Are Jews Brighter Due to Mongoloid Genes?

Gay Area Girl writes:

I heard a someone speculate that Ashkenazim are more intelligent than Whites because they possess more Mongoloid genes due to being (supposedly) descended from the Khazars, and later accumulating genes from the Genghis Khan and his army, though inland Central Asian populations have significantly lower IQ’s than Coastal East Asians (source Huax.)

Ashkenazim are not smart due to Mongoloid genes. Those Khazarian genes are not that great for intellgience anyway.
Turks have more genes from the Mongolian raiders are Jews do. Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis all have plenty of genes from Genghis Khan. So do the Hazara, who may well be the leftovers of Khan’s invasions. None of these groups are particularly bright.

Ashkenazi Jews 118?
Mizrachi Jews   93
US Whites      103
Turks           93
Kazakhs         88
Afghans         86
Iranians        88
Iraqi           90
Hazara          86?

*IQ based on a US score of 100, which puts US Whites at 103.
As you can see, the addition of genes from Khan’s conquerors doesn’t exactly do wonders for your IQ. We can see this by comparing the results in groups who have substantial introgression of genes from Khan’s invasions. If anything, Khazarian genes of genes from Khan’s raiders would have lowered the Ashkenazi IQ.
The Ashkenazi IQ, without their sojourn in Europe, may well have ended up around 93, where the Mizrachi Jewish IQ is. We can also see that the introgression of 100 IQ White genes in a 90 IQ pre-Ashkenzi population is not enough to raise the figure up to the astounding 118.
The best explanation is probably genetic selection pressures while the Ashkenazim were in Europe. The Ashkenazim practiced a form of Talmudic Judaism in their ghettos whereby the males were required to learn to read and study the Torah and the Talmud. The Talmud is 13,000 pages. This was during a time when few could read or write. Reportedly those who could not cut it simply converted to Christianity and left Judaism to marry Christian women.
Also Jews highly valued intelligence. The rabbis would have virtual IQ tests to see who would marry their daughters. The boys would all compete to get the girl. The smartest boy would get the rabbi’s hottie daughter. Wealthier Jews and rabbis tended to have larger families.
Later, Jews got into various trades such as money lending, banking and accounting which required a lot more brain work than that of your average Christian peasant, an uneducated serf toiling the soil. Presumably Jews who could not cut it may have left Judaism. Jews are extremely inbred, as can be seen by the number of genetic diseases that they have. Presumably this inbreeding has somehow selected for various genes promoting high intelligence.
Car Guy writes:

The IQ structure of Jews is probably furthest from that of Mongoloids: More verbal, way less visuospatial. It’s more in line with Whites’, which isn’t surprising — Jews are essentially White people, thanks to centuries of mixing.

Car Guy is correct. The Jewish IQ looks very “White” or “European.” It doesn’t look East Asian at all. Of course Jews are White people – just look at them.

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0 thoughts on “Are Jews Brighter Due to Mongoloid Genes?”

  1. What is his model?
    BTW, welcome to the site. We do have regular Jewish commenters on here. This isn’t an anti-Jewish site or anything like that, although there are some anti-Semitic commenters. Hey! There are anti-Semites out there, for better or for worse! The comment board just represents humanity, so obviously there are anti-Semites on board, also we don’t ban on racism here.
    My gf is Jewish, and she says I always wanted to be a Jew. She’s right. I wanna be a Jew.

  2. That’s what I thought. I was not echoing this statement. I don’t believe Turks or Mongols had much of an impact.

  3. I’m not sure about your Talmud theory Robert. The Arabs have always been an oral culture and would commit volumes of literature to memory and could recall sections of it on request. Some Arabs (and other muslims) still carry on the practice of committing the entire Quran to memory. Yet Arabs aren’t particularly bright. We’ve also talked about how rote learning doesn’t do much for intelligence as well, so how do the jews benefit from it? Is there something I’m missing?

