India – Republic of Hunger

I am getting bashed in the comments by “cultural equivalence” White liberals and Leftists for bashing India. The implication is that I hate everything about it and everyone there. It’s not so. Just to look at this video.
The physician, prominently featured, who quit to set up his own NGO’s to fight hunger in India, a fine man. So are the resolute, determined and passionate altruistic young Indian men, university educated, who went to the countryside to fight hunger. So are the filmmakers. So is the woman in the Sari who works for the Indian Development Ministry.
I have much less passion for the female economist interviewed in the Western like food court. She’s clearly a neoliberal. “What we need is economic growth! That gets first priority! Not making sure humans have enough to eat so they don’t starve and die! That will all trickle down later!”
This is her crap mindset, and it’s the mindset of all of the Indian educated “liberal” upper, upper middle and middle classes. “Sure, feed the poor! But don’t tax me or hinder my middle class lifestyle to do it!” What a shit attitude that is!
I am not sure if the poorer masses are good people or not. I think most of them are, but a lot of them have a crap attitude too. In the video, they said that if you give grain straight to the masses, a lot of the poor and starving masses will simply sell the subsidized grain for profit and use the money for things other than food. It’s downright insane for poor and starving people to do that, but maybe that’s just the crap Indian mindset:
Money, status stuff > food, health and life.
That’s obviously the mindset of your typical middle to upper classes in the 3rd World toward their own poor, but it’s a pitiful culture where the poor adopt that bourgeois mindset directed as a weapon against them and turn that weapon suicidally on themselves.
The state distributes subsidized grain to merchants at the local level. The interview with the lying criminal who ran the government grain store was instructive. He said he was open every day, all day long.
They went back the next day and he was closed. A crowd of pitiful poor gathered (How could you not feel for them?) and said the man was a liar. Instead of being open every day all day long, instead he was open only one day a month, and he often made it hard to get grain. Apparently he was selling the subsidized grain on the open market for double or triple the price (he could easily get this since his own grain was marked down so badly).
And much of the state grain sent to feed the poor simply spoils instead of being distributed. This sort of failure is typically seen in Communist regimes, where crops often spoiled before they went to market (particularly the case in the USSR).
There is a lack of motivation for the local merchant to care about his grain crops. Apparently they were given to him for free, so he doesn’t care about them. Instead he collects a salary from the state, apparently for showing up every day, all day long. He collects that salary, but then only shows up one day a month (3% of the time). He takes the free grain and sells it on the open market for double or triple its worth.
One wonders if a more free market approach might work better. Almost no one is getting the grain this way. Perhaps the local merchants could buy the grain at the low price and then sell it at say a 20% markup, instead of the 100-200% markup he could get on the free market. It’s a lousy approach, but if it fed more poor locals it could be worth it more than the present approach.
The state distributes food to local schoolchildren as a free meal. But the children often refuse to eat the meal since it has bugs and worms in it. If they complain about the bugs and worms, the teacher yells at them, so they don’t complain. Instead they simply do not eat it. This is a program that is failing in a bad way. The food being served is contaminated with insects.
Cuba also feeds its people every day, but the food they get is not full of bugs. It’s obvious that the state can feed people food that’s not contaminated with insects. The Indian state simply doesn’t care enough to get the bugs out of its food.
One particularly glaring fact was that we are told that India produces enough food to feed its own people, yet it has the worst starvation figures on Earth (India’s figures are 150% worse than even North Korea’s).
Cuba has to import 67% of its food, but they still manage to feed their whole population with an average intake of around 3,000 calories per day and a rate of malnutrition of ~2% (effectively zero). So it can be done. If a state that imports the vast majority of its food can feed its people, surely a state that grows enough to feed itself can do so.
Looking at the scenes at the Indian middle classes, one wonders just how callous they are. I have dealt with many middle class Indians, and I was stunned at their callousness. They are worse even than the middle classes and elites of Latin America, and I thought they were bad.

