Bigfoot News September 3, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum is working with National Geographic Corporation on a Bigfoot media project. This is great news, and I am 10 This was originally reported me that “National Geographic” was the name of the journal she had submitted to, and that National Geographic was part of the Nature Group. However, National Geographic is not part of the Nature Group, and National Geographic at any rate is not a peer-reviewed journal; instead it is more of a popular magazine. I was also told to look for a journal associated with National Geographic, but there are none. In addition, I was told to fish around with sources associated with National Geographic try to flesh out more about this. I don’t know anyone associated with National Geographic, so I can’t do that. But I will just throw this out to the Bigfoot community. If you can dredge up any sources associated with National Geographic, you may be able to elaborate on this scoop, which I am 10 What is the nature of Ketchum’s work with National Geographic? I am not sure. She is either working with the magazine or with National Geographic TV show or possibly with both. There has long been a rumor that Ketchum had a deal with National Geographic TV show lined up, and now that appears to be proven at last. How did I find out this information? Well, I can’t tell you that! But the source is a young woman with a postgrad degree with deep ties to the Ketchum study. The question is why National Geographic would work with her on this absent a peer reviewed study published in a reputable journal. The answer is that they must know somehow the results of this study. I assume they are awaiting publication until they run the story in either the magazine or on TV. As a reader of the magazine, I can tell you that National Geographic Magazine will not run any cutting edge science story that has not been run through first level science publications first. National Geographic is not an academic journal! What journal is Ketchum’s study at? I still do not know that, but the one thing I keep hearing over and over is “Nature,” and “the Nature group.” Whether that adds up to anything more than a hill of beans is anyone’s guess. Adrian Erickson sold out of the Bigfoot business? I haven’t been hearing much about Erickson’s financial troubles, extensively documented both here and eventually in the popular press, lately. Instead, the meager information coming out seems to be that he is not in deep and dire financial straights at the moment. Now how he got out of hot water, I don’t have the faintest idea, but I do have a guess. My guess is that Erickson has simply sold out of the Bigfoot biz. It was worrying him sick anyway for the longest time, and now his mind seems quite clear and calm about the subject. At the same time, his financial deluges seem to have subsided. Put it all together, and I figure Erickson sold out of Bigfootery for a pricey sum. And who paid him? Probably none other than Melba Ketchum. By way of whom? Probably by way of Wally Hersom. In other words, Ketchum got Wally to buy out Erickson in order to get her hands on Erickson’s video, which will add so much weight to her project. Why did Erickson deny that his movie was being extensively edited in Hollywood earlier this year? Probably because it was not his movie anymore! It was Melba’s movie. Now whether he sold out altogether or just sold out rights, I am not sure. But if Wally’s money is involved, the movie will not be buried and will see the light of day at some point. I also do not believe Melba would buy the movie just to bury it. She’s too committed to Bigfoot to do that. So the movie is in good hands. Even if it is with Melba, Melba will probably not release it before her study is done. Why not? Because one is hardly very good without the other, that’s why. This also explains other things. Ketchum and Erickson have simply never gotten along, pretty much from Day One. That’s been documented extensively here for a long time. They were even threatening to sue each other back and forth for a long time, which often degenerated into questions of jurisdiction: “You can’t sue me. You’re in Canada and I’m in Texas…” and vice versa. At any rate, all of this animosity is history now, and Ketchum and Erickson are getting along swimmingly for the first time, like old best friends from high school, and that makes no sense to me. However, if Erickson simply sold out to her, all basis for animosity is gone, and they can both be BFF’s. As far as Erickson’s finances, I do not know, honestly. But I do know he is back guiding hunts again, which is what he loves to do. When he was underwater with financial woes, he didn’t have time to do anything but work and worry. Now a load is off his chest, and he’s back getting paid handsomely to have a hobby. He is also going hunting again in Africa soon. This implies he has a lot of time on his hands. As in the past he was working nearly 6 days a week, 12 hours a day to keep his head above water, it would seem that with all this free time, his financial problems have lessened a lot. Anyway, it’s good news for Erickson any way you cut it. Affirmation that Ketchum’s Bigfoot is a relict hominid that is known from the scientific record. I told you this earlier, then I had to backtrack on it a bit as I clarified things further, but now I can go back to the original story. It seems that there is a known relict hominid, well known to science and studied for some time, that has some sort of a relationship to the Bigfoots. The way it was said to be was that the Ketchum team was looking at this known relict hominid as “something to compare the Bigfoots to.” This means that the Bigfoots either are this known hominid, or they are related to it somehow. Now which hominid this is, and how the Ketchum team has related it to the Bigfoots, I have no idea. It could be through bones, if they have any, or it could be via genetics. If it is genetics, then we only have genes from Denisova and Neandertal. But we have bones from many others. But what Bigfoot bones, if any, does Ketchum have? Ketchum team Dogman discovery confirmed. Talking with a woman in her 30’s who works for the Ketchum team, I have determined that I was correct in an earlier posting about the Dogmen. This source told me she agreed that “The DNA shows that the