    1. I also think the Talmud theory is nutty. Adding to what you wrote, just because certain Jews can’t make the cut, they have to leave the tribe? Moreover, the Jewish community was exempt from a class structure? I highly doubt it.
      Smart and wealthy Jews married other smart and wealthy Jews, average Jews got on with other average Jews and dumb Jews got with other dumb Jews. I doubt there was a strong pleasure to hook up with White gentiles.
      There was no exodus of average or dumb Jews from the community.
      When those pogroms stormed across Europe, all Jews regardless of class, were likely targeted equally. In fact, the conspicuously wealthy ones were probably the most gunned after.
      The Talmud theory is too convenient, simple and lazy.

    2. The talmudic reading simply points to the value system of Ashkenazi Jews. This is a group that selectively bred for intelligence and social status was built on scholarly achievement.

  4. It’s a good theory. There is also the theory that smarter jews were more likely to avoid being massacred as they could secure positions elsewhere.

  5. OK, I can see how smart Jews would be better able to avoid being massacred, but I’m still not sure about the idea that dumb jews were unwelcome and left the community.
    They may settle for traditionally non-Jewish jobs, but to give up their religion and possibly way of living? I find that hard to believe.
    Is there direct proof that such was the case?

    1. Is there direct proof that them leaving was the norm?
      Also, I looked up this McDonald guy and he seems like a wonky conspiracy theorist.

      1. I think this phenonmenon that MacDonald refers to occurred prior to the enlightenment, because after the 1600’s most converts did so for social priveleges.
        I don’t like Kevin MacDonald, but his older work is informative, though I take everything with a grain of salt.

  6. Usually, I don’t comment on non BF matters at your blog, Robert. BUT, jewish religious study is about argument. Legal argument. Kids were educated to argue based on religious laws, with real life issues being settled by rabbis. The myth I’ve heard is that the best minds got to marry the daughters of the richest fathers. Do the math, bubbi.

  7. Jews are not genetically smarter than everyone else, I’ve researched this theory very well. They’re just less conservative, therefore think outside the box, the Jewish IQ is ashkenazy 110 not 118.

  8. It might be cultural – patterns of thought, types of humour – a style of thinking and language use that they get from their parents.
    Clearly they are not THAT clever – or they would not be following a 3,000 year old “religious” text.
    The Ashkenazy Jews, and Albert Einstein, share recent ancestry with the Ancient Egyptians via the African Haplogroup E1b1b which spread North from Kenya / Ethiopia 20,000 years BP.

  9. Those IQ scores are nonsense anyway – Iran and Iraq get 88?
    Clearly no correlation between ancient civilisation and IQ. Bit of a joke really.

  10. So much of intellegence comes from the environment, and the 1st world nations have created a good environment for themselves. You see that Cuba’s educational environment improved greatly after Communism, and so did the Russian one.

    1. QUOTE”Cuba is a negroid shithole today, just like yesterday.the only difference between now and before the commies took power is that the negroids there receive “redistributed” (stolen) wealth from the original movers and shakers of Cuba (whites).”
      So what? Sounds good to me.
      I don’t see it’s a negroid shithole. It has the best healthcare in Latin America. If Negroids created that, then maybe we have all under-estimated them.
      How do you know the original mover and shakers were ordinary Cuban whites? They were the elites.

    2. What did they redistribute? Gambling money, casino money? Yeah, I see a lot of tears falling for that lost revenue, LOL

