What Race Are the People of India?

OMG, OMG, the holy city of Caucasoid (i.e.White) India full of high caste Aryans: Knew you’d love it, Robert… any comment? Oh, BTW, dare I recommend blue Lassi from Lassi dudes? Looks awesome! 3 cheers for the Pan-Aryanism! ^o^

This guy’s making fun of me. Those are not all high caste Indians. Sure, Varnasi is a sickening mess. I’ve written about it a lot here. I wrote extensively about the races of India earlier, but I lacked some good information that conclusively shows that many of the people of South India are actually not Caucasoids and that there is a large Australoid element in India, not only on skulls but on genes also. On genes, many South Indians plot close to Andaman Islanders, who are probably their ancient relatives Indians are actually mixed between Australoids and Caucasoids, not just on skulls, but on genes too. I had a chart on this a while ago, but I lost the link to it. South Indians seem to be quite Australoid. North Indians less so. Indians vary. Some are almost pure Australoid, and others are almost pure Caucasoid, particularly in the north. Of course there are Asians in the East and in the far northwest. There is nothing innately superior about Caucasoid types anyway. We can be as screwed up as any race out there. Our IQ’s range widely. Many Arabid IQ’s are quite low. Qatar has an IQ of only 79, and Nepal, a Caucasoid-Asian mix, also has a 79 IQ. Afghanistan has an IQ of 82 as does Morocco and largely Caucasoid Pakistan.

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411 thoughts on “What Race Are the People of India?”

  1. Why force it by drinking at Starbucks every day.
    I agree with you. Starbucks is the way too expensive and overrated.
    I had been to plenty of Starbucks outlets in European cities. Contrary to their claim, you don’t always get free Wi-Fi.
    McDonald’s in India isn’t as expensive as Starbucks. In fact, it is cheaper than a lot of local restaurants.

  2. You can sit down and get a full-course meal in the length of time it takes to get served in a McDonalds in India.
    Anyhow Nair-ville Cochin had none of these and Goa was all local restaurants when I was there.
    No idea what these places are like now.

    1. You can sit down and get a full-course meal in the length of time it takes to get served in a McDonalds in India.
      It’s not the 90’s. If you’re at the busy McDonald’s near Andheri station, you may have to wait a few minutes more.
      At a mall, you get served as soon as you placed the order.
      Proper sit-down restaurants in India are more time-consuming. Diners don’t leave their tables for 2 hours at least.

      1. In Cochin in 2008 you had to sit for about 15 mins to get an egg with chips, which was what most Goras end up eating.
        But I was never a TOURIST in India.
        I was there for my own reasons.

      2. You can get in and out of a cantina in India in about 30 minutes if all you want is eggs and chips.
        But I was no tourist in India.

  3. But of course the franchises are probably everywhere now.
    Anyhow, an upscale restaurant is not that expensive.
    And who wants to visit Goa FOR McDONALDS?
    India was for a time immune to the corporation. Maybe that is over, now. Starbucks replace hotel coffee shops.

    I love McDonald’s and Burker King. Their restaurant chains kept me well-fed in Europe as I was there on a shoestring budget.

      1. $30 = 1800 rupees, is a lavish budget. That is if you don’t include accommodation costs. But it can vary. In Mumbai, transport costs can run very high. A normal cab fare can run into 1000 rupees. Also, food and alcoholic beverages are a lot more expensive than other places of India.
        Tier-2 towns in India like Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Kolhapur are a cheaper option. You can eat at McDonald’s for 200 rupees and a few autorickshaw rides will run you not more than 300-400 rupees.
        It’s a little bit expensive for Northerners down South. You get fleeced by the Southern autorickshaw drivers. Every time I had been to Bangalore, I got ripped badly.
        I found Bangkok, Thailand to be more expensive than even Western Europe. Maybe it’s because you tend to overspend. And I was spending a lot of money on girls.
        The last I went to Thailand was in 2009.

        1. I had a driver in Cochin for work. Other than that you walked on the streets.
          Exactly why you think they would waste a North Indian from Mumbai as you claim to be in Cochin is mysterious.
          Sure, Brahmin were chased out but that was like 40 years ago.

        2. I had a driver locally in India. Part of the job. They were making money off me. Not that they ever liked me. I doubt that. But they did not want me wandering around.
          Once the contract was up they wanted me out of that state immediately.

  4. That is the kind of practical info you need to know, not the Gupta Dynasty or the roots of the Indus Valley civilization.
    Too bad for you then. Despite my being on a shoestring budget everytime I am in Europe, I have always found time (and money) to enrich my cultural experiences. They include visits to the following places even though I’m not much of a museum fan.

    Louvre — How can you not see this place when in Paris? The ticket is expensive (12 Euros) but it’s going to take a whole day anyway so totally worth it. Luckily, when I was there, the lines got cleared in less than 1 hour.
    I’d visit Louvre again.
    Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam — Despite the fact that I was a complete stoner junkie and acting the fool, I found time to visit this place. The line got cleared in 2 hours.
    I won’t visit this place again though.
    Pergamon in Berlin — It was really fantastic. Wait time, 45 minutes.
    I mostly wouldn’t spend money though. But there were so many free cultural attractions in Berlin itself.
    Prague was fantastic — the Old Town. I mostly was in there for the nightclubs. I went to more nightclubs in Czech Republic and Poland than in Western Europe. It’s so much cheaper. A whole night-out will cost you nothing really. 20 Euros at the most. A night-out in Mumbai at the Sea Princess Hotel can cost you 10,000 rupees. The drinks start at 700-800 rupees.