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0 thoughts on “India – Republic of Hunger”

  1. Robert Still is living in his imaginative world that some indians will solve all the problems just because they look to him as conservative and caring for poor
    Robert on what basis you concluded that the NGO worker is so interested in helping poor, do you know how NGO’s operate in India
    There are 2 kinds of -Indians
    1.You Ape’s west in everything and believes that Aping west makes him a westerner-These are typical Indian Middle class for you
    They are busy aping others,Including the way the speak and Behave,They are interested in One night stands ,Marital flings ,clubs .
    But sadly these Middle class indians can’t ape western values,Creative freedom, or they can’t create the innovative things that west creates
    The new middle class of India is busy aping west
    2. Second types are the ones you get in bengal, they cover-up their incompetence with their conservative values, infact this Type of indians are more dangerous as they bring misery onto others and themselves live in misery.
    I have mentioned in this blog numerous times about Societies and their evolutionary pattern
    In India people work for money ,Not for doing something or Creating any substance of value.
    All they care is if they can manage to survive in Rat race.
    Some hyper parasites in India Move up this value chain and impose their will on others
    In India only way you can progress is being a Crook
    It’s a parasitic survivalist society-Values and morals exist only on paper
    And indian culture ingrains a kind of attitude among many people which makes them pretend that they are extremely polite
    Sadly India is not a country anymore, every one in India is busy ripping each other off, Thats how society evolved and has always been like that since Gupta empire.
    Imagine a society where everyone is busy preaching others about Hippocratic morality and busy Stabbing each other in back inorder to progress
    Most indians don’t care about india
    They care about their own family and money that they can hoard for their children and grand children so that they dont have to work hard
    You see Society in India detests hardwork, they just want some other to do it, and they will take the credit and indulge in self praise.
    All Jai Hind Patriotic Indians are Crooks in Real lives.
    Their patriotism is nothing but a cover-up their decadent morality that they follow in their lives
    1.Most patriotic indians dont want to change their life style , they strongly believe that their way of living is perfect and no body has any authority to teach them
    2.Infact they even hallucinate that all the rest of human race is so decadent and is not eligible to preach them
    ” for most hindus Preaching morality to others is their birth right, sadly they have restricted themselves to preaching but not following anything ”
    So dont worry much , Indians will continue to live in Decadent atmosphere as they are not interested in change
    there is a saying -“When you are Speak Truth to a Hindu , You are kicking a Dead Cat ”
    Once upon a time a Great Greek scholar Visited Chola Emperor as an ambassador , he has showed his knowledge in astronomy and Engineering,After listening to him
    Raja Raja Chola asked him One single Question–” Which Hindu has taught you all this knowledge?”
    This question itself shows the ignorance and arrogance of Indians

  2. Physician is actually making money by pretending to help the poor
    He has choosen this way of life
    Indians choose different paths to Rip off others
    Some choose to become beggars, some choose to become Social workers,politicians,Educators and many other roles
    Their sole purpose is to rip off others and hoard all the wealth so that their family will remain in power and doesn’t have to toil hard for few more generations
    Thats their sole purpose–Not to work hard ,and not to let their children and grand children work hard in life to progress
    Every thing must be bought to their table and everyone must respect them
    All indians will do is -” preach others, as Preaching others is birth right of Indians”

  3. Defending India and Indian people is defending indefensible. You are right in your statements and what I feel is whoever is claiming that they are helping poor they have higher IQ than the poor and ripping them apart. Leftists are the most hypocrite people in India who despite ruling a state for four decades made the people poor.

  4. Personally, I’m glad you’re bashing India. I never gave the place any thought before I began reading some articles here and following it up on my own, and India is a fucking hell on earth. Bash away, it makes Mexico seem like fucking Switzerland.

  5. I doubt there’s more than enough to feed India’s 1.3 billion people but one thing’s for sure and that the food resources is what gave India overpopulation. Population always increases as a result of the food production depending on the availability of food.

  6. Great post.
    If he could get significantly more on the open market, he would still sell it on the open market. 200% mark up vs 20% mark up is no contest.
    I wonder if there is a way to somehow cut out the merchant. What if, say, the poor people had their own accountable community group that acted as the merchant?

  7. You could appoint police to do random checks on the merchant but then the merchant would probably put the police on the payroll!

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