Dogmen are a separate species from Bigfoots, related but not very close.” The only way this source could have known this was if the Ketchum team found this out somehow via DNA. The source also expressed incredulity at this DNA finding, and stated that she simply did not believe it as the idea of a Dogman is just too crazy. I also confirmed, via another source, this time a young man who works closely with Ketchum, that the Dogmen are not even very closely related to Bigfoots. They are a separate species, related but not closely. RL: A separate species? Closely related? Source: Well…no! Not very closely related at all, actually! But they are related, yes. RL: How are they different? Source: Well, the Dogmen are just Bigfoots with some variations. They have more of a snout for a nose, that is the main thing. They also spend a lot more time on all fours than the Bigfoots do. They are not as tall, only about 6 feet tall. They have fangs. And they are said to be a lot meaner. If Ketchum has Dogman DNA that is a different but related species, where did she get it? Possibly from Scott Carpenter. Scott is a researcher in Tennessee, much derided because his videos and photos don’t show much of anything, though he insists it’s a photo or video of a Dogman or Bigfoot. He often describes the creatures he is researching in the Smokies as “Dogmen.” Despite all of the derision, Carpenter is said to have a successful sample into the study – a hair sample. It’s possible that this may be a Dogman hair sample. It tested presumptive for Bigfoot, but possibly it was so different that Ketchum concluded that Dogmen were a separate entity. It’s being reported that I said that the Ketchum paper will report on Dogmen. I am told that there will be nothing about Dogmen in the forthcoming paper, but there may be something in a later paper, as there are a series of papers planned later on. When will Ketchum study come out? I really need to stop making these predictions, as it is making me look very bad. However, don’t blame me. Most if not all of these predictions came to me from 3rd parties, but the source was always said to be Ketchum herself. So I was wrong, she was wrong. If you want to yell at me, yell at her instead, or yell at both of us if you will. I know that the Ketchum team was working very frantically on a lot of materials for the media and public to prepare them for a release. You could call it public relations materials. The workers were often under heavy deadline, and the pace of the work was described as frantic and frenzied. Then, about two weeks ago, suddenly all of the work stopped for no apparent reason, and everything went quiet. My source thought this was very strange. Furthermore, on July 10, Ketchum’s paper passed peer review. I learned this from four separate sources. Ketchum stated publication would occur 6-8 weeks after. So here we are, 7 weeks later, and nothing is going on. At this point, I have been burned so many times that I am giving up. I’m not sure if she will ever publish anything, but my sources are quite certain she will. Everyone is sick and tired of this waiting game. We all know these Bigfoot things are real, and we know we have evidence, but we can’t put it out there, so all we have are rumors and talk. In the meantime, the skeptics and scofftics pound away at us and make us look like fools. A lot of us feel like a heist just occurred, and here we are, standing there holding the bag, waiting for the cops to come grab us and ruin our innocent lives. We have an alibi, but it may never see the light of day. The frustration level among Bigfooters is extreme. Sykes study. There is a parallel study being done out of Oxford by an excellent geneticist named Brian Sykes. He already has a journal lined up to work with him, and he promises publication by the end of the year. At the rate is he is going, he may well publish before Ketchum. He is trying to test the hypothesis that Bigfoots and Yetis exist as a separate entity, possibly a relict hominid related to man. One wonders where he got this idea. One theory is that he caught wind of the results from the Ketchum study, and that is what set him to work on this. Rhettman Mullis and a woman named Dr. Anna Nekaris are said to have prodded Sykes to work on this. Later over lunch with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, he is said to have decided to do the study. Mullis recently stated on the radio that he knew the results of the Ketchum study, and that they were very interesting. Sources have told me that Meldrum also knows the results of the study, but he is awaiting publication to see about revising his Ape Hypothesis in favor of a Relict Hominid hypothesis. In recent months, Meldrum already seems to be changing over to the Relict Hominid hypothesis. So either Mullis, Nekaris or Meldrum or some combination thereof, could have told him about the results of the Ketchum study, which spurred him to try to replicate it. Bigfoot hoaxer shot at! A man doing a Bigfoot hoax was recently shot at by someone who witnessed the hoax. A few shots were fired, all of them missed, but one came close. The hoaxer’s friends witnessed the shooting too as they were in on the hoax. The hoaxer was so terrified they could barely get him out the woods. There is much more to this story, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to go into it at this point. Hopefully I will be able to elaborate soon. So people who say no one has ever shot at a hoaxer, well, it’s not true. I have another report of a hoaxer who was confronted by an older man who came out of his house at night and pointed a rifle at the hoaxer. So far, there is no evidence that any hoaxer has yet been shot, either fatally or non-fatally, by anyone, but I figure it’s just a matter of time. And I am happy that both hoaxers above were not hit by bullets. I am calming down from my anti-hoaxer rage earlier. There is no end to hoaxing, and it even appears to be happening at record levels, possibly due to shows like Finding Bigfoot. The dead hoaxer in the road recently isn’t going to slow down any of this. A hoaxer’s going to get shot, fatally or otherwise, probably sooner rather than later. There is no other possible outcome. More Bigfoot shootings. The Justin Smeja story is not the only shooting story I am working on. I also have three other Bigfoot shooting stories, some