    1. As you said you seemed somewhat shocked a Gora had practical knowledge of India. And, for some reason, you don’t like it.
      This is not from meditating. It is from actually getting a stupid dollar out of Indians and wading through bullshit.
      Either Goras want to get paid or they are in India to get blasted on drugs with a very few genuinely interested in standing in line at the Taj.
      But mostly it is hippies who want to toke up all day in Goa, some investors or business people like I was and maybe 1/50 seriously wants to learn Eastern Philosophy or Meditation.
      Final Goras are the Russians up to zero good. Hookers, mafia, whichever.

      1. Final Goras are the Russians up to zero good. Hookers, mafia, whichever.
        They have ruined Goa for me. And the Israelis.
        I used to frequent Goa in 2003-04 as a college student. Back then, it was filled with Brits. I have always liked Jolly Englanders. The really nice ones, nothing like Scarlett Keeling’s mother.
        If the only tourists that come to Goa are Brits and Australians, and a few educated Americans, it will be a nice place once again.

        1. Educated Americans don’t usually want to sleep in a beach hut in Anjuna and smoke hash all day. There are few old hippies doing this, but it is mostly Germans and English. Americans have Mexico, much closer.
          Israeli will sometimes brawl but most are so drugged up they cannot do much.
          Russians are up to no good for the most part but selling dyed blond pussy is their GDP now that the place has collapsed. That is not going to change.
          Sunny’s Redneck Husband-Daniel was a COUNTRY SINGER in the U.S.-is the only low-class American I met. They cannot get up the money to GO ANYWHERE and also there is a tit-for-tat because American Immigration makes it so hard for Indians to get Greencards.

    2. Slavs are regarded as the white trash-with Asiatic mixture-of Europe. Even White Americans of Slavic heritage are sneered at as Asiatics to some extent. I’ve never been there and would not go there. Its a cheap, desperate, bankrupt corner of Europe on the edge of Asia that appeals only to Indians and Africans who want women who are SORT OF white (Not quite).
      I had a job in India. Probably at $1500 a month it paid better than most jobs Indians had. This was a joint-thing through two different countries.

    3. Well you yourself go on and on about how I have some practical knowledge of India so I must have learned something from all the drugs, prostitutes, interactions with sailors and general hustling on streets in India.
      Never stood outside the Taj in my life.
      Everything I know is from being paid to be in India.
      But, and this is a big but, you measure a foreigner by how much money he can make in a foreign country.

  5. Slavs are regarded as the white trash-with Asiatic mixture-of Europe. Even White Americans of Slavic heritage are sneered at as Asiatics to some extent.
    If by Slavs, you mean Russians, I don’t really mind them outside India. I have been with a lot of Russian women (hookers, but also normal working girls and married ladies).
    In Goa, they turn into scumbags. The place brings out the worst in them.

    1. Most whites do not want to go to Eastern Europe. We ourselves feel about Slavs the way Kashmiri Pundits feel about Pashtun Muslims.
      Russians, to my knowledge, are the only white women selling sex in India.
      Anyhow, up to no good and when Russians show up somewhere the English and Americans leave.

      1. Most whites do not want to go to Eastern Europe. We ourselves feel about Slavs the way Kashmiri Pundits feel about Pashtun Muslims.
        Rings a bell.
        In Poland, I did not encounter a SINGLE American, Brit or Australian. But, a lot of Russians, Ukrainians, a few Germans and one solitary Swedish girl.
        In Prague, I met a couple of girls from New Zealand but they didn’t seem too happy being there. They wanted to get away from that place as soon as possible. I befriended a Canadian guy who said he was studying nuclear physics in France. He spent the whole time with me, and said he was very lucky to have my company. Because he just couldn’t warm up to the local Czechs. We were staying 10 miles outside Downtown Prague. It’s one of those industrial Soviet-era suburbs.
        In my experience, the Czechs weren’t unfriendly. They seemed to have an icy exterior. But, once they did warm up, they were exceptionally nice to me. I felt ‘Slav’ inside the Czech nightclubs.
        The Poles and the Czechs aren’t as gung-ho about life as Western Europeans, Brits, Canadians, Australians, and Americans. They are forever depressed. And like to drown their sorrows in vodka.
        As soon as you cross over from Poland to Berlin in a bus, you really “feel” as if you finally arrived in Western Europe. It’s more than just a physical border, even the atmosphere changes. British and American accents are everywhere.
        It’s just a culture thing.

        1. Its a racial border you do not see because you’re not a white. Eastern Europeans are Asiatics. They are not Western Europeans. They are barely even white. Look at their round heads and eyes. Their Asians.
          The atmosphere changes because Western Europeans are more advanced, refined, educated etc.

        2. Any society that sends women to Mumbai or Dubai as street hookers is not that uplifting.
          Eastern Europeans are slovenly, downtrodden, poor Asiatics.

