whites. Stormfront has been silent on the subject of Georgians lately and I think a lot were allowed to join. Something similar was going on with Iranians, and I believe there are now Iranian Stormfronters. The name Iran is actually derived from the word “Aryan.” Even if you are being a White nationalist dick, you have to at least agree that there are White Turks, that Georgians, the Caucasus and Armenians are White, that Iran is basically White, and that there are White Berbers, White Turks and White Arabs. Look at Bashar Assad. Tell me that’s not a White man? Obviously, Stormfront Nazis have a political reason for saying that Jews are not White. But it’s such nonsense. If you want to be an honest White nationalist, you could say that Jews are a White tribe that is hostile to all the other White tribes, that often refuses to identify as White and that lines up with the enemies of the Whites. I am not a White nationalist, but that statement is actually more fair.

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70 thoughts on “White Nationalism is Based on a Social Construct”

  1. All identities are socially constructed, but that does make them less worthwhile to fight for. And who should know this better than the Jew whose tribalism is his soul, yet uses this argument to discredit White identity.

    1. Yet you would concede that whites are more heterogeneous than jews when you felt it was appropriate for their defense.

        1. And then there’s you, praising whites for their supposed altruistic and universalistic tendencies, while at the same time actively defending their right to remain pure.

    2. @ Dota
      All identities are socially constructed, but that does make them less worthwhile to fight for. And who should know this better than the Jew whose tribalism is his soul, yet uses this argument to discredit White identity.
      Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Jewishness is a social construct if there ever was one. I mean, shit, they still can’t even agree on what exactly makes a person a Jew. Are they a religion, ethnic group, national group, extended family, etc?
      True, there are certain debates among white nationalists regarding whether or not certain groups such as Jews, white looking Hispanics and Middle Easterners, etc, count as white, there is a general mainstream consensus on who or what a white person is.

    3. Dota actually said something correct here. All identities are socially constructed. That doesn’t make them any less real or important. If anything, that makes them more important.
      The “Race/ethnicity is a social construct” slogan should just be accepted by racialists and ethno-centrists.

    4. Jews are NOT and never were white! They are mixed race middle easterners and were historically always viewed as racially inferior by all real whites (Europeans). Jewish religion and customs are savage and completely non European, they racially differ from Europeans and this is why no one in the right mind would accept jews as white. White skin doesn’t mean you’re white! You could be a blue eyed, blonde albino African but you won’t be white. The rules of that ideology is that you have to be pure white and not a mixed race like jews, Georgians, Armenians, and most and Berbers.
      Iran WAS once white, before islam got a hold and caused centuries of race mixing. Now finding a racially pure white Iranian (descendant of Aryans) is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.
      Armenians also had white origins but centuries and invasions from the nonwhite south has left them to be a completely mixed race nation. Georgians were always racially middle eastern and never had any white foundation to preserve anyways. Any ‘white’ looking Georgians are a byproduct of mixed breeding between Russian colonizers and native Georgians.
      The poster of this article is a complete retard, that knows nothing of the racial history of the world.

  2. It is always amusing when certain darker “whites” get panties in a twist when other “whites” do not consider them to be such…What a mad world.

  3. Do grocery stores still use paper bags in America? Because this question used to be settled by brown paper bags, at least by some groups (White Aryan Resistance).

  4. I’m not a Nordicist but I find it kind of hard to call some Middle Eastern swarthoid to be White. Sure, Bashar al-Assad looks like a White guy but I doubt he’s representative of the entire population of Syria. In one of Robert Starks broadcasts, he said he considers people of European descent to be White and outside of Europe on an individual basis. That’s pretty much my view.
    I agree, the whole “Albanians aren’t White” thing is silly. Especially when Stormfront is basically an American website and most Albanian-Americans are Christian. I consider White converts to Islam race traitors though. To me, they’re like the Black Numenoreans who serve Sauron.

  5. Dear Robert
    WNs are like members of an aristocratic club who fight over who is really fit to join their elite organization.
    What is certain is that race plays virtually no role in foreign politics. Look at WWI and WWII. In WWI, there were Germans, Hungarians, Bulgarians, some Slavs and Turks on one side, and Anglo-Saxons, French, Italians, Japanese, most Slavs and many Latin Americans on the other side. The British and French used millions of colored troops. Does that look like race has much to do with it?
    In WWI, the Italians, Romanians and Japanese fought against Germany and in WWII with Germany. Can you explain that racially? Serbians and Bulgarians fought on different sides in both WWs. Are they racially different?
    Regards. James

  6. Oh Robert. I was very tempted in the past to respond to your past attacks on WNs but unfortunately I didn’t. So here’ a question for you. What’s so crazy about wanting physical and political separation from blacks? Are you gong to suggest that moving out of a black neighborhood is crazy too?

