Bigfoot News September 12, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA project may have DNA from Matilda the Bigfoot. A source has informed me that the successful DNA sample presumptive for Bigfoot gathered at the Crittenden, Kentucky site by the Erickson Project was female. This means that it was either the DNA from Matilda, the teen hottie female Bigfoot at the site, or Matilda’s MILF mother, presumably about 35 years old in human terms. Matilda and her Mom were the only two female Bigfoots present at the site. Matlida later became pregnant and eventually had a baby Bigfoot. Apparently the Bigfoots left the site after Erickson bought it and actually moved 3 miles away to the homeowner’s new site in order to not miss out on his wife’s great pancake recipe. Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh set up a camera trap in a tree blind over at the new site and managed to get video of a mother Bigfoot and her child. This is apparently a reference to Matilda and her kid. It’s not known which male knocked up Matilda, but it probably was not her father, as Bigfoots probably have an incest taboo as most higher mammals do. It may have been some roving Bigfoot mack daddy who homed in on the hairy nubile teen. It’s also unknown who the juvenile Bigfoot in the Pancake video is. Possibly it is Matilda when she was a young girl Bigfoot. New drawings available of Bigfoot shot by Justin Smeja. There are new roughs out there of one of the Bigfoots shot in the Sierra Kills. This one is a full body shot of the juvenile Bigfoot. The rough was seen by Shaun of Bigfoot Evidence, who reported the details to me. While the head shot looks like a chimp, the full body shot looks more like a human kid. Justin has previously said that it looked like “a little Black kid.” The head is very large, outside of proportion to the rest of the body. However, the head in the drawing is still too small. Justin said it needs to be even bigger than that, so it is going back for a redraw. Justin says that if and when the head is drawn properly, it will be as large and out of proportion to its body as the figure in the Pancake video is. In addition, the young Bigfoot’s teeth are very odd. Justin says that if you see a photo of a gorilla’s teeth, the young Bigfoot’s teeth look exactly like that. He also said that it had prominent incisors. Another way to describe large incisors is to call them fangs. Matilda is said to have fangs too. We are getting a lot of reports in of Bigfoots having fangs, so it looks like they might have them. At least the young ones, possibly some of the young ones, might. I have not yet seen the new drawing. Ketchum may do a Dogman study after her first Bigfoot study is published. I reported earlier that sources indicate that Ketchum has proven that Dogmen exist as a separate but related entity to the Bigfoots. The genetic relation between the Dogmen and the Bigfoots is there, but it’s not particularly close, instead it’s rather distant. Ketchum either is planning to or would like to write a paper on the Dogmen after the initial paper is published. Published leak from Ketchum’s secret Bigfoot group.

Screenshot from Ketchum’s secret Bigfoot group that I supposedly have no access to. Click to enlarge.
It’s been said that everything I reported about Ketchum’s secret Bigfoot group is wrong. One of the things that I reported was that Sally said she would tell the journal not to submit the paper to Newswise in order to prevent pre-publication leaks. As you can see, I was correct when I reported that. That screenshot was obtained by one of my spies on the group. Ketchum’s secret Bigfoot group goes on spy hunt, throws out numerous members. Apparently because of suspected leaks to me, the administrators of Ketchum’s secret Bigfoot group went on a hunt for spies and threw out some folks who were suspected of leaking information to me. They also threw out a number of people for inactivity. I have been ridiculed for calling it a secret group, but that’s what it is. I don’t believe you can find in regular Facebook searches, even if you look for the name. Even if you can find it, you can’t read anything. A source told me it is very hard to get in. You have to have a long history in the Bigfoot community, they do background checks on you, and they check your email to figure out who you are. You can’t use aliases. I found this out when I asked how easy it would be for me to infiltrate the group. My source also said the group is extremely paranoid. So the description of a secret or secretive group seems accurate. Nonconventional views of someone high up in the Ketchum project. Here are some of the rather unconventional views of someone who is high up in the Ketchum Project, whose name you will recognize, but I will not name them so as not to be an ass. This person affirms that Bigfoots were killed in the Mt. St. Helens eruption; in fact, they say that “many” were killed. They were carried out via helicopters with huge nets, and their arms and legs were hanging out of the nets. I have heard reports that 1 or 2 were killed and others that said up to 20 were killed. This report makes the higher number seem more likely. They know someone who witnessed the evacuation of the dead Bigfoots. They also believe in the Bluff Creek Massacre or some version of it. When asked specifically, they said that “we will never know” if Gimlin and Patterson killed Bigfoot(s) at the site. They said that Gimlin knows about the killings, but he was sworn to secrecy with a huge monetary payoff – he was paid to shut up. In a new twist on the story, they said that many men – hired guns – were there. They were hired by the logging company because the Bigfoots were turning over their logging equipment which was costing them a lot of money. At least the part about the Bigfoots turning over the equipment seems to be true. They said that a whole tribe was killed in the area over a number of years. There are supposedly signed affidavits, film and photos documenting all of this, but no one has the guts to take it public yet. Bigfoot speech: They reported that Bigfoots speak 5 But the Bigfoots can speak slower if they want to. Once their group was  interacting with a female Bigfoot, and they asked her if she wanted them to leave. The Bigfoot reportedly shouted back, “Yes!” They also said that there are two university studies going on regarding Bigfoot speech, and that is in addition to Scott Nelson’s work. They said that Bigfoots speak Native American languages, English, Spanish, etc. It varies depending on the locale. The Bigfoots apparently study the humans who are around and try to pick up something of our language in order to avoid us better. Bigfoots and fire: They said that Bigfoots know fire but do not use it much since they are trying to hide all the time. The Bigfoots use only small ones. Thom Powell also told me something similar. Bigfoot medicine: They said that the Bigfoots practice their own medicine by using a lot of medicinal teas. How the Bigfoots concoct these teas is not known. I think the Mt. St. Helens story is true, but how many Bigfoots were killed there is not known. I don’t believe in the Bluff Creek Massacre stuff, but who knows? I definitely do not believe that Patterson and Gimlin killed Bigfoots on that day. There are many reports of Bigfoots speaking Indian languages, and some say that they know some English or even Spanish words. The reports are interesting. I think they do say English words now and then. They may indeed have fire but only use it sporadically. Powell said they only use it underground. The Indian woman, Serafina Long, kidnapped by Bigfoots in Ferry, British Colombia in the Harrison River area stayed with them in a cave. She said that they had fire in the cave. This happened in either 1871 or the 1890’s. She reportedly bore a child by the Bigfoot whose descendant was “Patrick” the 1/4 Bigfoot man. I do not believe that they use medicinal teas but who knows?