        3. Some close friends from US, England and Australia were really SHOCKED when I told them I am residing in Poland. They were all like, “Stay safe.”, “Don’t get into trouble.” “Talk to me once when you get out of that country.”
          Poland was a nice place. Sure, they were quite a few drunken soccer hooligans and I had experienced a racist attack. But, by and large, I had a great time.

  6. The Other Side of India
    I called my Malayalam sort-of-boss a n888er when I was a safe distance away back in Dubai. My Omani co-worker said “Don’t go back to India or he will kill you”.
    I caused an Indian in Dubai to lose their sponsorship visa.
    I stalked a Bengali Gaur female boss until the owner of the company warned me away. Even then I scared her. Intentionally.
    I had sex with a married Indian woman and then when I left her her husband beat her up. He was a tough Muslim so I hit the road.
    I called one Bengali Gaur Brahmin an asshole and he challenged me to a fight but I acted like a little pussy and ran off.
    I was a real sack of shit to Indians also. They will always remember the way these posters do.
    But maybe India deserved me. After all, they exported a bunch of worthless young men to UK or Canada. They got one in return.
    Oh, and I shared my Ya-Ba with prostitute addicts.
    Actually, yes, I was a real sack of shit in India. And to Indians in Dubai. A coward too.

    1. TRASH is the biggest douchebag this side of the Bosporus Strait. I used to think it was me. How did he get to live this long without getting shot or fatally stabbed is like the 8th wonder.

    I told a Brahmin Bengali that I “wished his family went into the oven” and he wanted to kill me in Dubai-he did not care about his job at that point-because his grandparents did die in the Partition.
    …Like a coward I ran away from him and got Arab sponsors to back him off.
    I stalked a Bengali Brahmin boss I screwed once. She had exquisite little Bengali features and she had to get the company owner to tell me to leave her alone. This was in Dubai. He was angry but Indian women are second-class there. Still, I continued to stalk her a bit.
    I caused an Indian to lose his sponsorship.
    I screwed some Dravidian chick married to a Muslim and the guy beat her up and wanted to kill me. I moved to Philippines shortly after.
    I called my Malayalam boss a N8gger when I was safely long-distance. So I could not return to India.
    I gave Indian prostitutes Ya-Ba for Chem-sex.
    I conned Daniel Weber, Sunny’s husband. He wanted to beat me up in Indian.
    I did lots of lousy sack-of-shit things.

    1. I conned Daniel Weber, Sunny’s husband. He wanted to beat me up in Indian.

      That”s not a bad working hint if I had to uncover your identity. If you had really fucked him over, he might still remember your name.
      Unless you were bullshitting.
      Watch it TRASH. I’m coming for you, ya rotten, putrid sack of shit. Someday, somewhere. You’ll let up on your guard. Then you’re gone. Dead rat.
      I’ll let you have one last wish though. Do you like marshmallows? Beer? Ya-Ba? Let me know in advance.

      1. ROBERT
        Primary Schoolyard childish swears and downright felonious criminal threats seem slightly inappropriate for what is intended to be a highbrow blog.
        I realize that I have provoked this sort of reaction but I am not even going to visit this blog if such statements continue.

        1. TRASH
          It wasn’t a serious threat, or as you said, schoolyard. I don’t care if you thought it was real. You should be the last person to complain about “slightly inappropriate” comments. It’s “slightly rich” considering you repeatedly made the following comments about me:
          Accused me of stealing from my employers in the Gulf, despite my protestations that I had been booked for just one white collar incident in India and have no criminal record overseas. What you did is called Libel. I never went to prison but that incident is on my record. You tried to magnify it way out of proportion.
          Persisted in trolling my each and every comment despite my polite requests that you stop addressing me on this forum. I remember when Robert threatened to ban you over it, I took your side clearly mentioning that I didn’t want you banned over a minor dispute. Gratefulness isn’t your finest point, huh?
          Later, Robert decided that this one is going to be a “free-for-all” and he clearly doesn’t have the time to play referee. He doesn’t care “if we rip each other apart”. So be it. Looks like you’re the sort that can dish it out but can’t take it in exchange, you yellow-livered pansie.

  8. My worst incident was telling a Bengali Gaur Brahmin “I wish your family went into the over” and homeboy actually had family who perished in Partition.
    Dude wanted to kill me in Dubai. Arabs stopped him but in India I would have been done.
    I stalked a Bengali chick named Mohanna whom I was briefly intimate with.
    I got an Arab to strip a Gujarati of his citizenship.
    Actually I was a sack of shit to Indians WHO ALL HAD YOUR FURIOUS RESPONSE at times.
    But I would always run off.
    For the record I told the Malayalam boss he was a N8gger on the telephone from long-distance. Our Omani business associate told me to stay away from India because he wanted to kill me.

    1. <iAnd Shi do you really think south indians are weak like TRASH said?
      No. I do not think that way. It’s a rubbish stereotype.
      I only agreed with him on one point. The way traditional South Indians eat rice and sambhar with their fingers, is disgusting. Not all customs should be honored in the modern age. You should use a damned spoon and proper cutlery.
      While we’re at it, I abhor how so many Indians use their left hand for toilet functions. The Muslim Arabs, Iranians and Central Asians are more advanced. They use a bidet.
      I have always used toilet paper for as long as I remember. Indians should follow White people on issues of personal hygiene.

