Are Blacks Just As Intelligent As Whites?

Mike, you seem to think that I’m saying blacks are a different species. I’m not. The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know. What gets my goat about your comments is that you’ve taken an equally offensive position by saying Africans are more evolved than Europeans, without even having had a major civilization technological advances to back it up (Egypt doesn’t count). Basically, what it boils down to is: certain groups of Africans are evolved to run fast, run longer, rule the boxing ring and football field etc. Now if you agree with this statement, as you said you do, then it is reasonable to say certain groups of Asians and Whites are evolved to be better at maths and science, as they dominate both fields. Simply put, if Africans could, they would.

I would certainly disagree with this statement: The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know. I have met a tremendous number of persons in my life, both White and Black. Surely it is in the 10’s of 1000’s. I used to teach school, whole classes of all Blacks, all Whites, all Japanese, all Jews, all Filipinos, all Samoans, whatever. If you have an open mind when you do this, behavior and intelligence differences between groups are so obvious that they leap out and hit you in the face. Now previously, I believed that the races were all equal in intelligence. I believed that the IQ tests were biased and failed to accurately measure the intelligence of certain races like Blacks. In short, I was a typical liberal. Nevertheless, I had an open mind, and I started studying racial differences in IQ all the way back in my late teens, probably spurred by my liberal mother, who always held that there were racial differences in intelligence. My liberal father would not tolerate such talk and would start pounding the table and order everyone to shut up. “You don’t understand!” he would holler. “That means there’s no hope! That means there’s no hope!” What my father meant was that if the IQ tests were correct and Blacks were indeed ~13.5 points below Whites, then there was basically no hope for the Black race ever closing the gap, which probably seemed unlikely even to my father. My liberal sister couldn’t handle it either. She would throw a yelling fit, call people racists and order everyone shut up. Everyone’s appetite would be ruined. She was the product of a Sociology degree at UC Santa Cruz (The People’s Republic of Santa Cruz), and that shows you what a degree from a place like that will do to your brain. It was only after several years of teaching thousands of Blacks, Whites and others that I really started thinking about this stuff. It got so that as I saw the class filing in, looking at the ethnic (and gender) makeup, I could almost predict the intelligence levels and social behavior of the class. One wild card was gender with Blacks. Even in the heart of the ghetto, there are university level courses filled with Blacks. But they are almost all Black girls. There would hardly be a Black boy in the room. And the behavioral level of Black females, especially the brighter ones, was vastly better than Black males. Then I really started doing some thinking, and I started printing out Richard Lynn’s work. I gave a printout of it to my mother once on a visit. She was working for a psychologist who conducted testing for corporations. He also gave out a lot of IQ tests. He had given over 600 IQ tests in his time. He was very liberal and had always been taught that there were no differences between the races, but he was starting to wonder if it was true. After he read Lynn’s work, he said to my mother, “You know, I have always wondered if this was true. They come in here from all walks of life, and I can almost predict the IQ when the person walks in. The Asians and Jews are the smartest, then the Hispanics and last are Blacks. “Education doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. I ask these high IQ Asians, ‘So I guess you studied real hard in school, right? And they laugh and say, ‘Are you kidding? Why study? School was easy. We mostly screwed around, maybe study a little the night before a test.’ Then a lot of your 100 IQ types said they studied all the time but still got relatively poor grades. I started to question the idea that people were smart because they studied all the time.” The psychologist said that Mormons were stupid. “Very nice people, the nicest people you’ve ever met,” he said. “But they sure are dumb. As dumb as rocks.” During this period, I taught all different races in school for years and in addition dated a few Black women, including one with whom I had a long term relationship. She was a university grad, but she wasn’t all that smart. She was having me write her university English papers for her because basically she wasn’t smart enough to write them. And she was one of the smart ones. My conclusion after dealing with tens of thousands of Whites and Blacks up close and personal is that the intelligence differences between the races are quite apparent. They are not immediately obvious, and many, many Blacks are “smart enough.” They are often excellent at basic intelligence, social intelligence, and reading people psychologically. Quite a few Black males are great at fixing just about anything that needs fixing around the house. Obviously there are highly intelligent and intellectual Blacks (one is the co-owner of this site with me), but they are simply not that common. The intelligence difference between Whites and Blacks is not immediately obvious just talking to various White and Black folks you may know. Black intelligence is such that it appears quite normal on the surface for some reason, probably because most casual interaction doesn’t require a whole lot of brains. Also there seems to be something to the notion that Blacks can “fake it” and seem a lot smarter than they are. I am also ashamed to admit that a very large number of White people act very dumb in casual encounters, have little to no intellectual sense and have so little knowledge of current affairs that they seems like morons. The B-W differences on the observational level only seem to come up after years of interaction and are most obvious on highly intellectually demanding tasks. For the vast majority of tasks needed to function in society, Blacks are perfectly smart enough. My conclusion is that the ~1 standard deviation difference on IQ tests between Blacks and Whites is not just an artifact produced by biased testing, but is a real intelligence difference between the races. The reality of these test scores’ conclusion has been born out by my casual investigations in over fifty years of life, in which I concluded that Blacks are simply not as intelligent as Whites. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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358 thoughts on “Are Blacks Just As Intelligent As Whites?”

  1. How does Egypt not count as being African or Black? Last I checked Egypt is in Africa. European scholars have been trying to remove Egypt from Africa as if the Egyptians were not people of color, black or African. This is done to blatantly disregard the contributions of true people of Asiatic decent. The other problem is the IQ test is flawed. This has been proven over and over again. This assessment born out of casual investigation is far from scientific or unbiased.

  2. White people are smarter. They cheat on tests instead of wasting hours of their lives studying for it. Go team Whitey!

  3. No. Blacks are inferior. As evidenced by the lack of societal development in Africa except by European influence ( Caucasian).

  4. Its funny that you say this yet you judge intellince on only books, i come from africa where white people are minimal and as everywhere we have some people who are better in books than others and we assume that the ones who are not good in books or the ones who are not civilized are not smart however in my school people who never performed well in class ended up in something like technical schools where they learn how to fix cars and this guys will disassemble a car and put it back together i also know others who are amazing carpenters , some people who will literally figure out whats wrong with your radio and take this part out replace it with another Nd boom radio is fixed, what am trying to get to is that black people majority of us are smart diffrently we are not book smart but that doesnt mean we are not smart, we are simply diffrent, that none of this people am talking about can pass those IQ tests you are reffering to but yet they express intelligence. Am telling you this because you stated thay youre open minded so digest on that.