dating back a ways. I am trying to get more details on them, but at the moment I am not allowed to report on them. I also have two stories of Bigfoot graves in the north of the continent. One of them people are still trying to locate as it is from the 1930’s. The other is much more recent, and many people know where the Bigfoot is buried, but no one is willing to tell where. It’s a widely held secret in an extremely closed and almost paranoid traditional community. People are working hard to try to find out where this Bigfoot is buried. One of my sources told me, “People shoot at these things all the time, and people shoot them all the time. The Bigfoots usually get hit and run away.” The source also said she knew a number of people who were actively hunting Bigfoots in the hopes of killing one. She implied that the number of active Bigfoot hunters running around the woods dead set on killing a Bigfoot was larger than you might think. How to kill a Bigfoot? Not so easy. Most Bigfoot hunters have no plan. Idiot hunters, rednecks, out to “Bag me a Bigfoot, durrr.” Truth is you need a plan. Come on. You need a team, and it needs to be ready like a doctor on house calls, ready to go 24-7, 365. You somehow shot a Bigfoot, and now it’s down on the ground. Now what? You need a team to figure out how in the Hell you are going to get the Bigfoot out of the woods. Worse, there are now some other angry Bigfoots around who just witnessed you killing one of their family. While you are standing over the dead Bigfoot, the others may charge and try to kill you. All in all, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. The problems are greater than the rewards. Surely the federal government could figure out a way to kill a Bigfoot and get it out, possibly with a helicopter, but as of now anyway, I see the private sector as falling down on the job on this one. Bigfoots appear to have large eye sockets deeply sunk into their heads. This is quite apparent in some recent Bigfoot photos and videos. I haven’t seen a hoaxer yet get this right. The appearance is such that it makes the Bigfoots seem to have large eyes deeply sunk into their heads. Whether their eyes are really that large or sunk into their heads is not known. At any rate, this may be some sort of an illusion due to the brow ridge. A heavy brow ridge might give one the impression of having large eyes sunk deeply into the head. Sierra Kills site may be a Bigfoot wintering area. Based on evidence that I can’t reveal, one of my sources felt that the Sierra Kills site may be a Bigfoot wintering area. I asked her why they would winter up so high, and she said that they often winter in the deepest, thickest, most inaccessible stuff you could possibly imagine. She also said she thought they wintered at very high elevations like wolverines. In the West, some think they winter at very high elevations that are deep with heavy snow. Almost no one goes into high elevations in the West in winter other than skiers of various types. I also have a report of snowmobilers who saw a 10 foot Bigfoot at a very high elevation in the deep of winter in the north of the continent. Who are the best Bigfoot witnesses? I believe the best witnesses are those who “do not want to see a Bigfoot.” The less reliable witnesses are those who “want to see a Bigfoot.” This is because among the people who go out looking for Bigfoots, you do have quite a few nutter types. If you find a story that doesn’t pan out, it’s often from someone who wanted to see one. Whereas, among those who do not want to see one, especially hunters and fishermen, their reports are among the best as they are devoid of distorting expectations. I was also told that hunting and fishing forums are the best for great unvarnished reports from those with no expectations who know the woods and its creatures well. Boy nearly killed by a Bigfoot. I have a report from the northern part of the continent from a while back from a man who had an intense encounter with a Bigfoot as a boy. He was walking along a river, armed with a pistol, when he saw a Bigfoot. For some reason, the Bigfoot came at him (attacked him). The man said it’s intent was nothing other than to kill, as he saw it. The boy drew his weapon and fired at the creature three times. This was enough to turn the creature. The man felt that if he did not have a gun with him, he would have been dead, with no trace to be found. Missing 411. The book by David Paulides may be onto something. A number of folks have disappeared without a trace in areas where many Bigfoots are thought to reside. People in the know often say that when a Bigfoot gets you, it will kill you, and you will disappear without a trace – not a trace of you will be left. Why a Bigfoot killing a person would leave no trace is uncertain. First of all, the Bigfoot would kill you simply by tearing you to bits very quickly. But what about afterwards? People have told me that the Bigfoots will probably simply bury you in the ground after they rip you to shreds. Most Bigfoots are passive and nonthreatening as long as you do nothing to them, but a few of them are not (more or less like humans in that regard). A few of them are described as simply “evil, pure evil.” Why they vary like this is unknown, but they may have different personalities. Bigfoot tree structures. No one quite know what these things are, but it’s possible that they may simply be markers of some sort or another. Some think that they mark “gathering places” or wintering zones. What significance they have to the Bigfoots is not known. They are known to make geometrical designs out of these things, and in quite a few cases, the designs include crosses, but a Christian religious significance is dubious (many fundamentalist Christian Bigfooters insist that Bigfoots are Christians!). I really doubt if they are, but I think Jesus would have loved them all the same. Bigfoots take large trees weighing up to 200 pounds, grab them at the 8 foot level or so, and impale them either into the ground or into other trees. When they are thrust into the ground, they are put upside down with the force of about 1000 pounds pressure. No human could possibly do that, and such an event would probably not be natural either. I am also told by people with intimate knowledge of tree structures that these things do not appear natural either.