      1. I mean I’m south indian but born in the USA and I eat with a spoon and i agree its disgusting. And I use toilet paper always NOT the spray hose in india that is always annoying and i hate the feeling.

    2. All good, bro. Just been trying to out-troll you but you’re like the King of Trolls. You’re the Donald Trump of WordPress blog commenters. When you move in, everyone else moves out. Now is my turn it seems.
      So, here I concede defeat. Feel free to humiliate me now coz I can’t go on any longer with you.
      You’re damn irritating, no wonder you had to drift from place to place.
      Someone should have snuffed out your oxygen supply long ago.

    1. YEE
      India was invaded so many times by so many different Huns, Mongols (Built the Taj), Georgians, Iranians, Pashtuns, Arabs that it is really difficult to determine the muddled history of North India.

      1. What I read was something about cultivation culture always lost wars to nomads in history, not about India history. Sub continent was mentioned among the 3 civilizations, Southern Europe, China, India, all lost wars to Northern raiders.
        The article mentioned everytime there’s a strong tribe in Afghanistan, they invaded India, and always won.

  9. So is Cochin. Yemen Muslims, Syrian Christians, English soldiers, even a a few Jews intermixed with the local Dravidian population.
    Nair people are the predominant pop but Cochin is full diversity.
    It is not until you go East to Tamil Nadu that you are really getting into pure Davidian people.

        1. I agree. Anyone who is not Muslim and below the Hindi line is a pure Dravidian.
          Let be honest that I only KNOW Cochin and was only there for about three months.
          Plus I think you can see a little Arab in South Indian Muslims.

        2. Yeah I totally agree with your opinion that is very true. Tamilain are pure dravidians. Telugu people are pure dravidians with some having slight Aryan and Arab admixture. Kerala is probably the most mixed and then Karnataka is next.

      1. A-MAN
        The Kollywood star’s father was some old English Colonel way up in the hills of Cochin.
        I met him. He was 80 years old then.
        Kerala has always been trading with the Middle East especially Yemen and Oman.

  10. That’s pure Tamil Dravidian. If you are below the Hindi line you are a Malayalam ALTHOUGH Muslim people in the South probably have some Arab in the gene pool from some distant founding Yemen population that arrived across the Arabian Sea.
    North Indians are descended from rapists and looters from all over Central Asia.

    1. LOL. It’s kind of like Africa where south indians are pure like in the case of sub saharan Africans and like north Africa is this whole potpourri of central Asians Arabs southern euro’s and SSA’s

    2. Actually I think low caste Telugu people are MORE dravidian than low caste tamilain people because the deccan protected us from the Aryans us Telugu low caste just look blacker than them.

    3. I believe after so many wars in thousands of years, no one is pure blood, just a matter of degree of mixblood.
      Like China’s first prime minister stated as soon as the communist party seized power, “Chinese people are all mixbloods”.

        1. Siberia was originally the Mongols and Manchu’s territory. The Russians took it by wars gradually, all the way to the 2nd Opium War.
          Chinese always hate them. No matter what co-operation we have today, it won’t be forever. During the 1960s falling out, the Russians planned to nuke us, but was stopped ed by Nixon and Kissinger. Who would have thought of that….

      1. YEE
        That would be a typical party measure to ensure collectivism and actually Communism works better than Capitalism in ethnically diverse countries like Russia or China.

    4. That’s not even a lot of Arab blood. South Indian Muslims just have about a trace-10% Arab blood on average which is not a lot.

      1. A-MAN
        If South Indian Muslims could not work in Gulf countries the whole of South India would suffer economically and the Gulf would have a labor shortage that wrecked the consumer economy.

  11. Syrians don’t have Caucasian features. There’s enough blood left in their descendants in Cochin to have a long scimitar nose.

      1. I believe many west asians, europeans, and people from the caucus, and the northernmost part of south asia are all part of the caucasoid race, but once you start getting into the arabian peninsula, central to southern parts of india, north africa and HOA you would have to classify these types as mixed because most of the people in these areas don’t look completely caucasoid as they have lots of black(australoid and negroid) in them.

      2. A-MAN
        Kerala Syrian Christians intermarried with local Brahmin women for some reason and to this day are the landlord ruling-class of Cochin.
        They arrived in 4-5 century. Some Jews from Israel around the same time.
        But it is not the Malabar Jews but the Syrian Christians with the power, influence and titles in Cochin.

  12. A-MAN
    Cochin is on the Arabian Sea opposite Middle East…where else were they going to land in South India.
    Jews and Syrians arrived by way of Yemen which had trade routes across the Arabian Sea by then.
    You know all this.
    Why are you asking me.

    1. I know keralites and pakistanis live the closest to the arabs. Pakistan is so close to oman no wonder india got invaded by the arabs and also people from andhra are close to south east asia which is why some look part filipino.

  13. A-MAN
    You have it backwards, Pakistanis invaded Oman as the Baluchistan ruling class. Gujarati are the merchant class of Oman, along with Jain Omanis.