    1. Well it won’t work, number 1. That’s the main thing. It is simply a delusion, though Americans are so fucktarded and reactionary that it would be interesting to see if this idea might get some traction. It seems that there is no political notion so reactionary that Moronicans won’t fall in love with it.

      1. It may prove too hard to pull off but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very desirable. The more white people who are on board with the program however, the easier it would be to accomplish.

        1. It’s insane. Furthermore, you can’t do it without ethnic cleansing, right? Show me how you are going to do this without ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, isn’t it unconstitutional? How are you going to do this without amending the Constitution?
          Show me one poll, one, one, one, one poll that shows how much support there is for this idea. One. One poll.

      2. Better odds of creating a Martian colony than carving out a Whites only nation in the Pacific NorthWest / North Western states.

  7. Pick a white area to secede and you won’t have to deport any non-whites. The Constitution is ignored already. It is just a Goddamn piece of paper.
    There is not much support for it now. That doesn’t mean there can’t or won’t be in the future.

      1. Northern New England is less than 1% non white, but locals wouldn’t support it. You’d just be opening up a Pandora’s box.

    1. There is a movement for Whites to migrate to the Pacific Northwest called the Northwest Front. It’s lead by a guy named Harold Covington. If I’m not mistaken, the states included in their plan are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. In my opinion, they should also include the Dakotas as they’re among the Whitest states in the US and very conservative. Plus, they’re oil rich.
      Whites just need to secede. America isn’t worth saving.

      1. Well what are the PLE (Pioneer Little Europe ) WNists going to do with all the non Whites in Oregon and Washingtion? It doesn’t need to be said that Portland, Or is about the last place in America that will sympathise with WNism.
        Also; there are some PLEs in Kalispell Montana.
        Whites or any other ethnic trying to create a racial mini state within the US are engaged in delusional thinking. It will never fly. Sure you could create compounds, like Elohim City for example, but that isn’t a State.

      2. Tell ya what, Adolph, if you and your buddies can work up the dough to pay for anything within your proposed Cracker States that was built with taxpayer money, like buildings, dams, bridges, roads and and other infrastructure, I’m all for walling you in and leaving you to inbreed, starve and eventually rot. Only problem is, unless you hadn’t figured this out, those areas you’ve mentioned as proposed “homelands” contain some rather valuable real estate in, not to mention quite a few Native American lands, virtually all of which is owned already by people likely unsympathetic to your cause, so you’ll probably have to be able to make them some very tempting cash offers, indeed. But keep dreaming big, Herr Ubermensch, fantasizing helps to make the hours pass, I’m sure.

      3. Who are you referring to when you say “whites?” Even if you could secure sparsely populated land that could be designated as implicitly white regions, I don’t think you could drum up much support among the general white population, especially as the movement is dominated by the likes of Alex Linder, April Gaede, and Chuck Baldwin, who do not command the respect of more sophisticated whites who might ottherwise be interested in white separatism.
        Where are you from? Would you be willing to put your money where your mouth is and move to some bumfucks area in the great plaines or the pacific northwest?

  8. I agree that it will not be easy unless some sort of racial civil war started. That doesn’t mean the goal is not desirable. Furthermore, although complete physical and political separation would be the ultimate goal,
    it would be worthwhile to promote WN simply so whites don’t completely bend over for non-whites at every opportunity. I’m simply promoting my interests as a white person just non-whites do theirs. I don’t want to pay their bills and I don’t want to be subjected to all the crime they commit. I don’t want white kids brainwashed by schools that whites are inherently evil and non-whites are inherently good.I also don’t want about a hundred other things that result from forced integration. Why is this stupid? It’s stupid to oppose these things if you are white.

    1. You can have your white state in Eastern Greenland. Whiteness evolved in such climes, so where better to preserve your heritage.

      1. I’m not asking for your personal permission. BTW, Blacks and Mexicans just love gays so enjoy your divershitty. Maybe they’ll rape you to “cure” you.

        1. I’m not a proponent of multiculturalism, but from a perspective that it hurts everyone and only serves the elite.
          I’m in favor of limiting immigration but only because the US is becoming more polarized, and we can better serve non whites when we are united.
          I’m not gay, I just live in the gay state.

  9. Best way to put it: the White race is partially a social construct. I think Steve Sailer was the first I noticed to put it that way. “Partially” because one has to be caucasian to be White, and the caucasian stock is NOT a social construct in any meaningful sense. And, as others have noted, there’s nothing “only” about social constructs.

  10. “Look at Bashar Assad. Tell me that’s not a White man?”
    And, what about his wife? Now, there’s some spoils of war!

  11. I fucking hate that the comments are not done in strictly chronlogical order. It’s not just this blog either. It makes finding new comments a pain in the ass. Is it just me or do other people agree.?

    1. I sort of understand but the Recent Comments in the upper right corner, automatically takes you to the last comment.
      The only teeny gripe I have is that some comments do not have a “reply” option. For example, a few days back I made a comment about a certain Moderator at Stormfront. Robert asked who it was; I had to make a whole new post because there was no “reply” option after Robert’s post.