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57 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 3, 2012”

  1. i’m sure it must be some unknown species of a Hominid. However, given the popular appearance of a Bigfoot, i dont think that this Hominid is from the genus “Homo”.

  2. Christian Bigfoot ? Really ? That’s a good one.
    There’s seemingly no end to what people want to attribute to this entity.
    “Northern part of the continent” …. Canada ?
    Interesting stuff as always……

      1. No way, I seriously thought that guy was joking. Was it ripped out of the original Bible that Jesus hung out with relic hominids?

  3. I’ve often wondered whether the tree structures are used as an aid in their ambush style of hunting, when hunting as a team.
    Like this:
    One Sas drives a deer to a prearranged spot where a second Sas is concealed for the ambush. The crossed tree structures let the driving Sas know that he’s at his destination. The two then work together to confuse the deer who thinks there’s only one. Bam! shot to the head and it’s dinner time.

  4. Another great post, Robert. Always glad to see a new one.
    In regards to your item on David Paulides’ book, I, for one, believe that bigfoots are responsible for a lot of dissapearances in North America that are commonly thought to be “unsolved”. Not all of them, mind you. Just a great deal more than we realize.
    When someone disappears due to a bear, a mountain lion, etc., searchers find evidence of it in the form of the victims blood or torn clothing, stuff like that. These animals are not worried about being “caught’. They’re just acting on instincts.
    But I believe that bigfoots are smart enough to know that they need to hide the remains to keep other people from finding them and looking for revenge, etc. That’s my theory. I have nothing to base it on other than a hunch.

