When White Nationalists Complain About Jews

Repost from the old site. Problem is, they usually end up sounding like this guy. German nationalism probably only dates to the 1880’s, and Italian, Russian and Pan-Slavic nationalism barely to the turn of the century. Otherwise, nationalism in the modern sense really only arose in Europe with the French Revolution (though it was present first in England in the 1600’s with the defeat of the Spanish Armada), but it took the other nations mostly until the end of the century to adopt nationalism. Modern European nationalism is a relatively new phenomenon. These modern nationalists pretty quickly took an interest in race along with the usual volkisch blood and soil bullshit. And most European nationalists agreed on one thing: the Jew was no good. More recently, in the very early 20th Century, Nordicism began to evolve in Germany and in the US and the UK. I once had a copy of a proto-Nazi book by a German race scientist delineating all of the races in Europe and the surrounding area detailed down to the last detail. It was published in 1918. This newer nationalism transcended the older nationalism of the one nation in an attempt to unite all Northwestern Europeans under some sort of a superior Nordic or White Race. At the same time, pan-Slavism and even Islamism developed (Yes, modern Islamism only dates to around 1900 or so). Southern Europeans were quickly defined out of the equation by Nordicists, especially in the US where they were widely despised, but Hitler actually put Meds second only to Nordics. He hated Slavs, but this was mostly because he said they were a “slave race”. They were a slave race apparently because they had allowed themselves to be enslaved by Jews in the form of Jewish Bolshevism or Communism. The fascists’ main beef with Communists was that the Communists tended to be anti-nationalist. And it’s simple to see why Jews have been in the forefront of seeing that White ethnic consciousness or nationalism is dead and buried forever. This is why the anti-racists (who, granted, do bash away at Whites) are so often Jewish. This is why Noel Ignatiev (Jew) has founded an organization to make Whites go away forever. This is why Tim Wise (Jew) exists. This is why Jews so often decline to identify as White. This is why there are so many Jews on the board of the NAACP. This is why Jews pushed the 1965 Immigration Act and could well be why they pushed civil rights so hard. Let’s face it: it’s hard to believe that US Jews really care about civil rights while they support their KKK-Jewish brethren in Israel so strongly. KKK types are only bad when they are non-Jewish? KKK-Jews (Zionists) are ok, but KKK Whites are not? Forget it. There must be another motive. All of this Jewish behavior made the White Pride crowd dislike Jews more and more with every punch in the ring. Anti-Semitism is not monolithic; some of it is pretty harmless stuff and unfortunately a lot of it is even true to one degree or another. But the Jews have never acknowledged that truth is a defense against anti-Semitism. Yet when you start talking about your blond hair and blue eyes and your White race and White blood and then start slamming away at Jews, people, especially Jewish people, do tend to see historical parallels that are not necessarily present in other anti-Semitic brands. Face it, of all of the anti-Semites all down through time, these were the most efficiently deadly of them all. So while Jews will often shrug at other forms of “anti-Semitism” (especially anti-Judaism, which arguably is not necessarily even anti-Semitism at all but instead religious apologetic), the White Pride anti-Semites do tend to hit Jews in a particularly hard way. And who could blame them?

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27 thoughts on “When White Nationalists Complain About Jews”

  1. “This is why Jews so often decline to identify as White” – Could you give examples? I don’t recall ever hearing one of these.

    1. They don’t. Jews do not like to identify as White. I heard that on one dating site, only about 50% of the Jews identified as White. The rest identified as “non-White,” “other” or Middle Eastern.”

      1. Then why is there no movement by their organizations to disassociate themselves? Are the non-white Jews clamouring for affirmative action? Why don’t they call themselves yellow? Whiteness is the application of privileges on any group whether or not they were previously considered non-white (Jews, Irish, Portuguese) or they consider themselves non-white (some Arabs, some Turks, some Jews). There are some Germans who don’t like being called white but they are afforded whiteness and whether or not some Jews call themselves non-white, they are also afforded whiteness. I also suspect that those who call themselves non-white would not give up white privileges and if that were the case, are they really non-white?

        1. ”Is White privilege when I’m turned down for a job in favor of an unqualified negro to fill a racial quota?” And that’s the comeback anyone with knowledge would say, there’s more black privilege than white.

        2. @ Dunedain: No, that’s affirmative action, a backlash from too much ‘white privilege’. White privilege would be when you are not profiled by police or in stores. Generally, it is when you are not stereotyped but treated as a unique individual.

