Alt Left: Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?

Justin writes:

Since Khoisans lie at the root of modern humanity, are they more closely related to apes than the races that followed? I’m serious. Africans have features like flatter faces and noses, flared nostrils, big lips, etc which make them look more like more like Mighty Joe Young than Paddy the Irishman.

You can pick any Black out of a crowd in America, strip ‘em of his clothes, and place him in a jungle and he’d look right at home. Just give him a spear and wish him good luck.

Whether or not Khoisanids are closer to apes than other races of humanity is not known.

Whether or not Blacks are closer to apes than other races of humanity is very controversial. There is a book out called Erectus Among Us by a virulent racist named Richard Fuerle that makes the case for this. His argument is that Blacks are actually a separate species, a vestigial Homo Erectus. As far as his Homo Erectus argument, the general agreement is that Blacks are Homo Sapiens sapiens just like all the rest of us. Fuerle’s argument that Blacks are Homo Erectus is completely specious.

I am uncertain of the evidence he presents that Blacks are more ape-like (he does present a lot of evidence for this case), as the studies he references are mostly very old from the early racist era of US history. It’s not an issue that is likely to be looked into soon in this era of political correctness.

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711 thoughts on “Alt Left: Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?”

  1. People have freedom of speech in the US, and that’s a good thing, to say what they want. But the problem is that idiots, apes so to speak, will spill over their mouth into their work – this leads to harassment charges and rightly so it can cause the termination of their job – if a customer has balls enough to report them.

    1. JASON Y
      In a university town there is often-even in the 1990’s when wealth distribution was not so grotesque and the economy a bit better-an enormous amount of resentment among white proles in the rural environment surrounding the university.
      You just wanted to get the hell out of that town and graduate as soon as possible.
      I felt a huge sigh of relief with a diploma in hand.
      Those people disgusted me.

      1. The university is always full of massively extreme cultural left thinking. Imagine some college in Tennessee being surrounded by miles and miles of diner type people.

        1. JASON Y
          There is something particularly dreadful about white and American Indian poverty in the Flyover. Blacks in the city are poor but the city is still an exciting place at the center of culture and vibrant.
          But poor whites live in bleak places and shop in bleak discount stores and nobody wants to live in their city or town and they never meet a celebrity.
          No wonder so many choose to OD on Oxy. It is not accidental.

        2. I’m wondering if some of the prole resentment of blacks is because blacks are happy and living in more exciting areas.

        3. Imagine some diner waitress randomly seeing a BET show about blacks living the good life in Atlanta or LA or something – or joyfully enjoying church. That has to eat them up.

          1. No self respecting white wants to live anywhere near these ape-like creatures. They only stopped eating humans when we started feeding them.

      2. However, it’s not like all college professors are not begging for resentment. Some of them are massive smartasses – even in Tennessee. They have an extreme cultural left agenda.

        1. JASON Y
          I’d be killed, wouldn’t I? Most Blue State people cannot live in West Virginia. Their sheer contempt for the ignorance, the self-destructiveness, the empty cockiness, the lack of social graces, the penchant for violence, the racism, the lack of education, the untraveled lack of worldliness.
          College professors are almost like South American dictators in armored cars.

        2. I think the biggest problem is jealousy and fear of the unknown. The college professor represents these things to the prole. But again, some professors have become asses and Darwinism says that adaptation is key to survival.

          1. No one’s jealous of college professors today. Maybe when fucking your students was par for the course.

  2. JASON Y
    Welfare in Michigan is tough to get. Especially for whites. Plus, poor people are always moving around with no fixed address. It is hard to get welfare if you cannot stay in one address.

    1. Welfare recipients are resented also. Maybe that’s why proles support candidates who stomp on the weak. They figure if they cannot get welfare than nobody should be able to.

      1. JASON Y Another Reason
        Much is said about IQ but NAMS create vast and quite lucrative underground economies. The sex trade, dog fighting, fencing, stolen cars, pawn stores, drug kingpins.
        The white prole has none of this. He is afraid to go to prison because the blacks will call him a peckerwood. He cannot form a mafia that would be as powerful as the Italians who have been corrupting Senators since Rome when his ancestors were blue-painted pagans in Scotland. He cannot deal drugs like Hispanics because they have supply chains.
        So he kills himself with Oxy.

  3. I don’t hate the white working class – though these ramblings make it seem like I do. I’m mostly pointing out extreme behavior among a small minority of proles.

    1. Likewise, most diner women are nice women – even though they have the problems Trash mentioned. But some of them are over-the-top – and when they do their psycho act, then enough is enough.

    2. I think the problem is that the extremely douchebag-ish diner women need to be fired. However, it’s tough to get anyone to work at places like that, so that gives them leverage.

