High Rates of Racism Among Young Swedish Females

Here. The article is in Finnish, but if you can read Finnish, it says that recent surveys show very high numbers of Swedish girls and young women (2 Well, sometimes it pays to generalize. A very high percentage of rapes of Swedish young females are committed by Arab males. Comparatively speaking, Swedish males commit relatively few rapes against these same females. So consequently, young Swedish females have negative views of young Arab males, whom they see as a bunch of rapists. Sweden is an officially antiracist country, and the Left, which has been in power for a long time now, has had an official policy of importing as many non-Europeans as possible into Sweden. The result has been a catastrophe as Arabs and other Middle Easterners formed ghettos that erupt regularly and have become more or less no-go zones for public safety personnel.

Palestinians Leaving Israel Due to Racism

Here. Very nice article. Israeli propaganda often says that Israeli Arabs have it better than any Arabs in the Arab World. That’s a dubious proposition to say the least. Furthermore, they experience a lot of overt and not so overt forms of discrimination of the sort that would be illegal or even unheard of in the US. For instance, in many towns and cities, Arabs are forbidden from expanding their municipalities. In addition, Arabs are often forbidden from adding to existing homes. It’s either legal or very common to discriminate against Arabs in housing, schooling, employment, accommodations and many other areas. Many jobs require one to have served in the Israeli armed forces, and most Arabs don’t serve. Also many companies do business with the IDF, and those companies usually don’t want any Arabs working with them on sensitive issues. There has been an ongoing Israeli project called the “Judaization of the Galilee.” This involves deliberately building all-Jewish towns and cities throughout this Arab part of Israel. In addition, it involves surrounding Arab municipalities with these Jewish towns.This project is completely uncontroversial in Israel and even liberal publications like Ha’aretz write about it unapologetically. Can you imagine if the US government was involved in a project called “The Whitening of Mississippi,” which involved surrounding Black towns with White towns, building up all White towns to weaken Black influence and forbidding Blacks from expanding the size of their towns and from expanding the size of already existing dwellings? Many Israeli military bases were deliberately constructed very close to Arab locales for the reason that during a war, attacks on the bases that missed would hit neighboring Arabs and kill and hurt them instead of killing or hurting nearby Jews. Can you imagine if the US government deliberately built military bases near Black communities on the grounds that if the enemy attacked them, misses would hurt and kill nearby Blacks and at least White folks would be spared? So it is that Israel is so lousy for Arabs that many are leaving to head for the Palestinian territories, especially the West Bank. There, the Arabs experience no prejudice, and they say that there are many more opportunities for them than there are in Israel. Many of the Arabs leaving are the best and the brightest. That’s Israel’s loss I suppose. We really need to cast aside the Hasbara line that says, “You ever seen any Israeli Arabs leaving to go live in the Territories, or in the Arab World?” Well, now you do. More Hasbara bites  the dust.

Check Out the People of Lorestan

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI0DVXSbB00] Here is a video of a people from Iran called Loris. They live in a place in Iran called Lorestan. They speak a language or languages closely related to Persian and one of the Kurdish languages. Apparently they are genetically related to both the Persians and Kurds. There are some very interesting phenotypes in these men, though the hairdos seem like they are out of the 1970’s. The guys are dancing with each other, but that’s apparently their culture. As long as the guys don’t queer around with each other, I have nothing against men of other cultures showing physical affection, holding hands, dancing, whatever. Some of these men look very standard European. Others look like Greeks. Still others have very interesting phenotypes that may be from the Caucasus. Others look like Gypsies. I was sent this video by a Lori friend of mine who refuses the “White” designation for some reason. He aid that his people, the Loris, are pure Aryan Iranids, with “no mountain nigger” in them. LOL, what’s “mountain nigger” in an Iranian context? What a funny term. The music is interesting. I have heard some Pakistani music that sounds like this, and a lot of Punjabi music sounds like this.

"Praise and Criticism for National Tradesmen Day," by Alpha Unit

Originally published September 20, 2012. September 21 is National Tradesmen Day, a holiday most people have probably never heard of. It’s kind of new. It started last year and is set to be celebrated the third Friday in September every year. It’s not a government holiday. It was created by Irwin Tools, a subsidiary of Newell Rubbermaid. National Tradesmen Day is set aside to honor the skilled tradesmen in the country who do all the manual labor that many of us can’t do for ourselves. People like auto mechanics, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, drywall installers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and welders. There’s a shortage of such skilled workers, and “skilled trades” is the number one category of the hardest jobs to fill in the country. Some blame the decline of vocational and technical education on the steady focus we’ve had on 4-year university education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that over a third of skilled tradesmen are over 50. For every three tradesmen who retire, there’s only one person with the skills to do their kind of work. So a day set aside to recognize their talents and hard work sounds like something a lot of us could get behind. But not all of us. Here’s a sample of comments left on a forum in which people weighed in on the first National Tradesmen Day:

“Too bad they sold out American workers.” “I wonder how ‘Tradesmen Day’ is said in Mandarin.” “Oh man I feel for all the laid off workers who are out of a job and have to watch their old company do this shit pathetic.” “How about a ‘sellout day’ for companies like Irwin?”