  5. For the record, Blacks history have been robbed and stole. There are books that can help you educate yourself, I suggest starting on “The last two million years”, or Babalon to Timbuktu and it’s interesting when we were learning about Europe Dark Ages, Babalon to Timbuktu had Universities and were know for books?? Wow !! Darwins Theory taught blacks were 3/5 human, now DNA show Europeans and Asians have neanderthal DNA!!!!! We are so quick to try and seem we are dominate, but reading the bible, I now know who is chosen children are, you know going once he talk about that destroy for a lack of knowledge, also who got to the land there in by bondage and slave ships, so when I see the terminology beast of the field I would think he’s talking about Neanderthals or the car occasion race itself.

    1. “Darwins Theory taught blacks were 3/5 human”.
      That wasn’t Darwin. Although Darwin probably was a racialist, he was probably closer to modern racialists like Phillipe Rushton, so compared to other men of his day, he really wasn’t that racist…….

  6. DAYREL was an African-American classmate in the Catholic School we attended who was handsome, athletic and above all very academic.
    By age 12 he had reached the petting stage of sexual adolescent sexual development and pursued white female pupils.
    Aged 17 he had three children and as a result-tied down in various minimum wage jobs to support them-never completed high school.
    It is less intelligence and more sexual lifestyle choices that traps people like Dayrel in poverty and their children whom they have as almost as soon as they are capable of reproducing

  7. A lot of times one has to work to do better, but I’m not sure if that relates to IQ or not. If you want to be smart at math, then you have to do problems. Simple as that. Are blacks willing to work?

    1. “If you want to be smart at math, then you have to do problems. Simple as that. Are blacks willing to work?”
      Skipping a step there Jason, to actually “do the problems” one would have to understand the logic behind the problems, which is connected with iq indisputably at least with mathematical IQ (IQ is actually composed of subsets of intellectual properties however in the cases of blacks having lopsided IQs it typically would aid them in in Verbal facets rather than mathematical).

      1. I have a genius IQ (147), and I struggled to pass high school Geometry and high school Algebra 2. My Mom and all of the siblings all also have genius IQ’s and they all struggled with higher math.

        1. Well it is possible that the your IQ is lopsided with your Verbal/Linguistic skills. This isn’t uncommon with IQs even if they are past Genius level.
          In any case I was just being applying IQ’s importance towards Jason’s example.
          Overall though, IQ is important in the long run for stability even if other factors affect it’s utility.
          Personally though, my threshold is just being somewhat versatile in a range of abilities (say, about 95-100 iq) with good behavior.

        2. To Gay State Girl,
          While reading his other posts on the subject, he says that he particularly good at geometry and Algebra. With an IQ of 140 it’s possible but I belief people with the condition also have difficulty with the basics.
          So I believe the seriousness of it would depend on how good Robert is at the basics, and reading his IQ articles I would say that isn’t the case.

        3. He just said he struggled with high school algebra and geometry. Apparently it is not uncommon for geniuses to have such conditions. Certain deficits force other areas of the brain to work in overdrive to compensate. That’s why there are so many people with ASD in computer science and so many dyslexics in professions that require exceptional visual/spatial skills.

  8. If you gave White Nationalists a state, you’d have civil war between the neo pagans skinheads and tradcons.

    1. If White Supremacists want to complain about how bad they have it, they all need to move to West Virginia!!!!!!! (94% White, whiter than South Africa is black), or Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!
      They should think about that the next time some Jew keeps them
      out of Harvard in their trailer park!

      1. That’s a GREAT idea! And even better! Maybe people who want to live among violent, dysfunctional Third World squalor, could go to squalid, violent Third World countries, instead of inviting them and their attendant pathology into America!
        As an added bonus, that would keep America clean and safe, so if they get over their xenophilia and want to AVOID the violence, squalor and dysfunction, they could retreat into America!
        I mean look around, even the “refugees” only want to come to clean, safe white countries, instead of going to their fellow savages’ countries, which is a slight endorsement that we’re doing something better. Other terrorist countries won’t let the refugees in for fear of terrorism, so they somehow know what’s up!
        Or is it just that whites are pushovers, easy victims, and THAT’S why they seek to invade white countries?

      2. EPGAH, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re retarded. You obviously missed my point, which was that some nearly all-White States are scummy/Third Worldish (maybe not to the extent of say, Sierra Leone), but you get it.
        It was rebutting the White Supremacist talking point “When Whites come together great things happen”. That’s bullshit. I’m challenge you/their low-IQ absolutism. I.E. I’d rather live in a Jewish and Black Carribbean neighborhood in Brooklyn than in Deliverance, W.V..
        #reality sucks
        Some of the time.
        White Supremacists need to have a reasonable thought process if they don’t want to be laughed out of town.

        1. Actually, you’re retarded, if you want to say that those areas are Third World.
          Hell, I’ll admit that the Appalachians looks like Fallout 3 or 4, BUT the CRIME is HALF the national average! I’ll say it again, so you can get it: Subpar whites are less violent/acquisitive than subpar nonwhites.
          What about your own thought process? You never actually look up the stats, you just assume poor areas are all violent? You need to be laughed out of town if you’re that out of touch with reality. I’m ex-military, I’ve actually BEEN to Third World hellholes–including some which USED to be good countries when whites ran them–which is why I’m less eager than you to have that tableau repeated here in America.
          Reality sucks? Sure, but let’s keep our reality sucking less than areas outside our control.

      1. A lot of white majority states are great places to live. Northern New England-Atlantic Provinces of Canada. The Pacific Northwest I’m not as sure about. Though I don’t know how many alt right who extol the virtues of a traditionalist rural agrarian society would actually want to live in one. Should be fun to watch them try. 🙂 Especially their high priest Pat Buchanan. 🙂
        The alt right is no where near as cohesive as they like to think. Between the neopagans, trad cons, and Darwinist HBDers. Would be fun to see how they maintain their society 🙂

        1. Social order:
          1st class- “Darwinian HBDers”
          2nd class- ‘Traditional conservatives’
          3rd class- “neopagans”
          Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin’s boys’ would probably be savagely assualting AmRenners, probably putting Jared Taylor’s head on a pike or something, like pure savages; Of course “Darwinian HBDers” would see Jared Taylor and the AmRenners for the blatant White Supremacists that they are and cast them out.