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29 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 12, 2012”

  1. Apparently Matilda’s dad is very large. I have read accounts that he is between 10 and 12 feet tall. I hope that EP video actuall has a clip of him. Some doubters could argue that a smaller mother and Matilda could be actors in suits. Let them explain a 12 foot creature away!
    I have read many reporst of BF’s being flown away from Mt.St Helens after the eruption. Most of the stories that I read stated that there were MANY bodies in their nets. Where do you think that the bodies were taken? I have read that they were taken to a military base and buried in a large hole dug by a back hoe. Who knows what the actual truth is????? We probably will never know what actually happened there. I found this story very intriguing when I was researchiing it several months ago. I also found the story of the BF that was burned in the wildfire and witnesses (EMT’s) report a government vehicle wisking the creature away. IS it possible that our government actually knows these creatures exist? LOL… I believe we would be fools if we believed that they dont know all about these creatures and they exploit them for various purposes. I pray that the EP video and the Kethcum DNA report are released soon so we that believe can state so without fear of ridicule.

    1. This is not the first time I’ve heard about a 12″ Bigfoot from KY either. I remember thinking, “Good grief, what if it was 14 feet? At what point does height defy belief?” Because it’s got to be difficult to stay nourished in the wild at that size and remain concealed too.
      I don’t really care at this point when the footage and papers are released. Ketchum and Erickson have played out the longest strip tease in history. Fuck ’em. We all have lives to lead, I’m happy to go back to mine.

    2. I do not know where the dead BF’s were taken. According to one report, the National Guard at the site said that the BF’s were going to be taken to the government so they could study them.

  2. I personally do not believe the ape descriptions. Some biases die hard.
    In Ketchum’s own words, “testing has ruled out ape cross.”

  3. mmmm. braincandy. thanks for this post.
    I believe the St. Helen’s story too. That one has been around for awhile.
    Be awesome (somewhat sad if true as well) to see any photographic evidence of the Bluff Creek tale.

  4. It’s funny how close all of this is to Janice Carter Coy’s formerly fabulous tale. What was once incredible is increasingly commonplace. I remember defending JCC — or at least the possibility that her claims ought to be taken seriously, rather than dismissed on the basis of sheer incredulity — on the old BFF and being roundly lambasted. Since then I have heard many claims that are significantly more outlandish than hers.
    I was a member of the secret group until I recently left voluntarily around the time of the security flap. I’d just like everyone to know that whatever was discussed inside was not nearly as sexy as the impression people sometimes get. All it ever was was a bunch of people working very hard on the release PR for the study. I wish them luck.

  5. Apparently Sally threw out a lot of innocent people since you are still posting all of this information. There’s a bunch of ill treated and hurt innocent souls out here.Sally may one day realize exactly what she has done to them, at least I hope so.