In 2008 Irwin closed its plant in DeWitt, Nebraska. Vise-Grip locking pliers and other tools had been made there for 80 years. Employees were told that the parent company had to move production to China “to keep the Vise-Grip name competitive.” About 300 people lost their jobs at the plant that “anchored” DeWitt. One employee who had worked there for nearly 20 years told the media, “It’s a kick in the head.” Irwin Tools has been successful, though, at marketing National Tradesmen Day, with media outlets and small businesses all on board. Irwin wants more students to consider careers in the skilled trades and is urging each of us to go out of our way to thank the skilled tradesmen we know and hire. But in addition to the cynics, there are the doubters. One commenter on a forum posed the question: “Isn’t that what Labor Day is for?”

Auster Acts Stupid

Lawrence Auster is a pro-White Jew who may or may not be a White nationalist. He’s a member of the Alt Right. His pro-White views stem almost overwhelmingly from his dislike of Blacks. This dislike is common among many East Coast urban Jews. They grew up in older Jewish districts that turned heavily Black. Many grew up with Blacks. Others left but had older Jewish relatives or friends, often parents or grandparents, who stayed. Some of the worst and most up-front racists I ever met in the 1970’s were Jews from back East. One was from Jew York. The others were from Detroit. Once I was going over to the Detroit guy’s place in Newport Beach to buy some pot. He was a drug dealer, first pot and then cocaine. I had a Black guy with me, friend of mine from university, who wanted to buy some pot. The Jewish guy, JE, heard that a Black guy was coming and started laughing his ass off. He said no Blacks were allowed in his apartment. I told the Black guy, and he looked crushed, then sighed and said, “It’s ok,” and sent me in to buy the pot anyway. I got in there and tried to talk to JE, but he would not stop laughing. He was alternately laughing and talking about niggers. I got back to the car and tried to explain JE’s position to the Black guy, and he tried to understand. JE was from Detroit, a great city that more or less got ruined when Whites (and Jews) moved out and Blacks moved in en masse. Back in the 1970’s, such unapologetic racism was rare among the Whites I hung out with around LA and Orange Counties. I assume that this is the same thing that is going on with Auster. Auster is  a Christian convert from Judaism, and he is on board with the Christian Right against the Degeneration of America. He’s also a Libertarian, of course. Nevertheless, he’s still very much an ethnocentric Jew, and of course he’s a Zionist. He’s quite the Islamophobe. Like the Catholics, the Jews tend to take a bite out of you, almost from birth. I used to date this lady lawyer down in Orange County. She was active in the left wing of the Democratic Party, and so was I. We were both members of the Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED), Tom Hayden’s left Democratic Party thing he set up with Jane Fonda. I met a lot of nice, cute chicks in that group. Left politics is a great place to meet women. One time we were over at this guy’s house at a meeting. The guy said he was Catholic, but he wasn’t praciticing. The lady lawyer started laughing. “You can never leave the church. She said. They take a piece of you. You’re always a Catholic. It gets in your blood.” Judaism is much the same, as my Irish Catholic doctor suggested. “They take a piece of you then,” he chortled. “Just like the Catholics!” That’s about it. You can take the Jew out of the Jewish community, but you can’t take the Jewishness out of the Jew. Even converts out of Judaism or atheist Jews often retain a very strong Jewish identity and resulting ethnocentrism. You often wonder why they even bothered to convert as they haven’t really left the Jews at all! Here he is acting dumb about Islam, talking about Pat Buchanan:

Buchanan cannot acknowledge the true nature of either Nazism or Islam, because Nazism and Islam both require the destruction of the Jews, and therefore for Buchanan to oppose either Nazism or Islam would put him on the same side as the Jews, which would make Buchanan cease being Buchanan.

Islam requires the destruction of the Jews? The Jews lived under Islam for 1,300 years and they managed to survive. Some Jews live under Islam to the present day. Don’t see much destruction going on. On and off violence, yes. Destruction? No.