    2. White Supremacists are right to a certain extent, I think most blacks would probably want to be in Fergueson as opposed to Sierra Leone or Liberia.
      The Gullah people were isolated from other blacks, in the South on reef Islands, and Gullah is supposed to come from “Gola” meaning it could be an indicator of where many U.S. blacks have their ancestry. The Gola are indigenous to Liberia and Sierra Leone.
      Although it is basically accepted in genealogical circles that Carribbean Blacks are pretty much exclusively Yoruba.
      Phil- If you don’t mind me asking, you took an Autosomal DNA test, and were part black?
      Did it give you any specific African Ethnicities, or regions?

      1. “Although it is basically accepted in genealogical circles that Carribbean Blacks are pretty much exclusively Yoruba.”
        Very untrue(according to both cultural and genetic studies). Only Spanish islands (and Brazil) tend to have a really significant Yoruba component, (especially Cuba but less so The Dominican Republic), along with significant Western Congo+Angola, and Senegabian contributions. English islands are though to have Igbo/other S.E. Nigerian tribes, Western Congo+ N. Angola, and Akan/Ashanti as their three largest elements (with other smaller African contributions, and the Akan/Ashanti part probably a bit greater in Jamaica than other English Islands). French islands (namely Haiti) tend to be more Fon/Dahomey and Western Congo+ N. Angola as the biggest single elements, with smaller fractions of other things (Senegambian, etc.) The Western Congo element is a significant fraction in pretty much every new world(western hemisphere slave descended) Black population (including US Blacks where it tends to be about 30-50%, roughly the same as the fraction of slaves that came from there), with other ethnic components being much more variable.

      2. I doubt that it is “very untrue”
        Black Latin American Culture is highly linked to Yoruba culture.
        If you provide a link to your “genetic studies” I’ll change my mind.
        Culturally, you are mostly incorrect (except for perhaps parts of South America, where the blacks are Congoan/Angolan).
        I had another link with even stronger evidence, but what I have now is enough.

        1. “Black Latin American Culture is highly linked to Yoruba culture.”
          Some Black Latin American cultures more than others. South American Blacks outside Brazil have a more minor Yoruba element, if any (with West and Central African and other West African ones more important. Argentinian slaves were almost entirely Central African)
          You will notice I said the Yoruba were significant in the “Spanish islands”. I also said “especially Cuba”. Since your link is all about Cuba, it in no way contradicts with what I said.
          Th idea that Jamaicans or Haitians are mostly Yoruba(or Barbadians or Martiniquans) is pretty absurd.

        2. I will say that your claim may not be “very untrue” of the Spanish Caribbean. But most if the Caribbean is not Spanish, nor are most Caribbean Blacks from Spanish islands (far from it).

        3. “I will say that your claim may not be “very untrue” of the Spanish Caribbean.”
          Somewhat untrue of the Spanish Caribbean (though likely true of some Blacks/Black communities there) but not very untrue, since the Spanish Caribbean also has the important Congo/Angolan element (and variably, other small ones).

        4. Okay, that’s true. Cuba is by far the most populous, it would seem, but it’s not as black as Jamaica and Haiti.

        5. I believe Haiti’s blacks mostly descend from Dahomey from what I heard, which makes sense when you consider historical relations between them a and France.

        6. “The rest is about 2 percent natie americand and 10% English (I believe old english since that is the largest portion of British Isles ancestry in the south before Welsh and Scot-Irish.) 4% Portuguese and 2% Irish.”
          That should be Native American. This is likely part of my grandmother’s side since their was a tri-racial recent to us,by my Grandfather that I mention could pass too. Overall, he’s ambiguous.

      3. to Another William Playfair Web
        “Phil- If you don’t mind me asking, you took an Autosomal DNA test, and were part black?”
        Well, if you consider 82 percent as “part black” then yeah. LOL
        As far my ancestry goes it is about 30% Nigerian, about 20% for the senegambia/ sierra Leone element, 13%-15% percent as Ashanti and the remainder Bantu from Central and South Africa (Makua). despite a low Bantu, my Capoid (pygmy and Bushmen) is rather High, at about 4%-5%!
        The rest is about 2 percent natie americand and 10% English (I believe old english since that is the largest portion of British Isles ancestry in the south before Welsh and Scot-Irish.) 4% Portuguese and 2% Irish.
        The suprising thing is that based on imports to the states my family mainly hails from (South Carolina and a little bit of Georgia) I should mostly be the Senegambian and Gold Coast based, however that before one considers New World Trade colonies made with each other with slaves.
        For example, intially, Georgia slaves were from the Carribean which would’ve brought a higher bantu and Calabar (SE nigeria) count while the mainly preferred SC’s ideal with Senegambia and Gold Coast. Also, one must also consider that slaves where also mixed with groups from other states when the trade ended, with direct Calabar imports being very high in Virginia compared to other southern states so that another reason.
        And in conclusion My Maternal grandfather had ambiguous origins but looked pretty exotic looking, indicating Carribean contribution (though of course that’s just speculation though his last name was McClure so he likely contributed the Irish component).
        My dad isn;t that tall and has a medium head height and receding skull like some old pictures of some gold Coast tribes so he likely has the higher Congolese and Ashanti admixture. the rest of his family is rather short too. His eyes also are a bit sunken in.
        My mother looks particularly exotic (likely due to her father having some of a vague semblance to me of SE Nigerian women so my grandfather likely gave alot of that too. Then again, looking at some old pictures, like also could’ve been Congolese as well but I’m unsure. As far as I remember she had almond shape eyes but here head was oval for the most part, and looking at pictures iIthink Senegalese match her well but they are much darker, something SE women match her closer too as well as rounder facial features and better forehead match concerning females. I suppose it might be due to mandinka ancestry on her side making here head thinner with light skin from SE).
        The rest of her family, at least with the males, were rather tall and seem consistent with the look for ideal slaves for South Carolina people. The thing is though they are all light skinned so i think that can be due to white admixture or maybe they just came from somewhere that had lighter skin west africans.
        Overall it hard to tell with my mom’s side but pretty solid with my Dad’s side phenotypically speaking.
        However if we were to go by behavior, then I think I’m getting a better idea. My mom’s side has been very well behaved despite low economic occupation, making me think of comments made of Eboe slaves that I believe were from the Calabar (Hugh Crow’s memoirs) and Senegambians in General (senegal being said to be consistently stable compared to other west african Nations and Jolofs treating their slaves well but had issues with drinking.
        My dad’s side, well not degenerates, had a few wild cards (my dad for one) thus this seems consistent with the cold coast caricature.
        As far as i look I really struggled. my lower face is like some Southern Nigerians with over all round features with thick lips, my eyes are somewhat weird and i’m not sure if they would belong to Nigerian of Gold coast but they are closer to my mother’s so I’ll go with Nigerian. My brow though is somewhat ashanti looking and my forehead is bulbous like my moms and i have kinky hair.
        Overall my behavior is an even split between despondent and stern/vicious.

