Johnny Cash, "The Wanderer"

[youtube=] We punkers have always loved Johnny Cash. Check him out. He’s a punk! He’s one of the original punks, face it. Look at how good looking he was a young man, and how dignified he was as an older man. He always had that sad look on his face. That’s the blues. He’s also a working class hero. His songs are all about the working class, not about the idle rich. You go Johnny! Even now, he’s singing from the grave.

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0 thoughts on “Johnny Cash, "The Wanderer"”

  1. Hell yeah Rob. The only drawback to Johnny is that he’s still alive. Martyrdom goes a long way toward a generational fulfillment of an image.

  2. Hes definately alive, still inspiring, still encouraging, still making wrongs right, still bringing peope out of darkness into the light. He came, he saw and he conquered.

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