Check Out the Stars of Iranian Cinema

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUGxcydWH0Y] For God’s sake, where does anyone get off saying that Iranians are not White? Look at these beautiful women. They’re White people. They look like European or like any Euro-American actresses. And I must say that the longer I look at them, the more I think that Iranians look a lot Whiter than most Arabs do. A most interesting people. I once told an Iranian dental surgeon that I thought that Iranians were, “Europeans outside of Europe.” He was Persian, and he had previously agreed with me Iranians were White people (almost all Persians will enthusiastically agree with this statement if you ask them). He then smiled and said, “You never know. We don’t know where the first European man came from.” He seemed to be referring to the Indo-Europeans, of which he was a member of the Indo-Aryan branch. Why do people have such a hard time agreeing that Iranians are White anyway?  Is it because they don’t live in Europe? Or is it some Nordicist prejudice on the part of Europeans?

Nixon and Mae West: A Mid-Seventies Tale

Back in the 1975’s, a friend of mine, DAH (who was bisexual BTW, keeping with the 1970’s bisexual theme in the other thread) said, “Nixon always looks like he hasn’t shit in a month.” I so LOL’d at that. DAH was also an acidhead too. He loved LSD. I liked him a lot. Even though he was bi, he always respected me and left me alone. He was usually accompanied by his gf. One time in the 1976, for Halloween I dressed up like a woman! I was Mae West! LOL. DAH and this good female friend of mine, BB, spent ~2 hours making me up at her place. BB kept asking why I was dressing up like a chick, and I kept saying I didn’t know. DAH kept saying, “He’s not gay, he’s just doing a Tim Curry,” whatever that means. He waved his arms and head around like wild, like an over-dramatic faggot, when he said, “He’s just doing a Tim Curry!” That was a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I still don’t know what it means to “do a Tim Curry.” I ended up at this party in Sunset Beach, California, and I was totally wasted, stoned and drunk, mostly stoned out of my skull. The joints kept going around and around. I was standing in kitchen at this party with these two hot looking chicks. No one was saying anything. Mostly I was just watching the room spin. All three of us, me and the two chicks, kept looking at each other like there was something wrong. Finally after 15 minutes it suddenly dawned on all three of us that we were all guys in drag! LOL! I believe all of us were straight. That was what was so cool about the 1970’s. You could dress up as a woman on Halloween and no one would necessarily say you were a fag. I remember the whole football team would often dress up in drag maybe once a year (I think on Halloween). No one ever thought they were fags. It was just funny. Now after 30 years of gay rights bullshit, I would be terrified to dress up in drag, although it is pretty damned funny, you have to admit. I assume most people would automatically think I was a faggot. Gay rights has been such a disaster in a lot of ways. Straight guys have a lot less freedom. We had so much more freedom before the Lavender Brigade got on their crusade.

Hitler's Nero Order

Here. Fascinating stuff. Neo-Nazis claim that this document doesn’t exist. Yet you can read it right here. On April 19, 1945, Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht to destroy all of German’s infrastructure so that there would be nothing left for the enemy to take. It’s known as his Nero Order, and it’s a very sore point with neo-Nazis who refuse to believe that their hero would destroy his own country. Speer submitted another memorandum opposing the order. Hitler’s order superseded Speer’s, but apparently Speer tried to his best to keep the destruction of Germany’s infrastructure to a minimum.

David Bowie, "Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne5XyG4VrmQ&feature=related] From the same album in 1980, Scary Monsters. Great stuff. The original punk psychedelic music! Check out these lyrics:

She asked me to stay and I stole her room She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind Now she’s stupid in the street and she can’t socialize Well I love the little girl and I’ll love her till the day she dies

Oh yeah! Moar! I get tired of the whole “David Bowie is gay” argument. Though he was into that for a while. In 1974, I met a guy who said he knew a groupie who had had sex with Bowie. The groupie was female, and she said there was a another male there with them (it was a threesome). She said Bowie seemed more interested in the guy than in her! In recent years, Bowie blows off the question. He says he was just into bisexuality because it was some sort of a fad at the time. However, it is true that Angela Bowie caught David and Mick Jagger in bed together at one point. The Rolling Stones song Angie is said to be about her. Iggy Pop lived with Bowie for a while in Berlin, I believe in the late 1970’s when Bowie was way out there on cocaine binging for a while. He nearly got psychotic from heavy use of the drug. Pop also blew off questions about Bowie being gay or bi by saying it really wasn’t important. The following is a paraphrase of his words: “That man got more pussy than any man I have ever known. From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him. They wouldn’t leave him alone. The phone was always ringing, and it was always a woman on the other end wanting David.” If living like that makes you a “fag,” I might just have to be a “fag” myself! Sounds like a lot of fun. You go David!