        1. I want to have my genome analyzed, but am suspicious of the motives of these companies, especially 23andme (Mrs Google.)

        2. motives? Like what? Like trying to force find popular desired traces like native american, Black (modern anti-racists of course would love that), and Jewish (I suppose levant -like readings? thanks to their popularity across historians and, well, less qualified people Playfair loves to mention I’m a little confused of what they are. The only thing I can say with confidence is that they are mostly eurasian.)
          As far as my ancestry results went with nothing was suspicious and pretty consistent with both demographic readings and personal ancestry.
          For example my Native American admixture likely came from my ancestor who was a female Lumbee indian, basically a cross between black, white, and North Carolina Indian that i think cluster with Cherokee but as far as know no tribe is designated.
          The actual results on classified it as Near east and Central Asian but due to genetic similarities with those groups that is often a mistake that they mention on the site I believe or it’s just a common mistake with genetic testing on certain site. Other ones took my results and they came out native american as well.
          My ancestor was labeled mulatto but my brother learned that that was a common mistake with triracials back then, I believe it was due to them not being as common.

        3. 4% Portuguese. Interesting. Sierra Leone actually means something in Portuguese. The Portuguese also discovered the great Zimbabwe, and raged war against the famous Luanda/Angolan Queen.
          As for the rest, it seems that there is almost no general theme of where Black New Worlders have their ancestry, other than you are probably not going to be a bulk Angolan in Tidewater Virginia, or Senegalese in Brazil….(loose North-South link).

        4. My personal theory on why many of these Anglos claim to have Native American ancestry, is that they actually have Mediterranean English blood (descendants of the Roman conquerors). That sometimes gives them hooked noses and olive skin….like Native Americans….

        5. “4% Portuguese. Interesting. Sierra Leone actually means something in Portuguese. The Portuguese also discovered the great Zimbabwe, and raged war against the famous Luanda/Angolan Queen.”
          The portuguese, while not having that much claimed concerning colonialism for a long period, were indeed pivotal in African history in terms of european exploration of the place. I can’t recall a region they didn’t tread.
          The portuguese was a trace region, so the site said ones that low should be caution however my Capoid was too and that got great precision on other sites with my sample. I think i can trust the portuguese, though the other sites doesn’t distinguish european for some reason so i guess I’ll check again.”
          “As for the rest, it seems that there is almost no general theme of where Black New Worlders have their ancestry, other than you are probably not going to be a bulk Angolan in Tidewater Virginia, or Senegalese in Brazil….(loose North-South link).”
          I actually think the concfusion would only apply to places like America that gets it’s slaves through a variety of ways. I’ll bet that other places will be more clear cut, but Considering the gullah are the only real cultural identifier in the US I’ll say that Gold Coast/ Senegambians are probably the cultural exemplifier for US black history.
          “My personal theory on why many of these Anglos claim to have Native American ancestry, is that they actually have Mediterranean English blood (descendants of the Roman conquerors). That sometimes gives them hooked noses and olive skin….like Native Americans….”
          I guess you would have to test hair texture as well to verify unless the modify that.

        6. Phil
          Like the global elites using DNA to extract information about the general populace especially regarding personality traits or pathologies.
          This ran a few years ago:

          Anne Wojicki founder of 23andme is married to Sergei Brin. In any case, I’m not letting anyone sequence my genome.

        7. Never know what they’re capable of…Even genome manipulation is a possibility.
          My own code has nothing to reveal. My disorder stems from oxygen deprivation at birth (like Rosemary Kennedy) but they may use this to predetermine traits where they never previously existed. Put words in people’s mouths so to speak.

        8. You mean make up a disorder, then diagnose unborn people with it–like they’re doing to the living people now?

  9. This just in:
    Alt Right on their Goddess Queen:
    “Ivanka reveals her Asatru faith. Judaism was a ruse for the Zio-media as she cucked Jared Kushner with Jared Taylor”
    They’re such deluded fucks. Her past two boyfriends were Jewish as well.
    How they gonna spin their dear leader integrating the Palm Beach social circuit, opening his clubs up to blacks and demanding others do the same.
    Should be fun to watch.

    1. Donald Trump’s daughter is married to a Jewish man.
      Donald Trump’s best prole friend is Mike Tyson.
      Donald Trump adopted the “I will not stand with Israel if you will not stand with me” Ted Cruz as his so-called “little buddy”
      They don’t even make sense anymore.
      It’s like how they idolize Andrew Breitbart.
      Raised by Jewish adoptive parents.
      Became a Conservative because he thought ‘Liberals are the real racists’ after watching Clarence Thomas hearings.
      His most prominent writers are Milo Yiannopolous (half Jewish, the other half certainly not Nordic), and some Spanish lady (I read on the web somewhere).
      These people are so god damn delusional they just assume Breitbart and Trump’s son-in-law aren’t Jewish because they don’t look like this;

      1. Ivanka converted to Judaism, unlike Chelsea who remains Methodist. Chelsea still receives all the hate from the alt right for being ugly though.
        Wonder when Melania will come out and talk about it.

      2. “I will not stand with Israel if you will not stand with me”
        That’s wrong.
        should be; “I will not stand with you if you do not stand with Israel”. Oops.

        1. Oh wow! We have all these guys kissing our jewish asses, yet the jewish establishment won’t let us enjoy it for what it’s worth. We control the world and the jewish establishment won’t let us enjoy it. They keep instilling a perpetual sense of fear especially to elderly Jews.

        2. I like American Jews, although I think Israelis are a bit violent. The closest thing I had to an HS sweetheart was a Jewess.
          Civil Rights and the 1965 Immigration Act were back when Anglos had almost complete control, so that’s all them/us (I am, for all intents and purposes, half-Anglo).
          Jews have disproportionate influence in the halls of power, but not exclusive control. You guys can’t openly advocate for your own interests to an absurd degree, after all Obama crammed through the Iran deal.
          Simple minds oversimplify. Are Jews powerful? Yes. Do they have exclusive control of U.S. military policy and the world economy? No.