      1. hi there! if the are HOMO , and i totally believe that they are you can bet they do some killing and/or predation on us just like ourselves! thats a very “human” thing to do and we are great at it! including of course cannibalism , fairly common in our not very distant past
        by the way i had pretty much given up on Ketchum , after waiting and waiting for the release , hopefully it is for real!

      2. As far as leaving no trace after the killing, given that the bigfoots are powerful enough to drive those trees into the ground, chances are they’re using a similar method to kill individuals; the person is quickly hoisted overhead and slammed onto the ground without skin tearing or bleeding. Who says they have to rip people apart?

  5. robert, i love the other reports you give such as the boy who was attacked and shot 3 times at bf. what is meant by ”relict hominid”? does it mean an old style homo? and yesthe bigfoot world isfull of nut cases many of them so called researchers. i stay on my own because i can’t stand listening to people in bf groups that see everything that moves as a bigfoot. that shit gets old quick. some of the bf crowd seem like seal wannabes. they camo up and try looking for bf like they’re seal team 6. i was never a seal but was a seabee back in the day.

  6. Robert, I am amazed at the new updates you manage to publish as often as you do. Once, long ago, IIRC, you were not sure that BF existed, now you have become a believer:)
    When the truth comes out, will you join with us who wish to provide legal protection for this species from being hunted to extinction? You do have a major following, and you can use your stature to get the word out to please not hunt these unique and rare creatures. It would be very sad to expose their existence, then causing them to become extinct due to trophy hunters, or just groups wishing to bag a BF.
    I think, as in all species, that most BF’s are peaceful, and wish to have nothing to do with us, however, they are curious, and some do seek us out to watch what we do, and how we live and camp in or near their woodlands.
    There is always a possibility of a BF who has had violent human encounters with hunters who may become angry and scare humans away, or sadly, perhaps even *rarely* attack humans do to anger over events from it being shot or hunted at some time in it’s past, or a hunter killing it’s spouse or child.
    Hopefully, with laws being passed, and with lots of people such as you yourself, we can get the word out to leave them alone, and allow them to live in peace.
    Would you do that for this species? Will you support their right to live freely, and to not become sport for hunters to kill? You being on their side can make a difference, and I hope that you will use your stature to protect them when the time comes. Thank you Robert..

  7. Robert, I spoke to David about his 411 books, and he said that he thought that most of the disappearances were due to human encounters, not Sasquatch or Dogman. While reading his books, and listening to his radio programs, I truly believed that many of the disappearances he discussed on the radio programs and in his books were directly related to BF or DM activity. That is just my own personal opinion. Have you read his books? I have 3 of them, and could send them all, or 1 or 2 for you to read if you wish. They contain lots of info regarding how suddenly people within feet of other humans can just disappear off the face of the earth never to be seen again, or found oddly undressed, or dead, or just bloody clothing is all that’s located. Those books have made me more aware of possible dangers involved when hiking or camping, especially with children, even though adults were also lost and never found again. Let me know if you are interested in reading any or all of the books that I have. Thanks..

      1. Robert, I wish for my daughter and my military son who goes off alone camping and hiking with no fear nor any knowledge about any of this stuff to read these books also. I’m purchasing these 3 books for them to read. That is how important I feel these issues are regarding people disappearing within feet of others never to be seen again, or discovered under very odd circumstances. I have The Hoopla Project which I have not read yet,so I may send it separately to you after I read it, however, I will send it to you also.You can help keep people safe as long as they are aware of the dangers they could encounter which you can discuss here on your blogs. Many of the disappearances could be human related, but some are so bizarre that it’s hard to even know what to think. .You can post many blogs regarding these disappearances, and thus you could possibly save lives! Forewarned to forearmed…You can make a difference, and thank you for that Robert.

        1. You are so correct about some of the disappearances being so bizarre. Such as bodies being found in places where a human couldn’t possibly have carried them, and children saying that a big bear took care of them.
          They make for some very interesting reading.

    1. That seems really odd that Paulides would confide that he thought humans were responsible for most of the disappearances, unless he was being coy, since Bigfoot are likely technically “human”. But I just finished both 411 books and it’s impossible not to conclude that many/most of the disappearances described could be BF-related. Even though he never dares say so outright, he says time and time again things like “Obviously he was taken by a large predator”, “It would have been impossible for a human being to reach that spot”, etc. And what about the descriptions by children again and again of being with a “dog” or a “bear”, and in one case, the kids said they were afraid that the searchers were “big gorillas”. I’m baffled Paulides would say he thinks humans are responsible.

