Japanese and Blacks

Tulio comments:

Virulent racism of Japanese towards blacks is something I always doubted. It seemed to contradict what black friends that have visited and worked there have told me. They said it’s absolutely fine and they have experienced little racism and what racism they do experience is stuff that tends to be directed toward foreigners in general such as being denied entry into Japanese only places. Now one place I thought would be extremely racist to black people is Korea. But according to this black guy living there, he said he’s experienced nothing but hospitality and warmth. That even shocked me.

First of all, I am very happy that well behaved Black Americans can have a great experience in Korea and Japan. Black people really ought to be free to travel to and have fun in as many countries as I could. That a Black American is afraid to travel to some country because they will treat him badly simply because he is Black is very painful for me to contemplate. Maybe we Whites don’t realize how lucky we are. However, a lot of Japanese Americans, both male and female, have very racist attitudes towards Blacks. I knew a Japanese American, and he was quite racist against Blacks. You see where these Black guys run around and have like 8 different kids by 8 different women and don’t support any of them. That’s profoundly offensive to Japanese people, especially Japanese men. In East Asian society, a man may father children with more than one woman, but he absolutely must support all of his kids. If he does not, he is just a lowdown dirtball. When these Black guys have 8 kids by 6 different women and don’t support any of them, to a Japanese man, you are little more than an animal. You’re basically a dog. Because that’s what a dog does. A dog just knocks up any bitch he can or as many bitches as possible, then runs away and leaves her and doesn’t help her raise any of the young.

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57 thoughts on “Japanese and Blacks”

  1. wasn’t Tulio discussing how black people are treated in Japan, not black american who might be behaving badly, i’m sure Japanese american will have the same opinions about trailer park whites. I no blacks who’ve been to Japan and never complained about racism like they do in India or Arabia.

  2. I used to live up the street from this cute old japanese lady who would blame anything and everything that happened in the nighbourhood, from stray pieces of trash blowing aorund to missing newspapers, on this nice black kid, about 13-14 years old, to whom she would always refer as “clazy-boy-niggah-boy”. Kid never did a damned thing to her and, in fact, his family in general seemed always to walk on eggshells and make an obvious effort at being considerate and neighbourly. She definitely had it in for Blacks, not sure why.

  3. My sister’s husband is black, they were both stationed there with the military and loved it. You would expect them to at least have had some anti-american hostility but I don’t think they did. All he could do was talk up the Japanese in comparison to Americans or British. All their trains run on time etc. etc.
    The Japanese may hold those negative opinions but just are’nt as vocal as Indians or Arabs would be. But they obviously do hold negative opinions about foreigners as they’re the only developed country not to open it’s borders in any meaningful way.

        1. Didn’t we recently have an exchange where I was linking photos of Liverpool? I’m scouse ie from Liverpool. That’s a scouse accent. Like the Beatles.

        2. Do you mean the country or the region of Britain?
          The majority of my ancestors are Irish (and my sir name is Irish) but I would never say I was Irish like maybe Americans of Irish descent do.
          If you mean within Britain, its not really an ancestral issue. Its just where you were born or brought up. I don’t know if most Brits (note that we identify with England, Wales or Scotland as much or more than Britain) even know which part of Britain their ancestors are from. And yeah there are local and regional identities. But we are all well integrated as a country at the same time (ie English). The biggest divide is probably the north-south divide. The Welsh and Scottish have quite a strong national identity. I Imagine for them, that comes first. Although I think the Olympics have reinvigorated a sense of Britishness. You also hear Britishness talked about a lot in reference to immigrant identities. Sorry, complicated answer and terrible paragraph. I *have* been drinking.

        3. * sorry they probably know which parts of Britain their ancestors are from but maybe not which parts of England.
          Fun fact: my grandmother’s maiden name was Dumont, so I have a little French in me. Only a small fraction tho.

        4. Liverpool does have a strong identity and character and we are quite insular, as cities go. There’s a big welsh AND Irish influence but we are also an important city historically..for Britain and the British empire. We were also a key city involved in the slave trade. One of the points of the ‘slave triangle’. And in the area of Liverpool where I am from (in another part of that area actually) , there are traditionally quite a lot of Jews. The biggest ethnic group in Liverpool are Chinese though and we have the oldest China town outside China I think. There are also blacks that can trace back their family ten generations in the city, far further back than me.
          I’m going to make more videos but of Liverpool, not of me, so i’ll show you some of this stuff. I found a really nice Chinese pagoda the other week.