    1. No wonder ethiopians look like indians, and I can believe that the caucasoid ancient dravidians came from east africa. All they had to do was cross the straight through yemen and go through oman and then cross a strait and they are in pakistan or IVC

      1. A-MAN
        You’re certainly under 25 and untraveled but anybody with the most rudimentary education should know that Ethiopians were never in Oman and Sinbad the Sailor was the real-life Oman who discovered Zanzibar and Kenya and so on sometime in 5-7 AD (Including a giant bird that the Roc was based upon).
        Are you really that uneducated that you do not know this?
        What are your parents? Illegals? Servants for some Gujarati whore hotel owners? I mean no offense bro, but ANY AMERICAN teenager should know that.

      2. A-MAN
        when Phil said you have Black features, he may have been referring to Horn of Africa features.
        This is what I see anyway.

        1. Yeah I really feel bad for being indian because we GENETICALLY NO MATTER WHAT WE DO HAVE THE HIGHEST BODY FAT %.

        2. Like an obese white dude can work out for 30 minutes can have a lower body fat % compared to me. It just sucks.

        3. Beauregard having diabetes means you have a high body fat % which means you are genetically predisposed to having higher body fat %.

        4. A-MAN
          Yes, for one of the types of diabetes.
          The other type is pure kidney and/or blood dysfunction.

  14. A-MAN
    How could anyone who grew up in the United States be so uneducated, bro? Or perhaps you are still under 21.
    Ethiopians never lived in Oman nor did Oman ever own Ethiopia. It owned Tanzania and Kenya.
    Oman was a seafaring nation after Sinbad the Sailor in the 7th Century.
    Dravidians would have been in India long before then.

    1. No but I’m saying that there is some connection with ancient semitics in ethiopia and pure dravidians. My caste which is the kammas has some ppl that are members of haplogroup T and many somalians and ethiopians are also part of haplogroup T.

  15. A-MAN
    Since you are a forward caste it is possible that Aryans share some genetic link with Arabs or Semitic people and of course Ethiopians are a mixture of Arab, Jewish and Negroid. They are an ancient mixed race. Dravidian are not a result of race-mixing in the Biblical era like the Horn of Africa, they are a race of their own.
    Dravidian speakers also live in Pakistan so they did not sail directly from Africa across the Arabian. It would have been impossible anyhow since man did not have the seafaring knowledge even to traverse the Arab Sea.

    1. TRASH
      I am a forward caste TECHNICALLY because my caste moved forward in this last century but during the British times the kammas were an OBC. And throughout ancient and medieval times we were sudras and where peasants and farmers who worked for the landlords. but after a while, We got property from landlords in mid 1900s to 2000s

    2. No I’m saying dravidians went through that little straight to get from ethiopia to yemen then went through to oman and went through that little strait and got to pakistan which was part of india. Then aryans invaded and pushed the ethiopian semiotic dravidians south and they mixed with australoids.

      1. A-MAN
        No trace of Ethiopian in Oman today-I’ve been there and Omanis are pure Arab aside from the Zanzibar and Baluchistan communities.

      1. A-MAN
        I have no notion of where Dravidian people are from. This is quite mysterious although they are somewhat similar to Australian aboriginals.
        But who knows where they are from.

  16. A-MAN
    At any rate Somalians sailing in boats across the water to Kerala (When blacks did not discover Madagascar) on the Arabian just seems unlikely although I have HEARD the theory before.
    Also, Dravidian languages are spoken in a small part of Pakistan which indicates Dravidian people may have lived far further North than Malabar coast.

    1. I did not say they sailed throug the arabian. They went through that small strait that separates ehtiopia from yemen then went through oman and got to yet another small strait and then they are in pakistan.

      1. A-MAN
        They would have to cross the Red Sea and then cross the straits of Hormuz to reach Iran-this would be 30 kilometers.
        But why didn’t Dravidian people remain in Oman-plenty there today, even the owner of Lu Lu Hypermarket.

        1. Yeah thats what I’m saying then going to pakistan(which was part of india in ancient times) isn’t that far since that lands them in eastern iran.

  17. SHI
    You could never communicate with anyone I knew in India. They just would not interact with someone on the margins of society. Most of the Indians that interact with Americans-myself, old Redneck Danny-are the money guys from the Baniya castes.
    These people-unlike passionate macho Brahmins like yourself-don’t care about anything but money.
    Nor could you approach anyone I knew in India. In your own society you present yourself as somewhat on the margins (you’d be better off if you could get to another country and stay there probably).
    This is not someone who can get close to anybody I interacted with and the people besides old that I interacted probably do not really remember me.

    1. They just would not interact with someone on the margins of society. Most of the Indians that interact with Americans-myself, old Redneck Danny-are the money guys from the Baniya castes.
      These people-unlike passionate macho Brahmins like yourself-don’t care about anything but money. Nor could you approach anyone I knew in India.

      If by “approaching anyone you knew in India”, you mean the Bollywood crowd, I’d have you know that I do have a few surprises up my sleeve.You know nothing of my contacts, yet. That’s because I don’t need to boast about them on an internet forum.
      I’m not exactly in the margins of society. Then, I wouldn’t be spending my week-ends in super-expensive Irish bars, would I? I wouldn’t be travelling to so many countries either. I may not be rich but I’m not one to be taken lightly.
      I don’t rub shoulders with the Bollywood glitterati because they’re stupid, mediocre people. I don’t even watch Bollywood movies. Saw the last one probably in 2008.
      You need to relax. I’m not in a hurry to unmask you. Why would I waste my time, energy and money on such a thing? You’re just an internet troll. And I’m far busier.
      Seriously, I’ve got no beef against you.