      1. Trust me, Richard, I was shocked also. I think that he may be involved with one of the DNA projects, and does not wish to terrify the public regarding the possibility that BF/DM does this stuff to hikers, walkers, picnickers,kids playing in their yard, seriously, this stuff is scary to read about, especially since we hike a lot in the Smokie’s, well, now I believe that I can say we used to hike in the Smokie’s! I’m wondering if Dogman could also be involved in some of these disappearances? Dogman scares me more than any BF ever has for some reason.

        1. Paulides actually initiated the Ketchum Project, so he is most definitely connected to one. I think you’re correct, that he’s trying not to frighten people or provide a further excuse for hunting them. But those books bullseye BFs for the bulk of those disappearances, unquestionably.

  8. the dogman is a scary thought. i’ve read some on it over the last couple of years. robert, what’s your take do you believe? I’m 95 % a believer. the seven chutes picture looks like one. while they have a canid look to them they could very well be a distint relative of bigfoot. Can you imagine if they were indeed a canid? I feel with the advent of a deer population explosion in some states (as with my home state of Ohio) that bigfoot is growing their numbers too. That said I’m thinking the same can be said for the dogman, by the way, are you aware of any decent pictures other than the seven chutes picture of a dogman? also, I’ve thought all along that the state DNR’s, forestry service or whatever 100% know of bigfoot and keep the deer populations high in order to keep deer as a primary or secondary part of their diet. I believe too that ”the government” has atleast had/have a dead bigfoot or maybe even a live one… a juvenile possibly. This all will get interesting fairly soon i think.

    1. I agree with you 101% John. Well said, sir, well said indeed. Keeping up a large deer population is an excellent way to provide food for the Sasquatch, and thus make humans not so likely to be attacked nor thought of as a food source.

    2. Dogmen are related to Bigfoots. They are a Bigfoot type creature. They are not canids in any way. It’s just a Bigfoot with a snout more or less.
      Only good photo I know is the Beast of Seven Chutes.

  9. Thank you DDP. Those stories that you referred to caused me to have chills. I’ll never hike or camp again without thinking about those stories. I am purchasing copies of these books for my daughter, and for my son who camps and hikes in remote areas alone. Being alerted to the possible dangers could save their lives, plus we need to remember that the Dogman apparently is real also, and that species seems to be more aggressive towards humans than the BF species has ever been reported to be. BF avoid encounters, and rarely interact with humans, and then mostly in a passive manner because they try to stay away from us humans. Dogman, for some reason, scares me a lot more than a BF ever has. Dogman is a creature I hope to never encounter.

    1. Scott, I don’t think so because I’ve never heard about a group of BF being seen near a female, plus they could kill themselves off if they had a rut season. I have never heard any mention of female BF having any thing like a rut season. I suspect they are similar to human women in that regards. IMVHO, of course..

  10. Good reporting,I’m starting to lean more towards the sykes study since he won’t have to sponge funding off a millionaire like Melba,it might rush her into release.Have you checked the bigfoot video stills on joe blacks sight,the faces are facinating and seem to jive with the hominid theory.

  11. wonder if a bf and a dogman have had battles with each other ?
    I’d imagine they would be competing for the same food.
    I see a good Hollywood story in this idea, A group of dogmen are hunting
    a group of survivors from a plane crash, and right as they are ready to meet
    thier demise, a 10′ bigfoot comes out ot the trees and beats the bolony out of 2 of them and shows the surviviors a way out of the area.:)
    PS> don’t forget to send me a check who ever makes this movie ! 🙂

  12. Native Americans have a lot of BF cannibal type stories, and its known that Neanderthals resorted to cannibalism. They found one cave where the Neanderthals ate just as many fellow neanderthals as they did wild game. I would have no trouble believing that BF is not a Large harmless hippie creature. Wolves do not tolerate coyotes, or dogs in their territory, Lions will gladly kill a lost leopard. I’m thinking the only reason BF doesn’t hunt us regularly is because that apex nocturnal predator is very respectful of firearms, although not necessarily humanity. It may be unrelated that Papua New Guinea has the highest concentration of Denisovan DNA and its famous for its Cannibals. Chimps are also cannibalistic. So all major Primates are killers who’ll eat you including us. I’m sure BF is not the nice guy a lot of people would like to believe.