        5. well, your kids can but if not if you have a different accent. You will always be known as coming from wherever. Sorry for the convoluted answer.

        6. Childwall. A lot do live in Allerton too. I don’t know if that’s a recent thing or they always did. But the part of Childwall you used to see them is kind of near the border with Allerton anyway. And you know St Davids school near the five ways? (I went to SFX). Are you from Liverpool?

        7. @steve
          I’m Irish but I live in L8.
          I think the number of Chinese in Liverpool is swelled by students. But like everywhere else, they don’t really mix. They really are seen but not heard.

        8. @Bren,
          yeah the wiki article says there are officially 5,000 (1.1%) but the real number might be like 30,000.
          I like Princes road. My Nan grew up in the dingle, one of those roads where you can see the river from. Her house got bombed in the war.
          “Asians experience 1000x more racism from niggers than the other way around.”
          not in Japan buddy!

        9. No, the last time I was down there, it was run down and you had to climb in through a hole in the fence to get in. I thought they were just gonna put up some yuppie flats. The garden is nice, cool pagoda too.

        10. Yeah that’s what usually happens isn’t it?! How long you been in Liverpool then? Can you remember when it was pleasure island?
          They’ve got a parked bus as a cafe too. There are tables upstairs.

        11. For my sins, eight years that I’ll never get back!
          That bus sounds great and has seats too. I’ve always wanted to have a posh burger van. Ya know like the one’s that do the baked potatoes in town, except better. I bet they’ll make a mint the lucky bastards.

      1. Hacienda,
        Both groups probably experience the same level of racism from each other. It’s just the way they express that racism that is a little different.

        1. I remember when Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone made some searingly racist comments about blacks and Hispanics in the 80s. There was a huge international stir about it.
          Chinese are also very racist to Africans working in China and treat them poorly. They are routinely harassed by police officers.
          In response to Hacienda’s videos of blacks in America attacking Asians, the reverse happens in China:
          “All does not seem to be well over the past 48 hours for Africans in China, especially as anti-African sentiments take an accelerated pace. The build-up started in Nanjing on June 16th where an African “laowai” (name for foreigner) was seriously beaten by Chinese people for allegedly hitting a Chinese girl with his electric bike. The entire Chinese bystanders on Nanjing’s Zhongshan Road descended on the defenseless African boy and beat him to unconsciousness. In less than 5 hours of the incident, it was all over Chinese media outlets of how African nationals are rude and black devils.”

        2. @Hacienda
          “How is Asian racism against blacks expressed?”
          It’s no secret that East Asians think little about blacks. It’s just that they are less upfront about it, but their body language and overall demeanor just screams “I don’t want anything to do with you”, however hard they try to be coy about it.

        3. @ Car Guy
          I think that’s spot-on.
          Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but there seems to be a certain coyness about Asian people that you don’t quite see in most other groups.
          Whether it’s how they interact with you on an individual level, or how they express their attitudes towards people of different races, you just can’t help but feel that they’re a bit devious in a way.
          Perhaps I’ve simply dealt with some rather untrustworthy East Asian individuals in my life, but more and more I kind of have my guard up around them.

        4. Indians are quite racist towards blacks as well. Several African Americans have complainied of rude and poor treatment when visiting India. Indian blogger Amreekandesi had once refered to Africa as the land of Rwandan genocide and Pirates. He seemed oblivious to the fact that there are more hungry people in India than the entire African continent combined.

        5. “Indians are quite racist towards blacks as well. ”
          They’re also the most hypocritical about it, almost as much as the Jews.

        6. East Asians in general, I would say, have a fairly low opinion of Blacks. Now that does not generally mean the sort of wild racism you see with a lot of Whites. It just means that Asians are not impressed by Black behavior, which they often see as low and uncivilized. They are also outraged and terrified by Black violence and crime.

        7. They’re also the most hypocritical about it, almost as much as the Jews.
          I don’t see how, they are pretty open about it. Atleast in India.