      1. Sure, you’d just wander up into asshole Danny the Redneck’s apartment and start drilling him on every other white in India who disliked him. He would not remember me. He is despised by everyone.
        Drinking with some English druggo hippies or Russian hookers in an overpriced Mumbai theme bar and knowing anybody whose anybody in the LA-Mumbai Film Industry are two separate things.
        Additionally I have not been in India in 8 years. That is about 800 years in Mumbai time.

        1. Sure, you’d just wander up into asshole Danny the Redneck’s apartment and start drilling him on every other white in India who disliked him. He would not remember me. He is despised by everyone.
          Give it a rest, man. I have zero interest in pursuing your case.
          Theoretically, even if I did manage to unmask you, I would simply be laughing my butt off, given that you probably look like a sack of shit.
          Maybe, we’ll have a beer together when we bump into each other, say, in Bali? I am sure we’ll both keep a lid on our online personalities.
          One last thing. It’s regarding one of your quotes on “talent”. You had described the unworthiness of talent using a really beautiful metaphor which I forgot. It would be great if you can jog your memory, and tell me what it is. I had enjoyed that comment.

      2. Indians that hang around foreigners in India-hang around, not do business with them or pay them for something-have little going on in their own life.
        Don’t ask me why, but as a general rule it is true.

  18. Drinking with some English druggo hippies or Russian hookers in an overpriced Mumbai theme bar and knowing anybody whose anybody in the LA-Mumbai Film Industry are two separate things.
    I have very low opinion of the Mumbai film industry folk. Really don’t think it’s a privilege to get to know them. Couldn’t care less.
    LA. Not so sure. Even though each year, Hollywood churns out as much rubbish as Mumbai. it’s on a far, superior level.
    The Mumbai film industry saw its best days in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I do watch Classic Bollywood flicks from before my birth. It was on a declining path in the 90s and will become obsolete in a few years time. The standards have become so low. I haven’t seen a recent Bollywood flick since at least 2008.That’s like 9 years now.
    And, I don’t give a rat’s about Danny. I didn’t even know his name till you brought it up. Of course, I know Sunny Leone but couldn’t care what her husband is/was.

    1. SHI
      Generally Indians who hang around Goras or Gora places in Goa or Andheri have created their own caste-outcasts if you will. They have dropped out of Indian society or been marginalized. They come in all castes, all colors, all regions of India.
      They hang around Goras because Goras lack the discretionary insights to perceive that they are on the margins of their own society.
      Yes, I know your type. Mostly they live with their parents, but some live on their own or with roommates. They are outside the mainstream of Indian society so they can drink or drug with Goras at all hours of the day. Hang around with them. They are not in a 9-5 job.
      You’ll meet them in every tourist center but Goa and Andheri are particularly rich with them.

  19. Daniel profits from you in fact: Indians like you who thought his wife was worth paying to see naked back when she was still young. Which was a long time ago because she is even older than she claims to be.
    Indians who hang around foreigners in India, as a general rule, are sort of on the margins of Indian society (I don’t mean caste, I mean out of choice). Indians in Goa and Andheri who hang around Goras generally, for whatever reason, are kind of on the outs with their own community for some reason.
    I’ll never go to India again. The money I made there is long gone. It was not worth going to India to be paid what I was, which was less than agreed upon.
    I would not go back to Cochin or Mumbai if I were offered twice as much tomorrow.
    Again you over-personalizing an anonymous exchange with a poster: you will not “bump” into me in this life.
    You don’t not know me.

  20. Additionally I have not been in India in 8 years. That is about 800 years in Mumbai time.
    You’re right on this one. In this city, time moves wayyyyyyyyy slowly. It’s a mad pace of living.
    That’s because each day is packed with so much action, uncertainty and unpredictable situations.
    Have you been to New York? I heard that New York’s pace of life is similar to Mumbai’s. Is it true?

  21. A-MAN
    Cricket is not a well-paying sport in the U.S. or Indians would dominate it.
    Whites no longer box. It is not worth it to them as they actual chances of rising in the ranks are slim and other options now exist for Europeans in America.
    Dravidian people presumably are encouraged by their family to get a degree as are whites.
    Most NFL players end up with lot’s of injuries and broke. They make $100,000 for three years and then end up being the gym coach at an elementary school for a low salary with high medical bills.

    1. So is it genetics or culture? Have you seen Indians as built as white ppl and black ppl? I mean I have. But do you think indians can compete with white and black people in sports.

  22. A-MAN
    Why attend a university on a football scholarship if your parents pay for your education, as most South Indians in the U.S. do?
    Now if CRICKET were a sport in the U.S. 80% of the players would be white dudes.

    1. TRASH
      Have you seen shredded Indians (both north and south) in the gym? I am south Indian and I play for volleyball team for my high school and I am damn shredded.