        3. I’d like to emigrate. But the process of doing so to basically anywhere is so absurd? I guess third world shitholes don’t care who they let in, it might even be better there than in the U.S. in a few years. 🙂

        4. Mid-Atlantic/Delmarva.
          Near D.C., near the halls of power, the center of the world. We don’t understand why people hate everyone “inside the beltway”. People around here have a casual relationship with the man (i.e. D.C. bureaucrats), we see him daily, and don’t hate them as much as everyone else. I like it that way, we’re not prone to get caught up in all this fascist emotion.
          Some of the best words of wisdom;

        5. “Money is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after ten years, power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I can not respect someone who does not see the difference.”, as the video says.
          Coulter is someone who does not understand the difference. Her McMansion in Palm Beach will have collapsed in 10 years. She may be trying to change from money to power, but the way she pitches her book I doubt it.

        6. Is there a significant presence of White Nationalists where you live? Did you face discrimination of any kind?

        7. Basically, no. I assume you are referencing my Iberian/Arawak/Greek heritage?
          -I know of a private bar/club that doesn’t allow black people, actually about a half-a-dozen blocks from where I grew up.
          I know of one Mestizo Mexican guy (a marine) who apparently got uselessly hassled by the police.
          -A black friend of mine saw a Klucker in a town a few miles from where I grew up.
          The KKK held one rally in that town.
          -My Godfather lived in Thurmont, MD. (KKK regional headquarters), way out in the boonies. Pretty sketch.
          One time this guy I met with a dark haired female friend of mine who did not want to shake our hands. He was like Scandinavian White, and based on his opinions on things he seemed like a “straight-edge” (anti-drug White Supremacist) type. That was weird, I’m not sure what that was about….
          An Italian family friend was recently harassed by a Trump supporter 🙁
          My Grandmother (super White, could pass for Scandinavian) started talking to this guy while waiting for pictures to develop at a Grocery store, and he for some reason started raving about Obama, she defended Obama, and he went nuts and called her a “muslim” (she has a largely unplaceable, but noticeable accent).
          I’ve been told I look Italian or Jewish mainly, so not a whole lot, but those people face some discrimination in general.
          My Grandfather was always afraid he might be looked at funny because he looked like a full blooded Arab.
          Isolated incidents, that I can count on my ten digits. So really not that much.

        8. but what do I know………..?
          I saw a comment on AmRen stipulating someone lived in a town just a few miles from where I grew up.
          As Bill Maher said; these people are like vermin under a rock, you turn it over and there they are, but you didn’t know before hand.

        9. It was sort of a joke that my Grandfather looked Arab. His mother was Canarian (mix of Iberian and Berber) and his dad was either Portuguese or crypto-Jew, we’re not sure….
          My grandfather was a crazy sociopath..he worshiped Jews, so that part about his father could have been made-up. He brought in homeless Jews off the streets of NY for coffee…..

        10. My grandfather and paternal father had very semitic features (Paternal grandfather’s family is from Crimea which probbly had a lot of dealing with the Ottoman Empire and others), though my paternal grandmother was an Aryan Goddess, who’s family hailed from Kiev. My mother looks Eurasian, a significant percentage of Mongoloid, though this is most likely due to Bukharan (Uzbekistan) ancestry.

        11. It is our innate charity which is destroying us. In a homogeneous society, altruism is a glorious standard. In a multicultural society, it is our doom, as we help our enemies destroy us.
          Where do you think you can run? Anywhere that lets outsiders in is already trashed. The countries that are still great, remain so at cost to not-self outsiders.

    2. Donald Trump is such a joke, that’s just not ‘Jewish censorship’ or whatever.
      Here’s the un-PC truth, he’s a buffon.
      He can not have the power to obliterate most of the world’s population. He will literally plunge the world onto a Nuclear winter, that’s not solely an opinion, it’s a very reasonable prediction.
      I’ll take a “third world hellhole” over a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland or death

      1. Please remember, if the savages take over America, they have access to America’s nuclear stockpile!
        Savages have higher aggression and no concept of consequences. Look at the havoc they wreak with small arms. If they get access to nukes, you’ll get BOTH, Third World Hellhole AND Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Wasteland.
        Trump, on the other hand, is a businessman, a NEGOTIATOR, which is all about consequences. Do you really think any other country will declare war on us if America suddenly says NO to an unreasonable demand? “OMG! They said NO! They’re supposed to be pushovers, always agree to anything, however unreasonable, in the Name of Peace!”…Is that really the skit that plays in your head?
        In order to have peace, the Third World scum must be brought to heel. Or would you prefer we just leave that duty to Russia, which means Russia becomes de facto leader of the world?

        1. Trump is a failed businessman.
          Trump is most likely mentally ill
          Trump is a cuck for blacks and Jews.
          Trump is punking you, and it makes you look dumb.
          Reality’s not what you want it to be sometimes, and opinion pieces from Breitbart can’t change that.

    3. Melania Trump dates Jews..that’s a start.
      I would be in heaven if they also found out Ann Coulter is a gay/transgender man 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. “I would be in heaven if they also found out Ann Coulter is a gay/transgender man:):):):):)”
        LOVE! She’s known for dating Indian guys FWIW.

        1. I’m not a hateful person. I have a very feminine mental illness, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (crazy in a good way 🙂 )
          I don’t hate many people. I LOATHE Ann Coulter, pretty much pathologically at this point. I hope she dies, and I typically don’t agree with the Death Penalty.
          When Robert publishes my guest post, you’ll see why I hate Ann Coulter.
          She embodies the scumishness of the White race. She’ll say anything for money. She’s a political opportunist who used to bang black guys and East Indian guys, and say rape isn’t real, but now she rides the White Supremacist band wagon (rape IS real, only if a Mexicant does it), and does not even acknowledge banging those two guys, she compensates for it by bashing Indian-American governor Nikki Haley.
          She is such a terrible person. She claims to want “crem de la crem’ of the world, yet in double-speak that means this guy;
          Over this guy;
          June 2015: “Race has NOTHING to do with it”
          May 2016: “I lied. WHITE POWER”.
          ‘I know many of you noble HBDers who happen not to believe that Asians are smarter, cause you know, we’re smart whites, but Hsu is controlled by the Jews. Coloreds can’t comprehend science’.