        8. “I don’t see how, they are pretty open about it. Atleast in India.”
          Very hypocritical in the US. Vote left, talk left, but nepotistic as all get out.

        9. Asians and Indians don’t really vote as a bloc, at least not passionately though this is definitely true of Arabs in the past decade.

        10. “In response to Hacienda’s videos of blacks in America attacking Asians, the reverse happens in China:”
          This is very rare and get outsized press. Man bites dog, dead man rises, 100 degrees in Toronto, that kind of thing. No comparison. Can you pull up 1, ONE youtube video where Asians in the US purposely sought to kill or maim blacks without provocation. Pull up one. I challenge you. I could pull up hundreds, probably, the other way, if I had the time.

        11. Very hypocritical in the US. Vote left, talk left, but nepotistic as all get out.
          Again, I don’t see how given the Indian’s mode of thinking. Indians vote left in Canada too since lefties are more likely to be pro immigration which enables them to sponsor family members and such. Indians vote for specific policies with tangible benefits involved, not for the sake ideology. They’ll vote for the left for the reasons given above while not giving 2 flying fucks about Racial harmony and all. I suspect you are referring to a small minority of educated and assimilated Indians. Indian racism is scary, possibly because it has no basis whatsoever.

  4. Bay Area Guy,
    What you described is how I feel about Indians, not East Asians. With East Asians, as long as I don’t expect things such as a job referral from them, they seem harmless. When it comes to getting things done, I generally like working with them.
    With Indians, I generally get the feeling that they are up to no good, mainly because many of the ones I’ve known have a proclivity for nonsense talk, nonsense that only they themselves believe. They tend to have a grandiose image of themselves and their abilities. It doesn’t help that I have to deal with their nonsense even when I call HP’s technical support to get my laptop fixed.
    With Indians, not unless I know them, I am very wary of them when it comes to everything.
    To sum up, with East Asians, it’s “don’t bother me and let me go my way”; with Indians, it’s “let’s see what I can get out of this guy”.

  5. I recieved strong racism from blacks, i recieved verbal and physical abuse almost every day at the university i went to. The most funny thing is that this university had much more whites than blacks yet i never had any problems with a single white. By the way i’m mixed race (one white & one black parent).

  6. I’ve lived near and worked with large numbers of black people. I experienced alot of racism/harassment from them. I’m white/Hispanic and my Hispanic girlfriends and I were constantly being harassed/accosted/bullied/eye-raped by black men. Black women aren’t much better, in my experience-especially when you have to work with them and they aren’t competent enough to do their jobs. They get insecure and backstabbing because of that insecurity. And they have a horrible attitude against women of other races.
    I don’t prejudge all blacks. But at the same time, experience has taught me to tread cautiously around them because most of the ones I’ve experienced have been racists.

  7. Blacks don’t have Neanderthal DNA, like us Caucasians, Asians and Native Americans have, and likewise, only those Races that have Neanderthal DNA created Civilizations.. Blacks do not have Neanderthal DNA, they don’t share that Gene with the rest of Civilization creating Humanity.. so I think that Naturally, all Human, Non Negroid/Black/Sub Saharan people will have a tendency to either, remove themselves from the presence of Blacks, or, remove Blacks… I have seen the Japanese get along with any Race on Earth, be that White, Hispanic (Non Negroid/Mulatto) American Indians, Asian Indians, you name it.. everyone has a proper understanding of how to behave in Society, perhaps because it’s ingrained in our Civilization creating DNA, perhaps it has to do with our shared Neanderthal DNA, which Blacks are not a part of… Again, Blacks Evolved very little in Sub Saharan Africa, where to this day, they bare a striking resemblance to Homo Ergester.

  8. I doubt that Japanese are any more discriminating toward blacks, than they are toward any non-Japanese. Sure, their IMPRESSION and opinion of blacks may be lower than their opinion of whites — but that’s based on empirical observation of the cause-and-effect of cultural traits, nothing more.
    And any other hierarchy of opinion on the races would be artificial and disingenuous. Because the Japanese aren’t dumb. In fact, NO non-black race is dumb enough not to see it themselves.
    It’s just a matter of whether or not you have the integrity to admit it.

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