    1. Well, Mike, Now I’m **NEVER** going into the woods ever again, period! So much for my research…I quit! It’s not worth it.:( It’s not worth endangering my hubby or kids to do my puny little research in our area, which has had BF sightings within a mile of where we live. I’ll just keep an eye out the window;)

    1. Guys, No one knows that BF or DM tear people up for Heaven’s sake! Saying stuff like that could cause people to start carrying guns and shooting other hikers FGS. Nothing will change just because we know that BF is real. I believe that there are fewer DM than there are BF, and we can all enjoy the forest as we always have, even though I may never go hiking again but I’m a girly girl and I fear bugs, snakes, you name it, I’m scared of it. I only go with hubby or my boys anymore, never alone. Hubby said that he fears me getting lost and that he could not find me:( I’m afraid that Hubby has a point there. He was an Eagle Scout, and he is the “go to guy” if you ever need help with anything, and he knows the woodlands, and how to use a compass. I am, however, an excellent follower in his footsteps 😉

      1. It’s not a nice thought, but there’s an overwhelming amount of testimony and seemingly evidence to the contrary. So, as with any wild and dangerous creature, we must acknowledge its nature and excercise due caution. Denial is not a good thing, even well-intended denial. I, for one, have never been very comfortable travelling the California woods alone.

        1. Richard, Do you carry weapons with you while doing research? Something that could kill an elephant sized creature should you be attacked? If it kills an elephant, it should take out a bear or anything else that may attack you. However, if you have never been attacked, why start worrying now? Do you research in dangerous areas? Places where there may be meth labs? I’d worry about those labs and the people running them before anything else hurting you.

        2. I don’t do research. I l grew up in Northern California and beleving in Bigfoot, reading books on the subject. I don’t like deep water either, freaks me out. I don’t use guns, I don’t hunt. I just know that wild animals are dangerous and it’s best to avoid alot of them. Tigers and polar bears are beautiful, but they eat people. I do not relish the thought of being attacked, eaten, kidnapped, used as a stuffed animal or otherwise terrorized by large, hairy creatures.

    1. If you scroll down on paulides blogs, you will see a coment by him stating ” In the coming months, you will be introduced to a behavior irehensible in thought…” check it out, I seems to lead into his 411 book.

  13. Robert,
    Love your Bigfoot news. I’m curious, what is your personal story of what made you a believer? You may have posted this in the past, but I am new to the blog so I haven’t caught up on all the archived BF entries.

  14. linda, wouldn’t you love to know how much detailed info the government knows about bigfoot? Personally, i think they have language and are very intelligent. i think there’s atleast 2 versions of bigfoot – the more human looking type and the more ape looking. other than thedeer populations i wish i knew why the population is growing and they seem to be expanding their living areas. of course this is al my opinion based on a lot of reading and hunches. i’m hoping to learn of more dogman sightings too.

    1. Yes, John, I would love to know, however, after everything that I’ve read and heard about I would probably hate the government for keeping it all secret. Good people go missing for no reason, and I can’t believe it is all due to “accidents”. With the Ketchum Report coming out soon people will at least be able to make informed decisions about hiking and camping. Our Forest Service and state governments need to be held accountable for not warning about dangerous areas, and the potential for large animal encounters.I wonder if something about this issue will be addressed when The Ketchum Report is published. If not, it should be!

  15. Are you aware that Randy Brisson is disputing your information about Adrian Erickson? He has quite a long post at Bigfoot Evidence regarding Erickson, Melba Ketchum et al.

    1. Yes, he may well be correct about Erickson retaining his footage. After all, that was just a guess of mine. However, on the subject of Melba and National Geographic, he is simply flat out wrong. I know for a 100% fact that Melba is working with Nat Geo, probably the TV show, right at this very moment. So Randy is just lying, or Adrian is lying to him.
      Look, Erickson and Ketchum simply deny every single thing that I write about them. Why? Because none of this stuff is supposed to get out. It is all supposed to be top secret. So the way they react is just to deny everything I write.