  11. But the Ashkenazi Jew is much smarter than the typical white guy in Europe by almost a standard deviation. And Jews may look white (some of them) but many of them definitely show some Asiatic attributes, Sarah Silverman did a whole show on this. Here are some other Jewish celebrities who definitely show Asian features: Leonard Nimoy, Jason Alexander, Diane Wiest, Mandy Patinkin, Ed Asner, Barbra Streisand, Jerry Stiller and Mel Brooks, to name a few. A Johns Hopkins genetics study done by a Jewish geneticist, clearly confirms that the bulk of European Jewry originated from the Caucasus area of Russia formerly known as Khazaria (about 75%). (Eran Israeli-Elhaik. The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.)
    There is no other way to explain the large numbers of Jews present in Europe in the earlier part of the 20th century (about 8 million) and puts to rest the Rhineland Jew theory: that the Ashkenazi started in Germany from a relatively small group of Middle Eastern immigrants who were super prolific and went East. There had been some genetic studies before which showed some correlation between Jews and Middle Eastern strains but the studies were inconclusive because they did not compare Jewish genes with those of the people from the area where Khazarians lived. The Johns Hopkins study did and showed a strong genetic similarity between the two groups. Unfortunately this lends support to those who oppose Zionism; it appears Jews really have no ancestral claim on the land.

      1. I am an Ashkenazi Jew with markers that indicate about 10% non-Jewish genes. The non-Jewish genes include trace markers for Iberrian, English, and Norwegian ancestors. That suggests a migration from west to east (from the Iberrian Peninsula to Ukraine, where my grandfather lived). There’s a farm in Norway that had my surname in around 1800. I also have 2% Caucasus genes, which would be consistent with the Khazar theory, and 2% Middle Eastern, which might also be consistent with a Spanish sojourn. Without being a geneticist, I looked quickly at Elhaik’s study, and if I understood it, it makes the assumption that current-day Arabs living in Israel have the gene makeup that ancient Jews did. That kind of assumption, if what I’m saying is accurate (I know nothing of this field), is nonsensical. There is no reason to think that Arabs living in Israel today have the same gene pool as ancient Jews, so if Elhaik’s study makes such an assumption, it is of even less value than the economic studies in my field that spill from emptiness into the void.

  12. Ashkenazes are intelligent but I don’t think they’re really more intelligent than east-asian. They got more lobbies it’s sure but when you see high result test at universities in USA, the east-asian are better even in comparision of the whole population in one region and far better in comparision of student. For instance, in NY east-asian and ashkenazes populations are similar but there are a lot more students “jews” at University than east-asian. Thus we logicaly wait a lot of high result test from this one. However every year it about 1.5 times more high results test for east-asian student. After that there are people who will talk about I.Q. test to show that ashkenazes are more intelligent. There are different I.Q. tests for allmost every country in the world and it’s easy to take the better and say it’s our mean I.Q.. China had results between 101 and 113 and Germany for instance between 90 – 107 but nobody in da world consider those better results as the good. So there no reason to admit ashkenazes had 117 or 118 I.Q. cause they passed one test. Other test more logical and to say true, less doubtful for me, said 110 I.Q. and we’re lost in this s**t with empan results and normaly it’s f**king mean results (it’s not similar/ empan give better results => cheating). Furthermore, if we recognize a I.Q. doesn’t mean a think for nobody it will come back more logical. I don’t know what you say about statistics in USA but in switzerland we’ve a phrase you could translate like this : “with the numbers (including stats) you can make it mean whatcha want”. I think I don’t have to explane, every can understand what I mean. so the results at University are more relevant to say east-asian are probably the population the more intelligent in the world even there are people who don’t wanna listen to it. Developping in Asian is realy begin being efficient today and it’s perhaps tomorrow that people gon’ see what the are really able to do. I hope I stay clear all my text long. Yours faithfully from Switzerland.

  13. PS in this beginning of the year 2013, results of news genetics tests a lot more precise & clear than the older one showed that ashkenazes come mainly from kazars. I heard about it on national canal. There were no accurate figures cause they said the results were depending on where the ashkenases came from (country & even regions). Thoses results were any comparisions with people in kazary today (I don’t know, maybe Armenia) and ashkenases. They’re should have more information but I didn’t hear about it in details. Any way lonely got to take in it’s ashkenazes come clearly mainly from khazars.

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