"I Pledge Allegiance"

To the flag Of the United States of “Jewmerica.”

The road to the White House lies through Israel. That’s not a completely true statement in a mathematical sense, but support for Israel is definitely part of the equation.

Which side are you on? Which flag do you worship? The flag of the 50 states, or the flag of the 51st state?

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0 thoughts on “"I Pledge Allegiance"”

  1. Reminds me of a joke I once heard.
    A couple of Israeli politicians are discussing a potential proposal to have Israel become the 51st state of the U.S.
    After much debate, one of the Israelis finally says, “why have one state and two senators when we already have fifty states and one hundred senators?”

  2. Why are does USA produce good Sprinters?
    Answer: Because they are all Jewmericans. Sorry it should read Jewmicans

  3. You must not laugh at the Jews, son, or they’ll put your ass in stir…why not join them and then you can laugh all you want, because they only laugh at themselves, but don’t allow anyone else to do it…see you down the local synagogue Saturday? We both have a complicated relationship with our Jewish brethren, love/hate/fascination/aversion?

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