Jewish Money in US Politics

Ishmael writes, about Jewish political and money power:

It’s simply due to the Jews raising money and influencing the political process. They don’t organize and control the world in smoke filled rooms in the deli basement. Ashkenazi Jews are rats that make tons of money, but the same could be said about other minorities in countries across the world (see Indonesia). Once out of their ghettos, they do their best to assimilate, unlike the insular, but successful, Asians that have comparable IQ’s but don’t really climb to the top.

That’s all it is. Jews make tons of money, and they use that money to throw their weight around in the political process to favor various outcomes. The only real “Jewish” thing they promote is pro-Israel politics. I can’t think of any other US political process that they are all behind. Their politics tends to be progressive, but there are definitely rightwing rich Jews out there (Adelson). It’s just that the Jewish money is such a huge factor that you can’t go against them on Israel or you get destroyed. Also they will use their media power to destroy any politician who goes against them on Israel. So Jewish money has corrupted the US political process in terms of pro-Israel bias, but that’s about the only variable that it works on. Obviously, blatant anti-Semites are not going to get any Jewish money, but we haven’t had any seriously anti-Semitic candidates in forever here in the US. The “Jews own America” meme is rather weak, but it also ought to be noted that Americans are nowadays a bunch of “Jew-lovin’ fools.” A more philosemitic populace scarcely exists on Earth. The American people  support Israel ideologically anyway, even without all that Jewish money. I am actually glad for Jewish money, as frankly it funds the Democratic Party in the US. One of the recent Karl Rove projects was to make the Republicans more pro-Israel than the Democrats and therefore starve the Democrats of Jewish money, killing the party. It didn’t really work. Sure, Jews are very Zionist and they don’t like the soft on Israel crowd, but there’s nothing a Jew hates worse than these fundamentalist Christian clowns. Even secular Jews really don’t like either Christians or Christianity much (trust me, I have been around Jews my whole life) but they really don’t like these fundies. The Jews are deeply suspicious of them and consider them to be religious fanatics.

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12 thoughts on “Jewish Money in US Politics”

  1. Due to smart politics, politicians have manipulated the boorish cross hugging masses by linking Christianity with Judaism and creating an ‘us vs them’ dynamic with Muslims. But politicians will always do that. If Palestinians dominate business and is responsible for 1/2 of the political contributions, politicians will do all they can to link Christianity with Islam and emphasize their shared values.

  2. A pressing question I have is why the Chinese don’t dominate business in the US the same way they do in SE Asia. My example of Indonesia was mentioned because the Chinese (1% of pop) control 70% of the economy. They assimilate well with their brownish/yellow neighbors, while the more Caucasian looking Jews do much better in areas with white people! Same could be said for Parsis in India.
    Are the visual distinctions between race so great that certain minorities will never truly succeed? I have a feeling if African Americans go to Ghana, they will slowly dominate the business landscape. Asians, no matter how successful in their intellectual field, will always hit a bamboo ceiling in America and Europe.

    1. @ Ishmael
      I think what you’re hitting on is a difference between ethnic minorities and visible racial minorities.
      Ethnic minorities, such as Ashkenazi Jews in white countries, or the Chinese in Southeast Asian countries, will always be able to assimilate and blend in to an extent.
      However, visible racial minorities will always be outsiders in some way or another. Asian Americans have done much to assimilate and fit in, but the white majority (or soon to be plurality) would never tolerate Asian Americans wielding the kind of disproportionate power and influence that they have put up with from Jews.
      Even if they don’t really identify themselves as white, Jews can at least pass themselves off as such, which means that the white gentile masses are less hostile to their disproportionate influence.
      Not me, though. As Dota once said of Robert, I’m another one of those white gentiles who understands the tribe.

      1. Ethnic/visible racial differences. Good point. But it’s a blurry line.
        It makes me think of Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley and how they assimilated so thoroughly and changed their religion and political ideology to gain the trust and support of Southern Whites.

        1. But it’s a blurry line.
          It makes me think of Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley and how they assimilated so thoroughly and changed their religion and political ideology to gain the trust and support of Southern Whites.

          That’s also a good point.
          For example, I have olive-skinned/semi brownish ethnic Greek relatives with black hair and various other Mediterranean features. If they gave themselves Arab names, they could likely pass themselves off as Middle Easterners. They in fact look darker and more non-white than certain Middle Easterners like Edward Said or Rashid Khalidi.
          But they don’t wear their ethnic identity on their sleeves, and go about their lives just as your average white person of Northern euro ancestry. And they do not face any prejudice or hostility based on their appearance.
          I think part of the problem with Muslims in Western countries is that they do not assimilate well, and often wear their identities on their sleeves. True, thanks to the post 9/11 climate that treats most Middle Easterners as potential terrorists, at times they can’t help but face hostility.
          But at times, their actions don’t really help. This is especially true of Muslims in Europe.
          If it were purely prejudice based on appearance, then Indians, who are browner than Middle Easterners, would face more hostility in Western countries.
          But they don’t. If anything, they’re seen as model minorities in a manner similar to East Asians.

  3. Hey Ishmael, I’m an Ashkenazi Jew and my account is overdrawn. My father has been a genius at losing business and my Uncle was kicked out of his synagouge. My other uncle is a convert to Hinduism and spent his entire career running a non-profit org. My grandfather would’ve made a ton of money, but first he had a life incapacitating stroke. I had some pet rats though, does that count? Fuck you!

  4. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Jews “run America,” like Robert, I sometimes can’t help but wonder whether or not we’re living in occupied territory.
    The reason I say that Jews don’t “run America” is because much of their power is a result of gentile cowardice, and greed. If we were willing to stand up to Jews more and stop being taken in by their money, their power would fall apart.

    1. I don’t see that happening any time soon. Right now, most White Americans are too content watching their Talmudvision, Hymiewood movies, gorillas on the gridiron, and Jew porn. Why would they wanna stand up to Jews?

  5. Jews contribute 60% of funds to US Presidential candidates. All that is not just about Israel. Not long ago, Jews were 15% of the top richest, now they are over 30%. You can bet that the more they give to politicians, the higher that percentage will get.

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