Bigfoot News September 14, 2012

Olympic Project successful submissions to Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA project revealed. A source has informed me that the Olympic Project submitted ~103 hair samples to Ketchum’s project, and ~85 of them tested presumptive to Bigfoot by DNA. Another ~18 Olympic Project hair samples were apparently from either humans or known animals. Those 85 successful submissions represent anywhere from 5-13 separate creatures. Apparently all of the hair was gathered in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. This makes the Olympic Project the largest submitter to the project. Updated list of successful samples to Ketchum Project. Here it is: Rundown of samples in the Ketchum study. This will be updated every time it changes. Bigfoot samples submitted: Over 200 Presumptive for Bigfoot: Almost 100 # of Bigfoot individuals represented: 20-28 Details of successful Bigfoot samples: 5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia representing 3 separate creatures – a male, a female and a juvenile from a family unit who were observed together prior to collecting the samples – gathered in 2010 by Randy Brisson of the Erickson Project. 1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona. 1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the Four Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample). 1 blood and tissue sample of a female Bigfoot representing either “Matilda” or her mother from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by the Dennis Pfohl and Leila Hadj-Chikh of the Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate. 1 hair sample from David Paulides’ NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California. 1 hair sample from Larry Surface in Southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web a while back. 1 hair sample (possible Dogman) from Joe Black in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eastern Tennessee. 1 tissue (flesh including muscle and fat) sample in the form of a slice of Bigfoot flesh from Mount Haskell, California from the adult male Bigfoot shot dead on October 10, 2010 by Justin Smeja in the Sierra Kills incident. 1 large sample of saliva from the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, collected by the Olympic Project obtained via a Bigfoot licking a trail camera. 1 hair sample from SE Oklahoma collected by TEXLA Cryptozoological Research. 1 blood, tissue and hair sample from a nailboard trap at Snelgrove Lake, Ontario, Canada (presumably successful). ~85 hair samples from the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, collected by the Olympic Project representing 5-13 separate individuals. That is apparently all or nearly all of the nearly 100 successful Bigfoot samples. The other 100 samples are all apparently from either humans or known animals. Best Bigfoot samples: Smeja’s Bigfoot steak and JC Johnson’s skunk in a drainpipe Bigfoot blood sample. Who bailed out Adrian Erickson? Last fall, Erickson was in deep doodoo financially. He was working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day trying to keep his real estate business above water. He was being sued by several parties, including the buyers of his homes. He was under a lot of physical and psychological toll – basically a stress case. His numerous investors were getting upset. Erickson built a large real estate development in British Columbia called Ruby Ridge. He sold a number of lots but then became underwater with the US recession caused by radical neoliberal capitalism’s unregulated banking sector and massive bankster fraud. This neoliberalism-generated recession affected the whole world, including Canada. Erickson was having a hard time selling homes due to the downturn in the housing market. He had promised buyers are variety of amenities for their lots including phone and cell coverage, water, sewage lines and roads. With no more money coming in, he was unable to provide these amenities. Through no fault of Erickson’s, his lot buyers were left holding the bag. He also spent $3 million on his Bigfoot project, the Erickson Project, with no results to show for it yet. Things looked grim. The prospect of bankruptcy for the business and foreclosure on Erickson’s very nice home loomed. I’m not divulging too much personal information here as most of this has already been reported in the British Columbia press. Here it is, 9 months later, and everything has changed. Early in the year, Erickson apparently took his Bigfoot documentary to Hollywood where it was worked on with post-production editing. In the interim, Erickson’s financial problems seem to have evaporated or at least gotten much better. The word we have is that financially, things are going quite well. This does not make sense. The housing market in BC has not returned since last fall, so he’s not selling anymore homes than he was then. How did he get the money to send the doc to Hollywood to have it worked on? It makes no sense, because at the time it was down there, Erickson was flat broke. How did he get the huge amount of money needed to bail him out of the financial hole? He could not have made it selling lots. Someone must have bailed him out in some way. Erickson is now happy and calm and is no longer working all the time. He is back guiding hunts and again, and he’s going to Africa soon to hunt. He seems relaxed about the subject of Bigfoot and acts like it is out of his hands and his life. Whereas previously for a long time, he got angry anytime anyone brought up the subject. On numerous occasions, Erickson said he didn’t want to hear the word Bigfoot ever again. Furthermore, Erickson and Ketchum, who never got along, have now mysteriously become BFF’s. Logically, none of this makes any sense. The only way this could have happened is that an unknown person or persons with a lot of money stepped in and got Erickson out of his hole by sending a lot of money his way, either via gift or investment. I suspected that Wally Hersom gave Erickson the cash to get him out of the hole he was in and to send the documentary down to Hollywood. However, when I asked around, a source close to Hersom emphatically told me that he strongly doubted that Hersom had either bailed Erickson out or even given him the money to take his doc to Hollywood to have it worked on. There is suspicion that Ketchum is now the owner of Erickson’s footage, but it has been impossible to confirm. However, it does remain a hunch of mine for reasons I cannot divulge. The events surrounding Erickson and his movie in the last 9 months remain shrouded in mystery. Photos and video of Bigfoots exist that are better than the Patterson footage. Photos and video have been shot in the past 20 years that are said to be better than the Patterson footage. They are better than the Patterson footage in that it is clearer. At least a couple of them were shot in the Pacific Northwest. A source who has seen the footage says that there is no way it could have been hoaxed. In both cases, the persons who own the footage refuse to release it because of the Hellish notoriety of publicity that cascades down on anyone who releases purported Bigfoot footage. The crucifixion of Melissa Hovey over her photo is a good recent example.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on the last point Robert. Whenever Skeptics (not open minded ones Ranea* and what not, im talking about the average ‘Im right youre wrong’ ones), hear that someone has footage or photos, the immediately accuse them of baiting or lying to everyone, and insist they release.
    But, much like Hovey, once they do release it, they are bombarded with any accusation they can think of, and they have their past personal and business history brought up, no more how irrelevant it may be.
    Then again, the average ‘skeptic’ is also a troll.

