The Jews and the Banks: History as Parable

Creeders writes:

Can experts of Jewish history share some ideas on what actually happened in Germany and Europe from 1914-1945? I need further pointers. I did some detailed research on this topic. The outcome of my studies found a conclusion quite different from that found in any history book. Other extremely interesting topics would be: 1) Jewish role in Bolshevik Revolution and their roles in taking down USSR. (The Russian billionaire mobs are almost 100 2) Jewish bankers and their wealth. Rothschild is suspiciously absent from Forbes’ list of the rich. They are now being portrayed as a dead dynasty. But if you look at many deals, you could find shadows of Rothschild. I am a Christian. I do not hate Jews. But I have the feeling from what I have gathered that a true look history will inevitably stir up resentment towards the Jews. However, I think truth is more important, never mind it might cause anti-Semitism.

Jews did play a prominent role in the Bolshevik Revolution, and this was a source of much anti-Semitism among those who hated Communism and associated the Jews with it. However, the Bolsheviks also had mass support among the exploited Orthodox workers and peasants of the USSR. The Jews used to control much of the banking of the world, and this was the cause of much anti-Semitism. However, they never got control over US banking, thought they made a run on it from 1900-1920. There was a concerted conspiracy on the part of wealthy Jews to grab control of the US banks so the Jews could have the banks. US bankers were mostly anti-Semitic Christians in those days. US publications were also often ran by Christians who were not afraid to criticize the Jews. The conspiracy worked like this. The Jews would buy Christian banks. Once the Jews had a bank, they would sell it, but only to another Jew, never to a Christian. Bankers caught wind of this conspiracy and blew the whistle on the Jews, stopping them in their tracks. So they did not succeed at all in this effort. However, the whistle was blown much later in a similar Jewish conspiracy to control US investment banking. The result was that the Jews made inroads into US investment banking which they retain to this day. The Jews did not get control over US investment banking, but they ended up with a significant share. Around the same time, similar Jewish conspiracies were hatched to control both Hollywood and the US mass media. These were initialized by wealthy Jews were were getting nervous about racist US Hollywood and newspapers. In particular, Jews were very worried about such films as Birth of a Nation. Jews didn’t really care about Blacks that much, but they worried that this sort of White Christian racism (sort of nascent White nationalism) could end up being directed at the Jews. Numerous papers were in the hand of overtly White Christian racists. The Jews also were worried that this press racism could be directed at the Jews at some time. So runs were made on US papers and Hollywood. Hollywood was grabbed for the Jews, and they retain it to this day. The papers were also grabbed, and Jews continue to dominate the US papers. From their controlling position in the US papers, Jews then grabbed control over US broadcasting, which they controlled for many years. Jews continue to  have a probable dominant position in US radio and particularly television. The fact that the Jewish runs on US banking and investment banking were halted (a similar run Jewish conspiracy to control Wall Street was also stopped dead) shows that a certain amount of protective anti-Semitism is necessary in order to retain majority control over a nation where a feverish Jewish minority works as a tribe to gain control over a nation’s institutions. It’s not right for a 2 This also shows that a nation that completely loses its potential for protective anti-Semitism like in a sense like a body that has shut down it’s immune system. It can easily be invaded and conquered by foreign bacteria and viruses (Sorry for the inadvertent Nazi analogy!). White blood cells, both figuratively in nations and actually in corporeal bodies, are there for a reason. The Jews used to run the banks of Europe. Well, a thing call the Holocaust ended all of that. The Holocaust was a horrible thing, but it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Jewish domination of European banks wasn’t really good for European Jews or Gentiles in the long run, and in fact it was one of the spurs of the deadly Holocaust. If grabbing the banks of Europe ended up getting countless Jews killed, that power grab simply was not worth it for the Jewish people. Presently, Jews just don’t run the banks anymore anywhere, except in Israel. Banks are generally monochromatic corporate multinational institutions, as parasitic as ever but devoid of any particular dominant ethnic grouping. They are simply run by the 1 It’s a class thing, not an ethnic thing anymore.

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34 thoughts on “The Jews and the Banks: History as Parable”

  1. The armed workers known as Red Guards and the other revolutionary groups moved on the night of Nov. 6-7 under the orders of the Soviet’s Military Revolutionary Committee. These forces seized post and telegraph offices, electric works, railroad stations, and the state bank. Once the shot rang out from the Battleship Aurora, the thousands of people in the Red Guard stormed the Winter Palace. The Provisional Government had officially fallen to the Bolshevik regime

  2. When did Germany started killing Jews large scale? That was in 1942, and many thought that Hitler was a mass murderer day 1. That was almost10 years after Hitler came to power and 3 years after starting of WW2. From my research, I almost convince myself that Holocaust is not merely a atrocious act by mad racist. There are more stories behind it. I would not like to share now, however.
    There is a need to dig further into German racism, and why Jews were targeted. In Wehrmark, there were
    Indians/ Arabs/Chinese/Koreans/Turks
    I hope Rob will keep write and research more about Jews. I believe he will attract lots of intellect whereby knowledge can be shared.
    As for the roles of Jewish bankers, Russian Mafia…etc… I would share my opinion probably later if I see interesting blogs pop up.