George Bush, Idiot

Here. This Presidunce was simply embarrassing. I don’t know if he’s stupid or what. I have heard that he has a reasonable high IQ (possibly 120?). At any rate, he’s simply not an intellectual. As an intellectual, I don’t mind non-intellectuals, but I don’t want them leading my country. Obama is, whatever else you think of him, an intellectual. Which is what the President ought to be. Reagan was the same. Great candidate – he kicked out ass repeatedly, but a terrible President. Furthermore, he came across as an idiot. Sort of like Bush. Obama may be a lot of things, but at least he’s not embarrassing. George Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

Dota Added to Guest Posters Page

Here is Dota’s bio on the page:

Dota is an Indian Muslim from the mercantile Bohra community. He was raised in India and Dubai but migrated to Canada in his early twenties where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He writes mostly about India and Islam by critiquing their value systems from a historical perspective. His economic views lean towards socialism whereas he leans right on social issues. He passionately believes that Christianity is essential for maintaining a moral equilibrium in North American society whereas a strong white identity is required to maintain North America’s European character. He opposes multiculturalism and is a fierce critic of Israel and organized Jewry. He is a Canadian citizen and speaks English, Hindi/Urdu, and Gujarati.

What's Logical Is Not Always True

Fascinating article about philosophy, logic and psychology. Consider the following: All psychological scientists conduct or conducted empirical research. William James conducted empirical research. Therefore, William James was a psychological scientist. All of the statements above are true. William James was indeed a psychological scientist. But the statement is not logical. It’s not a logical proof. It’s not a valid argument. You haven’t proved your case with your hypothesis or argument. Sure, James was a psychologist, but the fact that he did empirical work is not what proves he’s a psychologist. Lots of other folks did empirical work too. Einstein did, and he wasn’t a psychologist. He was a physicist.

We're Number One

Via Stormfront:

A fascinating thread. Lots of good information. One problem I’ve come across when searching the web for more research on this subject is that there more liberal leftist centered sites than not. A Google search for racial differences almost always brings up stuff from this site: Robert Lindsay | If I’m Not Making You Mad, I’m Not Doing My Job It is apparently quite popular as it comes up near the top of all searches on this subject. Has anyone here looked over his writings? The guy seems to be a first class flake.

Amazing, I had no idea that when you did a Google search on racial differences, my site typically comes up near the top no matter what sort of differences you are looking for. I suppose that’s nice though, as I am trying to look at this from a nonracist perspective while at the same time not going over into the racial nihilism of nonproductive race denier theory that simply says that the question itself does not even make sense. I think most sane people realize that the question does make sense. Even if they get brainwashed into race denial, they still wonder if it’s true. I myself got brainwashed into race denial of a sort myself for a long time, but it never quite sat right with me. If you’re a race denier, all you have to do is go outside in any multiracial area and look around a bit or partake of world news with any kind of an open mind and after a while you start wondering about the truth of race denial. Race denial theory seems to almost refute itself upon simple examination of the evidence. The races just seem to be so different. It’s all down to culture? Get real. I am glad I am near the top though. Better me than a bunch of Nazis feeding people poison, or less bad but just well-intentioned silliness, race deniers feeding people’s heads full of vacuum-sealed nothingness that only puts off the question for a later day. This is what I always hoped to do with Liberal Race Realism. Just advance the debate a bit towards sanity, while trying to avoid overt racist toxin as much as possible. I would also like to thank Stormfronters from the bottom of my heart for calling me a flake. There are no finer enemies than Stormfronters, thank you very much guys.

Cannabis and Cancer: Is There a Link?

Dan writes:

You may want to check your facts as well. Though the link between marijuana and cancer is one that is still very much up for debate there is no doubt that many studies have linked the smoking of cannabis (without tobacco or any other additives) to various types of cancer including lung, testicular, and bladder.

Also, as a previous poster pointed out marijuana does contain carcinogens (pretty much anything that creates smoke does) and on top of that any hot vapor that is inhaled can singe the alveoli of the lungs. In conclusion, feel free to enjoy smoking your marijuana just don’t try to say that it is some magic substance that has no side effects (everything has side effects). At the moment, there is not yet any proven link between cannabis smoking, or any cannabis use, and cancer. Though if any readers can dig up any studies, I might like to read them. Smoking isn’t exactly good for you though. You can now smoke cannabis via a vaporizer, and you inhale almost no smoke. It’s a better way to go. Surely cannabis use has ill effects (especially heavy use does) but cancer doesn’t seem to be one of them.