      1. A-MAN
        Dubai 2007 or so a Punjabi Brahmin who worked as a video editor in my Ad Agency got pissed off that a white dude was a) his boss (I wrote copy) and b) was telling him to work harder.
        He was 6’1 or 6’2 and a blubbery 215 pounds and a cricket player. I’d say he was naturally muscular. He was a slovenly lumbering big guy and he stood up (I’m 5’9 and 180 pounds, stocky and shortish for a white) and threatened me once.
        I did not really want to argue with the guy because he was fired anyhow.
        But I would say Punjabi people are tall and heavyset with a great deal of weight behind them-maybe 200 lbs on average.
        Dravidian are wiry but not as big.
        In Cochin a Dravidian guy was trying to demonstrate wresting techniques and grabbed me. He was wiry.
        Dravidians are slimmer and more wiry, but ALOT stronger than they look.

  23. The Dravidian who tried to wrestle me was wiry. I would say Dravidians on average are 5’6 – 5’9 and maybe 140-160 in weight BUT ALOT stronger than they look.

  24. Telugu people are tall and slim. They are rather spidery, in my experience.
    There was one time on a train from Cochin to Goa that these Indian sailors stationed in the South who were Gujarati got into an argument with a tall (6’3) and thin (140 pounds) dorky Telugu guy from Bangalore. Why he was on his way to Mumbai I’ll never know.
    The sailors were shouting at him for some reason. I don’t know why.
    In general though Dravidians are not the mammoth beasts of the Punjab who usually grow to 6’2 and weigh 220 pounds.

    1. A-MAN
      Tall and spidery. For their height they would be the slimmest people in the world.
      It accentuates their dorky ambiance to be honest.
      The Gujarati sailors were having fun with me when thankfully the Telugu stepped into the coach and they went after him.
      They cornered him up against a wall and were shouting at him.
      Next day the Telugu guy sort of loomed over me and in a typical South Indian nationalistic way started talking about his IT company in Bangalore.
      But he had already been OWNED by the North Indian sailors.

  25. A-MAN
    Dravidian immigrants to UK are not that much better-off. They are cramped into small seedy old flats and do not get as much food or sunshine as a Dravidian in Miami.
    I would not be surprised if they were shorter by an inch than U.S. Dravidian people.

    1. A-MAN
      There are a few Punjabis on the NFL and Hockey Teams in Canada and the U.S. Especially the hockey teams.
      Canadian hockey teams are full of Malholtras. It doesn’t surprise me.
      Seems Dravidians are prominent in gymnastics.
      This makes sense. For their weight, Dravidians are wiry and strong. They don’t have the sheer bulk of Punjabis however.

  26. A-MAN
    To begin with there are no Indian ghettos in the U.S. or poor Dravidian neighborhoods. They just DON’t exist because the bar on immigration is so high.
    Dravidian Indians would rule Cricket and do so on UK and Australia teams. But Cricket is not played in the U.S.
    I think there is one Dravidian baseball player, however. Again, this makes sense as Dravidians have good hand-eye co-ordination.
    But the monster power-lifters are the Pashtun and Jat Sikhs.
    When South Indians in the U.S. can hold a decent job why would they want to place baseball for 3 years and then end up as a little league coach for little money?
    Let’s be honest that Indians have come to the U.S. for the money. Not to have a bunch of trophies in their house that nobody will give a shit about 2 years after they graduate from university.
    Nobody is going to buy you a beer for that.

    1. A-MAN
      Sikhs are usually security guards at 7-11 in the United States who wrestle with shoplifters.
      The Gujarati owns the 7-11. Maybe.
      The Dravidian or Telugu however, is a software writer who ignores both of them as he does not buy anything at 7-11.

    2. Europeans don’t. I happen to be German-American and the last Germans to immigrate to the United States simply for an education did so about 100 years ago.
      Since whites created the United States and Australia neither country is that much better or worse than Northern Europe.
      I say Northern Europe, not Malta or Sicily.
      Sikhs who can get into the U.S. will do any labor job they can actually do.
      Nikki Haley and a few of the Sikh women who are attractive can latch onto some white dude with some power in politics.
      If they don’t have a vagina, this is much harder.

    3. Northern Europeans do not come to the United States for a better education.
      High-Caste Indians LEAVE L.A. or New York as soon as their business is done there. They think America IS SHIT. It would be, as they are simply one more “Polack” Eastern European race as oppose to the landlords and ruling elite of India.
      Show me ONE Parsi or Brahmin Maharashtra living in Jo-Jo WHO WANTS to immigrate to the U.S.
      People with “something going on” in Africa or India don’t immigrate. This is why Western Europeans don’t immigrate.
      Why would somebody from Socialistic Modern Holland want to live in a Georgia slum.
      Maybe a Delhi Sikh thinks a Security Guard job at 7-11 is wonderful but Hans the German doesn’t.
      Why do you think Whites in America are the Grandchildren of Europeans. Great-Grandchildren.
      Sikhs and Gujaratis will do any job they can in the U.S.
      But out in LA you’ll meet some Bengali immigrants with no job wandering around unemployed. But less than UK, which has turned into a Mumbai ghetto.