        2. Ann Coulter plagiarized many one liners from this;

          for “Adios America”.
          This shit is why I’m a self-hating White. People like Ann Coulter. White changing definitions very often. Jesus Christ, the White race can’t stop squabbling amongst themselves, when already at Evolutionary advantages, like being not the smartest, or the most verile, and the sun killing us. We’re gonners. We’re not the smartest, we’ve been living on borrowed time. I welcome the Asians.

        3. To tell you the truth, I never paid her much attention. Same goes for Rush Limbaugh, though he and Mark Steyn can be funny at times.
          I have considered myself a very moderate fiscal conservative (not a neocon) but felt that conservative punditry an talk radio gave conservatives a bad name and always squirmed when I heard them. If I did read any articles, I would merely skim and skip to the comment section to assess the overall mood of the general public.
          I don’t care what these people have to say. They have nothing original.

        4. My dad grew up in Maryland, and went to a High School where blacks were bused from D.C. .He was somewhat racist against blacks exclusively.
          His first wife was South African (an East Indian) whose family supported Mandela, so he changed a little bit (to show their commitment her parents moved to Detroit 🙂 )
          My mother had family in Baltimore, and they of course were often very suspicious/nervous around blacks, but of course had many Black friends. They lose it when there are riots, though, they have no sympathy.
          Mexicans/Mestizos were never were talked badly about. Same with Asians and Jews.
          Most of these ‘victims of Mestizo crime’ or ‘a ch!nk stole my job’, are frauds/liars.
          I’m sure some Whites in the South West are upset about general poverty/decline of infrastructure, due to lower Mestizo IQs, but I think this paranoia about rapes/violent crime, is just that, paranoia, and I have GAD 🙂

        5. Why would your father marry someone who supported the violent overthrow of their own country?
          I am sure you will feel victims of Mexican crime are liars/frauds – until it happens to you. As much hate as you seem to embody for whites in America, I can’t honestly say “I hope you don’t have to go through that.”
          As to race having nothing to do with it, why do Mexicans bitch about Americans being racist for wanting to keep foreign criminals out – but MEXICO KEEPS ALL NON-MEXICANS OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICE AND THEY CAN’T EVEN OWN LAND! But that’s not “racist”, just “self-protection”, right?
          Hey, since it’s “not about race”, why DO Mexico’s rejects invade America instead of the continent and a half south of them? Because they don’t want to go to somewhere already fucked up, they want to invade someplace nice and fuck it up, right?

        6. Mexicans have lower sexual hormones and are theoretically less violent (they are Mongoloids). These are the widely accepted race realist facts.
          Kate Steinle’s guy is not proof of anything. I can find a White Rapist on google in 0.01 seconds flat.
          FACTS, EPGAH, facts (and not from Breitbart or Drudge alone, need to be verified elsewhere). That’s a good place to start.

        7. Mexicans are part of the Mongoloid race, which is less violent and theoretically less hormonal than Whites. I did not dispute that they were causing problems. I just think the whole ‘rapes and murders everywhere, mass violence’ is unlikely on it’s face, and completely unsubstantiated.
          Dispute what I said with facts, please, not useless placation s about “savages”.

        8. You can find a Mexican rapist in nothing flat also. The highest profile one is Humberto Leal Garcia.

          It raped an underage girl and rammed sticks into her eye holes and cunt, then smashed her skull with a concrete block…And Mexico tries to stop us from executing it, although they didn’t care enough about it to keep it on THEIR side of the border!
          As to being “theoretically less violent”, how do you explain Mexico being a place where open assassination is all but an accepted means of politicking, but America isn’t? How do you explain monsters like Humberto Leal Garcia, and Mexico’s defense of such monsters? If you want to go for an “America has monsters too”, that’s true, but we kill our monsters, Mexico dumps them on us, then tries to stop US from killing them for them! Is there some curse on the land, or is it as Robert hinted earlier, Bad People = Bad Culture = Bad Country?
          When you say “Mongoloid”, do you mean Asian? Mexico’s crime rate is WAY higher than China’s (or America’s, for that matter). So are they some mutant Asian that didn’t get the intellect and impulse control? And a large part of America’s problem with Mexico is that they can’t keep it in their pants or their borders. If America wasn’t infested with an 8-digit number of Mexico’s excess population that BROKE in, the ones that came in THROUGH OUR FILTERING would be selected for intellect and behavior, right? The ones that just break in, why the hell should they obey our laws? They broke international law, what in Heaven, Earth, or Hell will constrain them to obey “lesser” laws? And of course, the ones that aren’t constrained by our filtering system, are obviously the scum that NEITHER country wants.

        9. Don’t forget the “Latin Lover” stereotype, plus their own TV programs show them as more sexual and more violent than Americans.

        10. Would you believe the numbers on sites like NumbersUSA or
          To tell you what the invaders are costing us in dollars and lives?
          If you want to stick to anecdotes, let’s keep going:
          July 3, 2015 – Declaring itself a sanctuary with no obligation to obey federal immigration law, San Francisco ignored an order by federal immigration officials to detain for deportation Francisco Sanchez who has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times. He was arrested about an hour after the MURDER of 32 year old Kathryn Steinle while out for an evening stroll with her father.
          July 5, 2015 – “Four-Times Deported Illegal Alien Kills Wife with Hammer”
          July 08, 2015 Illegal accused of killing 18-year-old, burning 3-year-old alive
          If not hormones, and lack of self-control, what is their motivation for all this? What’s that about these savages being less hormonal than whites again? Mexico’s a shit country of shit people, let’s keep the shit out of America. Remember, Mexico’s Age of Consent is 12, which is why the illegal rapists don’t think they’ve done anything wrong!
          America’s better than Mexico, let’s keep it that way! Let’s set our standards a little higher than that, if we can handle it?

