Myth: Whites More Likely Than Other Races To Be Serial Killers

This is an old myth that is dying a hard death.

         Serial Killers  1980-2000 Census
White    58.94           74.40
Black    32.12           11.95
Hispanic  6.70            9.55
Asian     1.12            2.81

From here. Other figures have been shown before on my site and other sites.
I am not sure how to do statistics, but just guessing here, it looks like Blacks are 3.4 times more likely to be serial killers than Whites are. Hispanics and Asians are less likely to be serial killers than Whites are. Asians are the least likely to be serial killers, then Hispanics, then Whites, and last Blacks.

           Serial Killer Odds Ratio
Black      2.69
White       .79
Hispanic    .70
Asian       .40

Blacks are about 3.5 times more likely than Whites or Hispanics to be serial killers, and they are about 6.5 times more likely than Asians to be one.

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0 thoughts on “Myth: Whites More Likely Than Other Races To Be Serial Killers”

  1. Are we talking about the Ted Bundy kind or do lowlifes who’ve done a few drive bys count. I often see Italian hitmen on the serial killer lists but I don’t think it counts if it was a contract killing, even if they enjoyed it. Same with seven-eleven stick-up men with itchy trigger fingers.
    I think the psychology rather than body count is the most important factor. I can’t see the true crime industry get by on black teenagers shooting each other over street corners.

  2. yeah. I think whites predominate in the ‘weird people who murder college students with brown hair parted in the middle on the full moon in a variety of unusual and sadistic ways/rent boys whose corpses they rape and cannibalise and then keep in their basement” whilst blacks presumably predominate in “killed 4 women in the course of committing rape-robbery-home invasion” . There are presumably lots more of the latter running around, but there victims are likely to be black (of the same race) or sex workers (low status victims). Whilst ppl like Ted Bundy and Dahmer get all the attention. I suspect it’s the same psychology, but the Dahmer/Bundy group has more imagination.

    1. serial killer means having a deeper psychological problem that motivated them to kill, psychopathy, narcissism, whatever. It’s not the same as raw murder rate.

    2. No really, you think wrong.
      These Blacks are bona-fide serial-killers within the definition who kill to a pattern. You probably don’t hear of them because a lot of black crime is not news and because they may not have “been as successful”, i.e. killed less victims before being caught.

    3. “Dahmer/Bundy group” are nothing but very sick psychos! Their killings have nothing to do with being brought up in a community that’s so poor and being oppressed by one race that you then learn to acquire and use guns to rob and settle scores. As much as the black person in America has been labelled for their gun killing and drug ways, the American white man has to come to terms with the idea that they are the most prevalent in depraved crimes. Even in the UK a kid disappears and gets killed by mostly white men serial killers. There ofcourse, honour killing crimes by some Asian societies and a high prevalence of gun crime in London (black on black crime). In South Africa society made it OK for the white man to gun down a black person for the most trivial of crimes (e.g passing through a farm via a short cut – trespassing) because apartheid. This is why white south Africans own the most dangerous weaponsand gun crime is high over there compared to their neighbour Zimbabwe. Apartheid’s Bottleneck education then created a system where you have a lot of uneducated black people cant get jobs, taken by more educated foreign Africans then they resort to thieving. The bottom line is there are more White men serial killers juvenile or otherwise. DEAL WITH IT!!!

      1. Do you have any evidence to your claim that whites are more likely to be serial killers than blacks or are you just talking out of your ass? Please provide sources.

  3. Of course. Toss another negative thing on black people. Don’t want to taint that pure and saintly white privilege status. 😇

  4. Robert, I think you occupy yourself on a subject you know nothing about. You seem to focus on negatives within races except for the Caucasian race.

    1. You’re a Black woman, right? Well hey baby, guess what? I am going to have to ban your sweet little Black ass. And that is something I DO know something about!

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