Class War in the US – The Elephant in the Room

American society is very strange. The culture is the culture of the ruling class, as it is in so many capitalist countries. Marxism tells us that under capitalism, the culture of a nation is the culture of the ruling class that is then adopted by everyone else. It’s not true in every case, but it’s true in the US. On the other hand, the ruling class here has been very smart. One of their Cold War anti-Communist shibboleths was that there is no class war in the US, or anywhere on Earth for that matter. However, Marxism tells correctly that class war is continuous under capitalism. Mao pointed out that it even goes on under Communism, hence the need for continuous or regular Cultural Revolutions to weed out the capitalist roaders. Mao is actually 10 The transition under Deng starting in 1978 is an example. Deng was one of those who Mao said was a capitalist roader, and he took over the party. The result has been higher economic growth ( Hence most Americans simply believe that class war does not even exist in the United States! It’s breathtaking but it’s true. Hence the ruling classes are free to wage as savage a class war as they wish, and anyone who points out the elephant in the room is derided as a “Communist.” The ruling class calls those who open their eyes enough to see on this issue to be “waging class war.” The truth is that the ruling classes are waging class war all the time! In the US, they have the upper middle class as allies – those making over $75,000/yr. So the ruling classes are allowed to wage class war all they want to in the US, but you’re a Commie if you point it out, and if any class other than the rich tries to wage their own class war (as is their right – every class has the right to wage class war in pursuit of its interests), then they are accused of “waging class war” and basically called Commies.

Mitt Romney, Class Warrior

Mitt is the quintessential ultra wealthy person’s candidate. It’s like if you were to make a mold for a candidate that hates the middle & working class, sucks on Ayn Rand’s tit and sees sociopathic behavior as good; you would end up with Mitt. The guy makes Bush Jnr look like a friend of the average guy. Americans who vote this guy in, deserve to be screwed because it is crystal clear that he doesn’t give a toss about the Middle and Working class, and it is these 2 classes that make up the vast majority of American voters.

Yeah, he’s an agent of the ruling class all right. Read Marx and you will learn all about guys like this. You can’t understand this guy without understanding the basics of class under capitalism, and Marx is no better place to start. Reading capitalist theorists like Ricardo and Smith won’t tell you a lot about class. Mitt is the quintessential class warrior for the ruling class. He’s a member of the ruling class, a Blue blood, white bread white guy. The way I see it is that Mitt is simply one of my class enemies. Too bad so many working and middle class Whites see their class enemies as their friends. They are not your friends, you fools.