      2. “This is why Noel Ignatiev (Jew) has founded an organization to make Whites go away forever. This is why Tim Wise (Jew) exists.” – I don’t think this is correct. Both Ignatiev and Wise are bashing whiteness. They don’t stereotype whites per se but blast whiteness as the source of some white behaviour. What they should be doing is calling out their co-ethnics in racist Hollywood.

        1. What they should be doing is calling out their co-ethnics in racist Hollywood.
          Well, good luck getting Tim Wise to even acknowledge that Jews wield power in Hollywood.
          On several occasions, Wise has argued that Jews don’t even wield disproportionate power, much less real power, and that anyone who thinks they do is insane or bigoted.
          He’s even labeled Jews a victim group. For example, during his debate with Jared Taylor, he said that he could identify with how blacks embrace their oppressed identity, since he was Jewish.
          Funny thing is, he’s not even really that Jewish. At the most, he’s only half Jewish on his father’s side. I think his various anecdotes about how he suffered as a Jew growing up are about as credible as his various other anecdotes.
          He probably plays the Jew card just to claim his share of the identity politics sweepstakes, and give himself more “social justice” cred.

        2. Funny how Tim Wise suffered anti-Semitism as a Jew and at the same time enjoys “White privilege” according to his book White Like Me.

        3. Yeah, I don’t know what the deal with him and Jewishness is.
          While in general he’s a very snarky, immature, and rude individual (even towards non-whites every now and then), nothing makes him as hot blooded as talking about the Jewish Question.
          That, and alcohol. He seems to have a fixation of bringing up issues like white college students binge drinking, as if it were somehow the worst crime in the world. His daddy was an alcoholic, so it makes sense.
          Like Hugo Schywzer, the gender equivalent of Tim Wise, he’s a megalomaniacal narcissist. You should take what he says about his personal experience with a grain of salt.

      3. I recall calling my close friend ”White boy” for jokes several years ago (He’s Jewish) and every time he would correct me in the same manner a benevolent tutor would correct a slow pupil: “I’m not white, I’m Jewish.”

        1. @ Dota
          Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.
          Jews are very coy when it comes to how they identify themselves. We’re a religion! No, an ethnic group! No, an extended family! Being Jewish is based on blood! But don’t call us a race! Etc, etc.
          Same thing with how they interact with whiteness. Around non-whites, they (with the exception of the Haredim), play the minority card, and insist that they are not white.
          However, when they’re around primarily white people, they try to blend in and act as if their Jewishness is just a small matter of religion or lifestyle, and that they aren’t really that different from other whites.
          I understand that there is such a thing as code switching, but Jews seem to take it to a new level.

        2. “However, when they’re around primarily white people, they try to blend in and act as if their Jewishness is just a small matter of religion or lifestyle, and that they aren’t really that different from other whites.”
          So true.

        3. Gay Area Guy and Dota
          Even the most radical Jews (who still remain loyal to jewish causes) are slowly starting to realize that minorities aren’t really their friends.

        4. @ GSG
          I don’t dispute that. I think that, even going back to the early NAACP/civil rights days, Jews knew that blacks weren’t really their friends. In fact, I maintain that Jews have always either looked down on or feared black people, and have never truly cared about their interests.
          However, they fear the white goyim more.
          Even if blacks and other non-whites may not be their friends, they still see them as either useful tools or a buffer to use against white gentiles.

        5. “Even the most radical Jews (who still remain loyal to jewish causes) are slowly starting to realize that minorities aren’t really their friends.”
          Most minority groups resent another. There is a competition, even between minorities to be the only and ‘default’ minorities.

        6. Gay Area Guy
          This group is increasingly irrelevant. The jewish world is growing more and more polarized and the middle ground (progressive and zionist) is disappearing.

        7. Gay Area Guy
          Blacks automatically gravitate toward the Palestinian cause without the Palestinians ever having to do anything to recruit them.

  2. White Nationalists are more jewish than the jews themselves. They’ve nailed the whole victimhood mentality down to a tee.

  3. Hell, I can’t blame them. Got a buddy who never hated blacks until 30 days in Contra Costa County jail left him with only about 4 teeth in his mouth, a fractured cheekbone and a detached retina. He now suffers from PTSD. Can’t blame him, either.

  4. DNA tests are often to affirm Jews are a people ala Jared Diamond and often that they are not Black. Jews don’t want to be Black.

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