    1. Seems there are a number of innocents hurt by BFers as the subculture swims in secrecy. My personal experiences trying to communicate particular data has been an interesting odyssey… and left me with a long list of less than honest or honorable people, thank goodness they seem to implode on their own efforts. I can say I belong to this not so secret group and don’t really get the whys or hows of such a group would be problematic for any except those opposed to any kind of protection effort. But then I am continually astonished by the BFers themselves….a long history of nasty behavior by some affects all. So? lol No solutions here except continued resolve to avoid exploiting BFs, be ever more careful in choosing confidants and choose that narrow path…. ? It seems BFs shall remain a mystery eben with Dna or clearer photos as their reticence to allow ‘study’ continues! As far as I can tell a spectacularly good call on their part! What will a pronoucement really mean? What path then? Perhaps our wilderness system is the real line defense for biodiversity and a future for our people and theirs. I used to think the Government should disclose… not so sure now…. as faras I can tell the bad actors are private parties…. Would we tolerate a “right to life” for BFs and all the legal implicatuons? We barely do that for other humans … we seem especially crude when it comes to the Sasquatch Problem.” I am moat interested now in Dr Sykes work …. it may be defining… any news? ps sorry if typos on phone in transit cant help but notice news seems no different than a year or so ago….and oddly it doesn’t bother me….!

  6. Those are some extremely bitchin’ factoids, thank you. I’m especially interested in how, exactly, BFs are socially organized, particularly vis-a-vis single males. Do they establish territories? Do they wander over large regions, across multiple territories, to find mates? In light of reports of humans being kidnapped and attempts made at forced mating, would single males be welcomed, should there be a sexually-mature female present but run off if there are no women available? Do single males ever attempt to fight and take mature females from older males, as many mammal species do? Do single males become part of a female’s family group or do they have to “get their own place”? Are they limited to family units, or do they exist as extended tribes and would these tribes, perhaps, consist of multiple family groups living rather apart from each other over a shared, contiguous tribal territory? The ramifications based on what observations have been made are fucking fascinating as hell.

  7. In a new twist on the story, they said that many men – hired guns – were there. They were hired by the logging company because the Bigfoots were turning over their logging equipment which was costing them a lot of money. At least the part about the Bigfoots turning over the equipment seems to be true.
    They said that a whole tribe was killed in the area over a number of years. There are supposedly signed affidavits, film and photos documenting all of this, but no one has the guts to take it public yet.
    I heard the same story maybe 20 years ago from my Dad.
    My Father is a retired DEA agent. In the early 90s, he would go back and forth from N.Y to California with a team of undercover agents.
    His team was responsible for taking down some pretty big drug operations of that time.
    While spending time on the West coast he got to speak with many different people who worked in law enforcement. At one point he had contact with a Federal agent . The agents detail was to brief the team with updates and intelligence.. . The way my Dad said it was like this.
    We had instructions to meet a Federal Agent at lunch time in the hotels Restaurant. After they took care of business and shared notes. They all ordered food then shortly after they started to drink. After a couple of hours of bullshitting and swapping war stories the Agent told my Fathers partner “I bet you guys don’t get shit like this in the Big Apple”! He then went to his attaché case and pulled out a bunch of photographs.
    As they were being passed around my Father took a look at some of them and said to the Agent “Can you tell me what I’m looking at here’? The Fed said “Do you know what a Bigfoot is? Well these are them.. except their dead”!
    My Dads exact words to me were “I don’t believe in that bullshit. It could have been a bunch of dead bears all lined up for all I knew“
    He also said that autopsy photos were shown but he only took a glance , He said he could care less. Don’t ask me how or why. LOL. He also said that he thought the Fed was “alright at first” until he took those creepy photos out. By then my Dad thought the guy was a weirdo. He really wasn’t interested in this topic. His disinterest annoyed me to no end. Years later I read online somewhere that their was a book about this very topic, I do know that the authors name is Tom Powell. I really must get my hands on it .

  8. Not one single real shred of evidence exists at all. No photos, no dna results, nothing. Just blurry videos and blobsquatchy photos. I had thought there was a possibility but now I am beginning to doubt any of it is real.

  9. The sad thing here is that all the time we wait for the conclusions of the DNA study, more and more questions arise and more people become curious. This will only ever lead to more and more bigfoot being killed and covered up and the last chance to discover such a fantastic find lost forever. All the misinformation and delay from the study is irresponsible and dangerous for the survival of the species. its a real shame.