      1. JASON Y
        Sorry Jason, but I think we have both had too much exposure to the working white class to see them as pure victims or noble savages.
        In Labelle’s restaurant Curt the black guy and his white trash girlfriend were busted for selling pounds of marijuana. He was the manager.
        Curt was the resentful guy who had a kid at 18 and blamed the world for it.
        Mac Verdier was the meth head who turned out to have informed on Curt the black guy because he was busted.
        One Mexican woman named Lisa was always talking to herself. She was a bit crazy. Waitress.
        I would dig ditches in Bangladesh for the same amount of money to avoid these sort of proles.

        1. I think a good strategy is to definitely avoid social media as it gives them fuel to hate people – that is, if you have to live around proles.

          1. The color of crime in the USA is predominantly black. That’s a fact no matter how you want to interpret it. It’s quite peculiar how you perennially use the word “proles”. It makes you seem quite uneducated like a Neanderthal.

        2. I don’t mind being around them, but a few them are just over-the-top mean and of an idiot nature. It boggles my mind why they haven’t been fired yet, but again, is the situation where nobody will do the job. They’re always wanting new people.

    3. JASON Y
      Neither do I. I just don’t want to be near them. To be honest, NAMS are more tolerable in some ways. There is a liveliness to them.

      1. These extreme super-diner women hate blacks so much – that I wonder how they can work around them. I don’t know how blacks can stand living in government housing in Appalachia or other poor white areas. I guess they’re a tough breed, lol.

        1. JASON Y Your Answer
          Scots in Appalachia even drove the Cherokee out. They did not have to kill the Indians. The Indians moved away. It was the first immigration deal. They have either driven everyone out or other races don’t want to be near them. That is how revolting the world finds them.

          1. Black flavor is the males not raising their own kids and culturally Black moms are like Precious’ mother, hitting their babies with frying pans. Blacks often have more issues with their present mother than their absent father.

            Blacks like Michael Jordan are culturally White. He had a very White work ethic and will. No surprise he dons a Hitler mustache and is involved in Nascar.

            The Southern Blacks hung onto White culture better. Fear likely kept Southern Blacks more in line. Southern Blacks who didn’t behave didn’t survive. The first Southern Black migrants were very well-behaved from New York to California. I hold the unpopular view that the oppression of Blacks is good for Blacks.

            Blacks just got worse the more free and away from their old Southern ancestors they became.

  4. The extreme diner women are such douchebags they literally pull out customers they don’t like and bully them – much like what they’d do in prison or in a school. It’s just FUCKING amazing. 😆

  5. JASON Y
    Do Trumpenproletariats ever wonder why they are ignored and people want to get away from them or not go anywhere near them? Why Blue Staters want to “Flyover” them? Why they are “ignored” (Though they ignore Asians, Italian-Americans etc as they know nothing outside their county).
    This reflects the sheer anger white proles have at their life. And it is pretty miserable. No money to travel, probably some minor police record for something or another. Monkey on the back from some addiction. Kids they struggle to support.

    1. So-called “n-word inserted here” are ignored for the same reason. People, aside from massive bleeding heart types, just won’t put up with their horrible personalities, so they choose to avoid them. Sadly enough, though, bleeding hearts will care about poor blacks, but not poor whites.

      1. JASON Y
        White proles are fundamentally unlovely. Let’s face it. Blacks have a live-in-the-moment charm that comes with no word for the future. A sort of carnival appeal surrounds their communities-colorful, vibrant, loud.
        Black men are worldly. In all the wrong ways of course, but they are street smart and know how to handle people.
        Black women are comical at times.
        White proles are simply bleak. They are not physically impressive and masculine for the most part with a big penis. They are simply poor, ragged, where unappealing clothes bought at discount stores, are not street wise and drink cheap beer and sit in dingy apartments or houses. No appeal.

  6. JASON Y ?
    Who has the time to give a shit about social media or what somebody’s opinion is about anything? You would walk up to a stranger after spending time tracking them down BECAUSE they posted something you disagree with?
    Who could possibly have the time to give a shit about that?
    How do they find these people?
    Who gives a shit what somebody else’s opinion is?

      1. JASON Y
        Well, if you walk around in a Swastika t-shirt and shaved head in Brooklyn you’d be jumped too.
        Why advertise your opinions? I try to conceal mine.

  7. JASON Y
    I’d eat 40 Oxy at once if I had be around people like that for a single day.
    Now you understand, whether agreeing or not with it, the sheer revulsion and horror of the people accused of ignoring them.
    Who has the time to care what somebody posted on social media? Why would you give a shit what somebody else’s opinion was about anything. You cannot change it.

    1. You must be feeling extremely stupid now considering the direction the USA is on under Xiden. If not, that simply makes you quite the perennial mental midget that you already appear to be.