Obama Up By 8-9 Points in Pew Poll

A new Pew poll out today has Obama up by 8-9 points among likely and registered voters, 8 points for likely voters (51-43) and 9 points for registered voters (51-42). It covered the period of September 12-16, beginning right after the Democratic Convention. This covers Mitt’s terrible gaffe on the attack on Libya and the anti-Mohammad movie released by anti-Islam activists in California. I’m not sure if it covers the period of Mitt’s latest mess-up in which he told a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats that Obama voters, 4 Anyway, it looks like Obama is starting to open up a wide lead. Mitt Romney looks like a terrible candidate. I am trying to be completely fair here and not be partisan at all. Even if I were a Republican, I would be embarrassed by this guy. I mean, do Romney voters really think it’s acceptable that Romney: Is worth $275 million yet never paid taxes for 10 years in a row? This out of touch plutocrat refuses to even release his tax returns to clear matters up, apparently because the accusations are true. Stores most of his cash in tax-free offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Thinks your “average middle class American” makes $250,000/year. Thinks half the population are welfare-leeching socialist bums, and he told this to a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats. Changes his position on issues so much that he’s a virtual human weather vane? We have no idea whatsoever what Willard will do once he gets in office, other than enrich his plutocrat pals. Romney voters say this is a selling point. A selling point? This guy is such a loose cannon, he’s taken every position possible on every issues, and we have no idea what he’s going to when he gets in office, and you think that’s good? I think it’s terrifying! Went to the UK and insulted the whole country. Went to Israel/Palestine and insulted the Palestinians by saying they had a lousy culture. Went to Israel and made Jews feel uncomfortable by telling them that they were great at making money. Says he won’t even try to get Israel and Palestine to make peace since the Palestinians don’t want peace. They just want to destroy Israel. Has taken every position possible on abortion, and then some, but seems to have settled on a Constitutional amendment banning all abortions. Says that Russia is our number one enemy? Our number one enemy? What’s he going to do? Start a war? Praised sweat shops, then said that they don’t exist anyway. Says once you are born in the US, 9 Claimed he was poor and near starving in college, a period during which his father gave him $500,000. Loves nothing on Earth more than firing people. It’s gives him a great thrill. Really? This is his favorite thing to do on Earth. Practiced sociopathic capitalism in which many good US firms were bought out in LBO’s, loaded up with a ton of debt, had all of their assets sold off, and then stuck with the bill. The companies were then forced to mass fire their workforce and get rid of benefits to pay off the raiders who wrecked the company. They also had to pay Mitt’s Mafia millions in consultant fees. Eventually, Mitt sells the firm for a hefty profit and ships the jobs out of the country. In some cases, the firm goes bankrupt. Mitt’s gangsters strew the nation with a post-WW 2 landscape of wrecked towns, cities and factories as firm after firm was hollowed out and destroyed, its workforce fired and the jobs shipped to China. That isn’t even capitalism. It’s Organized Crime. That’s what Mafioso do. Mitt Romney is no better than a Mafioso don. Told Detroit to go to Hell and urged the government to refuse to bail out our autoworkers, which would have ruined the US auto industry. Spends most of his time partying with millionaires and billionaires on his Cayman Islands chartered yacht. According to people who have met him, “Everyone’s a peon to Mitt.” He’s every spoiled rich brat you hated in high school and college, cubed. Claims he will get rid of the deficit with massive tax cuts on the rich and corporations. How does huge tax cuts fix a deficit problem? It only makes it worse. Unveils a tax plan in which he will pay only .8 Claims to be “unemployed” trying to gain sympathy by painting himself as poor, while he is worth $275 million. Called Obama a traitor for having the Egyptian embassy release a statement that Mitt said gave aid and comfort to the attackers at the Libyan embassy. Actually the statement was released the day before, was released by the embassy itself and was more along the lines of  “Please don’t kill us, Muslims,” in response to the video provocation and as such was perfectly reasonable. Supports wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth. The elderly will be forced to buy their own insurance on the open market. Why would anyone support this? What’s in it for them. By wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth, Mitt says he is “saving it.” Supports wiping Social Security off the face of the Earth. Supports cutting Medicaid by 5 Supports massive cuts in all social programs, cuts so large that eventually all such programs would be phased out entirely. You Romney supporters, you think that’s ok? I can’t see how you think the above is ok. This guy reminds me of Gordon Gecko and Leona Helmsley. He’s the snooty rich guy looking down his nose at 9 “Aren’t these servants so annoying?” Romney asks, referring to almost all of us. “Could you please pass me some more caviar?”

Uncle Saddam (2000)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt9CStVF20k] Pretty poorly done movie that is probably nevertheless one of the best movies ever done about Saddam Hussein and his sick, screwed up family. The same sort of epic corruption and horrific abuse of power was seen with Ben Ali in Tunisia, Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt, though Saddam was more murderous than all of them. I do think that Saddam tried to take care of his people pretty well at the end of the day, but that’s down to his philosophy of Baath socialism more than anything else. The hospitals were ruined and the people impoverished mostly due to the UN sanctions. The sanctions killed at least 1.5 million Iraqis, mostly via untreated water. The parts to fix the water treatment system were deliberately denied by the US and UK crackers on the UN committee. The only possible reason apparently was to slaughter as many Iraqis as possible. In addition, imports of most medical treatment was denied under “dual use” rules which were horribly abused by the US and UK. Turns out he already got rid of all of his WMD’s anyway. The sanctions were to make him get rid of his WMD’s, and he already got rid of them long ago. Then followed the fake inspections, the fake lies about the WMD’s cooked up by the imperialist worms in the US and UK and Zionist dogs in Israel. After that, the fake war, the criminal, Nazi like war of aggression against the Iraqi people launched by the imperialist dog Bush. Saddam was the scum of the Earth, but things are way worse with him gone. The war was nothing but a colonialist war of aggression. In true colonialist fashion, the Anglo imperialists and their mostly White lackeys attempted to take over the Iraqi economy and siphon most of the wealth out of the country under the flag or “free market capitalism.” Up to $9 Billion was simply flat out stolen from the Iraqi people’s oil revenues. The theft was accomplished in plain site, and the imperialist US media simply refused to report on it. In addition, much of the Iraqi people’s property was stolen at the beginning of the invasion right under the approving eyes of the Anglo imperialist dogs. A lot of it was shipped straight to Kuwait as revenge war booty. Anglos aren’t the only thieving colonialist criminals in the area, and the Arab mind is primitive and brutal, unwashed with modernist and civilizing pretensions. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse for outdated colonial wars of aggression and thievery. It’s shameful that most Americans are not sickened by the criminal conduct of their state in that war. The only conclusion is that apparently most Americans are simply down with US imperialism and neocolonialism. Thank God for the Iraqi resistance, horrific though they were, for driving the imperialist conquering army out of the land. Regarding Western colonial/imperial invasions and conquests, along similar lines, after the Western imperialist conquest of Libya, the Western criminals, who had frozen most of the Libyan people’s money in their banks, apparently just flat out stole hundreds of billions of the Libyan people’s money. War under capitalism is always about the booty, the loot. Just forget everything else. All the rest is jingoistic bull and political lies, but the yahoos fall for it every time.