  10. “I would merely skim and skip to the comment section to assess the overall mood of the general public.”
    That’s exactly what I did, starting in March 2015.
    I thought ‘this is bad/not normal’.
    I started reading StormFront, and that, ‘huh, that’s odd, mainstream Conservatives are basically more stupid StormFronters who don’t hate Jews’. When Trump rose I knew he was here to stay…

    1. Trump “rose” as you put it, because he is the only one who cares about the “overall mood of the general public”, which is increasingly fed up with the ever-more obvious agenda of cutting us out of our own country. When both parties have all but ditched the working-class base (Especially Democrats, with their farce about being for the working/poor/little people), then these unmoored people nursing feelings of betrayal, gather around anyone who even PRETENDS to be on their side.
      Clinton has said she’s on the side of the illegals. Sanders is on the side of the freeloaders. Cruz is on the side of…anyone BUT America.
      The more America does to overcome its faults, the more [not less] unbearable the remaining ones become. – Lawrence Auster
      I guess that goes for perceived faults, not just real ones, right?

      1. Okay that’s nice? But I think there was obviously some reason for this immigration thing.
        We needed the foreigners to mass produce high tech things, having lots of designers/techs from East Asia. Anglos are not lining up to take those jobs, Anglo is justly synonymous with “White trash” these people are not Engineers.
        Whites are not picking vegetables, Anglos are too arrogant for that.
        They are low IQ scum and the prole dregs need to understand they are not going to lead us down a path to another Ethnic Cleansing type World War. If violence is required to make them understand (like a dog) so be it.
        I hope Trump and Coulter get a taste of their own medicine.

        1. There is a “reason for this immigration thing”. America’s better than their country, and rather than stay in their own country and “Make A Better Life” there, they come HERE to steal one! Why do we “need” them at all? We are the INVENTORS of mass production. We don’t need China or India for that. Plus, of course, the Asians keep stealing our designs. China even sues the companies that don’t let them steal. Look up the QualComm lawsuit. If you want to say it’s cheaper to have them make it, sure, but then once they have the blueprints, they steal it and make their own knockoffs.
          As to Anglos not lining up to take those jobs, you forget, those aren’t offered to Anglos, at least not seriously, hence the “abuse trials” over H1B visas.

          ¾ of STEM grads aren’t getting STEM jobs. Are you saying those are low-IQ? And if so, how did they get to be STEM grads?
          Whites WOULD pick vegetables, if the price was right, but illegals will work for what, half of Minimum Wage? Using our Welfare System to make up the difference between their wages and what they “need” to survive/siphon back to Mexico to fund the Next Wave. Now if you want to say that we need to bring in a lesser culture “Only To Work”, how long will they be satisfied with just working for their betters? Why are illegals demanding tuition subsidies for college? Low-IQ jobs like vegetable pickers don’t need that, right? If you want to say they’re “competing”, that’s fine, but why should we pay for them to cut our throats? What definition of “competing” has the better competitor pay the losers’ way?
          China needs to understand our tech is not there just for them to steal. Mexico needs to be made to understand America is not their Penal Colony. If violence is required to make them understand (like a dog) so be it, right? Trump and Coulter getting a taste of their own medicine? Hmm, sure, if Americans were breaking into China in 8-digit numbers, I’m sure that scenario would play out. Or maybe they would skip the “Talking About It” part. Red Guard DO have AK’s for more than just decoration, unlike our own Border Patrol and police, where using the gun on a thug, even a foreign thug, is a sure way to get fired.

        2. Here you go, a RECENT source of why we need fewer of Mexico’s scum.

          The important passage is here:
          In all, some 121 immigrants who were freed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement between 2010 and 2014 went on to be charged with a total of 135 homicide-related crimes. Another three immigrants were charged with murders in 2015, bringing to 124 the total number of murder suspects the government had, then released. Two of the immigrants in question had even been convicted of homicide before, but they were released anyway and went on to rack up new murder charges again, the report said. The others had amassed 464 total criminal charges, ranging from drugs to drunken driving, before they landed on the homicide list.
          Committing the MURDERS Anglos are “too arrogant” to do, I guess?

        3. Hispanics are the result of Red girls spreading their legs for Spain’s white criminals 200-300 years ago: not a race but a hybrid product of white males having their way with jungle and desert female primitives.
          Asians do not OWN and did not begin the IT industry in the 70’s. The world Engineer is Anglo-Saxon, in fact.
          Anglo refers to the British Empire but an “uneducated prole” who does not know his own race and probably has a white mother who had a baby with some NAM would not know this because he has never traveled to Britain.

    1. Well that’s what prisons and executions always been, the problem is that prison don’t get all of them of course and the ones outside and unrestraint reproduce at a higher rate, thus maintaining ratios or in some cases even increasing the ratio of aggressive to stable people.

      1. Thanks for your answer.
        It’s difficult to kwow how high this “ratio” is because of the lack of data… however it would be interessant to know the fertility rate of criminals (maybe a lot of them die before have children)…

        1. I don’t think there ever WILL be any data on it, it’s politically radioactive. Politicians OTHER than Trump prefer to pretend we’re all equal in every way, and that GUNS are the problem, not thugs with low IQs and nonexistent impulse control. But that same nonexistent impulse control, at least to my way of thinking, would result in a population explosion.

          Something like this?

          1. I really hate it when people say send the Blacks back to Africa, but I would not be opposed to sending as handful of them back. Like this guy. Here’s a prime candidate. If he would have done this in Nigeria or someplace like that, no one would have batted an eye. But instead he did it here, where it’s an outrage.
            Send him back to Africa!

        2. Robert- I’ve been arguing with EPGAH about Mexicans/Latin Americans/Mestizos and Crime (relating to impulse control, which theoretically they should have more of, as lower-testosterone Mongoloids), but perhaps I’ve just known select mestizos (I live on these east coast), because of the ones I know, I’d bet there average IQ is higher than that of Non-Hispanic Whites.
          Honduras is a bloodbath, but it’s more the organized crime type, not the low-impulse control type, you live in a predominately Mexican-American neighborhood, right? What do you see more of?

        3. Why would they take that guy?
          Come on EPGAH, we can’t do that to the African countries, we’d be like Mexico, we’d become what we hate!

  11. If I was to counter EPGAH in his manner, I would just link to a Huffington post article on Adam Lanza to prove that all Whites were Autistic killers.

    1. Hondurans are Indians from the jungle with a few Mestizos running things from their Hacienda like they have for 400 years.
      I’d be real surprised to hear they are buying massive New York real estate from Chinese or forcing Jews off Wall Street or heading the robotics program to sell automated digital factory labor parts to Japan.
      Of course they are primitive and run around chopping one another up with machetes.
      Hispanics are no different from Red Indians on a reservation except perhaps the white blood of Spanish “Desperados”.