  8. Ooh boy her we go. I’m black and no we are not closer to apes as all humans are apes. That’s like saying are ducks closer to swans. As far as looking more like other apes apes do not have big lips they have prognathism with thin lips we blacks have thick lips and prognathism. The hair on other apes and most other humans is straight. Apes also have flat buttocks like whites ordinarily do and most Asians. Black butts are rounded and protrude. Also black people tend to have high round bulging foreheads. Which is the opposite of apes. Lastly, babies have flat noses no matter what race and this trait is retained by us. Did babe ruth or Socrates look like non human apes do Cambodians?

  9. I read these replies until I realized all the replies after black was mentioned over & over to be a racist argument, started to sound just like something from the movie ” Planet of the Apes”. Then I quit reading because I cant read crap. The original article had a professional idea but soon turned into a racist bunch of replies. I’m interested in “plain truth”. I am curious to where Bigfoot/sasquatch came from. Whether it is white or black human crossbreed or complete unknown species. I would like to know, so would most of the open minded people. So please just leave out the stupid racist remarks & lets get to the truth. Everything is not about race just the truth. What & where is sasquatch from?

  10. Also, just for what makes sense, there are many different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats and all other animals. Therefore, there are many different types of humans…

  11. funny thing. About these. Observations is monkeys have pale faces and are hairy just like anglo saxons africans and most other indigenous aren’t that hairy and don’t catch cancer from sun rays…u could almost say because of there lack of fur to protect them or melanin to condense sun light and turn it to energy a factor that u would expect to find in a natural species of our planet that these anglos are a peculiarity and probably a hybrid of man and monkey….also black ppl and lice are not as common as it is for white or lighter skinned ppl just a thought

  12. Perhaps negroes are just inferior and it’s not their fault? Try and be kind to them because they can’t help that they are so violent.

    1. I don’t use the word inferior, but I do think it’s not their fault. And in a sense I agree that we need to be kind to them because they can’t help that they are so violent. On the other hand even if you sympathize with violent people because they can’t help it, you might want to avoid them, no?

  13. It’s obvious Negros are MUCH closer to the Ape, and are even different species than humans. But because they are intelligent (second most intelligent species after human) we are meant to pretend that they are the same. They’re clearly not.
    Here are some facts I found for you
    The negro skull, in addition to having a smaller brain volume and thicker cranial bones than that of the White, is prognathous ; i.e., the lower face projects forward in the manner of an animal’s muzzle. The negro jaw is substantially longer, relative to its width, than the White jaw. A feature of the negro lower jaw is its retention of a vestige of the “simian shelf,” a bony region immediately behind the incisors. The simian shelf is a distinguishing characteristic of apes, and it is absent in Whites.
    They emit a peculiar offensive body odor similar to apes.
    Just as their black skin protected them from the intense African sun, they are inherently lazy in order to prevent over exertion in that intense sun.
    The arms and legs of the negro are relatively longer than the European. The humerus is shorter and the forearm longer thereby approximating the ape form.
    The eye often has a yellowish scierotic coat over it like that of a gorilla.
    The negro has a shorter trunk; the cross-section of the chest is more circular than Whites. Similar to an ape.
    The pelvis is narrower and longer as it is in an ape.
    The negro has a larger and shorter neck akin to that of apes.
    The ears are roundish, rather small, standing somewhat high and detached thus approaching the ape form.
    The jaw is larger and stronger and protrudes outward which, along with lower retreating forehead, gives a facial angle of 68 to 70 degrees, like an ape, as opposed to a facial angle of 80 to 82 degrees for Europeans.
    The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the negro than in the white and thus more characteristic of an ape.
    The two bones proper of the nose are occasionally united, as in apes.
    Taxonomists and geneticists believe that negros should be classified as different species. In fact, Darwin declared in The Descent of Man that the negros are so distinct that similar differences found in any other animal would warrant their classification as a different species.

  14. The Black Caribbean woman I met recently looked like a human/ape hybrid. Not every Black has that look, but it exists.

  15. When you see how tens of thousands of Black youth with guns have no empathy and shoot eat other and innocent bystanders without much thought, it reminds one of a baboon or a chimp with a gun. They would shoot as freely as the young hoodie thug Blacks do. Also, Black rap music is focused on getting stuff – “ICE (jewelry), Power, Money – as opposed to acquiring love.

    Based on the above, I ask the reader:

    If a chimpanzee or a baboon had vocal cords and could sing, would it not sing rap songs with similar lyrics? Chinese, Russian, and European music does not have lyrics like Black rap does. Obviously, the mentality of rap music is at least in part savage and I dare say chimp-like.

    1. The gorilla beats his chest as the African beats his Akan drum. Now the Black ghetto thug’s bass thuds loudly from a car speaker, shaking the glass urn of our ancestors off their mantle. They are actually devolving.

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