Ethnic and Gender Polling

In the Presidential race, some pretty amazing polling has been revealed. For one thing, Obama is completely destroying Romney on the Black and Latino vote.

Group                   Obama  Romney
Blacks                  96     0
Hispanics               67     23
College educated women  60     40

Obama also holds a big lead in White women. Romney would like to get 6 The over 40 point lead among Hispanics is amazing. Democrats always lead among Hispanics but not by that much. The 96-0 lead among Blacks is stunning. The Republicans aren’t even getting one single The 20 point lead Obama holds with college educated women is also pretty shocking. The Republicans have done something pretty bad to turn off all of these smart female voters. Gender and race will be the deciding elements in this race, which is Obama’s to lose.

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0 thoughts on “Ethnic and Gender Polling”

  1. How large is the black vote? I’ve read that blacks are 13% of the population as a whole but I imagine as a percentage of the overall vote they’re much lower considering the high number of incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and the apathy of the poor to politics. Still, I doubt it’s a number to be sniffed at.
    I have mixed feelings about a figure so high though, on one hand it’s great to see a people rejoice in one of their own, on the other I think, are we all just tribal at a base level, condemned to always vote for our kin.I would like to see a federalised Europe but I worry democracy will become more about where you come from rather than what you believe in. Which would be a tragedy.
    The female voter stat is interesting, here in Britain, women are seen as less tribal than men but also to be slightly more conservative than liberal in their voting habits. Although, that’s women as a whole rather than educated women, which I hope are more liberal.

      1. Never thought of that! Got me regarding the Jew thing.
        But the democrats did get a huge huge boost from Muslims following the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as a knee jerk reaction to Cheney’s hawkish foreign policy.

        1. They vote like hispanics. Most are very much against the social issues of the democrat platform, but stick with the democrats due to their somewhat more sympathetic views towards Palestine and the middle east (talk about Iraq and they get a wet dream talking about the evils of bush). Kind of like how the democrats are seen as more open to hispanic immigrants, granting them the latino vote despite latinos being very family oriented, conservative communities. In Latino culture, the only thing that matters is family and blood – they do not love thy neighbor to the European extent and do not care much for welfare for others except their own.

        2. Though no longer Republican, many Arabs are near sighted enough to create alliances with white power groups over the Israeli Lobby, which can be used against them.
          Xenophobic traditionalists are misinformed about hispanics and muslims as well. Lets say Tea baggers would feel quite comfortable in an iglesia or a mosque.

        3. For almost all non-whites, them voting Democrat is almost purely a matter of identity politics. As Ta-Nehisi Coates would put it, they don’t vote Democrat because they have any love for gay marriage, but because they’re turned off by the whiteness of the Republican party.
          On the flip side, many middle American whites don’t vote Democrat because they see it as the party of the colored man, or as one person once put it, the Democratic party has “gone from the party of the factory worker to the party of the diversity consultant.”
          People don’t want to be part of coalitions that they don’t feel included in.

        4. Gay Area Guy
          More reason for white liberals (for whom social issues and liberties are first and foremost) to oppose non whites rising to promienence in their party.

        5. @ GSG
          Indeed, but will white liberals actually grow a pair and take the necessary steps?
          I’m not holding my breath.

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