Is This Man Bisexual?

Young Layla: Is there a strong connection between bisexual or gay men and the modelling industry? My best friend has told me of a time a dude gave him oral sex and he agreed out of curiosity, he’s with his girl of 4 years, he says he isn’t sexually attracted to men, and this time happened once. He eats pussy btw Is he bisexual? RL: No, he is not bisexual at all I do not think. Young Layla: Thanks, but why do you think he isn’t? RL: It is extremely common for a young man to have experimental gay sex, especially to let a queer suck him off. The number of males who do such things is very high. Most are not attracted to guys at all. He says he’s not attracted to guys. Let’s take him at his word. He has a long term gf. Mere sexual experience with other men does not make a man gay. There are quite a few guys who are basically straight who have sex with men at various times for various reasons. About 1/3 of male models are gay. A friend who worked in the industry told me that in male modeling, 1/3 of the guys were gay or bisexual, 1/3 of the guys had steady girlfriends or were married, and 1/3 of the guys were straight guys who were trying to screw every woman in sight.

Sexual orientation is determined by thoughts and attraction and not by behavior. Using this model, is is possible for a straight man to engage in gay sex for this or that reason. A psychologist named Joel Fort has a blog up about straight men who have sex with men for this or that reason. He also lists the reasons why they do such things. For young men, especially men in their 20’s, the number of basically straight men who will have sex with other men is quite high. It would not surprise me if 25 Men in their 20’s are extremely horny, and women just don’t put out that much, so a lot of them do it with guys out of frustration or just extreme horniness. For some reason, gay and bi men are very attracted to me, and I have been fighting them off most of my life. Also, a number of my friends who I felt were just straight tried to have sex with me, including some of my oldest and best friends, so I am quite familiar with this sort of thing. In addition, I have seen my male friends doing faggy things right in front of me or within earshot. Quite a disturbing experience! Some of the men who made moves on me were married, had kids, etc. In fact, this happened to me just recently. Young, good looking guy, married, little kids. If a man is very good looking, a lot of other men will be attracted to him on some level. A number of them will try to have sex with him. This is one of the travails of being a handsome guy! And there are quite a few young men who are actively bisexual. I have known some of them, including a few of my best friends! Usually I ended the friendship after they started queering around, or they started queering around after the friendship was over. I followed up on some of these guys, and a number were married with kids and good jobs later in their 30’s. I suspect that they gave up on the faggy stuff. I think a lot of young bisexual men do this stuff in their 20’s, but then in their 30’s, they get married, have kids and knock off the queering around. A bisexually-oriented man with a strong drive towards women can easily stop doing it with men – after all, he loves women, and that ought to be enough to satisfy him. Sure, he’s attracted to men, but he doesn’t have to act on this sort of thing. Bisexual just means what turns you on. You don’t have to act on your desires, and many do not. I agree that it is very hard for a woman to tell if a man is bisexual. It ought to be simple for a woman to tell if a man is gay or not. Gay men simply do not look at women or check out women in the same way we do. If a guy checks out women in a sexual way, in my experience, he can’t possibly be gay because gay men simply never do this. I used to live in Hollywood, and every time you walk outside, there’s like 10,000 gay or bi men walking around in front of you, so I know all about male homosexuality and bisexuality. I could write an encyclopedia about it. I studied them for years! So it’s trivial for a woman to figure out if a man likes females or not. That’s as clear as air. On the other hand, it’s a lot harder for a woman to tell if a man likes other guys or not. How can you tell? You really can’t! So a woman can determine the following about a man: +gay = man shows no interest in females. -gay (straight or bisexual) = man shows interest in females Now, I can almost always tell if a man is gay or bisexual due to the way he interacts with me. Gay and bisexual men act like they are attracted to me! Straight guys are not attracted to me. That’s quite apparent when I deal with them. I had a couple of members of my family (not blood related) who were effeminate straight men. One died recently. When I met him, he was a man in his 50’s married to a relative. Sometimes he acted very faggy, walking like a total queer. He used gay hand flapping mannerisms, and even talked really gay sometimes. He had been married three times before and now he was with my relative. I just tripped on his faggy ways and didn’t think much of it. When I interacted with him, he came right out of it, and I thought, “This guy is straight.” I told some relatives that he acted faggy, and they just said, “Oh, he not gay. He’s just Italian!” (LOL). Another in-law is married to another relative. Everyone keeps insisting that the guy acts gay. I never really thought so. He’s married to my relative, and they now have two kids. When I first met the guy, I talked to him for about 30 minutes. He didn’t act faggy at all, and I got no queer vibes off him. I figured he was straight and left it at that. I have another relative who is very passive, and when his self esteem gets low, he acts nervous and faggy. I know he’s not queer at all, as he is very close to me, and we go way back. He’s just a passive and wimpy guy. His faggy behaviors are an example of his extreme Betaness, passivity, nervousness, and submissiveness. It gets worse when his self esteem goes low. Faggy behaviors in straight men are often just a marker for wimpiness, submissiveness, nervousness, passivity and low self esteem. Some men just need to get a question mark. There is a fellow who works at a place I hang out at. He acts pretty faggy, so I gave him a question mark and wondered if he was gay. He doesn’t seem all that interested in the females who work there. On the other hand, he doesn’t act interested in me at all (gay and bi men almost always have), so I can’t figure him out. To me, he just gets a great big question mark. One last thing: the number of straight guys who act faggy to various degrees or who act androgynous to this or that degree is incredibly high! You really cannot determine sexual orientation based on how a man acts outwardly. To do so is completely ridiculous, and if you do that, it just shows what a complete and utter moron you are. There’s absolutely no reason for any straight man to wonder if or worry that his male friends are gay or bi. If he’s hanging around with you and not coming onto you, he’s not gay or bi in my experience. In my experience, a gay or bi man who becomes friends with you will make his intentions known to you sexually very, very fast. If not right away then soon after.