  12. “PLEs are just retarded. I can’t see how intelligent WNs would want to reside amongst them.”
    Why would a white natiionalist not want to live with other white people who actually agree with him/her on the fundamentals?

        1. PLE. I don’t know why sophisticated WNs such as Richard Lynn or Jared Taylor would want anything to do with them.

  13. Slavs were considered sub-humans by Hitler (and targeted for enslavement), yet today, many white nationalists are Slavic. Also, if you look on the Asian side of nationalism, Koreans look like Japanese, yet the two groups hate each other and view the other as “monkeys”. I’m sure the same deal existed (or may still exist) between the French and English.

  14. Anybody who says European Caucasoids are a distinct race from other Caucasoids is a retard. I still want a world where all Caucasoids accept each other as the same people, that includes dark-skinned ones like Dravidians too.

    1. “Anybody who says European Caucasoids are a distinct race from other Caucasoids is a retard. I still want a world where all Caucasoids accept each other as the same people, that includes dark-skinned ones like Dravidians too.”
      Seeing that it’s still a struggle with the Dravidian’s closest light skin cousin in the Northern parts, you might want to wait.

  15. In this regard, Blacks are light years ahead of Europeans and Northeast Asians, Blacks are so un-elitist they accept and love part-Black people such as mulattoes as one them, they even accept people they have no relation with like Aboriginals and Dravidians as Black, their racial inclusiveness and solidarity are to be admired and envied by all.
    On the othe hand, Euros and NE Asians are simply too racially elitist, many Euros reject and hate non-Euro Caucasians and many NE Asians reject and hate SE Asians and Amerinds. Their reactionary elitism seems almost like a mental illness, I believe these two groups have much to learn from Blacks when it comes to racial inclusiveness and solidarity.

    1. That’s a pretty broad generalization,as this “world-wide blackness” is a recent invention from American blacks and a minority of some African ones and this is significantly driven by Afrocentrism and partly due to the “one drop rule”.
      In Haiti you have colorism with mixed blacks, in Liberia Libero-Americans saw themselves higher than the natives, and half of the problems with SSA countries as a whole is that is how they can’t cooperate with other black ethnic groups.
      So in terms of solidarity apart from the perception of blackness, I wouldn’t hold them as a example.

    2. The one drop rule has generally existed outside America (being more or less unique to the US), and it is indeed recent (As Phil said, some forms of Afrocentrism have had an influence on ideas of blackness esp. in parts of the American/new world slave diaspora).
      In Africa mullatoes are generally not considered Black (sometimes they are even thought of as or described as White—one’s appearance and cultural affiliation of course can somewhat influence this)—and identity is primarily based on ethno-tribal culture/membership(as in most of the world historically). Often they are called “half-caste” or by similar equivalent terms. In the Caribbean, they have not historically generally been seen as Black either, and have not tended to identify as such.

      1. Edit: “… esp. parts of the American/new world slave diaspora, deriving sunstantially as reaction by Blacks to their history there).

      2. It would appear Mixed race people are rejected by the people of the part of their ancestry that is more dominant in society, while accepted by the less dominant.
        It may also have to do with numbers of those groups.

      3. To Jm8, one example of a “half caste” recognition I’ve read about was in the case Douala in Cameroon.
        Aside from that though, I’ve rarely heard of “African Mulattoes” aside from event of Portuguese mixing.

        1. South African coloureds? My grandparents’ maid was a descendent of one of the first governors of the cape!

        2. There were some in some parts of Africa over the centuries in and arround the colonial period, usually in a few coastal cities—there were cases where European traders and other visitors married—or had concubines from among local women—(the major French center in coastal Senegal and a few are know from the Ghana coast, but they were not really significant in number and not very important, nor really self perpetuating communities generally (except in parts of coastal Portugese Angola, as you may have alluded). Because they were so few, they usuallly were eventually absorbed into the local population. The few that may have settled in their European mother countries, would likely be absorbed there.

        3. …Or as I could perhaps have said more concisely: there were not that many, but they occured from time to time…
          Besides the S.A Coloureds, there was/is a mixed group in Namibia (of partial German and Dutch descent)

        4. To GSG,
          Of course I aware of them, but I meant more within the realm of Native Blacks. Coloreds existed precolonially amongst Boersx originally.

  16. Mindy and Minksy and Lindsay nailed it.
    You can’t call yourself a “realist” and then proceed to just make up shit. This is exactly what the likes of Jared Taylor do.

      1. To clarify, I don’t hate Jared Taylor that much.
        I think when it comes to things like Sociological research, he’s quite bright and put together (using statistics to prove Hispanics don’t really have “family values” as much as Whites, Crime, culture, etc).
        But when it comes to cold, hard, HBD he literally just makes shit up.

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