Phenotypical Differences Between NE Asians and SE Asians

Dave Coe writes:

What about in terms of looks? I personally find Northeast Asian women more attractive, but all the white guys who go to Asia seem to go the Southeast.

The Mongoloid race is newer in SE Asia than in NE Asia. In NE Asia, there was a full transition from Australoid to Mongoloid 9,000 YBP. In SE Asia, the full transition occurred as late as 2,000 YBP, hence you do tend to see more Australoid features in the SE Asian Mongoloids because the transition was so recent. I suppose to be crude you could say that SE Asians retain more archaic features, and NE Asians have fewer archaic and more progressive features. There is a lot of overlap though. I can’t believe how Chinese many Filipinas look. I am not sure why this is. Possibly the Taiwanese aborigines from which they are heavily derived had a heavy “Chinese” type component. There has also been a heavy infusion of more modern Chinese types in the past 900 years. There was a particularly heavy wave 900 years ago. Vietnamese women also have a heavily “Chinese” component. What happened in SE Asia in the last 2000 years is that there was a very heavy infusion of probably more progressive Chinese phenotypes from southern China that moved in via waves into mainland SE Asia and at least the Philippines. The indigenous SE Asians were more archaic Australoid types  – more properly seen as “Melanesian” types who nevertheless had been transitioning towards a more modern Mongoloid type for a long time. The waves just helped this along in a big way. The Thais and Lao for instance are primarily derived from a heavy wave from Yunnan 900 years ago that mixed in with indigenous types. In Vietnam, a huge wave overran the area 2,200 years ago via the Cantonese region and subsequently interbred with indigenous types. “Montagnards” are a good example of an indigenous type in Vietnam. The genetics of Malaysia, Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia are a lot more complicated.

What Is the Sexual Orientation of This Man?

Confused Carla writes (most important part italicized):

Hi, can you help me with this one? I am not sure if my bf is gay, straight or bi. He is very feminine. When I first heard him talk, I thought he was gay. He is very skinny and conscious about his body. I noticed he checks out guys more than girls when we go out, but he definitely checks out girls too. He does want to have sex with me all the time though, and yes, that includes eating. He said he has done threesomes because the male of the couple was attracted to him, but he said he hasn’t done/been done anal to, but did a lot of things which he did not specify. He insisted he is straight, but when I asked him if he was bisexual, his answer was, “I do whatever feels good.” I asked him if he would have sex if a very attractive guy approaches him, and his answer was, “I will cross that bridge when I get there.” One friend of mine says he’s gay, another friend says he just likes attention or he has ADHD. Help before I fall too deep!

I wrote a post on how you can tell if a man is gay or not. You can’t, really, but there are a few things you can start to look at once you know the guy pretty well. As a result, I get quite a few comments like this from confused women wondering about their confusing boyfriends. I understand male sexuality very well because I’ve been exposed closely to males of various orientations, I am observant, and I have a very open and analytical mind. Orientation: 110-0 Maximum heterosexual, minimal gay 90-10 Maximum heterosexual, incidental gay 80-20 Maximum heterosexual, more than incidental gay 70-30 Maximum heterosexual, considerable gay 60-40 Maximum heterosexual, strong gay but not as strong as straight 50-50 Pure bisexual, maximal drive to both males and females with no preference 40-60 Maximum gay, very strong straight but slight preference for gay 30-70 Maximum gay, considerable straight 20-80 Maximum gay, more than incidental straight 10-90 Maximum gay, incidental straight 0-100 Maximum gay, minimal straight Behavior Behavior does not always run the same as orientation, but it often mirrors it pretty strongly. However, many bisexual men simply never act on their feelings. If they have very strong feelings for females, there’s no need to go exploring. Based on this guy’s description, I would say that his orientation is a strong bisexual, possibly 40-60 or 30-70. I don’t agree with the friend who says he is gay. That’s just not possible in any way. He seems to be more interested in males than females, but he also has a strong attraction to females. Males of this type can typically marry, have kids, raise a family and live a normal life. In some cases, they probably simply never choose to act on their strong gay attractions. However, I have known a few strong bisexual men in my life (including a couple of my best friends), and I would say that in a lot of cases, these guys, while holding off on their urges for a long time, eventually give in to them. T hey often give into them first when they are young, about age 19-23. There is then a period of bisexual behavior that follows. In one case I followed up on into his early 30’s, he married, has kids and lives in suburbs. I feel that he gave up his gay behaviors, and he’s just with his wife now. In another case, the last I heard of the guy, he was in his mid-20’s, and he was living with a woman in a house in Santa Barbara. This is probably a typical trajectory for these types. However, his behavior is heterosexual, and a strong one at that. He clearly loves women, and he loves to have sex with them. He has a very strong sex drive. Apparently he has already had sex with a man as part of a threesome, and it looks like he doesn’t want that to be his last time. As long as he is young, he is likely to go exploring some more. By his 30’s, I would be willing to bet he might be settled into a straight life. For Confused Carla, I would say that as long as she is with this guy, he is going to display strong interests towards men and will have a strong urge to act on those feelings. She’s not going to be able to stop him. She either needs to get on board with this stuff or leave him.