  10. One thing to remember. I worked for the Federal Government for many years with a Top Secret clearance. Nobody and I mean Nobody keeps their mouth shut. I laugh at all these conspiracy theories because if they were true then it would be leaked everywhere with pictures and all.
    It sure didn’t take Wikileaks long to find big time secret information from our government. I believe in the existence of Bigfoot just not the goverment cover-up part. You can’t keep every mouth shut and secret hidden. Eventually it gets out.
    An operation that big around St. Helen’s or the logging company can’t be kept secret. There are way to many loosed ends and mouths running around. You can’t keep a lid on it all.
    I went on a Top Secret Military base one time and snapped all kinds of pictures in restricted areas. Never once did I get caught during this test. That was in a controlled environment. In order for the St. Helen’s story to be true we would have to believe the Pilots, drivers, lab workers and facility guards have all kept their mouths shut for all these years.
    It makes for great stories but it’s hard to believe.
    They exist this I know. Proof will be here soon that nobody can refute.

    1. People in gov’t NOT keeping their mouths shut is exactly WHY we know about these things. Many people in gov’t have talked about them. Just nobody wants to listen because “Bigfoots aren’t real”.
      Your logic about loose lips is sound. I just don’t agree with your conclusions.
      And on those “conspiracy theories”, well, a lot of people in gov’t have spilled the beans on them, too, but yet again, nobody wants to listen because “our gov’t wouldn’t do something like that” when they’ve admitted to doing stuff like that many times. The Gulf of Tonkin incident being a staged event was all just a “conspiracy theory” until the gov’t admitted to it a couple years back. 58,000 Americans and more than a million Vietnamese dead as a result. And look up “Operation Ajax”. They openly brag about that.
      Once again, your loose lips logic is sound. We just have to be listening.

  11. Wow I used to believe this site to be somewhat grounded in reality even if we are discussing a “mythical” creature. I like the news from Dr. Ketchum and her research efforts. Now with all these dead bodies from Mt. St. Helens and its massive cover-up, and Gimlin and Patterson were possibly lying about a bigfoot massacre, it just becomes way too fantastical! If Gimlin and friends lied about a one thing, why should I believe any of it. Gimlin stated while looking into a doubter’s eyes in a video that you could see on youtube that he and Patterson were the only people there. Some of these massive cover-up stories and massacre sound more like someone is trying to promote a book than genuine. This site is losing its credibility in my eyes if its continue in this direction of being a conspiracists’ favorite hangout.

    1. Robert’s pretty good with the disclaimers, that he’s just saying stuff he heard and, at the least, they’re fun stories. But after that, people are free to post what they want as long as they follow the rules, so it’s got nothing to do with this site. Do you think commenters are “ruining the neighbourhood” and such threads should be censored to preserve the site’s credibility?

  12. bigfoot people as a rule are twits and jerks. always so secretive and acting like they have something important going on 24/7. bullshit i say. i believe in bigfoot i don’t believe in most so called ”researchers”. i do think the time is near for bigfoots to be proven real…. not necessarily ketchumps work but more likely a body from some farmer or semi truck driver whatever.

  13. Randy, I realize that you are only a media conduit but this would be an ideal opportunity for you to correct perhaps the greatest abomination of the English language of this century, that being the plural of Bigfoot. Powell and Moneymaker are solely responsible for that atrocity, in my mind. Powell being a science teacher and Moneymaker being a tour guide/dictator/loud mouth. Their devised term, “Bigfoots”, is like scatching one’s fingernails down the chalkboard. Some more palatable options are: The Bigfoot, those Bigfoot and the Bigfeet. After all the plural of an Elk, is, a herd of Elk. But never Elks. Same with deer. Randy, you have a genuine opportunity to do some real cutting edge stuff here and set the record straight once and for all. Don’t blow it.

    1. I believe that the name ” Bigfoot” is both singular and plural. I saw 2 Bigfoot, I saw a group of Bigfoot, 2 Bigfoot walked down the road. Bigfoots and Bigfeet(s) sounds wrong to me, and a lot of BF people share my thoughts on this issue. However, I suspect the press will make the final decision regarding how more than one of these animals in a group sighting will be referred to. 🙁

    2. By that token, singular would also be Bigfeet, since each possesses two, usually. What’s being pluralized is the name Bigfoot, not the noun foot. While “foot” is part of the name given to the creatures, it is not grammatically necessary to pluralize the name based upon the pluralization of that particular component. Example: The surname Wingfoot, as in “I had lunch with two of the Wingfoots yesterday”. I believe that a creature’s name would follow the grammatical rules of a proper noun.

  14. Can you clarify: Is Patrick a 1/4- or 1/2-sized Bigfoot. I’ve seen you write both now that I’ve done a little research at your site. Thanks. This is really interesting (or, to quote Neil Young, Inneresting).

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