Republican Convention Speeches

Time to play rate the speeches. I don’t like any of these speeches, but I can at least be fair and evaluate their speeches.
Condoleeza Rice: Excellent, but funny considering Romney is getting 0% of the Black vote (Yes! 0%!)
Ann Romney: Very good, but not as good as it could have been.
Mittens Romoney: Also very good, considering his awful personality and generally lousy demeanor. Also not as good as it could have been though.
Paul Ryan: Disaster. One lie after another, so shameless even Fox News had to comment on it. One of the most dishonest speeches in recent memory in US politricks.
Clint Eastwood: Total clusterfuck. Whose idea was it to get some guy in his 80’s up on stage to ramble on, tell Obama to fuck and off and debate an empty chair? Face palm, complete fail.
Highlight of the Convention: Two delegates among the overwhelmingly White crowd threw nuts at a Black female CNN camerawoman, yelling, “This is how we treat animals!” The Republicans have been blowing racist dog whistles at US Whites forever now. They’re playing with fire, and its awakening some scary beasts in our body politic. Expect to see a lot openly racist bullshit if this keeps up.

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0 thoughts on “Republican Convention Speeches”

  1. OBAMA has been telling the American people to go f**k themselves since he got elected. It was great to see EASTWOOD telling it like it is.

  2. Why nuts? lol there isn’t really any racist association between blacks and nuts. its not like apes eat nuts. Squirrels eat nuts. Fail.
    They probably also go on about blacks having low IQs while having an IQ of 75 themselves.

  3. I highly doubt the story about the CNN camera woman…and as you know that story has disappeared…I understand your a socalist robert but please try and not drink too much of the Kool-Aide

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