      1. But out in LA you’ll meet some Bengali immigrants with no job wandering around unemployed. But less than UK, which has turned into a Mumbai ghetto.
        You are mixing Bengali Hindu Indians with Bangladeshi Islamists who corner huge swathes of London, e.g. Brick Lane.
        I haven’t been to the UK so far. The closest I got there was seeing the White Cliffs of Dover using a pair of binoculars, from the Normandy coast at Dieppe. Just like Adolf Hitler in one of the newsreel footages. You almost get the feeling of a 11th century Norman invader. 🙂
        You get much better views of those cliffs from Calais or Dunkirk. Everyone avoids Calais because it’s filled to the brim with illegal migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa and other war-torn places. Dunkirk is definitely worth checking out though. No refugees there.
        England is an amazing place but not really as wealthy as the United States, nor even its erstwhile Commonwealth colonies like Canada and Australia. A lot of Brits are actually working in Mumbai, in the financial industry and with major corporations.

  27. A-MAN
    You’re toying with me now. There’s no Tamil security guards in Alabama 7-11’s.
    In point of fact I doubt you live in the United States or have ever lived in North America.
    I am going to have to expose you as a fraud in your early 20’s who lives at home in Chennai or Orissa who is not an American.

    1. A-MAN
      Where you live in South India there are many Dravidian security guards. Because you are still a teenager or maybe 21 years old and writing me from the room in your bungalow that you live with your parents.
      You would not know who is a security guard in North America.
      Because you do not live there. You live in Bangalore or Chennai, my silly son.
      The Dravidian need to lie is about CONTROL, which you cannot have physically, so you use Swami tricks to CONTROL others. It allows you a mental advantage.
      You are lying.
      The reason you are lying about where you live and who you are is because Lying is about Control which you cannot get Physically.

  28. A-MAN
    You live in South India at the moment-probably with your parents in your early 20’s-so of course you see Dravidian security guards at 7-11 which South India now has.
    You’re a fraud, my son.
    I am a Gora who lived for so many, many years in India I can pick up a false claim on my sonar.
    You do not live in North America.
    You live in Chennai or Orissa.
    Now I want to be honest I have never been to either place BUT it is obvious you have yet to enter the United States.
    Your exposure to Americans and facility to the language will have been in the Gulf Arab country your parents worked.
    See bro, I am a Gora who lived for so many years in India that nobody can JUTA me.

  29. A-MAN
    Sure you have seen it in South India where you live. 19-23, Bangalore, still at home with your parents.
    It is the Dravidian desire to LIE FOR CONTROL as a compensation. A substitute strength if you will.
    You have not been to the United States and certainly do not live there now.
    Possibly Dubai, however, where some interaction with Americans took place at an international school.
    But at the moment, you live in South India.

    1. A-MAN
      Than I am talking to a teenager of 17. So I was correct about your age. Your lack of maturity is fairly apparent. I incorrectly put you at 19 or 20. You are even younger than that.
      But you are talking to a White man who spent a decade on Indian streets and in Dubai offices with Indians. I know the country better than you.

    2. A-MAN
      Being American is nothing to be proud of, I want to point out. I am not proud to be from the United States and was only to eager to leave in 1999 at the age of 25.
      I feel very fortunate to have lived overseas most of my life.
      So I would not want Indian or Desi American posters to believe I am in any form or fashion advocating living in the United States.
      Australia and even Dubai are better.

  30. Sikhs never enter the U.S. as an intellectual labor class, or far less frequently than South Indians.
    Sikhs sometimes become IT or even porno stars in LA. Others drive a truck.
    But they lack the mental horsepower ON AVERAGE to really colonize silicone valley or win spelling bees.
    I’m willing to be Dravidian athletes in America are the CHESS PLAYERS.

      1. its simple….to get rid of their ways……simply give up their ways….but do not suck up to these RACIST snobbish WHITE bastards.

  31. I think the Immigrant Ethnic Mafias in the US/Canada/West are most 1st Generation. After that there kids (Western Born) mostly assimilate, and many intermarry. That said the West needs a time-out on Mass Immigration.
    If these “groups” are a potential threat to the Jews and White Elite Corprocrats/Industrialist, WHY do they not simply reduce/stop immigration??

  32. Hey Robert, first post here, quick question. If South Indians are more austroloid then why are south indians generally smarter than north indians. Even the south brahmins are incredibly smart in general. I ask this because they say austroloid iq is around 65.

  33. indians are not australoid. dravidas were part of archaic indo-european people. The yamnaya aryans who invaded subcontinent were moderately white, not white as the modern europeans are.
    South asian have a particular ancestry called haplogroup LM 20, and their ancestry is derived from soan culture, as well as madrasian culture. In fact, both the medditerranoid people, known as dravidas, as well as aryans, as shunned these group. Aryan entry into north west provinces was 5000 years back, and before that for 3000 years, the old indo-europeans had colonised subcontinent, so that makes south asian people 8000 years of colonisation under foreign rule.hat
    No, neitther the jatts nor punjabis are aryans. Thats a false information. jatts don’t have high cheek bones, and they are no where closer to the yamnayaa pontic eurasian phenotypes.
    In terms of phenotype, they are indo-brachids. It is othenly in recent times, that these people got their freedom, so now want to create a specific indian races, irrespecitve of any religion or caste, most of indians are indo-brachids.
    On brahmans, brahmans were not aryans, it were the mitanni people who labelled themselves as aryans. brahmans belonged to this group of medditerranoid, as well as the hittites. We can see, the ruling classes of vedas comprised 3 set of people, hittites, medditeranoid who had priestly practises and mitanni aryans. Mitanni aryans are extinct.

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