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  1. I think it’s pretty funny that you talk to these fat, stained t-shirt wearing slobs who are terrified that gay guys will hit on them. Never gonna happen. Gay guys are guys, which means they care about looks. They won’t go after just any guy, any more than we will go after just any woman. And in my experience, once you hit 28 or so you can mostly stop worrying about it unless you look like the guy on the cover of Men’s Health.
    Adam, you are wrong. Again, gay guys are guys, and they’ll try even if there’s almost no chance. Think about all the straight guys who will hit on women who are obviously not interested and even repulsed.

    1. You mean guy guys just hit on any guy that they think is hot? That makes a lot of sense to me! I always wondered how gay and bi men figure out who to hit on. I mean, how do you tell if a guy is gay or bi or not so you can hit on him? There is no way to tell.
      We have some commenters on here who said that they are quite good looking and have had countless gay men hit on them. It certainly stands to reason.
      If it was only guys after me, I might get worried! But females have always been after me too. Everyone wants to fuck me!

      1. There must be something striking that gay come to you! Have you ever tried to know that? It is your effeminated faced and hair that make you a gay! may be you do not like to penetrated but get penetrated it is ur choice.

        1. Didn’t I ban you already you homophobic kookball? Women love me too, just as much as guys. Well, actually, way more. So that proves that I am obviously straight, right? Wait! How can I be gay and straight at the same time?
          Let’s see:
          If queers like you, this proves you’re gay.
          By the same token, using the same logic, if women like you, you must be straight.
          So obviously, by the same logic, I am both straight and gay at the same time!
          Now how can that be?
          Yes, if a man looks pretty, soft, very handsome, etc., in general, he will be fighting off the queers most of his life.
          This is because most quuers are just as stupid as you are. Most queers believe that if a guy looks or acts a particular way, this PROVES that he is gay!
          Aren’t queers stupid?