  12. if blacks were equal in intelligence to whites then would there ever be this conversation? Questions are asked the moment something is observed. Why does a question like this continuously come up in peoples minds? The answer is simple, because people encounter situations concerning blacks that forces them to ask these questions. If blacks were equal in intelligence to whites it would be obvious and it would not be questioned. Look at the facts. Look at Africa. What do you see? look at the east what do you see? look at the west what do you see and observe?

  13. I know that the purpose of this article isn’t for a debate, but if you truly knew basic developmental psychology, you would know that environment plays a huge role in iq development. In an area like Harvard, 90% of people inherit a common iq. In a place like the ghettos, it’s close to 0%. Research has shown that genetics only make up for 10% or less of an individual’s iq, and it is still heavily debated upon.

  14. Its easy when you grade everyone according to white culture. Oh, and Egypt does count.
    Whites are not more intelligent, almost everything they know is from another culture, not of their own. Not even their language is theirs.

  15. I feel sorry for people who have been brainwashed in to believing the hype. somehow the minority of the world became the majority, more intelligent according to their ‘man-made’ intelligent tests and have no idea of history and what really is the truth. sad!! really sad!!!! and essentially, why mix me up with the colour of my skin, would you ever mix me up with my car, or the colour of my car. I drive, maneouvre my body, and so I am the person inside. dont get it mixed up,we are all people and nature and nurture, our core beliefs and information received and believed makes us who we are, not external factors, like our skin colour!!

  16. I want to laugh when people say with confidence, “Asians are smarter than whites.” If that’s the case, build some water treatment plants in your dirty little countries and quit destroying, overfishing, and polluting the ocean, you morons. Or do Whites have to show you how to do it as usual? You lack creativity and the ability to innovate. You need us to copy. You are memorizers and reverse engineers. But Whites make dreams a reality.
    All these remarks on here saying Asians are smarter is a laugh. Just an attempt to convince yourselves your illusions are reality. You have forgotten who did the ground work for the modern society. You have hijacked from Whites through immigration and have little appreciation for what Whites did. There’s even some idiot on here talking about racism.
    Asians are smart, but Whites are smartest. Blacks are street-smart but lack structured knowledge based on one subject except basketball. Asians care about food more than anything and love stuffing their faces and getting fat in Whitey’s world.
    Now that there are places in America majority-Asian, all of a sudden, they are smarter than you. The reason they dominate colleges is because they can afford the tuition. Whites cannot. Most are from China, where the yen is strong against the dollar. Plus they cheat; they are masters at it. What good have Asian women been to the country? They flood our universities and produce nothing in the workforce.
    It takes some White guy in his garage to come up with the latest innovations, like the guy who showed up hundreds of NASA minority engineers and built the first plane that takes off on a runway and flies to space on its own, while NASA worked all year producing a glue used in orbit that never worked. The program was run by a woman engineer and her affirmative action diversity crew worked all year on it, and it was eventually scrapped. That’s why America no longer has a space program.
    Diversity is complicating a smooth-running program as usual, flooding our top jobs with Indians with counterfeit college degrees and Asian women. I am not impressed. California is a dump now, especially the Bay Area. You can’t even get away from Asians in the mountains anymore. They are there too. Who let all these locusts in? I would like to know so I could drag him behind my pick up truck. You will never know the Great California, you Asians, because you ruined it. You are not smarter, just hijackers of our societies orchestrated by our government which is not the White man’s friend.
    It’s us against all of you block-voting racist minorities, and if we have to, we will take a chunk of America for ourselves, and no Asians will darken the door. We don’t want diversity. It’s been forced on us. How come Asia isn’t full of Whites? Whole towns of Whites? Because they wont allow it, and we were stupid enough to let Jews talk us into letting Third World locusts immigrate to our once great nations. Europe too is destroyed, but minorities don’t say anything because they are happy it’s happening. So war is our future. You won’t inherit this land without fighting us for it.
    I live in Milpitas, CA, and my hometown has been ruined by rude indian immigrants. The whole town is one big Indian and Chinese restaurant, no more auto stores or donuts, just Asian crap. I hate it, and I am going to have to leave if I want my grandkids to be White, which I do. So now I am in the process of moving to Arizona – Queen Creek, Arizona. It’s a place minorities haven’t discovered yet. Whenever they find a nice White area, they feel the need to destroy it by moving in. Hopefully the desert will keep them away.
    Once I leave here, if I ever see another Indian face, it will be too soon. They are rude and ignorant. Asians are pompous and conceited.

  17. Ok, I feel a need to jump into this conversation. Has anyone mentioned the obvious here? Americans bred the intelligence out of African Americans intentionally during many years of slavery. What good is a strong minded, but weak bodied slave in the tobacco and cotton fields? Traits such as strength, stamina, and virility were needed, whereas an intelligent slave is one that has the potential to create havoc. This is no different than selective breeding used in pets, farm animals, race horses etc. So “yes”, the black people in America are definitely less intelligent than the whites. We bred them to be exactly that.
    This is why American black athletes dominate almost every sport, yet maintain such a low IQ on average. Nowhere on earth, that I am aware of, does a single race so dominate athletics as the black culture does in America. It’s their one strong point, so they use it as well as they can to try to be financially successful. Go to Africa and take 100 pictures of normal, well fed black men. Then take those pictures and compare them to 100 black men of the same age in America. You will see a “huge” difference in their physical appearance.
    And I’m not talking about their choice in attire either. As for whether they will ever bridge the IQ gape? Doubtful. Yes the IQ of black people now is the equal to white peoples in the 1950’s. But the flip side of that is that white people are progressing intellectually also. Meaning to catch up, blacks will need to bridge a gap that is eternally fluctuating. Unfortunately unless our culture truly changes drastically, the American black race will always be less intelligent as a whole.

  18. BRIAN “Bred” is not the right word. What you see in an African-American is some degenerate Englishman who had his way with African females.
    There is just a faint trace of European in the African-American.

  19. Blacks are not as intelligent as whites. Just look at the ignorant fuckin blm bullshit and you ll have your answer.

  20. Mexicans are the product of rape or coerced Red Women and White men. Why wouldn’t rape be a part of their culture.
    Many Spanish deported to Mexico were rapists. The few Spanish women who were deported were street prostitutes in Spain who stole from clients.
    Mexicans are a hybrid race who emerged from out-of-wedlock sexual activity between white males of the lowest order and Red women.

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