  2. Another great post.
    On that better footage, I wish they would release it under a pseudonym or something. I just wanna see it! 🙂

  3. If I am reading this clearly, after all this time and immense amounts of patience on the part of everyone who has an interest in squatches, we aren’t going to see the footage (ever?) because someone doesn’t want to be under public scrutiny? I’ll do it, I could care less about public opinion, this is far too important to the world, period! Whoever has this footage, must get over themselves and operate from a context that serves others.

  4. Also, thank you Robert for your continued efforts to bring the best news and some speculation 😉 in the sasquatch world! Please know that your efforts do not go unappreciated! Please keep it up!

  5. Can you explain what a ‘presumptive’ bigfoot DNA sample is? Has the data been peer reviewed? Not a hater, just wondering.

      1. Undergoing peer review right now ? I thought it had passed review and we where waiting for publication ? …and waiting ……and waiting lol. I realise the importance of getting it absolutely correct but this waiting is so frustrating.

        1. No one knows. Supposedly it passed peer review a while back, but if so, it should have been published by now. As for me, I am getting sick and tired of the endless delays and false alarms. I’ve had it with her. It may never get published.

  6. I am curious about this footage that is supposedly better than the P/G film, why don’t you see how much they want for it and find a purchaser who doesn’t give a damn about notoriety ? Hell I’ll throw some cash in if somebody wants to start a fund raiser.

    1. never get published…wow,and now fb/fb’s bullshit….discouraging month,but we persevere,rush is coming to brooklyn in october

  7. I live in Ventura, CA. I was looking through my local paper when I came upon the obituary section, it said a Richard stubstad from Ojai died September 28th at 70 years of age. Is he the same person to whom if have seen on this blog?

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