  16. without trying robert has one of the best bigfoot sites on the net not to mention his other thought provoking subjects. as for melba and company. on one hand i understand not wanting stuff to get out till it’s ready, but on the other hand it’s this constant secrecy thing that turns people off and makes the so called bf comunity look like a bunch of weanies of which some are. once this stuff is published i can see the ”matt lauers”, ”piers morgans” and other twerps continue to pooh pooh and make light of bf. even when the day comes a body shows up they will still somehow take the air out of an important discovery. too bad their aren’t more ”robert’s” in the media. by the way, robert, i understand some secrecy on yours and others parts sometimes with sources and whatnot… it’s the stuff that has no reason to be secret other than people being idiots that bugs most of us i think.

  17. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for you’re continual updates concerning this paper and associated events. I truly look forward to reading every new post you publish. However, I do not understand how you have access to this type of information. The staff working on this project is legally obligated to not disclose any information concerning their study. I also think it would be counter intuitive of those involved to say anything about the project, especially just prior to its purported release. Any research professional knows that leaking information would ultimately undermine the integrity of the study. Also, I’m assuming from my own research experiences that the team behind the study is a fairly small and exclusive group. If these information leaks are true, surely the culprit could easily be determined. Especially with rather personal information that holds so much significance. I love to read this information you write as it is very intriguing, but frankly some of it seems rather contrived… especially you’re mock dialogue between you and this supposed “woman who works closely to Ketchum”. I am sorry if you are insulted by what I am saying but in no way to I mean to offend you, this is just some criticism I hope you take in stride.

    1. Why are they legally obligated to not release any information? There’s no law preventing them from doing that. Of course leaks do not jeopardize the integrity of the paper. That’s just ridiculous. How would leaks jeopardize the integrity of the paper?
      The conversations are from memory.

  18. Thanks for your reply Robert
    It’s not a law, but they are bound by contract in the form of a confidentiality agreement (breach of which could result in litigation). They are commonly executed when two parties (e.g. Melba + associates, Melba+funding resources) are considering pursing a relationship together and need to understand the other’s processes, methods, or technology solely for the purpose of evaluating the potential for a future relationship. These CDA’s are also valuable to protect the ability to patent an invention, something that can be compromised if a disclosure of the invention becomes public knowledge. That is why they are obligated to not release information.
    And I apologize as I wasn’t crystal clear on what I meant. No one can truly distinguish which leaked information is genuine and which is false. A lot of naive people will take everything they read at face value and accept it as the truth. Their perception of the paper deviates from what the author is actually intending to convey. The message of the paper gets misconstrued, almost like a game of broken telephone. One might hear this supposed “factual” and “veritable” information and in reality could have no relation to what the author is actually writing. A lot of people wont go to the initial source to get the information and therefore associating this gossip as the truth. So it does indirectly hinder the integrity of the paper in the eyes of our credulous society…
    Also you should notify the readers that you are paraphrasing these past conversations and omit the quotation marks as they are just from memory. It is rather misleading.

    1. I don’t see how your second paragraph makes any kind of sense at all. The paper comes out, people read it, and they determine if it is valuable or not. Prior publication leaks be damned.
      Yes some people who talk to me are violating NDA’s, it is true. That’s their problem.
      I don’t think I need to change the way I do quotes. They are fine the way they are.

  19. HMMMM….The way Sas Squatch talks makes me wonder on the truthfulness and integrity of those releasing the actual paper.If it is indeed factual then it will be read,as one can clearly see from these posts everyone is waiting for the damn thing.If Robert is cutting close to the bone then I’m not surprised some parties out there want him to shut up.Now since I don’t really have a dog in this fight I will just add that no one owns Bigfoot and the whole study is based mostly on public submissions of evidence,without wich there would be no paper.

  20. Interesting stuff — all of it. Keep in mind that of the three mito sequences I have seen, one was from the SE and was L1a2 – closely related to todays human bushman. This mito Eve was from 40,000 or more years ago. The other two were related to today’s sub-glacial ice age population from 20,000 years ago. The mito sequence differences between the two were about 85 pairs — the maximum possible to still be “within human ranges”.
    I certainly believe both are from relic hominids, but were not “human” as we understand the term today.
    Most likely, Neanderthal got its genetic code into the European category of sasquatch 20,000 years ago, but to a much greater degree than they got into “human” genetics (2% – 4%).
    For what it’s worth, I think the danger aspect is grossly overblown re. the L1a2 category of sasquatch.

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