Small Government Democrats, Big Government Conservatives

This is one of the things that drives us crazy about Republicans. As you can see, Republicans are the big government big spenders and Democrats are the small government guys who reduce government spending.

This is why politics in the US is so irrational.
Republicans claim that the Democrats are for big government, that they tax and spend, tax and spend. Republicans are the party of small government, limited government and all that. When they get in power, they vow to cut spending.
But the reality is so different. When Republicans are in power, spending skyrockets, and so does debt. When Democrats get in power, Republican rant and rave and about reducing spending and balancing the government. Democrats step and fetch it and do as the Republicans say. Then the Republicans get in and spending skyrockets and all of the Republican deficit hawks go silent.
There is good evidence that the Republicans ran up huge deficits on purpose in order to deliberately create a debt and deficit crisis so they could scream about the debt and this would give them a reason to gut or wipe out so much discretionary government social spending that they have always hated.
This is one of the most cynical, shitty and despicable things that any governing political party on Earth has ever done. I am not aware of any rightwing party anywhere on Earth who deliberately ran up huge deficits on order to create a massive government financial crisis so they could have an excuse to wipe out the state spending that they hate. No governing party anywhere on Earth has ever engaged in that kind of sleazy, lying financial terrorism.
By that token, the US Republican Party is easily one of the sleaziest and scummiest political parties on Earth. They really do take the cake. The US bourgeois is the lowest of the low.
What’s happened here is that the Republican Party has gone insane, and the Democrats have capitulated to them by giving in to most of their rightwing demands and moving more and more to the right with each passing year. The Democrats are basically cowards, useless and wimpy. All they is give in to the terrorist demands of the Republicans.
The thing is almost no Americans believe that chart above. If you show it to an American, they will shake their heads and say it’s a lie. Americans all insist that the Democrats are the party of big spenders and the Republicans are the party of government cutters. And no facts will ever change their minds.

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