  3. Robert, this sounds plausible, but do you have documentation for all this? What books, etc. can we read that would back this up?

      1. It’s not that I don’t buy it, I just haven’t heard of it elsewhere. The Jewish effort to take over the banks, the press, etc. I’m not saying it couldn’t be true, but do we know that it happened that way, or that it was a conscious plan?

        1. I think one of Robert’s sources is Henry Ford’s “The International Jew.” (Which I’m trying to get my hands on).
          Also Mark Twain wrote an interesting piece called “Concerning the Jews” (I think)

        2. All of this occurred from 1890-1920. David Duke has documented a lot of this, but most of it I got from Henry Ford’s, “The International Jew.” Also there were many issues of the Dearborn Independent that spoke of this and documented it.
          One of the people involved in the initial conspiracy was Ochs or the Ochs Sulzberger New York Times group. He apparently bought in big to the New York Times in the 1890’s. Ochs was very concerned about racism in the US press and worried that it could switch over to the Jews.

        1. “The Jews would buy Christian banks. Once the Jews had a bank, they would sell it, but only to another Jew, never to a Christian.”
          Sounds like favoritism and maybe tribalism, but not exactly conspiracy. They would probably sell the bank to people they knew and trusted, or owed a favor to, and that would probably be another Jew. Tribalism yes, and maybe a negative thing, but not exactly the Illuminati.

        2. Sounds like favoritism and maybe tribalism, but not exactly conspiracy. They would probably sell the bank to people they knew and trusted, or owed a favor to, and that would probably be another Jew. Tribalism yes, and maybe a negative thing, but not exactly the Illuminati.
          The Jews were extremely tribal back then, way worse than they are now. According to Ford, it was actually some sort of a concerted effort. The Jews were gradually building up power in both the Stock Exchange and the banks until various folks blew the whistle on them. After that, the Christians on the NYSE and in the banks simply stopped selling their seats and banks to the Jews and the Jewish runs on the banks and the NYSE were halted altogether.

        3. Okay, but is Ford the only source for this? I mean maybe he was the only one with the courage to tell the truth. Or he made it up. Is there any corroboration?

      1. The evidence is so overwhelming only an idiot or person in denial can argue otherwise, why not look at the evidence, have you ever even looked at it?

        1. I think the official story is hiding something, but I can’t stomach the looniness of the Truthers. Mostly they’ve been useful idiots. Why would I accept the word of someone who believes 9/11 was an “inside job” (whatever that is) when he also believes in the Tooth Fairy? It doesn’t mean he’s wrong, but it certainly suggests he’s not quite right.

    1. Jews are an important element of high finance (investment banking) but I would not say that they run the sector or that the dominate it. Ford pointed out how the Jews made a run on this sector and were stopped in their tracks.

  4. Lindsay
    What exactly happened between 1918-1933 in Germany? To what extent were ordinary Jews involved or sympathetic to the European Jewish elite?

  5. Dear Robert
    How come you still have time for posts? I thought that you were at the RNC in Tampa.
    Cheers. James

  6. Here is what I found Why Jews are smart; googling something else.
    In India, during pregenancy, they do a lot of stuff that helps a good child birth, Mostly religious stuff, with a good envirnoment revolving around prayers, and scriptural chanting.
    Indians want a Religious Baby; Jews a Intelligent Baby; Whites a Brad Pitt, Musl,ims a Osama

  7. Robert, what are the dynamics of Jewish enterprise, power, and money (banks, etc.) in the Islamic world? Do Jews have a similar hold on money in Muslim nations as they do in Christendom/the West? Also, I believe 9-11 was not really an inside job, but anticipated… what I mean is that the US governmental intelligence agencies probably knew about it in advance and could have stopped it but decided to leave it be, so that there would be a good excuse to go into the Middle East and project American power and influence throughout the world, particularly the Islamic world and create chaos there so that there can be no unity into a Caliphate, which is what Osama wanted… (like the head of the CIA said in a documentary, “we need another 9/11”), what do you think about it, Robert?

      1. That’s what you rather believe, the official story is story full of holes any intelligent person can see it, but they don’t want to believe that they live in a country where the government can do such a thing, most people are in denial.

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