        2. Yes!
          Queers are actually retarded!
          This is what almost 100% of queers believe:
          If you “look gay” (whatever that means)
          if you “act gay” (whatever that means)
          if you “talk gay” (whatever that means)
          if you “walk gay” (whatever that means)
          Then this proves that you are 100% queer and 0% straight. You have been this way forever, and you will be this way for the rest of your life.
          Also most queers think that if a guy is very good looking, especially very pretty, if he is soft in his mannerisms or speech, if he is not macho, if he is sensitive, then this proves that he is 100% queer and 0% straight.
          Is it stupid? Of course it’s stupid! There’s no way to determine sexual orientation by outward behavior. I learned this many lifetimes ago. It’s the simplest rule in the book. After I met the 10,000th dykey straight woman and 1 millionth faggoty straight guy, I decided that all the lies of the queers and their “gaydar” were just that – LIES!
          Queers can’t tell. They can’t tell if a guy is gay or straight. Straight people can’t tell either. None of us can, really. There’s no way to determine sexual orientation by outward behavior. Anyone who thinks they can do this is a retarded asshole.
          This is what I do! Simply assume that everyone is straight until proven otherwise. Some people may get a question mark because they are so faggoty or dykey, but it’s just that, a question mark.
          I have never asked a man if he was gay in my entire life. Why would I do such a thing? That’s horrible! What a horrible thing to ask a man! Why would I care? It’s not important. I even had some friends who started having gay sex around, and I didn’t dare bring it up to them. Why would I? What am I supposed to say? “I see you are taking it up the ass now, gayboy. So how does it feel?” I would never say that to a man, especially a friend. That is so rude.
          They pretty much left me alone, so it was all cool.
          Asking a guy if he is gay or not is one of the rudest questions you could ever ask a man. You’re basically calling him a faggot. That’s the worst thing you could ever call any man. I figure if I ever suggest to any man that he’s gay, much less call him gay, he has a right to beat me up or kill me. That’s his right. Any man has a right to defend his honor. I’d rather be called a serial killer than a fag. It is less of an insult to me.
          So it’s really a question that shouldn’t be asked. Except maybe in a really nice way.
          Because if you call a straight man gay, I figure he has a right to kill you, right there.

      1. I think straight guys are led astray by the boneheaded stereotype of gay guys as quasi female mutants. They may seem different in many superficial ways, but basically they are us.
        As an illustration, back in my college days I would go clubbing. One of our favorite spots required us to walk past a really wild gay bar. The sexual and social aggression toward theoretically potential sex partners (those of us in our group who were male) radiated from the place. They would yell rude propositions, honk horns, try to engage us in suggestive conversation, you name it. They were guys. Guys who wanted sex.
        And yes, they do recruit. They will tell you that you emit gay vibes to throw you off balance, whether you do or not. And this isn’t because they want to destroy American Manhood or Traditional Marriage, or make baby Jeebus cry. It’s because they want sex with attractive partners.

  2. I am a straight man. Now there is no way to tell just by looking a pictures of a man, if he is gay or not. You can’t tell anything about me, or about any other man, by looking at his photo.
    I can write about any subject I want to. Homosexuality and bisexuality in men is an interesting subject even for straight men, so I reserve the right to write about.
    What the Hell is a gay vibe? That makes no sense. Many straight men vary in their behaviors. Many are masculine, but many others are feminine or even effeminate. And many straight men are androgynous.
    Just for the record, I am only attracted to females. I have little if any attraction to males and it has been this way since adolescence.
    PS you’re banned, for being an asshole and for being an idiot.

    1. Why u feel pissed off when someone says you are a gay when you are not a gay! What I think is that you are at the denial stage that you cannot be a gay! You continue denying this and soon u will realize you are a gay albeit to less extent.

      1. All right idiot, you’re banned. Most straight men get pretty mad when you call them gay. A lot of them will punch you or maybe even try to kill you.
        I’m not gay, you dipshit.

  3. Whats up with guys saying there not gay if a guy sucks your dick? Its like if a guys sucking your dick he can pretend its something else, but if he’s eaten ass he knows its ass.