In Praise of Asian Women

Em writes:

Lol@rice king! I never knew there was a name for this type of man! Many White men are attracted to Asian women actually. Its quite common. My step mother is Korean, two cousins, and two uncles are with Asian women too. This has completely baffled the blonde, blue eyed women of my family. The white women sit and stare at each other on Christmas not understanding what exactly has happened. I put it down to three things. Asian women are smaller, so the height and weight difference makes men feel more masculine, they age better than White women and still look extremely young at 40, and have the tastiest yet healthiest cooking of all races and actually enjoy the role of cooking for their husbands and children. Asians are huge on fish, include every kind of vegetable in their dishes and aren’t into sweets much. Most Asian women are thin too. Most of my Asian female friends wholeheartedly refuse to date Asian men. These single Asian friends only want to date white males! My Chinese girlfriend from Singapore who is 64 and recently divorced says Chinese men are “ugly” and “not as handsome as White men.” I was shocked to hear of her speak about her own race like that.

This is pretty much the standard paean to Asian women. The last paragraph was disturbing though. We are seeing this so much in the West. Asian women refusing to date Asian men. I have even heard of it in the East. I have run into a number of Thai women who told me that they don’t like Thai men. I feel sorry for the guys. Poor guys. What the heck is going on here anyway?

STD Overview for the Straight, Single Male in the US

If you’re a White guy in the US banging non-prostitutes, you won’t get much in the way of STD’s anyway. White non-prostitutes do sometimes have chlamydia, Trichomonas, Herpes 2 and genital warts, but they are not that common. I know a guy who used to pick up prostitutes off the streets and he caught gonorrhea twice, both times from a Black woman. Syphilis is rare in the White non-prostitutes community. In the straight community in the US, it is usually found among Hispanic prostitutes who service illegal aliens. I’ve never met a man who got HIV from a woman in the US. With chlamydia and gonorrhea, you get symptoms. You get burning with chlamydia, and with gonorrhea, you get very strong burning and a yellowish discharge. Gonorrhea goes away with about three days of antibiotics. Syphilis is very rare, and you get strong symptoms, mainly a chancre. You won’t mistake a chancre for anything else. There are often symptoms with genital warts, but in many cases, you have the wart virus with no symptoms. You can go to the doctor and get them burned or frozen off, and you should. I recommend that all young men get the HPV vaccine as it can cause cancer in males. They are only offering it to females, which seems wrong to me. Past a certain age, 8 You will get symptoms with Herpes 2. You get blisters in the genital area, and in the early stages you also get flu-like symptoms. Then it sort of goes into remission, and only comes out once in a while. You take pills as soon as it shows, and it goes away again. It’s incurable, but it’s practically nothing to be honest. I know a guy who screwed more women that most armies, and he kept on getting Herpes over and over from different women. You would get a new infection in a new place. But really you only have one infection. It’s just coming out in different spots. Anyway, 1 out of 6 adults has it, so you’re not alone. Trichomonas is nothing. Males get no symptoms. However, you can give it to a woman, and she gets a nasty infection which goes away in few days with an anti-parasite medication. HIV is really nothing to worry about, but be careful with streetwalkers, as they might have it. If you have regular sex with an HIV positive woman, you might get it, maybe. A great big huge maybe. The rest of the venereal diseases are pretty much confined to the gay male community and for all intents and purposes, you don’t have to worry about them if you are straight.


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