New Drawing of Me Up on the Web

By Rictor Riolo, an artist in the Bigfoot community. This is called the Last Bigfoot, a take off on The Last Supper. I am the sixth from left, next to Justin Smeja. Fame is starting to look fun!

From here.

You have from left to right: Sally Ramey, COT the Chicken of Truth, Matt Moneymaker, Shawn Evidence, Arla Williams, Robert Lindsay with Justin Smeja, Dave Paulides and his book, Melba Ketchum, Steven Streufert, Melissa Hovey, Sharon Lee, Tom Yamarone, myself drawing this circus, Michael Merchant, and Bob Gimlin with a dead Bigfoot on the floor hemorrhaging to death.
The items to look for on the table are a Bigfoot cast, Tammy Murray’s glass Squat-ch necklace, Shawn’s laptop (he’s blogging about this), a 6 pack of beer, bullets, Paulides book, a steak on a plate, microscope, Hovey’s infamous bigfoot picture, Sharon’s wine bottle, and this drawing being made.

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4 thoughts on “New Drawing of Me Up on the Web”

  1. Some other people I haven’t heard of all together. Famous in obscurity I guess. And no Derek Randles or Adrian Erickson? John Bindernagel?

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