    1. A LOT of basically straight guys will “let a fag suck their cock.” I have had some friends who did this shit, and they more or less admitted it to me. Plus I have heard that there is a tremendous amount of this behavior that goes on with basically straight guys. A lot of guys are just horny and they will fuck anything that moves. Young guys in their 20’s often are not getting much pussy so they just fuck anything. In a lot of cases, they will “let a fag suck their cock.” I don’t really think it’s gay to do that, but I personally, no guy is ever going to suck my dick. I would rather die than do that.

  4. Wow, could you be any more hypocritical in this article? First off, I am a homosexual. I have never had sex with a woman, nor do I want to. So the first line of your article says “Sexual orientation is determined by thoughts and attraction and not by behavior.” This is true. There are plenty of guys who are married to women who tell people they’re straight but in fact they fantasize about sex with men. Things go downhill in your article after that. Based on your responses to other comments, you consider yourself to be an open minded man, and not a homophobe. However, the fact that you use the word “faggy” about 50 times in your article would seem to dispute that. “Faggy” is about as bad as calling a black man “niggery”. Later in the article you say “[I can tell whether someone is gay or not because] gay and bisexual men act like they are attracted to me!” WHAT? Ok, first, you’re pretty average looking. If I met you, I would NOT act like I was attracted to you. So thus, how would you know if I were gay or not? I guess you couldn’t tell. In one of your responses to a comment, you say “You mean guy guys just hit on any guy that they think is hot? That makes a lot of sense to me! I always wondered how gay and bi men figure out who to hit on.” This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. How does a straight man figure out who to hit on? What if he hits on a lesbian? And no, not every gay men hits on everyone he thinks is hot. I’m not a moron, I do realize that most guys I see are not gay. Jesus. As a gay man, I can tell you that there are definitely some very effeminate gay men out there, as well as some very masculine ones. There may be a very few effeminate straight men, but believe me, most of those guys are just closet cases. If you think someone “seems” gay, he probably IS gay. And someone who “studies gay guys for years” is also almost certainly GAY.

  5. I disagree with the idea that gay men don’t try to fake an interest in women. After all, it’s pretty common to hear from openly gay people that are 40+ years old in the LGBT community that they used to be married and had kids in order to either hide or ‘cure’ their gayness. How would they be able to get these women to marry them if they couldn’t pretend to be straight?
    But I do think that what you’ve said has some merit. If I were born half a century ago, I would probably ask girls out and stuff, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to constantly point out hot girls around me.

    1. Well, I have known some so-called “bisexual” men who were deeply closeted. They both had girlfriends and both were in complete denial about their gay side. Both of them displayed zero interest in women whatsoever other than the fact that they had girlfriends. However, they were very, very interested in men including me to the point they became extremely annoying. The situation escalated into serious violence with one of these idiots and the police had to be called, but the violence was not related to his homosexuality.
      I do not think either of these guys was bisexual. Both of them were basically gay. I worked with one guy named Arthur. Arthur was extremely interested in men, namely me, and he was a real pest. However, he had no interest whatsoever in females. We would be sitting in the break room eating lunch and women would be walking in and out, and they might as well have been ghosts to him. And we had some hot looking chicks working for us. He also never talked about women, not even once.
      The other guy was an extreme pest of a bisexual who would not take no for an answer. However, now that I recall, he never mentioned women, never looked at women, and never talked about women. However, every time he was around, the gay vibes were flowing in an extreme way in my direction.
      I have seen these gay men get girlfriends and I knew one who had a wife. Other than the gf or wife, I never noticed or heard about them displaying any interest in females whatsoever. The married men was chronically impotent. We always thought it was due to him being Catholic (LOL), but later my Mom broke it to me that he had been arrested a couple of times at rest areas for having sex with me. My Mom’s friend had hid this information from us for decades. The reason he was impotent with his wife was because he was gay.
      Never in my entire life have a seen a guy gay check out chicks or scope out chicks. Never heard one talk about women either they way we straights do. Gay men just don’t fake it like that, and closeted gays are very easy for me to spot!

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